Wandering vagabonds who defied their duties. Even in the shinobi society, there were renegades.

Kill all renegades!
Their existence defiles our society!
Deserters deserves death!

The life as a renegade shinobi are overly more harsher. As one must never drop their guard, not even a slightest.
Hunted until their last drop of breath. By any means necessary.

Such is the cruel fate of a renegade shinobi.




At dead night, two shadows clashed with one other, and they seem to not slow down at any time.
There were spectators, their teammates, who seems to have no will to fight left as their clothes were tattered all over. On one side is the familiar renegade group we have seen, and the opposing group from a school we ALL know well.

"It's over, you imbicile excuse of a shinobi!"



"They've been going since dusk. Do they even consider their own teammates' matter in all this?" The Crimson Squad's resident scientist wondered unamused.
"Oh Haruka~" The blonde bimbo from the 'enemy' team slithers onto the scientist's back. "Bored? Then you can ravage me ALL you want until those two are done~" She ecstatically moans.
"YOU STUPID FUCKING BITCH! THEY'RE THE ENEMIES THIS TIME, YOU DUMB, SHITTY SOW!" The twin sister of the blondie, angrily antagonize her unlike her sister, she lacks a VERY important asset, essential to a woman... But her bottoms makes up for it.
"KYAAAAAH~ Oh how cruel, Ryoubi." The blonde masocist squirms at every word of onslaught her sister threw at her. "More~ More~"

"*huff* *huff*"
"Haaah... Haaah..."
Both of the remaining fighters finally stops to catch a breath.
"Alright..." The tanned girl stood straight up. "How about we finish this already." And with a smirk on her face, she drew her seventh sword from her back and burning energy bursts out of her.
"That... I agree on." The white haired swordswoman surrounds herself with black flames. In a short notice, she sprouts black and white wings. Her sword now extended by a long-shot, and seven branches appeared on the sword.
They readied their stances, waiting...

"Are they finally ending it now?" Mirai exclaimed in exhaustion.
"I was getting bored." Hikage, as usual, exclaimed in an emotionless tone.

"HRAAAAAAAAAAH!" The crimson warrior charges first towards her that instant, so did her opponent as well. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"Both of them were getting closer to strike. With all their might, they struck their blades to clash once again.


No blades clashing, or any form of resistance resonated.
Between the two shinobis, kneeled an unknown figure. It placed its hands on both of them and kept them from attacking each other.
"You...!" The crimson girl widened her eyes.
"What... is this?" The winged shinobi uttered in shock. In that instant, she retreated away. "Who are you?!" She readied her stance the burning shinobi ironically remained calm and lowered her ultimate blade.

"What the hell are you doing here?" She bemused.
The being who stopped the clashing had risen itself.
The moonlight shines upon it as its body reflected the same light.


"What... is this creature here?" The dark haired shinobi demanded. Wondering who or what the thing is.
"I wouldn't kept her waiting if I were you." The other one warned non-chalantly.
Pepsiman extended his arms towards the two shinobis. Flat palms in front of them. (Sorry, I was thinking about what Chris Pratt did in Jurassic World)
"You... want us to stop?"
The hero nodded to the woman.
"Tch...!" The burning shinobi sheathes her katana.
"Homura! What do you think you're doing?!" Her opponent demanded. To think she would back down now.
"Chill the hell out. He ain't gonna do anything harmless." Homura said in a laid-back manner.
"What makes you-!"


In the winged woman's left hand, spawned a random Pepsi glass bottle. She looks at it baffled. "What?!"
"Oh come the fuck on, Miyabi! It's just a freaking drink!" Homura groaned annoyingly.
But Miyabi would still glare at the hero. In response, the hero would face her and POSE heroically.

"So cool..."
The busty shut-in and the petite patch girl exclaimed astonishingly, with their eyes surprisingly sparkled.

"Hrrrnh..." Miyabi finally gave in. She moved her sword to the cap and pops it off with the one of the branches on her sword. "*GLUG* *GLUG*"
"Hmm..." She closed her eyes in satisfaction. Hours of fighting the renegades had taken a toll on her. The soda was refreshing to her.
Homura finally slumps down on the ground. "Well I'm beat now."
"No matter how many hours, it will never end, would it?" The winged woman asked her.
"Nope. Call it a draw?"
Miyabi undo her transformation and returned as the white haired hunk everybody knew.
"I take that as a yes." Homura looked at the carbonaded hero, who seemed satisfied with this truce.
"Oi, Pepsiman! Get us something, would you?" She demanded. The fight had made her extremely thirsty.
And with that que, he vigorously shakes his hand and opens his mouth.


Everyone now had a pepsi in their hands. All of them happily, though Hikage wouldn't show it, cracked open and drank away.
"Thank you very much, Mr. Pepsiman!" The blonde renegade chugs her drink.
"Thanks." The emotionless gal gave her appreciation.
"Thanks a lot!" The eyepatch girl cried in happiness. "I haven't had a drink since this morning!"
"Very thoughtful of you." The scientist did too. "But I've been wondering. Just how can you have such ability?" She tiptoes closer to the hero. "You wouldn't mind researching you THOROUGH, would you?" She licks her lips seductivly.
That made the hero sweat profusely. Whenever out of fear, most certainly.

Then the other group approaches.
"Thank you again..." The shut-in sincerely appreciated.
"Thanks... I guess..." The girl with the large forehead silently gave her thanks. "I'm... sorry... about last time." She looks away embarrassed.
"Thanks for the drink... whatever you are." The flatboard in the group eyed on him. "D-Don't get the wrong idea! There won't be a next time!" She turns away quickly.
"PEPSIMAAAAAAAAAN~" The blonde bimbo pounches on the hero, though he kept his posture.
She then sits down and lift her hands up in paws like a dog, panting.

"Spray me with all your love!"




"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!" Her younger twin sister turned around to them and screamed. "RYOUNA!" She necklocks her masochistic sister. "NOW'S NOT THE TIME!"


A pig is laying down satisfied, drool slips out of its mouth.
In a distant, tramps a deer away angrily.

Okay, that ending was pretty weird.