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Chapter One
Forgive Me
(Karai's POV)
I have never felt more like a failure.

It was so simple. I knew the place like the back of my hand. I had one job. Dispose of Shredder, and then get out of there. The Foot Clan would be finished. But I hadn't thought about it enough. And now, thanks to Shredder's idea to use me as bait, I've lead my entire newfound family into Shredder's waiting gauntlets. My brothers were caged on the ground. And my father…..my father…..he was in the clutches of the foot-bots as well. I wanted to scream at the sight.

But I couldn't. I was in a cage, with my limbs chained and my mouth taped shut, dangling twenty feet in the air over an enormous vat of mutagen. And laced with the mutagen, was white snake DNA. This was how I was being used as bait. Shredder had threatened to mutate me. But I knew that he would never do that.

Shredder raised me. He was the one that I used to call father. But that was before I found out the truth. My father and Shredder were both in love with my mother. But she chose my father over Shredder. He tried to kill my father, but ended up killing my mother when she threw herself in front of father to shield him from the blow. When Shredder fled, he took me with him.

I had grown up not knowing a thing. I had been turned against my own father, and brainwashed into thinking he was the enemy. That is, until I got curious. I overheard father talking to my brothers (Leo, Raph, Donnie, and Mikey) about it, and wanted to know if it was true. But in reality, I still didn't believe it was true. I was to set up a tracker, and bring the second in command of the Foot Clan, Tiger Claw, to the lair, where he would finish off the turtles and bring Splinter to Shredder to finish. But when I saw a picture, of my father and mother together, with me as a baby...I didn't even think twice about it.

Shredder had lied to me. I knew it. I told my brothers about Tiger Claw and the tracker and we led him away. But somehow, I ended up back at Shredder's lair, but as a prisoner this time. Last night, my brothers were able to free me once more, but then father told me the full story. I snuck out to kill Shredder. But he was ready, waiting for me. And now, my family was in serious danger.

If something happens to any of them, I will never forgive myself.

I have to act, fast.

"Hang on, Karai!" I heard. It was Leo, the brother I was probably closest to. He reached through the cold bars and pulled the piece of tape off my mouth. "Leo, thanks." I said. He smiled, then freed me. We jumped down to the ground a short distance away from the mutagen. "My daughter!" I heard father shout, then he threw me a sword. Leo and I began to take down the foot-bots, but we still needed help.

Father was freeing our brothers. Mikey and Raph were already up and fighting, but Donnie was yet to be freed. He was reaching through the bars in an attempt to reach his bo staff, but I could see from here that it was pointless. "Hang on!" I yelled, then turned to Leo. "Cover for me."

"What?!" he yelped, but I was already running for Donnie. "Karai! Help!" he yelled when he saw me. "I know, I'm coming!" I call back. When I got there, I slid the tip of the sword into the lock and began to twist it. But the second I heard the click, we heard an evil chuckle over us. We looked up, and there he was. Shredder.

"It seems as though my daughter really has turned. Pity..." he said, then grabbed me by the back of my shirt. "Let me go!" I shouted, kicking my legs as hard as I could, but he held me tight with one arm, while yanking Donnie off the ground with other. "Get off of us! Get off of us!" Donnie screeched, but his attempts also failed. Shredder leapt off the ground and up onto the edge of the mutagen.

"SPLINTER!" he bellowed. The room went dead silent. My family turned around, and their faces instantly gained horrified expressions at the sight. "This is your last chance!" Slowly, Shredder stretched out his arms, so me and Donnie were both dangling just a few feet over the substance. "Surrender to me...or they both go in."

I knew what Shredder was really going to do. There was no way I was going in. He would just run off with me. Leaving Donnie to mutate. I looked over at Donnie. But for some reason, he was expressionless. He was gazing around the room...taking long looks at our brothers and father. Then he looked at me the same way. It was as if...as if…

As if he was silently saying goodbye.

One look. That one look was all it took. "No." I muttered. Then, the next second, and Donnie's head snapped around, and his teeth sank straight into Shredder's arm. Shredder roared with anger, and his grip loosened. Donnie whipped around and kicked Shredder in the face, hard. Shredder stumbled and fell backwards, but let go of me at the same time. I slipped, but grabbed the edge of the vat and pulled myself up...right on time to see the splash.

With all my might, I let out an almighty scream. "NO!"

But it was too late. My brother was gone, and I couldn't save him.

Within seconds, he had sunk to the glowing green depths, and I couldn't see him. I just stood there, watching, hoping that all of this was some sick nightmare and that any second now, I would wake up, and Donnie would be fine. But no. This was no dream. This was cruel, twisted reality.

I felt someone pull me close to them, and then I was taken down from the edge of the vat. I looked up. It was Raph. His vibrant green eyes were thick with tears, which were quickly running down his face with every passing second. It was then that I registered that I was crying too. And screaming.

Mikey was full blown sobbing into Leo's chest. Leo was only staring at the mutagen, also having thick tears in his eyes. He didn't even know that Mikey was there. Father was right in front of the glass, staring into it, searching for Donnie. I struggled out of Raph's arms and ran up next to father. The next sight was such a blow, that I wished right there and then that I didn't exist.

Donnie's hand pushed itself up to the glass, then slid down, and disappeared. Through the glow, something long and serpentine glided past. Then we looked up and saw something pulling itself out of the mutagen. It looked like a snake. A long white head, followed by a torso with actual, live snakes coming off of it where the arms should have been, completed by a long scaly snake tail slipped over the side and fell towards us.

Father thrust himself forwards to catch it. It landed limply in his arms. I knew, I just knew, that this was all that was left of my little brother. "Donatello…" said father, barely above a whisper. His voice sounded absolutely broken to the core. He gently turned Donnie over, so I could see his face. I couldn't bear to look at the face, especially the row of fangs that had grown in the elongated mouth. I couldn't do anything. I just sat there silently sobbing as father cradled the creature that was once his precious boy. "My child…" he muttered.

The eyes snapped open. What once was pretty crimson colored eyes, were now jade green that glowed just like the mutagen, with black slits for pupils. Donnie shot out of father's arms and we barely had time to jump away before he could bat at us with his tail. It made a snap, reminding me of a whip. He did it again, and then again, and then slithered out to the middle of the room, reared back his head, and let out a terrifying hiss.

No one could move. They just watched as the now feral Donatello wreaked havoc around the room, only daring to move in case he got too close. Suddenly, one of the foot-bots caught fire, which quickly surrounded the room, including all of us, in flames. Donnie went right at father and wrapped his tail around him, with the goal of crushing him. I could hear the bones begin to crack. "My son!" father cried.

For a second, Donnie stopped. Then, in a voice that sounded like his, only echoing and with the same heart-crushing hiss, he said one word. "…..Father…...?" Father smiled for a second, glad that Donnie at least recognized him, but then Donnie shot away once more. Green liquid flew from his mouth, and hit Raph in the eyes. He cried out in pain and fell to the ground as Donnie went past. "NO, WAIT!" I yelled. I leaped for my brother too late, my hands just barely brushing against his long serpent tail before it slipped away from my grasp. I fell on my face, not caring about the bleeding cut that I now had on my cheek. I heard a loud crash and looked up to see the window shattered. I got up, and ignoring the cries from my family, I jumped out onto the rooftops. I could see Donnie vanishing in the distance. "Donnie!" I cried, running to the edge. "Stop!"

"Karai!" I heard, then I felt someone grab me. It was Mikey. He had just saved me from going straight over the edge of the building. He slowly brought me backwards. I fell to the ground and got sick, right there. I sat there vomiting until nothing was left. Mikey firmly wrapped his arms around me. I hyperventilated into his chest. Everyone's eyes were red and puffy, and we were all sniffling. All except for father.

He was standing at the edge of the rooftop, staring out a the city skyline in the middle of the thunderstorm which had started while we were inside. Still crying and making noises like an animal being strangled, I crawled my way over to my father on my hands and knees. I had no energy left to pull myself up. "I'm, so sorry father. This is all my fault. I should have never gone after Shredder." I said. Then I looked up. He said nothing. All he did was hang his head in mourning. "Father?..." I hesitantly said.

Father sighed, then said, "We should go home, my family." Then he began to walk away. Leo helped Raph stand up and also began walking away. They didn't look back. Mikey held out his hand. I took it and stood, then leaned on my baby brother. He gave me a reassuring squeeze, and looked up at me. "It wasn't you're fault, no matter what Raph's gonna say." he muttered. All the light in his baby blue eyes were gone. They were empty.

I looked down into a puddle. All my makeup was streaming down my face, and my hair was being flattened against the back of my head and my neck. My eyes looked blank and meaningless. I lost everything tonight, just because I wasn't quick enough. I knew what Raph was going to say. That it was all my fault. Raph always needed someone to blame, no matter if he was right or wrong. What if he never trusted me again? What about father or Leo? Even Mikey sounded uncertain, even though he was telling the truth. My life was so worthless now. I was nothing to the world. The girl raised by an assassin, that always ends up making things so much worse because of how she grew up. Even if she was trying to honestly help. And this time was just the icing on the cake. 'I wonder how disappointed mother would be with my if she were here.'

I raised my eyes to the sky above. To give a message. To who? I didn't know. Maybe to Donnie, for his mutation. Maybe to the rest of my family, for the despair that I had placed onto their shoulders. Maybe to my mother, for being one heck of a failure of a daughter.

"Forgive Me."

That...just happened. I don't know what got into me! It just, slipped out and...now I'm close to getting emotional. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter. That had to be the saddest thing I have ever written, period. In my life. Once you're done, leave a review, favorite, follow, and as always…

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