For the fourth day of OQ Prompt Party I wrote prompt No. follows an injured puppy and gets lost, Robin/Regina find them huddled together for warmth.

I hope you'll like it!


Regina lifts her head up, annoyed, when she hears the door of her office being opened without a knock. She's said time and time again that she doesn't like to be intruded when she's working but it seems whoever it is, doesn't care about her wishes.

However, when a very worried Robin storms in, Regina's frustration fades away immediately.

"What happened?" She asks, standing up from behind her desk, reports of the new town playground long forgotten as her heart starts beating faster and faster in her chest, horrific thoughts invading her mind.

"Roland's gone!" Robin exclaims as he walks up to Regina and she gasps in shock. Robin's face twists in a grimace as he says, "He's asked me to go to the camp yesterday and I told him that he needs to go to school first. He was angry and... and Mary Margaret says that this morning, after I dropped him off to school, he never came. So I assumed he was with the Merry Men. But he's not showed up there either!"

His hands fall to his sides in desperation and Regina's own starts to shake, but she forces herself to stay calm and think rationaly for the both of them – Robin obviously isn't capable of doing any of that at the moment.

"Alright. Let's not freak out," she says as calmly as possible but it only makes Robin more angry.

"Let's not freak out?! My son's been gone half the day, Regina!" He exclaims again, desperately running his hands through his hair, his breath labored. "What, if something happened to him? What, if another enemy is in town and kidnapped him?"

"No, Robin," this time it is Regina raising her voice as she shakes her head. "The town is protected, it is safe now." She insists as she rounds the desk and comes to stand with him. "We'll find him. I promise you. Maybe he's just playing somewhere," she tells him, holding his hand tightly in hers, looking straight into his eyes, hoping it will help him.

It seems to work because Robin breathes more easily, and for a moment he sits down on the couch, putting his head in his hands, but his breathing is still heavy. Regina sits down beside him immediately and wraps her arms around him, holding him, her own heart druming in her chest from unknown and anxiousness.

"Please, come with me. Help me find him," Robin asks and Regina nods her head without hesitation; as if she could stay here and continue her work with the knowledge that Roland is gone.

"Do you have his things?" She asks, and Robin nods his head, pulls out Roland's gloves from the pocket of his coat. He must have come here with hope that the location spell will help them.

Regina takes these little green gloves from Robin and waves her hand over them. They glow purple and then are moving away, and Regina quickly puts on her coat before taking Robin's hand in hers, smiling at him in assurance. They hurry out of the office, not even bothering to lock the door.

The magic leads them the main street of Storybrooke and towards the forest, and Robin's hand only tightens around Regina's, and she assures him again and again that they'll find Roland safe and sound.

They end up at the park, where months ago Roland was feeding ducks with the fake Marian as Robin told Regina he's choosing her. Regina swallows hard at the memory – she tries to forget these months of their lives.

The weather is rather cold these days so it's no surprise that they find it empty, all the benches blank, no sounds of people or any other creature can be heard. But the gloves have stopped moving and Roland must be somewhere here, so Regina takes another look around, scanning every inch of the park.

And then she sees him.

On the bench near the pond is a very huge and bright green ball and she's certain that this ball belongs to Roland's cap. She shows it to Robin, motioning to the bench and before she knows it, he's running towards the pond, dragging Regina along with himself.

Indeed, it is Roland, curled on the bench, sleeping peacefully as if he's in his room and his own very soft bed.

Robin exhales in relief as he knees before the bench, pulling the sleeping Roland into his arms, tears filling his eyes. He's told Regina that he will never ever let Roland leave the house, that the boy will be grounded for sneaking away until the end of his life, but now it seems that all Robin's anger is gone and all he feels is relief.

Regina shares that feeling.

"Papa?" Roland asks sleepily, probably awakened by his father's embrace and the smell of forest that still lingers on him despite the fact that he hasn't lived in a forest for months now.

"Roland, you scared me so much" he whispers, holding his son close to his chest, his face filled with relief. "Baby, what are you doing here?" Robin asks, not letting go of Roland.

"Puppy!" The boy exclaims, making Regina and Robin frown in confusion, and then he's pulling away from Robin and looking to his side. Curiously Regina looks there, too, and notices a bundle of brown fur, a brown fur that moves.

"A puppy?" Robin asks, raising his eyebrow in surprise, before looking down to the puppy himself. A small smile edges onto his lips as he strokes the animal's back. "Is he your friend, Roland?" Robin asks, scratching the dog's head.

Roland nods his head, confirms, "She was injured and I had to take care of her!" Robin smiles at that, a proud smile of a father, and Regina cannot help but smile too. "I knew that Regina wouldn't let us keep her so I wanted to stay with her just a little bit longer," Roland says, making Robin glance at Regina, the teasing sparkle back in his eyes now that his son is safe and right in front of him.

Regina swallows hard, and makes, probably, the most stupid decision in her life as she kneels beside Robin in front of a bench. She looks straight into Roland's eyes when she says, "We can keep the puppy until it is healed if you promise me to never ever scare us like that again."

Roland lets out an excited squeal at that, his eyes filled with joy, and throws himself into Regina's embrace, his little arms wrapping tightly around her neck.

"You're the best, Regina!" He exclaims before pulling away from her and turning to the puppy that's now looking at them with her little head turned a bit to the side as if in curiosity. "We're going home, puppy!" Roland tells her happily, before turning to Regina again, smiling and showing her those dimples she loves so much.

Robin smiles too and pulls Regina into a quick kiss, whispering a thank you before he's standing up and helping Roland to hop off of the bench, a puppy held protectively in his little arms.

Only for a few days, Regina reminds both father and son when they return home and the boys smile at her, assure her that they'll keep the puppy only until she's healed and then they'll find her a new home.

The puppy never leaves.