First of all those who was reading my story We met at a coffee shop, I'm sorry but it wasn't working out and was seeming to anti-Killian which was not at all what I wanted, so I decided to stop with that, but could possibly try again in the future. Just things where not working with the story sorry.

So instead I'm going to try this other idea that has been in my head for a while. This story is AU, no magic and no curse, and no enchanted forest. So here is the basic info Emma is a single mom of her son Henry (who is 7) and Killian is the single dad of his brother Will (7 like Henry) and his son Liam (who is 2). The two meet after Killian moves him and his boys to his late father's favorite place, Will and Henry have become friends, which brings the 2 families close and Emma and Killian start to date, joining the 2 families together.

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Chapter 1

Emma Swan has lived in Storybrooke since she was 13, when she moved in with her new foster family, which turned out to be her forever family. She was adopted by Ruth Nolan, and joined her along with her son David. Eventually joining the small family was David's high school sweetheart Mary Margaret (who in a crazy twist of fate turned out to be Emma's half-sister). When Emma was 2 months shy of turning 18, Henry joined the family as well, all though not all planed, he was extremely loved, Emma absolutely loved being a mom, yes it was tough, but so worth it.

Storybrooke was a typical small town, not much happened, and everyone knew your business. The death of Brennan Jones (which was 5 years ago) was one of the biggest things to happen in years in the town. He was a older single father raising his son after his wife up and left in the middle of the night. There had been rumors for years that Brennan had other kids but it was never confirmed. That was until after his death a young man came to town to take over the care of Brennon's son Will, it turns out Brennan had at least another son named Killian.

Now it had been 5 years since Killian came and got Will and left, leaving behind the Jones house and ship. That is until late last spring, Killian reappeared with a now older Will, and another young boy. Will ended up being in the same class as Henry; they also ended up being on the soccer team together, becoming friends. Through the rest of the school year and now into the summer Emma has gotten to know Will, him having spent some time at her house and her also driving him home, despite all that Emma still had not met Killian. He kept to himself, the times he went to Wills soccer practices or games he often stayed far away from the other parents and would leave quickly with the boy. The only person who really ever spoke to him was Ashley, who ran the day care where Killian sent his son Liam.

But now in the middle of July Emma was finally going to meet Killian Jones. Will had asked/invited Henry over for a campout in the backyard, it would be them, Killian and Liam. Henry really wanted to go, and Emma saw no reason why he couldn't except for the fact she never met Killian. So now here she was driving to Granny's diner, with Henry in tow, to meet him.

They are driving in Emma's yellow bug, Henry in the back seat "So kid, you like this Killian?"

"Yeah, he's really nice. You know he's actually Will's big brother, but he's more like a dad to him. So that means Liam is his nephew, but he says it's his little brother."

Emma smiles at her sons babbling "What does Will call Killian?" she asks trying to learn some about this little family before they get to Granny's.

"Sometimes Killian, sometimes dad, I think he wants to call him dad, but is afraid to" Henry says looking out the window.

"Why is he afraid?"

Henry shrugs "I don't know. I think cause their actually brothers, so he thinks he can't."

"Has he asked Killian about it?"

"I don't know mom" Henry says.

Emma sighs, the kid is seven he probably wouldn't know how or what to ask. A minute later they pull into Granny's parking lot. "Ok kid lets go" she says getting out, moving her driver's seat to let Henry out.

Henry spots a jeep "They're here mom, that's Killian's jeep" he says point to a blue jeep.

Emma lets Henry lead her inside, she is quickly greeted by Will "Hey Emma, you came" Will says excitedly.

Emma ruffles his hair "Of course sport" she says with a smile in the last few months she had grown fond of the boy.

Will takes her hand and leads her to a table, where she sees Henry talking the ear off, of who she assumes is Killian "Emma this is Killian" Will says.

Emma extends her hand "Nice to meet you Killian, I'm Emma."

Killian stands "Hi Emma, I'm Killian, you know Will" he turns to point out a little boy who looked to be 2 "and that little lad is Liam."

The little boy smiles and says "Hi" very sweetly.

Emma smiles back, Liam was to adorable for words "Hi sweetie" she says to him.

Killian smiles "Have a seat" he says signaling to the seat across from him. The boys sitting in the booth behind Emma, "So Emma… the boys told me you are ok with Henry spending the night, you just wanted to meet."

"Yeah" Emma says with a blush "just we never met and well…"

Killian holds up his hand "I understand love, I'm a bit of a… loner, only spends time with my boys and work."

Emma glances behind to check on the boys "Thank you for understanding. So I kind of remember your dad, why did you leave when you came for Will, if you don't mind me asking?"

Killian twiddles his thumbs "That's more of a conversation when we know each other better. But um… let's just say I came back for Will and Liam. Will has been wanting to know where he comes from lately, and well why not bring him back to the place our dad loved most."

Emma nods "Can I ask, you refer to them as your boys, did you adopt Will?"

"Yeah, at first I was just his legal guardian" Killian starts twiddling his thumbs again "but um… when I got married I adopted him, so that things where more official."

Emma smiles "That is really sweet of you. He is one lucky kid to have such a great big brother" she says and looks at Liam and makes a silly face earning a giggle from him. "So Henry says you work on boats?"

Killian blushes "Yeah. I took over my dad's business. I ran things from New York, but so much easier here. I work on the boats to, I always enjoyed fixing boats." Killian takes a drink of his pop "So I'm afraid to say the lads have never said what it is you do."

"I work at the sheriff station. I work as the receptionist, but I'm working on being a cop though."

"Very impressive, your lad must think that is cool" says Killian.

"Depends on the day" Emma says jokingly "I think it makes him nervous. It's risky for a single mom."

Killian nods "It is, but a noble profession I must say."

They are interrupted by Henry and Will "Hey mom, can we have a couple quarters for the pinball machine?"

Killian smiles and reaches into his pocket "Here lads" he says dumping several quarters into their waiting hands "have a blast."

"Thanks" they both say and run off to the back corner of the dinner.

Emma laughs and then sighs "I'm really glad they have each other" she says watching them.

"Why do you say it like that Emma?"

"Well… Henry has always been a bit on the shy side, never had many friends. Thankfully he always has gotten along with everyone, no noticeable bullying. But since you guys came and Will and him became friends he's opening up a bit more, he seems to have more friends now."

Killian smiles "Will has always been on the social side, gets along well with most kids, but honestly always only seemed to have a couple actual friends though."

Emma nods "Again I think they make good friends."

"I agree Emma" he says with a smile "So… how are you feeling about this campout then?"

Emma looks at the boys again and smiles "I guess he's going camping" she says with a smirk. Emma calls them over "Kid you're going camping" she says.

"Yes" Henry cheers "thank you mom."

Emma holds him in a hug "No problem kid, anything to see that smile" she says as she pulls away seeing his smile, her favorite thing in the world.

"Amping" Liam all the sudden cheers, having been quietly coloring during the conversation, making them all laugh.

Killian sits back a minute and observes all that is happening around him, when he moved to Storybrooke it was more for Will and Liam, wanting them to have normal childhoods. Will quickly befriended this Henry kid, and he had to admit he enjoyed when Henry was around too, he was smart and quick witted but also kind, not many of Wills friends from New York where like him. And know thanks to Henry he met Emma, she was beautiful and there was just something special about her. The fact that she interacted with Will and Liam with same kind of interest she showed her own son, well that made her his friend right there. After one meeting he had to admit he had a crush on her, but he knew nothing could happen, he wouldn't risk the boy's friendship for a romantic relationship for himself.

Emma was watching around her as well. She was telling the truth when she said them coming to town had been good for Henry, not only having a friend, but even Killian seemed to have a positive influence on him. The only other consistent male he had in his life was David, her older adopted brother, but he has own family and hated to bother him. She was thankful for all in the couple months he had been around for what he has done. Then there was how he was with Will and Liam. If she didn't know any better you would think Will was his son also. Their similar looks didn't help that thought, but he showed love to both boys equally. It was the kind of love she hoped one day someone would show to Henry, not because they had too, but because they wanted too, that a person would care for both of them. If she honest she found Killian very handsome, and his accent was gorgeous. But previous relationships for Emma never ended well, and she didn't want to potentially ruin anything for the boys, and the fact that she is sure if anything Killian would be a great friend to have on her side, she had to put any thoughts romantically aside, for the boys, all 3 of them, they were the ones that had most at stake.

So what do you guys think? I've been playing around with this idea in my head for a while, I like the idea of two somewhat broken families coming together as one. Both adults having a positive influence or impact on the others child or children. Obviously CaptainSwan will eventually be a couple, while them and the 3 boys will become a family. Thoughts, do you like it, should I continue?