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Chapter 3

"We need to meet these people you've been around. I want you to be safe, but also ready to take care of yourself. You've not been able to keep up your training at all, have you?" Antonio asks from behind Jeremy.

"Well, I remember most of my own fighting moves, but tracking and all that have been buried so deep, I won't know what I remember until I try. If you want to meet the people that have been my fake family for months, I can call Kit and tell him to come here?" I watch my father's face, knowing that he doesn't like strangers coming to Stonehaven.

"Use the home phone and tell them to be here before ten or we will not let them in." He motions to Antonio and he hands me the phone. I dial Kitts number and he picks up on the third ring.


"Hey. It's Chloe. I need everyone to meet me somewhere. I have some allies that can help us find other supernaturals." The lie flows over my tongue so easily that I don't even think about how different I sound till he points it out.

"Chloe, are you in trouble? Where do you want us to come? And how are you sure that they can be trusted?"

"Don't question me, come to Stonehaven in Bear Valley. I'll tell all of you everything. But you have to be here before ten." I can hear Derek rumbling in the background.

"Yes, this is Pack territory. Yes this is where I am. Tell Derek that they will not bother him as long as he is respectful and doesn't do anything to antagonize the Alpha or the enforcer. You need to trust me for once in the entire time you've known me." I quickly hang up and lean back into my family. I raise an eyebrow as I catch Nick and Tori having a conversation, the blush on her face a tell-tale sign that Nick is being his usual flirtatious self.

"Oi! You mess with her and I'll help her castrate you." His eyes cut to me then cut to Clayton in shock.

"You've never been the one to threaten bodily harm, Chloe Grace. You take after your brother too much." Jeremy rumbles from his chair and I shrug looking over to him.

"Well, someone has to take over Pack Enforcer when Clay gets too old. I've always been interested, but we never got a chance to talk about it, since I was so young."
"You're still too young. What Claydon does is pretty gruesome."
"It's no worse than forcing a soul back into their body and making them tell you who hired them. Or using another person's ghost thrown back into another body to kill another person. Or raising zombies in your sleep." I rattle off a few of the horrible things that I have done, for the first time without a stutter.

"You are able to do all of that without herbs or anything?" Logan asks quietly from my left.

"Jamie Vegas, the Necromancer everyone knows isn't even that powerful." Jeremy mentioned.

"Well, I guess you know that the doctors of the project lied, but they never told you how they messed with my gense, huh? I am classified as the most powerful Necromancer in the world. I am a mutant. The Cabal and the remaining Genesis people want to kill me or do more tests on me, because they think that I am uncontrollable. They honestly have no idea what I may be able to do. I am the very first and so far only female werewolf, an the only werewolf-necromancer hybrid." I look around at my family and they all are shocked, all but Clayton.

"You're the very first born female wolf. I have a fiance who I bit. She is the first bitten female to survive." Clayton mentions shamefully.

"Where is she?" I ask curiously.

"She is upstairs. She didn't know how you would react to me being taken, or that you were no longer the only female left. She thought you'd want to fight her since she has been here, with me." I roll my eyes.

"You can come down. I won't bite." I shout and a few moments later a tall, blonde woman walks into the room and stops a few feet from me.

"Hello Chloe. My name is Elena. It's good to see you after hearing about you, and going on hunts to look for your scent." She offers me her hand and I look at her.

"I don't shake hands honey. I hug." I get up and hug her softly, startled she slowly wraps her arms around me. We take a seat a few minutes later, I moved from on the guys to the arm of Jeremy's recliner, leaning back I hear a soft knock come from the front door.

"Go give them a good scare, Clay. The werewolf is terrified of you killing him." Tori says from her spot in front of the fireplace. He gets up with a petrifying grin and heads down to the door. After a few muffled sentences and a very loud whimper Clayton walks into the room dragging Derek by the ear and everyone else following.

"Enough, Clay. They're guests." Jeremy rumbles flicking his eyes over the group. Derek's eyes are flashing with fury, Kit looks confused and worried, Simon is so terrified he's shaking, and Lauren looks like she's gonna run at any second.

"Have a seat. We're gracious hosts." They all immediately listen and sit wherever there is room.

"Why are you here with them, Chloe? They kill Mutts like me just because they can! It's called the Mutt Hunts." Derek grumbles looking over at me, I can see his muscles tensioning like he wants to get me away from Jeremy.

"These people are my family. My birth family." With that one sentence multiple things happen. Derek bolts up straight, Kit looks surprised. But Lauren screeches, "Where is your Amulet Chloe Lillian?"
I look to Jeremy for permission to speak and he gives a small nod, with a flick of his eyes, You can speak to them, but be careful.

"My name is Chloe Grace Danvers and I took off the amulet. Since being this close to my real family, I've been having weird dreams and flashes of memories. It all came back to me after I had my first Change as a teenager, I'd been able to Change painlessly since I was a toddler Since it had been so repressed for so long it was painful. When I took a shower after I got back, I took the Amulet off and everything came rushing back. I have the senses and some of the strength of a werewolf, but I am still cold as a corpse. The amulet that was given to me when I was kidnapped suppressed by powers till the Necromancy became too powerful, so it only suppressed the wolf genes." I take a breath and walk over to my father's liquor cabinet and pour myself a small drink of wine.

"You are too young to be drinking, young lady." Lauren says, getting up trying to take the glass from me. Growling in my throat she steps away.

"You are not my boss, nor are you my family. Back off." I push her out of my way and go back to my seat.

"How were you kidnapped from a place like this? It's like a fortress." Simon says, speaking for the first time.

Jeremy clears his throat and everyone looks to him, only Clay and I noticing the guilt in his eyes as he begins to speak.

"We were training. We wanted to train Chloe about being a werewolf. How to track, how to hunt, how to fight. She was the only female werewolf ever. No female werewolves were ever born or turned. Her scent was enticing to many males, they wanted her as a mate; we knew that we couldn't always be around to fight them or run them off. We'd went out into the snow to teach her to track while human. We'd not done the usual patrol since it was so cold, so we had no idea someone was on our property. I'd went out first to confuse her and to let her find my scent, while trying to hide from her brother. We'd gotten a mile into the property when she heard a twig near her snap, I heard it too. I saw as a large male tackle her into the ground, before everything went dark. Someone from the Edison Group put a sedative in the meat we had delivered that morning, so Clay and I would be unconscious by the time they were gone with her.

"When we woke up she was gone. We searched the entire property looking for her scent before heading to Bear Valley. We searched for days before calling the rest of the Pack, putting everyone on red alert. We'd send out search parties to every large city in every state to look for her scent. We were on the news, in the papers even putting up flyers. Every year another Pack mate would tell us they'd not had any luck finding her scent. Clayton went days without sleeping. I did as well, but I had a Pack to look after. I felt so guilty for not being able to go out on the searches like I wanted. Now we know that she was kept eighty-five miles away, under our noses."

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