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Chapter 3

It had been 3 weeks since the campout, and the 2 families had fallen into a routine. For the summer Henry and Will where attending the Storybrooke summer camp, and everyday either Emma or Killian would pick them up; Killian always picking up Liam from Ashley's daycare. Weekends where sleepover time, Friday night was spent at one house, and Saturday was at the other, Liam even had gotten to join a couple of them at Emma's house. Which Emma enjoyed, she loved having a little boy around again. But don't get her wrong she absolutely loved the stage that Henry is at (the toys where better, and his interest where getting better and better) but she missed when he was little. Henry thankfully never shied away from hugs from Emma, but he was more into cuddles when he was Liam's age, that is what she missed. And Will was a great kid too, he was always so helpful, she enjoyed her nights with a full house of kids, she could see a future like this.

Emma is taken from her thoughts when her cell phone starts ringing, she had dropped Henry off at camp not even a half hour ago and was on the couch enjoying her coffee. She had a rare middle of the week day off, Emma looks and sees it's Killian "Morning Jones" she says.

"Great Swan" Killian says relieved, he recently came up with calling her by her last name when he saw the name plate on her work desk simply said Swan "I'm so glad you picked up" he adds sounding relieved.

The relief doesn't go by unnoticed by her "Of course I answered is something wrong?" she asks as she begins to worry.

"Heres the thing, Liam started getting sick last night, I woke up late because of it, barely got Will to camp on time. So now I have a sick kid, who can't go to daycare because he's sick, and I'm already short two people at work…" he starts to ramble on.

"Killian, bring Liam over I can watch him" Emma says softly, remembering how scary it is being a single parent with a young kid and needing a sitter.

Killian lets out a sigh of relief "Emma you don't have too…"

"Killian it's no problem. Don't forget I'm a mom; I've taken care of a sick little boy before. And believe me, I've been in your shoes" Emma says.

"You are a life saver Swan, truly" Killian says with a smile, even though Emma can't see him, there was something in the statement she can tell.

"It's my pleasure Killian. Now bring the poor little guy over here, doctor Emma will take care of him" Emma says with a smile.

"Alright Swan, I will see you soon" Killian "Oh and Emma."


"Thank you, seriously" Killian adds, then hangs up.

Emma smiles at her phone, it wasn't how she expected to spend her day off but they needed her, and she was happy to help. Emma moves to the hallway closet and takes out one of Henry's old sheets (ones she kept just for this reason), a towel and a blanket. Emma then walks over to the couch and moves the throw pillows off to the side. She first lays down the old towel about where Liam would lay, then she covers up the couch with the old bed sheet, one thing she remembered when Henry was this age was he wanted her insight and tv was a life saver as well. Emma moves back to the closet and grabs the puke bucket she used for Henry when he was sick. Emma goes to her room to change into something more comfortable since she will be staying inside today.

Then Emma hears a knock on her door, and she goes and opens to find Killian holding Liam, along with a backpack and pillow. Emma gives them a sad smile "Hey."

"Hi Emma, I know I said it already but thank you" Killian says.

Emma takes the pillow and backpack, and walks into the apartment and invites Killian inside. She sets the pillow down on the couch, then sets the bag down by the couch. "It's no problem Killian really" she moves closer and puts her hand on Liam's back "Hi Liam" she says softly.

Liam moves his face from Killian's neck, Killian then strokes his cheek with a finger "Want to say hi to Miss Emma" Killian coaxes.

"Hi" Liam says quietly.

"Ok lad, I need to go ok?" Killian says, but Liam just shakes his head no on his dads shoulder. "Oh lad, you like Emma remember… I promise she will take great care of you."

Liam lifts his head from his dads shoulder, and looks at Emma who gives him a nod and smile "Ok" he says holding his arms out to her.

Emma carefully takes Liam from his dad, and holds him close, and he holds on to her like a kola bear. "Say by to your dad" Emma whispers.

"Bye daddy" Liam says.

Killian moves to him and kisses his forehead "Bye Li, I love you, be good ok?"

Liam just nods, making Emma smile "We will be ok, get to work and don't worry I will text you if anything comes up."

Killian nods and gives his son another kiss and goes towards the door, and Emma follows, Killian leaves waving goodbye, Liam giving a small wave back.

Once Emma sees Killian walk through the doorway to the stairs and she shuts the door. Emma walks them over to the couch and lays the boy down "Do you want a blanket Liam?" Emma asks. She knew it was summer, but she also knew when you're sick you could get cold, so she figured with the air conditioning being on would make the little guy cold.

Liam nods his head, once Emma covers him he says "Need Hook" he says sounding pathetic due to not feeling good.

It takes Emma a minute, and then she remembers from his couple of sleep overs that he had his stuffed crocodile toy he loved. Emma moves to where she left his bag, right on top is the crocodile in question. Emma takes him out and hands him to Liam "Here he is cutie" she says then moves the few hairs from his forehead. Liam cuddle the toy close, Emma then turns on the TV and puts on the Disney channel and finds a show that the boy clearly loves by the way his face lights up. "I will be right back ok?" Liam looks at her and a nod, and then he turns back to the TV. Emma grabs his bag and looks inside it, he has a couple of clean sets of pajamas and pull ups in there, also inside is some juice along with pedialyte for him to drink. Emma takes out the drinks and goes and puts them in the fridge. Emma turns just in time to see Liam get the look like he is about to be sick. Emma quickly moves and grabs the bucket and gets it under his chin just in time for the kid to throw up. The little boy holds onto the bucket with both hands, Emma has a hold of it also, while the other hand is rubbing his back. Once Liam seems to finish Emma lowers the bucket "Ok sweetie, feel any better?" she asks.

"Tummy not so yucky" Liam says, but the kid still seems miserable.

Emma grabs a Kleenex and wipes off his face, she gets up and throws it away while grabbing a small plastic cup and fills it with water. Emma goes back to Liam "Can you rinse out your mouth?" Emma asks giving him the cup. When Emma gets a confused look she takes back the cup "Like this" she says taking a gulp and swishes it around her mouth, then spits it into the bucket. Emma hands him back the cup "Remember don't swallow the water" she says gently. Liam does what Emma showed him, then hands her back the cup, then lays back down "Mouth not so nasty now huh?"

"Nope" Liam says giving her the first smile she seen from him that day.

"Good" Emma says ruffling his hair. Emma takes the bucket into the bathroom and cleans it out, then takes it back out and sets it back by the couch. Emma goes back into his bag, she forgot to get out the sippy cup and takes it to get him some of the pedialyte. She then takes it to him "Here Liam, drink this ok?"

Liam nods and drinks it all up, and hands it back "Emma, me sleepy" he says rubbing his eyes.

Emma squats down and runs her fingers through his hair "You can go to sleep sweetie, I will still be right over there" she says pointing to the kitchen.

Liam nods, then sits up and gives her a quick hug before laying back down "Tank you Emma, I wuv you" he says then rolls over and faces the back of the couch.

Emma can't help but smile, but she also knew she couldn't take it to seriously, little kids gave love so easily, but she must admit it felt good, she honestly came to love Liam and Will both in the last month-ish that she gotten to know them better. "Love you to kid" she says giving the back of his head a kiss. Emma turns to grab the TV remote and turns down the volume so it wouldn't disturb him.

When Emma is sure he is asleep she moves to do some cleaning up, which was part of her plans for the day. About a half hour later her phone dings indicating a text came in, it was from Killian.

Hey Emma, how's Liam doing?

Ok now, he fell asleep about half hour ago. But he did throw up about 5 minutes after you left. I gave him some of that pedialyte after.

Thank you Emma, poor lad I hoped he was done with that. If he keeps it down, in a couple hours would you mind trying to feed him?

Of course Killian, what would he want more toast or plain applesauce?

He will eat either. Try the toast first though.

Will do Killian, and don't worry I've got this covered just worry about work.

Aye I will try. Oh I forgot to tell you when I dropped Liam off. I will get the boys from camp and bring them back to your apartment, I will be able to get away to get them. But I'm afraid I will need to come back, and the shop is no place for two 7 year olds.

Killian, thank you, sounds good. I will see you when you bring them here.

Alright Swan, I will see you at about 2 then.

See you at 2.

Emma looks at her phone a minute, finding herself excited for 2 PM. Liam naps for a while, which allows Emma to get some work done.

Emma looks up and see Liam had sat up on the couch "Hey Liam" she says getting up and going to the boy and squats down "how ya feeling?" she asks putting her hand to his forehead, he felt a tad cooler than before.

"Ok" Liam says holding Hook close to him, He looks down a second "Emma I had accident" he says sadly.

Emma lifts the boy up, but thankfully saw nothing on the bed sheet "Need a new pull up kid?" Liam nods. "No problem, it happens when little guys are sick" she says. Killian had told Emma how they were working on potty training and Liam got aggravated when he messed up and had accidents.

"I know" he says playing with her shirt. "Daddy say I big boy though."

Emma smiles, then kisses his forehead "Well, when big boys are learning to use the potty, they sometimes have accidents, it's how you learn to go" she says kindly.

Liam smiles shyly at her and nods "Daddy says that to."

"Your daddy is very smart guy then" Emma says, she grabs Liam's back pack then heads into the bathroom. Thankfully it wasn't much of a accident, she rinses him off quick in the bathtub then gets him in a new pull up and back into his Mickey Mouse pajamas. Emma and Liam relax on the couch together for a while, the little boy cuddled against her, in this little bit of time he had spent time together today, she seemed to have gained his trust. Emma looks down and sees that Liam is back asleep again; she looks at the clock and sees Killian should be bringing Henry and Will soon. Emma carefully moves Liam and takes the towel and sheet off the couch, and sets it up on her bed just the same; towel on the bottom the sheet over it. Then Emma goes out and gets Liam and the pillow. Emma carefully lays him down; she makes a pillow wall so Liam could safely sleep on her bed.

Once Emma is satisfied with Liam's sleeping state, Emma heads back out to the living room. She is about to do more work, when there is a knock at the door. She opens the door to find the boys and Killian. "Hey mom" Henry says giving her a hug.

"Hey kid" Emma says hugging him back, Henry then steps into the apartment. Then Will hugs her to "Hey sport" which earns her a smile, and the boys get going on playing the Wii.

Then Killian steps in "Hey Swan, so how's Liam?" he asks worriedly.

"He's asleep on my bed" Emma says and gestures for him to follow her. Emma takes him to her room, she opens the door and they find Liam still fast asleep clutching Hook.

"He seems content. I don't know how I can ever repay you Emma" Killian says.

Emma shrugs "Seriously Killian, it was no problem. I had off today, we're friends now, I have no problem with helping you, when it comes to Will and Liam, if you ever need any help, don't be afraid to ask."

Killian nods "I appreciate that more then you know, and I hope you know it goes the same for Henry."

Emma now nods and gives him a smile "Thanks Killian. I… I'm glad he has another man besides his uncle looking out for him."

Killian smiles "What are friends for?" he says more rhetorically then as a actual question. He had dropped off the boys and saw that Liam is ok, so he leaves to finish his day of work, ready to take care of his poor little guy.

Killian arrives back at work and is greeted by his friend Robin who happened to stop by while he was gone. "There you are Killian, where were you?"

"I got Will and his friend Henry from camp, Henry's mom is the one looking after Liam today" Killian says as he looks over the paper work for a project they had to start on.

"Henry's mom?" Robin ponders, feeling like he should know who it is "Oh that's that Emma you told me about, the one you say is gorgeous but you can't try anything?"

Killian chuckles "That is the one mate, but believe me if it wasn't for the boys, I would definitely ask her out. I mean yes she's beautiful, but it's more then that… you should see her with Will and Liam… she great with them, and they love her."

"Ever think that is exactly why you need to take a chance on it?" Robin asks raising a eyebrow.

"Thought about it? Yes of bloody course I have" Killian says with a laugh "but for now I'm ok with being friends with her, who knows maybe one day…"

Robin nods his head "Well mate, if you luck out the way I did with Regina and Roland with the whole step-mom thing, you and the boys will be very lucky."

Across town Emma is getting dinner ready, she had text Killian earlier to invite them to dinner, she figured with a sick toddler it would be the last thing he would want to deal with when they got home. He gladly accepted, the invite, he wasn't going to pass up spending time with Emma. Emma was dumping out the boiling water of noodles when Henry and Will run up to her.

"Hey mom, I know it's a weekday, but can Will spend the night tonight?" Henry asks with his puppy dog eyes, the ones that Emma can't say no to.

Emma sighs "Um… I'm ok with it, but we have to ask Killian" she adds.

"Cool thanks Emma" Will says and then they quickly run back towards the living room.

Emma laughs and rinses off the noodles, she looks at the time and sees that Killian should be there soon. So while she waits she goes to the living room, the older boys are now watching Cars sitting on the floor, while Liam is set back up on the couch. Emma lifts him up and sets him on her lap and she holds him. "How you feeling bud?" she asks quietly.

Liam cuddles into her front more "Ok, tummy not as yucky" he explains in the only way a 2 year could.

Emma smiles, she remembers Henry being like this too "Glad my little buddy doesn't feel so yucky."

Liam smiles "Emma take good care of me."

Before Emma could say anything, there is a knock on the door, she stands with Liam in her arms and moves him to her hip, she figures its Killian. Emma opens the door "Hey, come in" she says.

"Daddy" Liam cheers.

"Hello lad" Killian says with a smile and takes him from Emma "how are you feeling Liam?"

"Not as yucky" Liam says and he turns to look at Emma with a smile.

"So Emma did ok today?" Killian asks giving her a wink.

"Emma the best" Liam answers simply.

The two adults smile at each other. Then Emma clears her throat, and heads towards the living room "Hey Will, Killian is here."

Killian rounds the corner as Will turns his head, as does Henry. "Hi" both say they turn back to the movie.

But then without skipping a beat Will remembers he had something to ask "Oh hey Killian, can I spend the night here tonight? Emma said it's ok if you say yes."

Killian laughs at how fast Will speaks "Well since Liam is sick that probably isn't a bad idea" he says looking at Liam who had cuddled into his chest "You're sure it's ok Emma? You already took care of this one today" he says giving Liam's back a rub.

Emma takes Liam's little hand that was draped over his dads shoulder "I'm sure, besides how can I say no to those faces?" she says signaling towards her son and his.

Killian chuckles "Aye, they do make it hard don't they?"

"Well I guess after dinner I will have to run home and get Will some pajamas and a change of clothes for tomorrow."

Emma nods "Yeah can't have him show up to camp in the same clothes as yesterday, what would the mothers think?" she says jokingly.

A little while later found Killian, Emma, Henry and Will at the dinner table, Liam was snuggled on Killian's lap. Both adults agreed spaghetti would not be a smart choice for the little guy, but thankfully he hadn't gotten sick since that morning. The dinner was filled with a comfortable conversation, it never felt forced or strained, it just felt… well normal. And both Emma and Killian noticed it, there was such ease when they were all together, it almost felt kind of family like. Both also both knew it was risky and didn't dare to even consider bringing it up to the other, especially when the hearts of 3 boys were at stake in the end.

When dinner was finished and cleaned up, Killian left to get Will his stuff, even leaving Liam with Emma knowing it would be fine a bit longer. Plus the kid seemed just as smitten by Emma as he was. Killian runs home and gets Will pajamas and clean clothes for the next day, and hurries back figuring Emma would be ready to relax. He comes back to her door and knocks, and when the door opens he sees Emma holding Liam still, the little boy had fallen asleep there it seemed.

"I'm back Swan" Killian says.

Emma smiles and lets him in "Will he's back" she calls.

"When did he fall asleep?" Killian asks, as Will comes and gets his overnight bag and giving him a quick hug and 'see you tomorrow'.

"A couple minutes after you left, I didn't have the heart to lay him back down, he seems so comfy" Emma says quietly looking at Liam.

Killian takes note of the look in Emma's eyes, she cared for Liam, maybe even love him; he never saw that look in Milah's eyes for the boy. "I better get him home" Killian says shaking the thoughts from his head.

Emma nods her head and passes Liam over, then she grabs his pillow and backpack and hands it to Killian "Yeah, he's probably ready for his own bed."

"Aye, well thanks again Swan for everything. Watching Liam, letting Will stay the night. You are the Jones family savior."

"I think that's a bit much" Emma says with a blush "but like I said a million times now, it was no problem." Killian steps out to the hallway "Night Jones."

Killian turns around and gives her a charming smile "Night Swan."

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