It was a sunny, hot day in the summer. The tree branches rustle along the wind and the animals seeks shades to escape the intense heat. But inside a certain cave, was a group of young warriors struggling with daily life as they must fend for themselves, against the society and hardships that followed them. But they are only humans, and humans do have limits when it comes to hot days like these days.

"Water… I need water…" Yomi lied down in exhaustion, shaking from dehydration.
"If only we could have some beverage that could extinguish this thirst." Haruka said more calmly, but she too pleaded for liquid.
"We can't get to the waterfall in this heat!" Shouted Mirai.
"Even if I don't have emotions, I do get this thirsty feeling for a drink." Said Hikage in a blunt voice.

The heat from outside had invaded their cave, or their hideout/home per say.
"If only SOMEONE would've allowed us to buy packs of drinks before this happened." The tanned girl growls towards the tracksuit girl.
"We need no such luxury! Nature provides us for what we need." Yomi retorted back.
"But if we step outside, we'll be cooked!" Mirai overreacted.
"There's not much we can do. Besides, we're REALLY poor, remember?" Haruka caressed Mirai to calm her.
"Those DAMN PART-TIMES!" Homura screamed loudly.

Dun dun dun-dun-dun dun

Out in the forest, a blur were passing through the path in the forest. Fast enough to leave trails of wind. The blur were not fazed by the heat. The blur finally to a sharp left-turn towards the darkened forest.

Dun-dun-dun dun

It ran up the hill surrounded by trees and bushes. It did not stop, determined to continue onwards.
It finally got out of the forest. It were now near the cave where the Crimson Squad were located.
It got inside the cave and passing through the staircase down to the living area.

Dun-dun-dun dun dun

The girls turned around to see what they sensed that came down. They readied their weapons and took on their stances.
"Who goes there?!" Homura demand.
The blur finally got to them and stops abruptly, spawning smokes that covers this trespasser.
The girls coughed and cleared the smoke, tensely readying themselves.
In front of them was clearly not a Yoma or an animal, but a 'humanoid' thing.
The thing was bald, no signs of hair anywhere on the body. The head and its right arm were colored white, while the rest of the body were blue. It had fingers, but no toes. The body was quite fit. Biceps are pretty masculine and it had six-pack. The only thing that were considered clothes were chains strapped around his neck. And lastly, the most noticeable feature it had was a logo in a similar kind of a superhero. The logo was a circle with three different colors in it. Red, white and blue. That logo looks familiar though.
There is also another thing to notice, it did not have a face at all!
"What the hell are you?!" Homura raised her swords towards the thing.
"No freaking way…" Mirai's eyes were widened on sight.
"Mirai? You know what that is?" Hikage emotionlessly asked her.
"It's… It's… It's…" Mirai stutters shockingly. "IT'S PEPSIMAN!"


"I thought you were just a myth!" Mirai exclaimed in disbelief.
The thing broke the confusion by striking a pose.


Pepsiman stretches his right arm towards them and vigorously shaking his hands while OPENING a hole in his mouth area.


"An attack?! Wait… Nothing happened." Homura checks her body in confusion.
As soon as she turns around, her eyes widened. Big as dinner plates. The others, excluding Hikage, did the same.
The back of the room were now filled with Pepsi bottles. Enough for some months of supplies. And they were all free!
"Oh my God… You can't be serious...!" Homura squealed in joy.
"Yaaaay… The drinks are finally here." Hikage exclaimed. She didn't show it, but it's clearly show how happy she is.
Haruka didn't say anything, but smiles amusingly.
Pepsiman stood there and posed proudly.
"Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou..." Mirai and Yomi hugs the superhero while rapidly thanking him.
The hero finally nods at them and proceeds to run back out. He turns his head around and saluted them. For now, there were somebody else out there that needs him.

"Ah! Watch out for the traps!" Haruka suddenly informed.
But the girls could hear a switch activates, and rapid fire of sharp sticks, following with a heavy grunt.



A lightly crushed can of Pepsi is covered in bamboo spears.

So this is the first chapter of Pepsiman in the Senran Kagura universe. Something on my mind recently.
Out of all superheroes, Pepsiman is my favorite superhero. He even got his own game on the old PS1.
This fic will follow the formula of the commercials he stars in.
1. Someone in need is thirsty.
2. The Pepsiman theme is playing while Pepsiman is running
3. Pepsiman give Pepsi.
4. Pepsiman getting injured.
5. Ends with a Pepsi can with injuries inflicted on Pepsiman
That's how the commercials went.