The Ultimate Crossover: Multiverse Crisis
Chapter 3

Master was sitting in his big red chair, thinking, suddenly, M. Bison opens the door, "Master, i need to speak to you about something, it is important." asked M. Bison, "What is it... Bison? I am thinking about something." said Master, "Well...look, we must bring some people back from the dead, we need to be bigger, my sir." said M. Bison, "Hmm...well, i don't know about that, we already have a big empire...well, not that much, besides, shouldn't you be controlling the ship?" asked Master.

"Dr. Yequil's taking it over for a bit." said M. Bison, "But why can't we, please, it will be a good idea, i know it will!" said M. Bison, "You know what..? Fine, bring someone back from the dead, i really don't care, make sure he's powerful and indestructible." said Master, "Thank you.", M. Bison leaves as he goes to the Control Room, he pushes Yequil out of the way and types in some things.

"There we are...this is where he is, hey... Dimitri, may you help me out with this?" asked M. Bison, "Sure, whatever." said Dimitri, suddenly, a blue and green portal opens up in front of the ship, as it travels into the portal, as then it lands by an area filled by trees, the ship crushes the trees, the door entrance opens up as it leads down to stairs, as M. Bison and Dimitri walk over to a graveyard.

The two walk over to a tombstone that says Jason Voorhees, "Oh..wait, why this guy?" asked Dimitri, "Get out the shovel." said Bison, Dimitri gets out a shovel and digs it up, revealing it to be Jason, "Why is he wearing a hockey mask? Why was he buried with it anyways? Shouldn't the people who buried this guy take his mask off?" asked Dimitri, Also, it's night.

"Be quiet, and take his corpse." said Bison, Dimitri picks up Jason's body and takes it all the way to the ship, as it picks up and zooms straight into space, as it takes off, someone walks by Jason's grave to see that someone dug it out, "...My god, those bitches took the damn man! Well...look's like i'm gonna have to search for him." said the person.

Yequil brings in Jason on a table, "*Huff*...here you go... *Huff*, sir... Oh man i don't feel good." said Yequil, walking out of the room, M. Bison turns to Master, "Uh...Master, the person i wanted is here, i think you should take a look." said M. Bison, Master turns around his chair to see Jason lying down on the table, "...Hmm...wait a second, i know what we should do with him." said Master, shrinking down to the size of M. Bison.

"He can't look like this, he looks...cheap." said Master, "No he doesn't, this is just how he looks like...Plus, i'm sure you wouldn't want to take off his mask, he's hideous." said M. Bison, "Oh, stop being a-", Master takes off Jason's mask and is surprised to see a disgusting face, throws it across the room looking disturbed, "Ugh! You know what, i know what to do with him..." said Master.

"What?" asked M. Bison, "Oh...he-he, let's just upgrade him a little...shall we?" asked Master.




It was at an abandoned graveyard (Not the graveyard Jason was at), Ash was walking around with Pikachu, his best friend, and with Poke-Balls in his backpack, "Pikachu, how did we get here? Is this Lavender Town again?" asked Ash, "Pika, Pika..." said Pikachu, "Um...okay then."

Ash and Pikachu look around for anybody, "Hello? Is there anybody here!?" shouted Ash, nobody answered as they kept walking, "What are we gonna do Pikachu? We were suppose to go to the tournament, but it looks like we just went the wrong way, now we're stuck here!...Oh man, he's gonna be mad at me." said Ash, suddenly, lighting flashes on a mountain, "Ah!...Wait, who's that?" asked Ash, pointing to the mountain.

Pikachu looks up and sees a tall person that seems to be wearing a purple hat, and a fat person wearing a yellow hat, You guessed it, you know who it is.

"Ah-ha-ha-ha! We got you know!" said Wario, he seems to be holding the Dark Cannon, "Oh...oh no! Pikachu, run!" said Ash, as the dark and yellow arrow goes towards them, suddenly, a blue beam hits Ash and Pikachu, as the arrow misses them, "Huh? Wait...WHAT! Not this guy again!" said Wario, "What, what is it? It's just a hedgehog." said Waluigi.

"You should've accepted the invite to Smash Bros." said Wario, Ash and Pikachu are thrown to the ground, Ash gets up to see...Classic Sonic (I'm gonna make him talk, don't hate me for this.), "Your gonna get it, fat man and tall man!" said Classic Sonic, "Oh, no no no...Your gonna get it for calling me fat! You stupid hedgehog, GET HIM!" said Wario, pointing to Sonic, suddenly, robots jump up high behind the mountain, and they step in-front of Wario and Waluigi, and start running fast towards the three.

"...Pikachu, Use Thunderbolt!" exclaimed Ash, Pikachu charges up and zaps the robots, some, as Sonic beats up some of the robots with his bare hands, and also kicking them, after a while, the robots are destroyed, "Dang! Why does it need to charge up so slowly? Ah...I'll be back, you kids!" exclaimed Wario, as they both disappear.

The three get confused and walk away, "Wait...Are you a Pokemon?" asked Ash, "What..? What's that?" asked Sonic, "...Never-mind.", the three continue walking, as they come across an asylum, "...It looks scary, but i'll go in there, i'm brave enough." said Sonic, as the three walk into the asylum.

(Okay, i hope you don't hate me for this, but i have to change the ship they have, i just think it doesn't feel right, it's a dark blue ship shaped as a square with a large rocket on it's back, with a huge window on the front, it is called... The Universal Ship, and i see that i made a mistake calling it Galactic Ship, and i was using the Star Trek ship, when it wasn't called that, anyways, i'll see you next time!..Yes, this is the end of the story.)

To Be Continued...