"You sure you got everything?"

Jackson looked up from where he was zipping up his suitcase, seeing Stiles standing in the doorway of his bedroom. He was wringing his hands almost nervously, looking at Jackson while biting his bottom lip. Jackson would miss those lips and the person attached to them.

The week they'd spent together had been great. They checked out the mall and did some shopping on their first full day together, driving through the town while Stiles pointed out important places – his school, his favorite diner, the police station.

The second day, they just stayed in while watching movies (although it turned into making out and arguing about plot lines most of the time) and the third was the same with the added activity of visiting the sheriff at work for lunch.

On the fourth, Jackson finally met the famous Lydia. Although she seemed skeptical about him at first – his jock persona really didn't help there – she gradually warmed up through the day and at the end of it he didn't even feel like an outsider anymore. It was like they'd known each other their whole lives.

The fifth day was the only day they spent apart. At first both Jackson and Stiles were supposed to hang out with Danny and Isaac—Jackson needed to remember to ask him about that later—but Stiles had to cut his visit short when there was trouble with his part time job. In the end, Stiles had to take on a shift and didn't come back until diner, after which they went home and did a few rounds of Mario Cart. Jackson had never lost at that game as much in his entire life as he did that evening, but hearing Stiles laugh and giggle and yell next to him was all worth it.

On their last full day together, they accidentally bumped into Scott on their towards Stiles' favorite diner. As Stiles had said that first morning during breakfast, it was awkward – but they were trying. In the end they went to lunch together, Scott telling embarrassing childhood stories while Stiles tried to disappear under the table. Jackson didn't let him, holding his hand and laughing with both of them when Stiles told some of his own. Figuring it was only fair, Jackson also joined. Two and a half hours later they went their separate ways, Stiles and Scott even going as far as a bro-hug now that most of the awkwardness had dissipated.

When Stiles went to pay, after winning rock paper scissors in order to do so, Scott turned to him.

"I know you probably don't think highly of me right now, and I know I'm not really in a position to say this. However, I just want you to know that I'm glad that Stiles seems so happy again and I hope this thing between both of you will continue to be this way."

Both of them glanced at Stiles, who was laughing with the old lady behind the cash register. Turning back to Scott, Jackson just smiled and said, "He misses you a lot. I'm glad I was able to help him through some of that, but after today I think it would be best if you two patched things up. He needs his brother back."

Looking surprised and oddly touched, Scott opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted by Stiles returning.

The evening was spent in each others arms, softly talking and bickering and making ridiculous plans together.

Blinking back into the moment, he saw that Stiles had sat down opposite of him with a worried look on his face. He reached out, grabbing Jackson's shoulder, and softly asked, "Are you okay?"

Jackson just nodded, taking Stiles' hand in his as he kissed it, "Just thinking about how I'm going to miss you."

Huffing quietly, Stiles stood up and pulled Jackson with him, pulling him into an embrace as he muttered into his shoulder, "Idiot. I'm gonna miss you too."

Returning the embrace, Jackson said nothing as the weight of reality came crashing onto him more and more. He was leaving. He was going home, back to England, far away from Stiles. No more touching, no more hugging, no more kissing or cuddling. No more waking up and seeing Stiles, face to face, feeling warm and content. They wouldn't see each other again for quite some time.

Pulling back and kissing Stiles' forehead, he gently knocked their foreheads together, "Well, to answer your question, I do have everything I can take with me, but not everything I want to take with me."

Reveling in the way Stiles blushed, he quickly kissed him before taking a step back and grabbing his suitcase. Smiling softly, Stiles grabbed Jackson's carry-on and turned around, walking out of his room and downstairs, all the while Jackson followed him.

Standing in the front door was Noah, smiling sadly while he turned to Stiles, "Could you put Jackson's belongings in the jeep? I'd like to have a word with him."

Narrowing his eyes, Stiles took the suitcase out of Jackson's hand and glared at his father. "Don't be mean, dad. He already went through you cleaning your gun in front of him," he said as he walked towards the jeep.

Rolling his eyes, Noah turned to Jackson and gave him a once over before quickly pulling him into a hug. Not knowing how else to respond, Jackson brought his arms up to return the hug. "Thank you for making my boy happy," the sheriff whispered, patting Jackson on the back.

Blinking as he felt tears starting to prickle in his eyes, Jackson just nodded. Pulling back, Noah gave Jackson one more hard stare before he broke into a smile, clapped him on the shoulder and turned to walk back inside.

Turning around in the doorway, he yelled, "I can't wait to see you again, son. Have a safe flight."

Looking back, Jackson smiled and waved as he yelled back, "Thanks for everything, including your amazing son."

Hearing the sheriff laugh as he got into the car, he smiled innocently at Stiles who was looking at him suspiciously. Without taking his eyes off of him, he started the car. Snorting, Jackson quickly took Stiles' hand as he focused on the road and started driving.

The drive was mostly silent, except for the songs and ads playing on the radio. They'd said everything they wanted and needed to the day before.

Arriving at the airport, Stiles helped Jackson get his luggage to the right gate. Standing in front of each other, both took the time to look over the other carefully, committing even the smallest details to memory.

In the end, it was Stiles who broke the silence.

"Thank you for this amazing surprise," he said earnestly.

Smiling, Jackson shook his head as he responded, "Thank you for being amazing."

Biting his lip, Stiles took a step forward and put his hand on Jackson's cheek. "I'm not going to bicker with you in the middle of an airport," he said, leaning in and kissing Jackson softly.

Returning the kiss, Jackson said nothing as the broke apart. They looked into each others eyes, only snapping out of their daze when Jackson's flight was announced to board. Shaking his head as he picked up his luggage, he quickly gave Stiles one more kiss and murmured against his lips, "uoy evol I."

As Stiles eyes widened in realization and a blush started to creep up his neck, Jackson just smirked as he started making his way towards the gate. Right before he went through, a hand grabbed his elbow and pulled him into a passionate kiss. Stumbling as he was pushed forward just as suddenly as he was pulled into the kiss, he laughed as he made his way through the gate.

Gently touching his lips that Stiles had whispered 'I love you too' against a few minutes ago, he didn't even remember how he got on the plane or in the right seat.

All he knew was that he couldn't stop thinking that signing up with that stupid website might have been the best decision of his life.

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