Get ready for the ultimate crossover! see your favorite characters from Movies, Video Games, Comics and TV shows collide into one and team up to fight their archenemies! (villains).

Master: A huge eye with white hands.

Get ready for...

The Multiverse War!

Chapter 1: Prologue



Far, far away from our galaxy... came a dimension that was limited to all dimensions and universes you know of, something like the Star Wars (Original Trilogy), this dimension had all of your favorite characters inside of them, it had... the universe of Cartoon, Comics, TV shows and Video Game, and all of them meet in just one, simple story, and this... my friends, is where it begins.

It was inside of the Death Star, where the first villain we see, is Darth Vader, the one who will find universes and dimensions and destroy them, (Note: The villains have not met yet), one of the troopers come up to them saying that they need to destroy a universe they should've destroyed long ago, Darth Vader wants to do this, he types in the coordinates to the dimension, soon, a huge portal opens up in front of the Death Star, as it gets sucked into it.

As it is the universe of... DC, The home of Bruce Wayne, or "known" as the hero Batman, The Dark Knight who hides in the dark, searching for the evil that floods the city, as then, as he is on top of a building, he sees The Joker running out of a bank with a bag of money, Batman then glides down to the ground to punch Joker, "Face it, Joker, your nothing but trouble, you do not belong in this city, this is a city for good, not evil." said Batman, "Well, that's how things have to go!" said Joker, using his grappling gun to get on top of a building, he then uses his grappling gun to get on that building.

When he gets up there with the Joker, they then start fighting each other, Batman punches Joker in the face almost pushing him off, as then Joker uses a small spray gun and then uses his grappling gun and kicks him off, but the he gets back on the building, "Batman? do you think this is going to be this easy?" asked Joker, he then presses a red button bringing in two attack helicopters, "This is your final moments, so say goodbye... buddy!" said the Joker, the two helicopters are aimed at him, Batman then thinks of an idea.

He uses two grappling guns and connects the two lines together to the helicopters, making them collide into each other and exploding, "This is just too easy, your finished Joker, just leave this town and never come back." said Batman, The Joker went silent as Batman heard screams, explosions, he looks behind him to see buildings collapsing.

"What the hell did you do?" asked Batman, "What? there starting Plan Z already?" asked Joker, "Well, this is goodbye for you Batman, your city is being destroyed... by..." before the Joker could say something, he vanished without a trace, Batman was confused but he had to escape, he went down to the ground and called in his Batmobile, (Robin is inside of it too).

"What's going on Batman?" asked Robin, "The city is being destroyed, we have to escape Gotham City." said Batman, "Jolly, that's something." said Robin, they exit Gotham City as it seems to be destroyed now, apparently, they've left Gotham City without a trace.

"Why are we here!? we were fighting off our enemies." said M. Bison, "Yes? i was about to kidnap a princess." said Bowser, "I was about to make an invention!" said Evil Dr. Yequil, "People, people, calm down, you are overreacting, i have brought you here because..." before Master could say something, he got interrupted, "We have to kill Bart Simpson?" asked Sideshow Bob, "Well, no, let me talk.", and he was interrupted again.

"Destroy the Transformers? because it is my job to do so." said Megatron, "No! Let me talk, you imbeciles." said Master, "Look, how about we just steal the Krabby Patty formula? that's the most thing i'm on right now." said Plankton, "SILENCE!" yelled Master, shaking the ground, "*sigh*, Okay look, do you see this dark area we are all in?" asked Master, "This... is the place i call Darkness, as then i have a ship that you will all be doing in.".

"Red Skull, you will be in control of the universes, Er... M. Bison, you will be in control of the ship, and Bowser, you will be the Leader II, as me, i am Leader I, or just Master." said Master, He then puts his hand out which starts to glow, "Wait... but what is the ship called?" asked Dr. Wily, All the villains then are in a destroyed Enterprise that landed somewhere.

"Wait, but this is destroyed! how are we suppose to fix all of this in an entire day which is just gonna be about destroying our enemies?!" asked Waluigi, Master then did teleport outside of the destroyed ship and fixed it up all by his 'magic' pupil.

"Okay, it's fixed but we don't even know how to fly this thing." said Wario, "I do..!" said M. Bison, "So move aside.", he uses his telekinesis to Dr. Eggman out of the way, he then starts using the controls of the ship to make it start going up in the air, "Okay people, let's do this!" yelled Plankton, as it goes up into the sky, it then speeds away, as Master thinks about what is going to happen.

He then uses his vision, seeing the future, but when his vision is about to end, it "glitches" out, Master then gets curious about what is going to happen, but all he can think is that they are going to succeed, He then goes up to a broken in half mirror, then sighing, "I hope he just doesn't come..." said Master to himself, as the mirror breaks.

The bank was in a robbery, cop cars were around the entrance, waiting for the robber to come out, the robber then came out, he had black hair with a black jacket with dark green pants, he couldn't talk, they called him the criminal of Liberty City, you should already know this guy's name, that's right, it's Claude (Grand Theft Auto III), he did all the criminal work, he killed people, stole money and most likely, was the criminal of Liberty City.

He had a AK-47 and shot all of the cops, he did have some Body Armor which was actually pretty lucky, he then hijacks a car and zooms away fast, as he has a very fast police chase, he then stops by a factory and gets out of the car, and then kills all of the cops with a mini-gun, as then the helicopters and the cars are around him, he has no idea what to do.

"Hands up, you motherfucker!" said a cop in anger, pointing a gun at Claude, suddenly, something glowing appears in front of Claude, as everyone is confused, as then the glow stops and turns into a humanoid figure, as then it is revealed to be the Predator, who then grabs Claude and starts choking him, now you may be asking, Why the Predator? well... there's only one answer to that... MY STORY!

Anyways the cops start shooting Predator but it doesn't do damage, Claude is about to die... but suddenly, a big and strong man comes in and punches the cops, the strong man then grabs Predator and then starts punching him and throws him on a car, this then turns into a fight as Predator gets up and punches the strong man, he then grabs Predator on the legs and throws him into a helicopter, instantly killing him.

As it is revealed to be Heavy, a really strong guy actually, "It seemed like you needed help." said Heavy, Claude didn't respond, because he couldn't talk, "Why are you not talking? Can you not speak?", Claude shook his head meaning No, "Oh... But i need to tell you something, strange man, i need your help on a journey to help my friends, my home was destroyed and all my other friends were taken away, and i need someone to help me on this." said Heavy.

Claude nodded as they heard screaming, they then ran over to downtown to see that Storm troopers are attacking and destroying the city, there were small ships attacking and destroying buildings and killing people, the two look at each other and bring out their guns, Claude starts shooting some of them with a pistol, killing them, and Heavy is using a shotgun and punching some of them, and throwing some of them at the small ships.

As then they are now friends and a team, but they then see Liberty City starting to get glitched out, "What is this!?" said Heavy, Claude started to shoot it, but had no damage on it, the two then get in a car and drive away, the two then wonder what could happen next, maybe they'll find their friends, or they'll die, we'll find out soon.

To Be Continued

(Sorry for this being rushed and rushed, just wanted to get done with this so quickly... anyways, i need you to review and tell me which character should be in The Multiverse War).