Chapter 1 : Mind Over Matter (Nyx X Atlas)

Atlas was not the most sociable warframe. If anything he preferred to stay as far away from all of the other warframes as possible...except Inaros. They actually got along quite well due to their similar abilities. All the other warframes however, he avoided like the plague. Especially Nidus and Sayrn who literally were the literal plague. It not that he didn't like them, he just liked the simple things in his life, punching a Grineer in the gonnads, smashing Corpus robotics with boulders and crushing the Infested with his rumblers, all of that with no small talk, no planning and no conversations. Just business. Usually he was never picked for squad missions because of this social ineptness but every so often he was needed or even wanted to go along. This was one of those times. An abandoned Grinner ship floated around the solar system with a extremely deadly payload. A Formorian core. Of course the Grineer and Corpus both wanted to claim it for their own reasons but there efforts were fruitless as the two continued to clash with each other along with the main threat aboard the vessel. The large population of infested, and the bodies were only adding to their growing numbers.

He had been paired with the Warframe Nyx for this mission as a bodyguard, their job? Sabatoge the core and get out. The resulting explosion would obliterate all leftover Infested and deny Vay Hek another core for his Formorian Fleet. Atlas dropped from the vents and surveyed his surroundings. Nothing but dead bodies. The target was soon marked on his HUD, 750 meters away. Both he and Nyx made there way to the large door, activating both pads simultaneously. The door shakily opened, sparking and stuttering as it rose. On the other side was a charger, feasting on the corpse of a fallen Grineer soldier. Atlas drew his Silvia & Ageis and prepared to dispatch the creature when Nyx put her hand on his bulky shoulder. Atlas tensed for a moment, but quickly relaxed. She pointed to the creature who shuddered before finally going still. A sharp noise filled the room and what looked to be a hologram of Nyx abovr the charger. The creature was fully under her control. They could use it as a scout without causing the infested hoard to stir.

It moved foward up the stairs to the next room with the two Warframes close behind it. As both of them acsended Atlas' eyes locked onto Nyx's large rear. He had never noticed just how big her ass was until this point. Her hips seductively moved left to right with every step which accentuated her already large butt. He quickly dispersed those thoughts. Now was not the time for these lust filled thoughts. Just as the charger moved into the next room ahead of the two Nyx stopped Atlas. From the charger's eyes she could see many infested in the next room. Probably to many to fight. They'd have to find another way to the core. Thats when she pointed to the air vent above them. He nodded and then double jumped before slamming his first into the metal covering causing it to fly up and thrash against the top of the vent. The loud noise would have definitely been heard by the Infested so they had to move quick. Nyx was the first in followed by Atlas, they closed the vent and went still. Mere moments after they had taken refuge into the vent, the infest swarmed the room. They tried to find the source of the sound, coming up with nothing after minuted of searching. Nyx pointed forward and began to slowly crawled forward through the small vent. Atlas wanted to follow her but his eyes had locked with her jiggly rear. Every time she slid her knees forward her butt bounced and his eyes followed. Nyx turned to face him and tilted her head, confused on why Atlas had come to a stand still. He broke from his trance and began to move forward, hoping that he hadn't been caught. He tried to calm himself down, it wouldn't be to much longer before they reached their objective. After that he could go back to being alone, it would give him some much needed time to clear his head.

As they made it farther the vent began to widen, allowing Atlas to crawl next to Nyx instead of behind her. He quickly moved forward, trying to take the lead if possible when he noticed his energy began to deplete. Infront of the pair was a sharp turn in the vent and from that sharp turn came a grotesque green tentacle. It had a corrupted red hue which signaled an eximus unit, obviously parasitic. It would take a few seconds for Nyx's mind control to take effect and fighting it in such a small vent could cause the vent to collapse and cause more infested to come. With very little energy left it was a horrible idea to take on more then a few at this moment. Thinking quickly, Atlas tackled Nyx into a tiny cubby in the vent before raising a stone wall with the last of his energy. There was barely any space to move in the tiny part of the vent. A green light moved past the rock wall, the sound of the Ancients mushy footsteps were getting farther away before it went silent. Before Atlas could lower the wall Nyx grabbed him. The energy had not returned to them signaling the eximus had not fully left instead it was either waiting or patrolling.

Atlas slammed his head against the wall, denting it slightly. He was trapped in this small vent with Nyx who was sitting it his lap with a powerful infested guarding their escape. He couldn't see how his situation could get any worse. Suddenly Nyx began to shift while trying to get a view through Atlas' wall. Her soft buns had squished against his groin. Every time she shifted she unknowingly rubbed against Atlas' crotch. Slowly his happy camper began to swell in his tent. He hoped that she wouldn't notice and somehow she didn't much to his surprise , however she moved once more and slipped Atlas' dick in between her cheeks, hotdogging it.. Atlas didn't deny how good it felt, it was a nice change of pace just at the wrong time. Her movements became more fluid as her hips became to gyraye faster and faster. He took a deep breath trying to calm himself. He was confused, she had to have noticed what she was doing to him by now. His primal urges were catching up to him. But before he did anything he realized something. Nyx had the power to read minds.

She turned around to face him, swinging her legs around his hips. She countinued to grind her snatch against his groin, her juices began to drool out onto him. How long had she been planning this? Since they got here? Nyx shook her head side to side. Since he noticed him staring at her rear? She nodded. She pushed Atlas' cloak away from his chest and pulled down his pants. She grabbed the large member and slowly began to stroke. It was already rock hard from Nyx's earlier movements. His large hands travled backwards to her squishy butt, giving it a few test squeezes before giving it a firm yet quiet smack. She began to stroke with more vigor with each smack. In response one hand moved to Nyx's snatch, rubbing and fingering at a matched speed of her own strokes through her tight leggings. Both seemed to be very pent up as neither gave way, hoping that through one's release the other would soon come after. As they approached the very end Nyx suddeny stopped. She lifted large ass and quickly lowered her tight leggings, revealing her unblemished skin and bubble butt. Her pussy ws drooling with anticipation and her urgency reflected it. She llined up Atlas' cock with her snatch and took it in one go.

Both warframes threw their heads back in pleasure, Nyx's hips began to raise before dropping onto Atlas' crotch with a loud smack. That's when Atlas began to remember where they were. He tried to warn her about the sounds but realized his body wasn't responding. In fact he had begun to meet her ass halfway. He had no explanation for why he was moving until he noticed his energy reserves had refilled. Which meant he could have been afflicted with Nyx's mind control. His speed began to rise with each smack, the feeling amplifying with every thrust. His hands began to play with her breast before he moved back to her ass he had been so obsessed with and gave it another hard squeeze. One of her hands travled past Atlas' legs to support herself while the other traveled to her owm breast. She slammed herself against Atlas, loving every second. Slowly Atlas began to regain feeling in his body from Nyx's control, all be it slowly probably do to his intense strength. If anything Atlas was gonna finish on his own terms.

He sunk his hands into her cheeks before pulling her off of his throbbing cock much to her displeasure. Her drooling hole needed to be filled once again as she struggled to reconnect the two. She countinuously wiggled her rear in an attempt to get Atlas to fuck her again. He flipped her over on to her stomach to get a better view before slamming violently into her resulting in a spray of her fluids. He reached over and roughly grabbed her breast, squeezing and groping at his leizure. Every smack of his pelvis against her ass was pure bliss. Ripples in the meat of her rump were clearly visible. The floor began to be coated in a mix of thier combimed bodily fluids. Both warframes were obscenely close to an orgasm, Nyx being the closest as this new position allowed Atlas to pound her deepest points. She clenched the ground and gave in, her pussy began to convulse and squeeze Atlas like a vice. He raised his hand and gave her meaty butt another large smack before exploding into her. He held her tightly as he unloaded his burning seed into her. It stayed that way for about 20 seconds as both of them finished up. Atlas pulled out with a slimy popping noise. The mix of liquids poured out of Nyx's snatch as she sighed in pure ecstacy.

The intial stress of of the mission had left Atlas thanks to Nyx's caring. The mission went of without a hitch with the core being sabatoged and exploding in space. In the clan dojo Atlas had actually began to hang around the other warframes as long as Nyx was nearby. The other warframes had no idea what had caused this mysterious change in personality but it was quickly accepted. Unknown to them, Atlas' rumblers weren't the only thing causing the ground to shake at night.