Hello everyone! Guess what? I am redoing my Prehistoric Park: Back From the Ashes series! Now, I would like to get several little notes and comments outta the way.

First off, I would like to thank several people that have hung around and inspired me, such as A-LionGleek (for always being there), Nathanoraptor (for inspiring me via Prehistoric Earth), nphillips0115 (for inspiring me to even more so than I already was to rewrite this by making a 100 chapter story) and MortalKombat247 (for allowing me to adopt his universe those many years ago), although there are several others.

For the first few missions as in the last Prehistoric Park: Back From the Ashes, I have the first twelve missions planned, plus a thirteenth (still haven't forgotten about your birthday Ampelosaurus mission request Drew). I will consider requests, but I am making a rule here people: three requests per person. Some people, whom shall not be named, in the last series just made mountains upon mountains of requests in the comments. Those people buried me in requests, put requests in my dreams and shoved requests down my throat before I threw up said requests.

On another note, a few technologies and other items from series other than Jurassic Park/World and Prehistoric Park will pop up in this story. I really am considering bringing the Terra Nova sonic weapons into this series, although in obviously more realistic forms than in guns.

I am going to try and keep the fake animals to a minimum, which means no Thanatosaurus and no hybrids (in the foreseeable future). Most of the native extinct Isla Nublar will not exist in this story, although the Nublar Tufted Deer will exist, since it was on the Jurassic World website.

On a second note, the Cayugans from my Dawn of the Indominus story won't appear in this story. I'm gonna just be honest here: bringing the Cayugans into the story wasn't a good idea now that I look back at it (my apologies to any people of Cayugan background reading this).

On my final note, please forgive me if this prologue isn't the best, as I haven't published a story in a while and I am focusing the majority of my time on another story that I plan to release soon (a Sword Art Online and ARK: Survival Evolved crossover is the most accurate description I can think of).




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Warm tropical rain pounded down on Prehistoric Park as the small group that consisted of Nigel Marven, Chiyo Ishado, Henry Wu, Owen Grady, Simon Masrani and John Arnold all walked towards John Hammond's old bungalow, where his grandchildren were currently spending the summer.

Three months had gone by since the great park breakout and Indy had escaped from her enclosure. Indy had caused the most deaths of all of the animals and many families and big corporations had tried to get the park to euthanize her but the staff of the park couldn't bear to put her down.

John Hammond wouldn't have wanted that.

Several minutes of walking allowed the group of eight enough time to wonder why they had been requested by Tim and Lex to meet them at John's old home. They would get their answer soon enough.

When the group finally did arrive at the bungalow of the now deceased owner of the park, they were greeted by Tim and Lex standing on the porch. It was hard to tell if they had been crying at the sudden reminder of their grandfather's tragic demise or if it was just the rain on their faces, but, whatever the case, streams of liquid slid down their faces. The staff tried to ignore the long and still visible scar from when Lex had wrestled a Velociraptor to protect a group of toddlers hiding in the visitor center when the mass breakout occurred.

"Thanks for coming" said Tim, opening the sliding glass door into the bungalow. "We found an old note from grandpa while we were in his office. It was written for you."

This intrigued the eight Prehistoric Park staff members greatly. They quickly entered the house and seated themselves on chairs around the living room coffee table before Chiyo brought Tim and Lex in and got them towels to avoid them getting a cold.

As the group waited for the two siblings to dry off and finish thanking Chiyo, rain continued to bombard the world outside. Several minutes went by as the shivering children wrapped themselves before Lex told Nigel that the letter for them was in the kitchen.

Henry Wu sat up to get it, but he was beaten to it by Tim, who promptly ran off deeper into the bungalow, still wrapped in his towel. Henry sat back down and everyone stayed seated where they were, waiting for Tim to get back with the letter.

After a few moments, Tim came running back with a brown envelope, now slightly damp, with the words To My Dearest Friends and Associates written on it in cursive with black ink.

Tim handed the envelope to Nigel, who, without wasting anytime whatsoever, ripped it open. Reaching inside, Nigel grabbed a folded piece of paper with fancy cursive writing on it. Slowly, as to avoid damaging it, he pulled it out.

Unfolding it just as slowly to avoid accidentally ripping it, Nigel started to read the letter aloud for everyone to hear. Tim and Lex had already left the group, to parts unknown. It was quite possible that they had gone to get hot chocolate.

Nigel cleared his throat out quickly before talking aloud to allow everyone in the room to hear him clearly. Taking a deep breath, Nigel started.

"To my dearest friends, colleagues, and allies,

If you are reading this letter, than I am sad to tell you that I met my untimely demise at the hands of (presumably), the cancer that I have been battling for many years now. I am writing this letter as of the day that Nigel and Chiyo caught the Dilophosaurus.

I know I have said this already in life, but well done you two! They really are beautiful animals. But the point of this letter isn't to congratulate you two, even after death. It is to reveal what I had planned for the future of Prehistoric Park after my death and what I wanted each of you to do.

Henry, my boy. You have exceeded mine and everyone else's expectations in the past, present and, almost certainly, the future. You have done what was thought to be impossible by the scientific world and cloned species preserved in amber for millions of years. Now, I want you to take on a new frontier, one not even related to genetics. In the very back of storage shed A-001 on Dock A, there is an unfinished project that Green Stripe, Einstein and I never quite got to finishing. My wish is that you finish it. What it is, I will not reveal on this letter, for fear that this letter may somehow fall into the wrong kind of hands. And if you happen to be a BioSyn or other rival company staff member who stole this letter: the electronic lock only responds to Wu's fingerprint. Don't bother trying to even blow the doors open or I will see to it that I somehow rise from the dead and get InGen to sue you into the next time epoch."

This little bit of humor in the letter of the deceased Prehistoric Park founder brought a chuckle out of everyone, including Wu. Nigel cleared his voice before continuing on.

"Nigel and Chiyo. You two are the reason Prehistoric Park is even what it is. You two are the reason why dinosaurs once more walk the earth, pterosaurs one again rule the skies and why marine reptiles once again swim the waters. You two are the ones that have defied all odds against you, be it natural disasters, harsh environments or the very creatures contained inside our park enclosures. You made my dream a reality during my life by giving extinct species a second chance and I don't wish for my dream to die with me. Continue to delve into the past and rescue those who don't survive today. Keep my dream alive.

Suzanne and Bob. My head vet and head keeper. You two are the ones who have kept for our animals after they have been rescued from the clutches of extinction by Nigel and Chiyo. You two play an equally important part in the preservation of previously extinct species as Nigel and Chiyo. While I was alive, I was firmly against the idea of even having lethal ammo inside of the park walls. However, certain animals (namely Cronus, Lamia, Tantor, the Utahraptors and several others) have made me realize that, even if I don't like the idea, it may, one day, be necessary to retire one of our residents. Inside of the storage shed A-013 on Dock B, there is are crates of weapons and lethal ammo. I ask that, before you try using them, try every other possible option and if, for whatever reason, you run out of the lethal ammo, don't get anymore. Prehistoric Park is supposed to be a haven for the long gone, not a military base.

To my dearest friend, John Arnold. The reason I want you to read this is not for any reason important to the future of Prehistoric Park, but because you were my closest friend in life. You stood with me through fire and flood, through the early days of the park's creation to the controversy of bringing back prehistoric animals that is circling Prehistoric Park to this day. So, instead of telling you what I want you to do, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Simon Masrani. You were another close friend and one of the few people outside of the island chain I trusted with the knowledge of the park. There is nobody else alive other than you that I would trust with the wellbeing of the park. While Tim would inherit the park normally, through being my grandson, I don't think he would ever truly realize what it means to run the park without it going through many major changes, either good or bad. Consider this my final will. I want the park to belong to you. Please take care of it as if it were your own child.

Finally, there is Owen Grady. Our now world famous "raptor trainer". When I first hired you, it was because of your ability to train top-tier military dogs in large groups. One of the reasons that I hired you was because the dogs you trained had the same temperament as many smaller dromaeosaurids, and, thus, I wanted to see if dromaeosaurids could be tamed or, at the very least, trained to have more tolerant temperaments. However, there was another reason that greatly contributed to why I hired you. I know that you have experience in training animals other than dogs (and, by this point, dromaeosaurids). On your resume, you said that you also had experience training dolphins and raptors (as in the birds of prey). Now, after having gained a significantly larger amount of animals, both in terms of species and number, since we first hired you, I fear that even a highly loyal pack of trained Utahraptors isn't enough to stop a pack of rampaging super predators, something that I hope is never made apparent within the boundaries of Prehistoric Park. Therefore, I wish for you to start training the Argentavis as well as the dromaeosaurids to help with park security. It most certainly wouldn't be the first time you've trained large carnivores by today's standards. I have faith in your ability to do this.

I want to apologize to everyone that I can't tell you this in life, but my old age has made me rather forgetful and I thought that having you find this after ….a certain event would have made this more meaningful. Before I end this letter, don't think of my death as goodbye. Think of it as simply an "until next time". Farewell everyone.

Sincerely your friend, for now and forever,

John Hammond

For a moment, nobody spoke. Nigel because he needed to rest his threat and everyone else because they were trying to process everything that had just happened: Wu had been asked to finish an old project of Mr Hammond, Nigel and Chiyo had been asked to keep rescuing prehistoric creatures, the existence of lethal ammo within the park boundaries had just been revealed, Simon had just been given ownership of the park and Owen had just been asked to train the park's Argentavis. It was a lot to take in.

After a minute or two, they heard the tapping of high heels on hardwood and turned around to see Claire Dearing walking towards them. Why she was here, nobody knew, but nobody bothered asking her at the moment. If they had to guess, it was probably just making her morning rounds to see the kids. Claire had grown fond of Lex and Tim, as she didn't have her own kids and she rarely ever got to see her nephews.

Without a word, Claire looked at the odd group of staff members before glancing at the letter. As she scanned over it and read everything, her eyes widened several times at what was on it.

While she was reading it, she didn't seem to notice Nigel pluck her IPad out of her hands. Only once she had finished reading and Nigel had finished looking something up did she notice the absence of her device in her hands.

"Hey!" Claire exclaimed as she noticed Nigel looking at something on her IPad. "Give that back!"

"Not right now. I need it for something" was the only thing Nigel gave back to Claire as he tapped on a website. "By the way, now's a good time to tell me what you wanted to talk to me about yesterday. I doubt anything else could shock us at this point."

Claire just gaped for a moment before responding: "Well, I just wanted to tell you that the park has been failing. The Indominus Incident left a large scar on the park's reputation and visitor attendance has been steadily decreasing ever since then. The majority of the visitors all say that they want new things, instead of being concerned about safety."

"Wait….what?" Chiyo asked, not seeing why that was. While Chiyo was confused, Bob was aggravated.

"We already have the Kayenta Formation animals, the Permian Pride animals, the Indominus Rexs and, what else?...oh yeah, over a hundred other species of extinct creatures! And you mean to tell me that isn't enough for people?!" Bob exclaimed all in one breath, exasperated and furious at the same time.

"Apparently not" Claire responded. "The public wants to be able to interact with some animals, such as a sauropod feeding area, petting zoo, an animal stage or a tidepool touch. The public wants experiences with extinct animals that they know are safe. So far, we've started concept art for a Jurassic sauropod feeding area in the treetops and a petting zoo on Main Street."

"Oh, build a feeding attraction inside of an enclosure and not tell the head keeper, why don't chya!" Bob exclaimed, annoyed at the knowledge of this information only now reaching him.

"But the majority of the public wants something different than those" Claire said, ignoring Bob's rage. "They want animal ambassadors. Small creatures that they can touch and pet without having to wait in a line or that they can just so happen to see while they're walking through the park. And the majority of that wants something small, like a primate or a bird, or perhaps even a small theropod like a…."

The website that Nigel had clicked on finally loaded and he handed the IPad back to Claire with a smile. She took it very quick to see what he had pulled up and she almost smiled as well at what creature Nigel had silently recommended they rescue. Turning her IPad around to show everyone what Nigel had planned, she finished her sentence.

"Like a Coelophysis."