"Welcome to ! Our slogan: 'Disconnected hearts will find each other!' Whether it's just a friendly someone to talk to, a real full on friendship, or even romance: try to find it here!"

Jackson rolled his eyes at the enthusiastic text on the brightly colored page in front of him. Why was he doing this again? This site looked a little too happy and girly for his taste. That wasn't why he searched it up though. He scrolled a little further.

"This site offers anonymous chatting if that's what you want! Your identity will stay a secret and your personal information will be protected. [Click here to make an account!]"

He pursed his lips. That was why he searched it up. A way for him to talk to someone, possibly make a friend, and stay anonymous. Jackson took a deep breath and decided to go for it. He clicked the link and was directed to the signing up page. He was met with a list of information he had fill in. Things like 'Your Online Name:', 'Password:', 'E-mail' and 'Date Of Birth'. He decided to fill in his e-mail and date of birth first. Those where the easy ones.

His online name was a whole different story. It had to be something he could remember, so something personal. But it shouldn't be too personal either. He sighed in frustration and combed a hand through his hair. Who knew this shit would be so difficult? He didn't, that's for sure.

That's when he looked around his room for inspiration. There were a few pictures of his friends and family, a few swimming trophies and some lacrosse stuff. When his eyes fell on the latter he knew, it had to be a name that had to do with lacrosse. So the first thing he typed in was ''Lacrosse''. Of course the name was already taken. Jackson let out a sigh of frustration and chewed on his bottom lip. Then he noticed the little box to the side that said 'name suggestions'. He clicked it and immediately saw the perfect one. He selected the one that said "Lacrosse-Captain". After he'd also filled in a password and confirmed it, the next challenge awaited him.

The 'Interests Page'.

A groan escaped the boy's mouth. He just needed five minutes to think of a user name, now they wanted him to think about other stuff too? Well, Jackson thought to himself, at least these questions weren't that difficult. It was mostly stuff you didn't have to think about. Favorite country (Greece); favorite food (pizza); favorite sport (lacrosse).

And then: hobbies. Was he the creative kind, or more the sportive kind? (sportive) What sport did he play? (lacrosse again) Did he play an instrument?(no). As he filled in the last one, Jackson became painfully aware of something: He was really doing this. He was filling in an application for an anonymous online friend. All he had to do was accepting the policy agreements and he was done. The search for a new friend could begin.

Jackson snorted again. That almost sounded poetic.

It's not like he didn't have any friends in London. He just wasn't able to talk to them about the things he wanted to. Because his friends, and Jackson simply couldn't think of a non-insulting way to say it, were shallow. Popular and rich asshole. Sure, that's how Jackson acted himself. But it's not how he really was.

He stared at the screen. Should he really be doing this? People always say that internet friendship is lame, that only losers need it. He scoffed and clicked on the button to continue. Who cares, right? It's anonymous anyway. No one will know.

He reached a screen that said 'We're searching for possible friends, please wait a moment!'. He sat back in his chair and tapped his fingers against his desk. The loading bar slowly filled up until it was full and made the sound of a bell. Yet again a new page was loaded, this time the words 'Possible matches!' in big, bright letters at the top. Jackson slowly scrolled down.

There were 124 possible matches. People who at least had two things in common with him. This was the moment where Jackson wasn't so sure about the whole anonymous thing, because you couldn't see what someone looked like. You couldn't even know if someone was a guy or a girl. And don't get him wrong, because Jackson didn't want to be sexist, but he was actually searching for a guy. Maybe because he thought they would understand better, or some bullshit like that. He wasn't even sure himself.

So he looked at a couple of profiles, read through the interests. He also glanced at the user names, because sometimes those were the most interesting. And that's how he found him. Because the first thing he thought upon seeing that name was: "How old are you, 12?"

He just had to know.

Jackson quickly scanned through the profile and noted that this person had the most important things in common. Mainly Lacrosse and Greece.

[User name: Red-Riding-Hood

Age: 18

Favorite Country: Greece

Favorite Food: Curly fries

Favorite Sport: Lacrosse

Creative or Sportive?: Creative

What Sport Do You Play?: Lacrosse

Play An Instrument?: Piano]

Jackson smirked. Age eighteen? That couldn't be right with a name like that.

He heard his mother call him for diner and hesitated. Maybe he should just send this person a quick message? He nodded to himself and clicked the chat button.

[03/15, 5:14pm] LC: ur name is Red-Riding-Hood, seriously? Are you a twelve year old girl or something?

He didn't bother to close the tab and went downstairs. He kissed his mother's cheek and sat down at the table where his father was already waiting, a plate of food on front of him.

Diner was quick but sociable, with both his parents home for a change. He knew they tried hard, but didn't always make it. When he thought about it it made the moments they did make it more special.

He was back upstairs after 30 minutes and quickly checked the chat. No new message. He wasn't really surprised. Maybe the other person lived at the other side of the world or something, or forgot to check. Maybe, a voice in his head supplied, you shouldn't have been such an asshole in your first message to them. Whatever. Now he had the chance to shower and change into more comfortable sleeping clothes.

A long, hot shower and a pair of sweatpants later, Jackson walked back into his room to find a new message on his laptop. He quickly walked towards it to read it and growled when he was done.

[03/15, 5:48pm] RRH: k, first of all that was rude. Second, it was also sexist. U don't know the reason 4 my name and my profile clearly says i'm nineteen. R u a sexist asshole who can't read or smthng? Smh.

Okay, so maybe saying that in his first message wasn't his brightest idea. That didn't mean they had to be so mean about it. He quickly typed a reply.

[03/15, 6:03pm] LC: srry 2 hurt ur feelings, princess, but what do u expect w/ a name like that?

He didn't have to wait long for an answer this time.

[03/15, 6:04pm] RRH: 4 people 2 take interest in my movie choice, captain asshole

[03/15, 6:04pm] LC: ur not as funny as u think

[03/15, 6:05pm] RRH: u r not as macho as u think, so i'd shut up if I were u

[03/15, 6:06pm] LC: fine, ur a lsr anyway

Jackson closed the chat, balling his hand into a fist and counting to ten. After being sure he calmed down enough, he slowly got up and crawled into bed, trying to keep his temper at bay. Going to bed early couldn't hurt. He was not going to flip because of some online bitch. Whoever this person was, he hated them already.

What Jackson didn't know, was that this guy was going to be the friend he always wanted.


[03/17, 2:34pm] RRH: how's my fav asshole 2day?

[03/17, 2:57pm] LC: shut up lsr


[03/19, 4:32pm] RRH: so u play lacrosse, huh?

[03/19, 4:35pm] LC: whts it 2 u?

[03/19, 4:35pm] RRH: i play it 2 :D :D :D

[03/19, 4:36pm] LC: who cares

[03/19, 4:36pm] LC: smiley faces r 4 lsrs

[03/19, 4:36pm] RRH: Ur face is 4 lsrs

[03/19, 4:37pm] LC: tht doesn't even make any sense

[03/19, 4:39pm] RRH: neither does ur face


[03/20, 4:40pm] RRH: do u think every1 sees the same colors?

[03/20, 4:47pm] LC: can't u go bug ur mom or smthng?

[03/20, 4:48pm] RRH: i would if she were still, u kno, alive

[03/20, 4:52pm] LC: ..sorry man. If it helps: my biological parents died 2

[03/20, 4:53pm] RRH: so u in foster care of smthng?

[03/20, 4:53pm] LC: yea

[03/20, 4:54pm] RRH: hows that going for u?

[03/20, 4:54pm] LC: pretty good

[03/20, 4:56pm] RRH: that's great :)


[03/21, 1:13pm] LC: so u play lacrosse 2 huh?

[03/21, 1:16pm] RRH: I nvr thought the day would come u started a convo

[03/21, 1:16pm] RRH: and yes i play lacrosse 2

[03/21, 1:18pm] LC: what position?

[03/21, 1:18pm] LC: and ha-ha very funny, lsr

[03/21, 1:19pm] RRH: ahh i missed that nickname

[03/21, 1:19pm] RRH: and i am official captain bench warmer

[03/21, 1:19pm] RRH: guessing ur like an actual captain?

[03/21, 1:21pm] LC: srry 2 hear that. R u really that bad? Howd u even get on the team?

[03/21, 1:21pm] LC: yea, i'm the captain of my team

[03/21, 1:24pm] RRH: b/c i am good enough 2 play but the other guyz r still waaaay better than me

[03/21, 1:25pm] LC: sucks 2 be u dude

[03/21, 1:25pm] RRH: i'll live


[03/22, 9:54pm] RRH: wht's ur fav movie?

[03/22, 9:59pm] LC: u kno u could just use 1 question mark, right?

[03/22, 9:59pm] LC: and ur gonna laugh at me if i tell u

[03/22, 10:01pm] RRH: awwwww c'mon, can't be that bad

[03/22, 10:01pm] RRH: and i kno but it irritates people and tht amuses me :p

[03/22, 10:05pm] LC: again w/ the smiley faces

[03/22, 10:05pm] LC: fine, it's the notebook


[03/22, 10:07pm] RRH: and omg my bfff also loves that movie

[03/22, 10:07pm] RRH: see? Wasn't that bad, i'm not even laughing

[03/22, 10:10pm] LC: they'll nvr be cool u get over it

[03/22, 10:10pm] LC: what's urs then?

[03/22, 10:11pm] LC: i think u got an f too much there btw

[03/22, 10:14pm] RRH: agree to disagree on the smiley faces

[03/22, 10:14pm] RRH: the avengers is def my fav movie

[03/22, 10:14pm] RRH: nope the amount of f's is exactly right

[03/22, 10:15pm] LC: never seen the avengers

[03/22, 10:15pm] LC: what does it stand for then?


[03/22, 10:16pm] RRH: best female friend forever

[03/22, 10:20pm] LC: and u call me sexist?

[03/22, 10:20pm] LC: never really been into that genre

[03/22, 10:21pm] RRH: she gave herself that name i had nothing 2 do w/ it

[03/22, 10:21pm] RRH: omg u need 2 watch all Marvel movies like rn

[03/22, 10:23pm] LC: if u say so

[03/22, 10:23pm] LC: and i'm about 2 go 2 sleep b/c it's night here

[03/22, 10:24pm] RRH: dude

[03/22, 10:24pm] RRH: not 2 be stalker or smthng but we've been chatting for like a week now and i still don't know where u live?

[03/22, 10:25pm] RRH: and i got one last important question be4 u go

[03/22, 10:27pm] LC: u couldn't stalk me if u tried

[03/22, 10:27pm] LC: England, u r not getting more out of me

[03/22, 10:27pm] LC: this is 1 of our longest chats so what's 1 more question, right?

[03/22, 10:29pm] RRH: omg thats awesome, i live in the states

[03/22, 10:29pm] RRH: don't underestemate my stalking capabilties

[03/22, 10:30pm] RRH: sorry if i'm keeping u up or smthng didn't realize we were chatting this long

[03/22, 10:34pm] LC: is okay just ask the question lsr

[03/22, 10:35pm] RRH: alright alright: wht ice cream is ur fav to eat during a movie?

[03/22, 10:36pm] LC: … what kind of question even is that?

[03/22, 10:36pm] RRH: a rlly important 1!

[03/22, 10:37pm] LC: fine

[03/22, 10:37pm] LC: strawberry

[03/22, 10:37pm] RRH: r u sure ur not the chick between us?

[03/22, 10:38pm] RRH: mine's choco :D

[03/22, 10:39pm] LC: r u sure ur not a child?

[03/22, 10:39pm] RRH: i'll always be a child at heart

[03/22, 10:41pm] LC: well i'm not a lady at heart

[03/22, 10:42pm] LC: and also not at other body parts

[03/22, 10:45pm] RRH: omg i'm glad that would've been awkwaarrrrd

[03/22, 10:46pm] LC: taking it ur also a guy?

[03/22, 10:46pm] RRH: what gave it away?

[03/22, 10:47pm] LC: ur masculine personallity

[03/22, 10:47pm] RRH: omg stop u r making me blush

[03/22, 10:51pm] LC: i'm v srs

[03/22, 10:52pm] RRH: u r just saying that

[03/22, 10:52pm] LC: night loser

[03/22, 10:53pm] RRH: :( awww nighty night asshole


[03/24, 3:01pm] RRH: lyds scares me

[03/24, 3:02pm] LC: lizards scare me

[03/24, 3:02pm] LC: wait wtf is a lyds?

[03/24, 3:04pm] RRH: u r scared of lizards? y?

[03/24, 3:04pm] RRH: technically her name is lydia

[03/24, 3:04pm] RRH: lyds is a nickname for my bfff

[03/24, 3:06pm] LC: it's kinda weird that I know her name now but don't know urs

[03/24, 3:06pm] LC: accident at the zoo when I was 6

[03/24, 3:06pm] RRH: nice try captain :p

[03/24, 3:08pm] LC: wasn't trying anything

[03/24, 3:08pm] RRH: uhhuh

[03/24, 3:11pm] RRH: so what happened at the zoo hm?

[03/24, 3:13pm] LC: fell in2 the crocodile pool and couldn't get out for 2 hours

[03/24, 3:14pm] RRH: omg poor baby! :( y 2 hours?

[03/24, 3:15pm] LC: I was the only one there 4 a loooong time

[03/24, 3:15pm] RRH: i'll protect u from now on :)

[03/24, 3:17pm] LC: yea I feel saver already

[03/24, 3:18pm] RRH: the sarcasm is strong w/ this 1


[03/28, 2:33pm] LC: so wait ur actual fear is ur bfff?

[03/28, 2:34pm] RRH: omg u actually used an xtra f i'm so proud

[03/28, 2:34pm] RRH: that's not my actual fear but she can be scary

[03/28, 2:36pm] LC: how can she be scary?

[03/28, 2:36pm] LC: and what's ur actual fear?

[03/28, 2:38pm] RRH: u don't kno lyds

[03/28, 2:38pm] RRH: let's hope u never do

[03/28, 2:38pm] RRH: and wouldn't u like to kno :p

[03/28, 2:39pm] LC: u r really scared of a girl?

[03/28, 2:39pm] LC: it's only fair u kno

[03/28, 2:40pm] RRH: u r really scared of an animal?

[03/28, 2:40pm] RRH: i'm scared of losing my dad


[03/29, 7:18am] LC: srry 4 the late reaction

[03/29, 7:18am] LC: I didn't know how 2 react 2 that

[03/29, 7:19am] LC: also srry if I hurt u or smthng

Jackson reluctantly closed the chat, a sense of dread washing over him. He really hadn't meant to react that late. But when he saw Red's message he didn't know how to react. He'd stared at the screen for at least half an hour, before deciding he'd react later as he went downstairs. Not that he didn't think about it. Because of course there was an app for this site and of course Jackson had downloaded it after he and Red had been chatting for more than a week. And of course he spent every free moment he got staring at his phone's screen, thumbs hovering over the keyboard. He still didn't know what to write.

So when he went to bed that evening, he couldn't sleep. Jackson wasn't the best with emotional conversations, he knew that. Probably better than anyone else. But he wanted this friendship to work. Because this is why he signed up for that site in the first place, wasn't it? And if he wanted to be able to tell his story, the other person should be able to tell theirs too. Even if was through bad text language.

Needless to say that he barely slept. He didn't even notice his parents' worried glances at breakfast the next morning. When his mother asked him: "Are you alright dear?", all he said was "M'fine" and left it at that. He got up and went to his room, because of course he had school today. But he couldn't leave without messaging Red first. So he sent him the truth and hoped he'd understand.

That still didn't stop him from checking his phone at school though. At one point in math his phone almost got taken away, and later again in history.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing, Whittemore!?" Jackson groaned as he was slammed against his locked in a free period. He knew it wouldn't take long for one of his so-called friends to comment on his behavior. Glancing up he noticed it was Brandon, the second most popular guy of their school after Jackson himself. He quickly put his phone in his pocket, using both hands to grab Brandon's arm and spinning them around, slamming him against the locker with his arm twisted behind his back. He leaned in a little closer and growled, "Isn't the question here what the fuck you think you're doing, Smith?" He released him with a shove, smirking the sound of the other boy's grunt of pain. "Next time I won't be so gentle. Understood?" When Brandon merely nodded and walked out of the hallway, Jackson quickly grabbed his phone again. When he noticed there still was no new message from Red, his shoulders drooped a little.

[03/29, 11:23am] LC: ?

He shut off his phone. He needed to clean his head before practice, or coach would chew his head off. He tried to pay attention in class and the conversations at lunch, but to no avail. His mind kept going back to his phone.

By the time practice rolled around he was still distracted. He thought about turning on his phone more times than he would like to admit, but he didn't. There was one moment where got really close, he's put his shoes on the wrong foot and really, how distracted did you have to be to even do that? It hadn't even been one day. Maybe Red was just busy or maybe he needed to think about it too? That had to be it. They'd had more times where they hadn't talked for days, and the conversation always picked up after it. He nodded to himself as he walked to practice. It'd be fine.

Except it wasn't. He still couldn't concentrate on what he was doing. He fell over his own feet, missed an easy goal, ran into other players all the time. When he tripped for the fifth time that afternoon, coach was angry. "Whittemore! Go hit the showers! You don't have to come back this week until you've got your head back on your body!"

Jackson growled in frustration as he slammed his locker close when he finished changing. He stalked out of the school angrily and when he finally reached his car he sat behind the wheel and took a few deep breaths. He knew he shouldn't let this affect him so much. It was just a stupid online friendship.

Except it wasn't.

Cause Jackson was closer to Red than any of his other shallow friends. In a short amount of time the anonymous guy had gotten to know Jackson more and gotten closer to him than any of his real life friends could ever hope to get. Sure, they hadn't talked about that many serious issues, but maybe that was the point. Maybe it mattered so much because they first got to know each others light sides. It made sense to Jackson. They were slowly building up to the serious stuff, and now that they finally got there he shut down. Didn't know what to say, how to react.

Jackson hated himself for it.

But there was not much he could do, was there? Only wait.

Turned out he didn't have to wait long.

When he got home and noted that his parents weren't there, he immediately went upstairs and started his computer. He had six new messages from Red.

[03/29, 1:25pm] RRH: dude, time difference, remember?

[03/29, 1:34pm] RRH: don't worry bout it, maybe I shouldn't have said it

[03/29, 1:34pm] RRH: just wanted 2 say it 2 somebody

[03/29, 1:47pm] RRH: thanks 4 not, u kno, ignoring me completely


[03/29, 2:13pm] RRH: SO PROUD OF U RN

Jackson couldn't help but chuckle to himself. He'd never thought the other would worry about it like that too. Maybe he wasn't the only one who needed someone to talk to.

[03/29, 3:45pm] LC: it's alright

[03/29, 3:45pm] LC: u can talk 2 me if u want/need 2

[03/29, 3:46pm] LC: that's what we're here 4 anyways, isn't it?

[03/29, 3:46pm] LC: I think we're past the point where I could ignore u

[03/29, 3:47pm] LC: yea well don't get used 2 it, this was an exception

[03/29, 3:49pm] RRH: r u sure?

[03/29, 3:49pm] RRH: I don't want 2 bother u

[03/29, 3:49pm] RRH: u can talk 2 me 2 u kno, there's no shame

[03/29, 3:52pm] LC: I kno, i'm just not used 2 it

[03/29, 3:53pm] RRH: i'm not either

[03/29, 3:53pm] RRH: we can figure it out 2gether tho, right?

[03/29, 3:55pm] LC: yea we can

[03/29, 3:55pm] RRH: so i'll go first

[03/29, 3:56pm] LC: tyt and go ahead

[03/29, 4:08pm] RRH: when.. when mum died, it was just me n dad. Nd ofc we didn't kno how 2 deal on our own w/ just the 2 of us. So dad turned 2 drinking, and I turned 2 cooking nd cleaning, seeing that mum couldn't do it anymore. Dad would only talk bout her when he was drunk.

[03/29, 4:19pm] RRH: I got a lot of panic attacks due 2 my mums death, because I was the only 1 in the room w/ her when she died. I blamed myself (still do). But they got worse when I almost lost dad 2. I was in class nd the school head came in and told me there was a nurse on the phone 4 me, I immediately knew smthng was wrong.

[03/29, 4:25pm] RRH: it was nurse melissa (scott's mum, he's my bmff or brother in anything but blood) telling me dad was in the hospital b/c of his cholesterol, nthng srs but still srs enough 2 put him in the hospital. I didn't hear the last part tho. I remember how scared I felt and tht's how scared I still am of losing him. Idk..

[03/29, 4:31pm] LC: take ur time

[03/29, 4:37pm] RRH: idk what i'd do if I lost him, u kno? He's the only fam I have left.

[03/29, 4:39PM] LC: how about ur friends? Or that scott guy? If u say he's ur brother in anything but blood u guys must be pretty close

[03/29, 4:43pm] RRH: i've got lots of friends and yeh scott too. But they're not real fam u kno. Besides, scott's 2 busy with his gf allison lately to notice me and my other friends also got smthng better 2 do

[03/29, 4:46pm] LC: good thing u found me then

[03/29, 4:52pm] RRH: the best :)


After Stiles' confession they became even closer. Whether they talked about silly and light things:

[04/01, 3:27pm] RRH: QUICK WHT'S UR FAV COLOR?

[04/01, 3:28pm] LC: red, y?

[04/01, 3:28pm] RRH: omg me too ^^ nd no reason, just curious


[04/08, 7:56pm] LC: happy bday :)

[04/08, 8:12pm] RRH: OMG THANK U :D HOW'D U KNO?

[04/08, 8:14pm] RRH: wait is the world ending? U USED A SMILEY

[04/08, 8:14pm] LC: the site put on a notification 4 it

[04/08, 8:15pm] LC: and i'm glad, y didn't u tell me?

[04/08, 8:16pm] LC: the world's not ending

[04/08, 8:16pm] LC: that's just my bday present 2 u seeing that I can't really give u anything

[04/08, 8:19pm] RRH: my bday is not really a big deal

[04/08, 8:19pm] RRH: I FEEL SO SPECIAL NOW :D

[04/08, 8:21pm] LC: just shut it and enjoy it, dork

[04/08, 8:24pm] RRH: (: thank u, cap'n asshole

[04/08, 8:25pm] LC: no prob, lsr

Or more serious and darker stuff, that made them trust each other more:

[04/13, 7:16am] RRH: u there?

[04/13, 7:23am] LC: y u up?

[04/13, 7:27am] RRH: sometimes I still have nightmares bout my mum dying

[04/13, 7:27am] RRH: or my dad

[04/13, 7:28am] RRH: I just..

[04/13, 7:31am] LC: when I was 11 my parents, my biological parents, took me 2 a fair

[04/13, 7:32am] LC: there was a fortune teller there who told me that smthng would happen that would shake my world

[04/13, 7:34am] LC: on the way home we got into a car crash

[04/13, 7:37am] LC: my parents died but I got out alive

[04/13, 7:38am] LC: I still hear them screaming every time I get into a car

[04/13, 7:39am] LC: the guilt that I was the only 1 who survived still nags at me every day

[04/13, 7:47am] RRH: .. y did u tell me this?

[04/13, 7:49am] LC: to show u ur not the only 1 who blames themselves 4 something they didn't have control of

[04/13, 7:53am] LC: and b/c knowing some1 else goes through the same maybe helps u, that u kno u can talk 2 me about it

[04/13, 7:54am] LC: I kno that just now when u told me about it it helped

[04/13, 7:56am] RRH: I..

[04/13, 7:56am] RRH: thanks

[04/13, 7:57am] RRH: u can always talk 2 me 2, u know that right?

[04/13, 7:59am] LC: dn't mention it

[04/13, 8:00am] LC: and yea, I kno

Jackson had only had such a good friend once in his life. Danny Mahealani. Danny moved to Beacon Hills, California. Of course they stayed in touch through e-mails and later on text messages, but it just wasn't the same. Jackson didn't tell Danny about his online friend. He knew the other wouldn't think less of him, he'd probably be proud of him, but he couldn't help but feel that he was somehow betraying Danny. So he didn't tell him. Danny got suspicious though. 'Of course he did, he's a smart guy,' Jackson thought as the other boy was talking through him on the phone.

"Are you on some kind of drugs or something? Because you really seem... lighter lately. You know you can tell me right?" Jackson rolled his eyes at his friend as he sighed, "I know, Danny, I know. It's nothing important, okay? Maybe some day I'll tell you, just not now."

He could practically hear Danny think on the other end of the phone. He clucked his tongue, "If it was something bad or serious I would've told you already, you know that." He heard Danny hum in agreement and their conversation went on with less important stuff.

[04/24, 2:12pm] RRH: y don't we play 20 questions? :D not about names and stuff tho but y'know, random stuff

[04/24, 2:13pm] RRH: u also have to answer ur own question tho

[04/24, 2:16pm] LC: sounds fair, u start

[04/24, 2:16pm] RRH: what's ur fav clothing article u own?

[04/24, 2:17pm] RRH: omg it's a pink tutu isn't it?

[04/24, 2:18pm] LC: ur terrible sometimes, u kno that right?

[04/24, 2:18pm] LC: but it's most def my lacrosse hoodie

[04/24, 2:18pm] LC: hbu?

[04/24, 2:19pm] RRH: my purple high heels, duh :3

[04/24, 2:20pm] RRH: lol nah, also lacrosse hoodie

[04/24, 2:20pm] RRH: ur turn

[04/24, 2:24pm] LC: r we gonna do all 20 questions in one chat btw?

[04/24, 2:25pm] RRH: nah, who can even do that?

[04/24, 2:25pm] LC: thank god

[04/24, 2:25pm] RRH: ur welcome child

[04/24, 2:26pm] RRH: come on w/ the question then

[04/24, 2:28pm] LC: fav song?

[04/24, 2:32pm] RRH: BATMAN RAP OMG

[04/24, 2:33pm] LC: is that even a thing?

[04/24, 2:33pm] RRH: yeah it is stfu

[04/24, 2:34pm] LC: if u say so

[04/24, 2:34pm] LC: mine is burnin' it down by jason aldean

[04/24, 2:35pm] RRH: give me a sec need 2 search it up

[04/24, 2:36pm] LC: tyt

[04/24, 2:40pm] RRH: so I totally didn't expect that

[04/24, 2:40pm] LC: nobody does

[04/24, 2:41pm] RRH: makes sense tho :)

[04/24, 2:43pm] LC: yea?

[04/24, 2:44pm] RRH: yeah


[04/30, 7:33pm] RRH: what car do u own?

[04/30, 7:47pm] LC: silver Porsche cayman, u?

[04/30, 7:49pm] RRH: dude

[04/30, 7:49pm] RRH: srsly?

[04/30, 7:50pm] LC: yea

[04/30, 7:50pm] RRH: I got a blue jeep cj5 1975 :D

[04/30, 7:52pm] LC: how do u even remember that?

[04/30, 7:52pm] RRH: it's a gift

[04/30, 8:23pm] LC: sexual orientation?

[04/30, 8:26pm] RRH: gay

[04/30, 8:27pm] LC: bi

[04/30, 8:27pm] LC: not 100% sure yet tho

[04/30, 8:29pm] RRH: that's alright, everyone needs to figure it out for themselves :)


[05/03, 3:11pm] LC: do u got more questions?

[05/03, 3:13pm] RRH: I've always got more questions

[05/03, 3:13pm] RRH: fav season?

[05/03, 3:14pm] LC: winter

[05/03, 3:15pm] RRH: spring

[05/03, 3:17pm] RRH: ur turn

[05/03, 3:17pm] LC: let me think

[05/03, 3:28pm] LC: fav cartoon?

[05/03, 3:29pm] RRH: awww I thought it was gonna be something stranger than those boring questions

[05/03, 3:29pm] LC: y don't u ask stranger questions?

[05/03, 3:30pm] RRH: I would but it's ur turn!

[05/03, 3:33pm] LC: fine, do u chew ur pens/pencils

[05/03, 3:34pm] RRH: I think there's not 1 pencil or pen in this house I didn't chew

[05/03, 3:34pm] LC: gross

[05/03, 3:35pm] RRH: I can't help it that i've got an oral fixation!

[05/03, 3:35pm] LC: still gross


[05/07, 1:15pm] RRH: do u like to use post-it notes?

[05/07, 1:16pm] LC: not particularly

[05/07, 1:16pm] RRH: omg dude

[05/07, 1:17pm] RRH: they're like super efficient

[05/07, 1:19pm] LC: taking it u like to use them?

[05/07, 1:19pm] RRH: especially the pink ones :)

[05/07, 1:22pm] LC: do I even need 2 comment on that?

[05/07, 1:23pm] RRH: it's probs better if u don't

[05/07, 1:26pm] LC: ur ultimate halloween costume solo and couple?

[05/07, 1:27pm] RRH: so this is where the good questions are!

[05/07, 1:27pm] RRH: solo def spiderman

[05/07, 1:29pm] RRH: and if I could ever go as a couple w/ someone i'd go for red riding hood (ironically) & the big bad wolf

[05/07, 1:29pm] RRH: but more like a hunter rrh, u kno?

[05/07, 1:34pm] LC: I think I kno what u mean

[05/07, 1:34pm] LC: my solo would be a sexy cop

[05/07, 1:37pm] RRH: o.o y?

[05/07, 1:38pm] LC: because i'm sexy and I know it ;)

[05/07, 1:38pm] LC: couples would be old egyptian pair

[05/07, 1:40pm] RRH: basically anything that lets u show off ur body

[05/07, 1:43pm] LC: u know it babe

[05/07, 1:43pm] RRH: don't think I didn't notice the smiley btw

[05/07, 1:45pm] LC: I have no idea what ur talking about


[05/15, 9:56pm] LC: what's ur dad's job?

[05/15, 9:59pm] RRH: he's the sheriff

[05/15, 10:00pm] LC: dude

[05/15, 10:00pm] RRH: I kno it sucks

[05/15, 10:02pm] LC: I was gonna say awesome

[05/15, 10:02pm] LC: my parents r both lawyers and that's boring

[05/15, 10:03pm] RRH: yea well kids didn't really want 2 play w/ me because they didn't want to get into trouble with my dad

[05/15, 10:04pm] LC: I can see y that sucks

[05/15, 10:07pm] RRH: good to know there's nothing wrong w/ ur eyes

[05/15, 10:07pm] LC: sometimes I hate u

[05/15, 10:09pm] RRH: :p

[05/15, 10:13pm] RRH: do u ever dance when there's no music playing?

[05/15, 10:14pm] LC: not really? Do people actually do that?

[05/15, 10:14pm] RRH: I do D:

[05/15, 10:15pm] LC: that doesn't even surprise me

[05/15, 10:16pm] RRH: sometimes I hate u too u kno

[05/15, 10:16pm] LC: :p

[05/15, 10:17pm] RRH: -.-


[05/21, 2:31pm] RRH: do you ever sing in the car and/or shower?

[05/21, 2:35pm] LC: only shower, my voice is too good to be out there

[05/21, 2:36pm] RRH: whatever helps u sleep at night ;)

[05/21, 2:36pm] RRH: I do both

[05/21, 2:37pm] LC: I feel sorry for the ppl who can hear u

[05/21, 2:37pm] RRH: I feel sorry 4 the people who can't ^^

[05/21, 2:38pm] LC: well u do play piano so u must know more about it than me

[05/21, 2:40pm] RRH: damn right I do

[05/21, 11:23pm] LC: seeing that I still have 2 ask a question and i'm going to bed so i've got inspiration

[05/21, 11:24pm] LC: what do u wear 2 bed?

[05/21, 11:36pm] RRH: ur body pressed against mine bae duh

[05/21, 11:42pm] LC: aren't u romantic

[05/21, 11:42pm] RRH: I try 4 u

[05/21, 11:44pm] RRH: I mostly sleep naked tho

[05/21, 11:45pm] RRH: my body is 2 hot 4 clothes at night

[05/21, 11:47pm] LC: ofc it is

[05/21, 11:50pm] RRH: u should kno ;)

[05/21, 11:52pm] LC: 2 ba sleep in boxers

[05/21, 11:56pm] RRH: don't worry, i'll be able 2 fix that.

Jackson stared at the screen as an unusual blush spread across his cheeks. Was this guy really flirting with him? He was so too sleepy for this right now. He sent a quick 'night dork' and shut his laptop down.

Red and he had been chatting for more than two months now and he had to admit, it was going amazingly well. Even if they didn't talk as much as they used to, it was okay. They were both busy with their own personal lives. They mostly talked on Saturday, seeing that that was the only free day for both of them. It still made him happy.

Though he had to admit he really wanted to talk to Danny. Because, and dammit Jackson felt so out of his comfort-zone right now, he liked Red. Almost as in like-like. Because he was easy to talk to, and didn't care about Jackson's name and money, he still talked to him regardless. Even though Jackson had been an asshole from the beginning.

In the end he choose against it though. What was he able to do about it anyway?


[05/28, 4:32pm] RRH: have u ever cried b/c of happiness?

[05/28, 5:34pm] LC: srry 4 late reaction, had 2 get home from school &eat smthng

[05/28, 5:35pm] LC: and no, never have and probs never will

[05/28, 5:37pm] RRH: that's alright

[05/28, 5:37pm] RRH: D: u haven't achieved max happiness yet poor bae

[05/28, 5:39pm] LC: I don't really mind

[05/28, 5:41pm] RRH: now it's going 2 be my mission 2 make u that happy

[05/28, 5:45pm] LC: y? U don't even kno my name

[05/28, 5:46pm] RRH: idc about ur name, I kno ur personality and that's more important

[05/28, 5:48pm] LC: I don't kno what 2 say

[05/28, 5:52pm] RRH: just say thnx and ask ur question :)

[05/28, 5:54pm] LC: thank you

[05/28, 5:54pm] LC: really

[05/28, 5:55pm] RRH: no problem bae

[05/28, 5:57pm] LC: what does bae even mean?

[05/28, 5:58pm] RRH: is tht ur question? Lol jk

[05/28, 5:59pm] RRH: officially it means "before anything else" but I just use it as in bae

[05/28, 6:00pm] LC: because that makes sense

[05/28, 6:02pm] RRH: it does 2 me

[05/28, 6:02pm] RRH: just ask ur questions

[05/28, 6:03pm] LC: do u like going to the beach?

[05/28, 6:05pm] RRH: I LOVE GOING TO BEACH

[05/28, 6:06pm] RRH: Let's go 2 the beach-each, let's go get away :D

[05/28, 6:09pm] LC: keep dreaming babe, maybe 1 day it'll come true


[06/05, 5:11am] RRH: are u afraid of falling in love?

[06/05, 5:15am] LC: aren't u supposed 2 b asleep?

[06/05, 5:16am] RRH: aren't u?

[06/05, 5:17am] LC: fine

[06/05, 5:17am] LC: yes I am afraid of falling in love

[06/05, 5:18am] RRH: why?

[06/05, 5:22am] LC: it's difficult for me to open up to someone and let them in

[06/05, 5:23am] RRH: u didn't seem 2 have 2 much trouble talking 2 me

[06/05, 5:27am] LC: u r different

[06/05, 5:27am] RRH: how so?

[06/05, 5:28am] LC: not like that

[06/05, 5:29am] LC: u don't care about my name or my money or w/e

[06/05, 5:32am] LC: u r just.. there regardless

[06/05, 5:33am] LC: R u?

[06/05, 5:35am] RRH: ofc i'm there regardless idiot

[06/05, 5:36am] LC: while it's nice 2 know that 2, I meant r u afraid of falling in love?

[06/05, 5:39am] RRH: i'm terrified

[06/05, 5:39am] LC: y? U don't seem to have any problems opening up

[06/05, 5:44am] RRH: that's the problem

[06/05, 5:44am] LC: ?

[06/05, 5:49am] RRH: i'm afraid that one day the other person will wake up and see everything that's wrong with me, and realize all the stuff that makes me irritating and annoying, and that they don't want to be w/ me anymore

[06/05, 5:51am] RRH: i'm terrified to fall in love because i'd be scared to lose them the whole time

[06/05, 5:58am] LC: if ur with a person who makes u feel like that then it isn't worth it anyway

[06/05, 5:59am] RRH: maybe..

[06/05, 6:00am] LC: definitely

[06/05, 6:03am] LC: because that person will make u feel loved despite all those things, will let u kno that it's okay to be imperfect, that you're fine the way u r

[06/05, 6:08am] RRH: thank you

[06/05, 6:08am] LC: no

[06/05, 6:09am] LC: thank you


[06/09, 3:49pm] LC: let's do some lighter questions, k?

[06/09, 3:54pm] RRH: bring it on

[06/09, 3:55pm] LC: what's ur ultimate vacation?

[06/09, 3:58pm] RRH: that's actually a really hard question D:

[06/09, 3:59pm] LC: no it isn't

[06/09, 4:00pm] LC: my ultimate vacation would b 2 see u

[06/09, 4:00pm] RRH: awww bae

[06/09, 4:01pm] RRH: u forgot the winky face

[06/09, 4:01pm] LC: u ask 2 much of me babe

[06/09, 4:02pm] RRH: fine fine, srry

[06/09, 4:02pm] LC: and my real ultimate vacation would be greece, beach and sun

[06/09, 4:04pm] RRH: u r forgetting the food

[06/09, 4:05pm] LC: that's probs the only thing u can think about isn't it?

[06/09, 4:05pm] RRH: u kno me so well:)

[06/09, 4:06pm] RRH: anyways my ultimate vacation would be my dad's ultimate vacation

[06/09, 4:08pm] RRH: b/c he deserves it and if he's happy then i'm happy2

[06/09, 4:08pm] RRH: if that's a no-go then also to see u ;)

[06/09, 4:10pm] LC: don't I feel flattered

[06/09, 4:10pm] LC: and that w/ ur dad is really sweet

[06/09, 4:12pm] RRH: ofc u r

[06/09, 4:12pm] RRH: and believe it or not but i'm actually a sweet person

[06/09, 4:13pm] LC: I believe u


[06/15, 0:01am] RRH: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAE 3 :D

[06/15, 0:05am] LC: did u actually search when it would be 0:00 here to congratulate me?

[06/15, 0:06am] RRH: how does the stuff I do still surprise u?

[06/15, 0:06am] LC: good point

[06/15, 0:07am] LC: thanks babe

[06/15, 0:07am] RRH: no problemo ^^

[06/15, 0:13am] RRH: so I also thought of a hopefully lighter questions

[06/15, 0:14am] LC: go ahead, can't sleep anyway

[06/15, 0:14am] RRH: I understand

[06/15, 0:16am] RRH: anyways, what do you think of when u hear the word "meow"

[06/15, 0:19am] LC: that isn't what I expected at all

[06/15, 0:19am] RRH: I live 2 surprise

[06/15, 0:20am] LC: the first thing I think of is that song

[06/15, 0:21am] LC: what does the fox say?

[06/15, 0:21am] RRH: omg y?

[06/15, 0:22am] LC: because of that part, "cat goes meow"

[06/15, 0:26am] RRH: huh

[06/15, 0:26am] RRH: never thought of that

[06/15, 0:28am] LC: what do u think of then?

[06/15, 0:29am] RRH: tom&jerry :D

[06/15, 0:32am] LC: should've known

[06/15, 0:33am] RRH: kinda disappointed u didn't

[06/15, 0:36am] LC: well i've got a question 4 u 2

[06/15, 0:36am] RRH: go ahead

[06/15, 0:37am] LC: what's ur strangest talent?

[06/15, 0:38am] RRH: I always kno if someone is trustworthy or not

[06/15, 0:38am] RRH: so I guess good at judging people even if I don't kno them myself

[06/15, 0:40am] LC: well isn't that handy

[06/15, 0:41am] RRH: it is indeed

[06/15, 0:41am] RRH: whats urs?

[06/15, 0:42am] LC: I can say things backwards without thinking about it

[06/15, 0:42am] RRH: you'll have to prove that 2 me one day

[06/15, 0:43am] LC: maybe I will, lsr


[06/24, 2:56pm] RRH: do u wear hats on a bad hair day?

[06/24, 3:12pm] LC: my hairs long enough to style and short enough to keep tamed so I nvr really have a bad hair day

[06/24, 3:14pm] LC: if I could have bad hair days I probs would tho, hbu?

[06/24, 3:15pm] RRH: my hair's at the length where it gets hard to handle

[06/24, 3:15pm] RRH: but I don't wear hats on bad hair days

[06/24, 3:17pm] LC: y not?

[06/24, 3:18pm] RRH: don't have the head 4 it I guess

[06/24, 3:20pm] LC: aww c'mon babe, don't b so negative

[06/24, 3:21pm] RRH: it's the truth bae

[06/24, 3:23pm] LC: I won't stand 4 it

[06/24, 3:23pm] RRH: not much u can do

[06/24, 3:26pm] LC: u'll see


[07/01, 9:34pm] RRH: how does one keep in contact with so many friends when it's vaca?

[07/01, 9:37pm] LC: not having so many friends

[07/01, 9:38pm] RRH: hmm

[07/01, 9:42pm] LC: can I ask u smthng?

[07/01, 9:43pm] RRH: well u do still got 1 question left so go ahead

[07/01, 9:45pm] LC: if u got so many friends then y did u sign up here?

[07/01, 9:47pm] RRH: having that many friends isn't that great, they're always busy w/ someone else

[07/01, 9:47pm] RRH: so i came here 2 find someone i can really talk w/

[07/01, 9:48pm] RRH: hbu?

[07/01, 9:48pm] LC: same

[07/01, 9:48pm] LC: so did u find some1?

[07/01, 9:51pm] RRH: i have 4 a while now :)

[07/01, 9:52pm] LC: yea?

[07/01, 9:52pm] RRH: uhhuh

[07/01, 9:53pm] RRH: he can be a grumpy mean asshole who likes to call me loser and likes to eat strawberry ice cream while watching a movie :p

[07/01, 9:59pm] LC: tht's the person u can really talk w/?

[07/01, 10:00pm] RRH: sure, y not? I can have silly AND srs convo's w/ him

[07/01, 10:05pm] LC: wow stop ur making me cry

[07/01, 10:05pm] RRH: aww srry bae

[07/01, 10:13pm] LC: me 2 btw

[07/01, 10:14pm] RRH: ur srry?

[07/01, 10:14pm] LC: no, i think that about u 2

[07/01, 10:18pm] LC: except I can't talk 2 a mean, strawberry ice cream eating asshole, but a childish, calling-people-out-on-their-bullshit sarcastic little shit w/ a heart 2 big for his body

[07/01, 10:20pm] LC: wow that sounded like a love confession

[07/01, 10:21pm] LC: we r never talking bout this again, k?

[07/01, 10:29pm] RRH: *imitates zipping mouth* ur secret is save w/ me


[07/09, 2:13pm] RRH: so that game of 20 questions was pretty fun :D

[07/09, 2:17pm] LC: agreed

[07/09, 2:18pm] RRH: u kno that u can still ask things tho, right?

[07/09, 2:19pm] LC: ofc I kno lsr

[07/09, 2:19pm] LC: as long as u kno u can always talk 2 me about w/e

[07/09, 2:22pm] RRH: I know bae, thanks

[07/09, 2:34pm] LC: good

Jackson closed the chat and stretched, waiting until he felt and heard the satisfying 'pop' his back made. He stripped as he walked to the bathroom, leaving a trail of clothes behind him. As he stood in the shower, he wondered for the millionth time what Red looked life in real life. He didn't have any expectations or anything, but it was nice to let his mind think of something. Would he be blond or brunette? Was he short or tall? Green or blue eyes? What would he sound like?

When he stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around his waist, he mused about the last question. Was Red one of those persons who's voice matched the way they looked, or wasn't he? Maybe he should just ask him to trade names and Skype's and be done with it. He couldn't be the only one who was curious, right?

He smiled to himself. Talking to Red and thinking about him always left him with a good feeling. He couldn't wait to see what their next chat would bring.