Title: Contact

Author: PrettyLittleNem

Genre: Romance

Series: Harry Potter

Rating: G

Notes: I was feeling particularly morbid one day. I had death on the brain. So I wrote this.

Boring disclaimer schtuff: All Harry Potter characters are copywrite the loverly Mrs. J.K. Rowling. Madame Whister is just someone I made up….so she's copywrite me!


"Mr. Weasley. Mrs. Weasley. It's a great honour to have you here." Madame Whister bowed to them both, which was an awkward action for her as she was so tall and thin. "I hear you'd like to contact somebody who's passed on. Let me assure you that my divination and channeling techniques are the finest and most world renowned. Please follow me if you will." Whister rned and seemed to float towards the back room.

"You know I don't believe in this stuff," Mrs. Weasley leaned toward her husband and whispered. "He's dead. No psychic can bring him back."

"I know," Mr. Weasley frowned. "But he promised me something before he died..."

The two followed Madame Whister to the back room. "We've been trying this for years now..." Mrs. Weasleywas about to continue but she was cut off by Whister.

Will you please sit down?" They did. "Do you have something that belonged to him?" Mr. Weasley took a small square of black cloth out of his pocket. Madame Whister fidgets with the cloth for a few moments bfore speaking. "Ah yes, I see now. He died young, yes?"

Mr. Weasley nodded.

"And I get the impression this was a violent death, not natural, yes?"

Mr. Weasley nodded again. All the other psychics had said the same in the beginning. They always went with the obvious first. He was searching for a specific detail. Something that wasn't common knowledge. A pact between friends. Between brothers...

Madame Whister was about to say something else when she paused and her eyes glazed over. "He...he says he's sorry he broke his promise...."

The Weasley's looked at each other and Mrs. Weasley took her husband's hand.

"Does the name..." Whister furrowed her brow, as though the name didn't want to leave her mouth. "Superman...mean anything to you?"

Mr. Weasley's eyes got a bit bigger. None of the other psychics had told him that Muggle reference.

"You're going to think I'm a bit insane when I say this...but...he says....even the small bird can fall in love with the sunrise."

Mrs. Weasley remained un-responsive and looked slightly confused but Mr. Weasley broke down and wept on his wife's shoulder. She did her best to comfort him.

"He says congrats and...thank you." Madame Whister's eyes went back to normal and she seemed a bit tired.

"Thank you," Mrs. Weasley smiled to the woman. "You must have said what need to be heard."

Outside, Mrs. Weasley turned towards her husband. "I understand the Superman reference...he was always putting himself in harms way. But what did she mean with the small bird...the sunrise?"

"I am the bird, and you Hermione, are the sunrise." Ron kissed his wife's head. "Harry knew I loved you before I did."