Summary: What if, after a few years of bringing Clayton home, Jeremy Danvers finds out that a woman he slept with was pregnant with a baby girl that carried Necromancer genes? He had the baby girl's blood tested, it came back showing that the baby had active werewolf genes along with active necromancer genes. He and the baby's mother met Dr. Lauren Fellows and Dr. Marcel Davidoff of the Genesis II Project that helps supernatural parents help their unborn children by decreasing their powers before they are born. Jeremy and the baby's mother decide to try this and see what happens over the first few years. Chloe Grace Danvers was born April eleventh at one o'clock in the afternoon, her mother unfortunately dies after giving birth to Chloe, causing Jeremy and Clayton to raise her.

It's only after Chloe's third birthday that they realize the Genesis Project lied to Jeremy, because Chloe was able to communicate with the dead and Change into a tiny wolf pup. Jeremy took Chloe out of the Project and took her back to Stonehaven, where she grew until she disappeared five and a half months after her tenth birthday. This is how The Alpha's Daughter came home and began taking care of business.


"Chloe.." A deep southern twang resonates through her ears as she struggles to go back to sleep. Rolling over she puts her pillow over her head.

"The sun isn't even up yet Clay, let me sleep." She groans hearing him step into the room and across the floor.

"Jer told me to get you up, it's Sunday. We gotta eat somethin, then we gotta train for a bit." She grumbles under her breath as he perches on the edge of her bed. When she doesn't turn over, Clay grins to himself and sprawls across her back, his head resting on her shoulder blades.

"I'll even take you to the bookstore." He whispers and she pulls the pillow off her face and looks at her older brother. His blond hair needed another trim, so did his facial hair, but his dark blue eyes were filled with warmth, which made her smile. Clayton Danvers was the best big brother a girl could ever need, even if he looked serious all the time. Chloe knew that he was the Pack enforcer, meaning that he took care of Mutt's that got out of line and tried to expose their race, or killed those who tried to kill her dad Jeremy, the Pack Alpha.

"Promise you'll take me to the bookstore and let me get three new books?" She hold out her pinkie finger, knowing that he'll never break a pinky promise to her.

"I pinkie promise Chlo. Now, let's get some grub. Dress warmly, it snowed last night." He kisses her cheek and stands.

"You remember the rules of a pinkie promise, don't ya Clay?" She asks, sitting up. He laughs and nods, "If I break the promise, you can break my pinkie." He smiles at her, then closes the door.
Chloe sighs as she looks around her room, all white walls, floor and bedsheets. It was time to redecorate her room.
She hops out of her bed and pulls out a set of thick leggings, a long sleeved work out shirt and her sneakers. She may have the werewolf genes, but she did not get their ability to run a few degrees higher than humans, she got the necromancer genes that made her cold as a corpse.

After she changes, she heads down to the kitchen practically salivating at the scent of freshly fried ham, biscuits, gravy and coffee.
"Morning Dad." She kisses her father's cheek, grabs a mug and makes herself a cup of coffee with cream and sugar,

"Good morning Chloe Grace, how did you sleep?" He asks setting down the pan of biscuits and bowl of gravy.

"Pretty good until Clay woke me up, it isn't even six am." She rumbles, watching him as he sits at the head of the table, Clay to his right and Chloe on his left.

"I know, but to keep you vigilant, you have to train in all kinds of conditions, this time it's cold and darkness. You'll have to find me, while Clay tries to find you." She nods, waiting for him to take the first bite. That's how the rules of eating with an Alpha work. He has to take the first bite before anyone else can eat, who ever doesn't follow that rule gets their food taken away and is punished however the Alpha sees fit.

After a few moment's he takes a bite and so do they.

~Twenty Minutes Later~

"I am going to head out, I want you to not only track my scent, but I also want you to practice covering yours. But you have to stay in human form so you can get used to tracking when around people. " Jeremy tells her as she finishes tying her shoes.

"The scent of snow is so sharp and clean that it'll be hard to track anything, let alone you." She comments. He growls lowly at her and she bares her neck, as he takes off out the backdoor.
After five minutes she heads out after him, scrambling to find his scent in her human form.

"Breathe slowly,take in one scent at a time." She tells herself and she immediately catches his scent. Looking around she spots Clay's bright blond hair and ducks behind brush, scrambling to keep out of his line of sight. She grins as she rolls around in the snow to cover her scent and takes off after her father at a fast pace. He zig zagged all through the property, so she had to take her time trying to figure out which scent was the most fresh and follow it, while she tried to confuse her brother.

She finally catches a glimpse of her father a half a mile away, watching her when she hears a twig snap from her left. Her father yells something as she turns to see a grey blur coming straight towards her, she hits her head on an ice covered root and blacks out moments later, her father's terrified voice resonating inside her head: "Chloe! No!"
~~Six months later~~

"What is your name?" A scratchy man's voice repeats for the upteenth time from her right, she grinds her teeth.
"Chloe Lillian Saunders."

"Who are your parents?"

"Steve and Jennifer Saunders."
"Do you have any siblings?"
"No, I am an only child."
"Who is Jeremy Danvers?" Chloe cringes.

"I-I don't know"
"How did Jennifer die?"
"S-She was killed in a car accident."
"Do you have any powers?" She jerks as the red amulet at her neck gives a burning pulse, pushing her powers deeply into her conscious where she can't grasp them.

"No.."She whispers painfully.

"Good job, Chloe. You can go back with your Dad now." The doctor takes off her restraints and lets her sit up. She knew somehow that she was taken from her real family and that she knew the last name Danvers sounded familiar, but her ribs twinged painfully whenever she thought about the name, so she dropped it and walked out of the door into the waiting room where her dad Steven sat.

"How'd the therapy session go Chloe? Do you think you'll stop having the nightmare's about wolves and zombies now?" He asks.

"Yeah Dad, the doctor said for me to just think of it as a movie director, that I can cut the tape whenever it get's too scary.."Stephen nods and leads CHloe out of the office and down to the limo.

"I've got to go to Dubai this week, I'll be back soon." She nods and looks out the window at the busy Buffalo streets.

~~Ten Years Later (After The Reckoning. CHLOE IS SIXTEEN)~~

We'd been on the run for months, going from hotel to hotel, running from the Cabal. Tonight we're hiding out in some run down hotel near some tiny little town about a bear or something. Derek and I have been together for a few months now, but it's been aggravating having him treat me like I was helpless when we had to fight or run from an enemy.

He used to let me take care of myself after I killed Marcel Davidoff with Diane Enright's body, but now that my amulet's stopped working and I am bombarded with ghosts and demons all the time. I have no idea what's wrong with me, but he isn't helping anything, and I can tell something is changing with me and I'm scared.

"Hey Chloe. You gotta second?" Simon asks as he plops himself down on the bed beside me, his blond hair growing out so he can hide from those who are chasing us a bit easier.

"Yeah, what's up?" I asks, leaning on my elbow. Of all the people who understand how I feel about being coddled like Derek is doing, is Simon. He get's it from Derek because of his blood sugar, but Simon is a warlock, so he can defend himself. Me being a necromancer means that I have to find something dead to defend myself.

"Hello? Earth to Chloe?" Simon snapping his fingers in front of my fave snaps me out of my daze.

"Huh?" He laughs at me. "I asked if you and Derek have made up yet? That last fight was quite a doozie."
"No we haven't. He called me worthless, like he had to take care of me. I don't need any of you to take care of me. I'll handle the ghost's and my powers. It all started at the last hotel when he got in the guy's face at the pool because the guy asked about my amulet. Derek was being the overprotective asshole when the guy shook my hand. Derek had the gaul to start an argument about why I didn't tell the guy that I had a boyfriend, I told him that my supposed boyfriend wasn't acting like one and I went back to the room." Simon nods.

"He feels really bad Chloe, he's just too stubborn to apologize."
"If this is your way of telling me that I should apologize, you've another thing coming. I did nothing wrong." I tell him absently rubbing my chest.

"You okay? You seem to be rubbing your chest a lot recently." He says, pointing at my hand.

"Yeah, I'm fine. My chest just feels tight sometimes." I lied straight through my teeth, I wasn't fine and my chest hurts all the time, where my amulet sits. I've contemplated taking it off to see if that helps, but any time that I try to someone stops me, telling me that my amulet might begin working again if I give it time.

Simon nods and I get up, slide on my sneakers and walk out the door and down into the woods near the hotel.

Hopefully fresh air will help my chest stop hurting a bit I think as I walk.

"Hey girl! I know who you are!" I look up to see a partly transparent figure right in front of me. He is six foot or more, really bulky like Derek, with short cropped brown hair and thick beard. His flannel sleeves are ripped off and he's wearing a pair of worn out jeans and boots.

"What are you talking about?" I ask walking through him, ignoring the coldness that he is.

"You're Jeremy Danvers daughter." My ribs give a sharp, pain filled twinge that brings me to my knees.

"W-What are you t-talking about?" I ask, looking at him as I hold my ribs. His face is a mask of shock.

"You know who I'm talking about. There isn't no denying it, you have the same tone of voice." He laughs.

"Your brother Clayton Danvers was the one that killed me. I wonder if they're still looking for you? Haha, if you don't believe me-" He's cut off with an audible 'pop' and I shake my head, forcing myself to stand and before I take a step, I hear Derek's condescending voice.

"Where do you think your going this late at night? I go out with Dad to get food and I come back to see that you are wondering around a shitty hotel into the woods where there will be dead animals for you to raise and freak out about. Go back inside Chloe. I don't want to have to calm you down when you see the dead skeleton of an animal." His rumbling voice stirs a deep feeling in me, I tune him out as I dig deep into my mind as I figure out what the feeling is.

"Chloe can you hear me?" I hear a low rumbling voice resonates in my mind as I tug on that feeling, being pulled into a memory.


"Chloe? Can you hear me Darlin?" I look up to see Clay standing above me, the bright blue sky making his golden hair stand out against his skin.

"W-what happened?" I groan as I take his offered hand, pulling myself up.

"Logan and Nick remember? Logan decided to try out the over the back flip, arm break thing you do, on you, but he flipped you too hard, you cracked your head on the patio." Clay snarls looking towards Logan who looked ashamed. I nod to Clay launching myself at Logan, pushing my leg over his arm, flipping him onto his back placing my foot on his throat.

"How's that?" I ask Clay, not taking my eyes off Logan.

"Very good Darlin."


I look over at Derek feeling a growl work its way up my throat.

"I'm not fucking helpless you aggravating wolf! I've never needed your help. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. So take your over protective Bullshit and choke on it!" I snarl feeling my skin begin to itch and twitch.

"C-Chloe." Derek starts surprised at my outburst.

"No! Screw you. I'm leaving, I won't stand for this." I grow, turning from him and running into the woodline.