Just for the people who have been asking, no I'm not dead, hurt, or abandoning ship. I've just been busy with life and Super Mario Maker 2, bless that game. In fact, I still am busy with life, but I have had some real free time as of late so I thought I would give the people who read this massive collection an update. That update slowly turned into a short story and that short story turned into another chapter. And Here I am now. Might as well get this out the way, no these chapters will not be consistent now that I'm back. They will still be randomly done when I decide to write. But now that I am here I'll leave this slightly longer chapter here for people to enjoy.

S2 Chapter 29: Bloody Valentine (Male Operator X Garuda)

The sound of blood splatters and gut wrenching screams that would make even the most hardened veteran vomit echoed throughout the corridors of the mining base. The power had been cut, the escape ships had been destroyed and the bunkers used in case of emergencies had been compromised. All except for one. The communications room. All the Grineer could do is run from their pursuer. None had the will to fight such a violent Warframe. Garuda. The name itself was enough to send all who heard it into a cold sweat. Tales of her violent killing sprees were all too common. There were never any survivors, just mangled, disfigured corpses mocking the living. Not a single corpse could ever be identified and those who saw them were too traumatized to continue on in life.

The last of the surviving Grineer squad raced to the communications room. Through the current bunker was a route to the escape room, one not on any map and would be impossible to detect. One by one they piled inside of the bunker in pursuit of the de facto safe room. The screams tailing them only grew louder as more of their comrades were brutally torn to pieces behind them. A large bombard grabbed the reinforced Oxium door and readied himself to slam it the moment the final Grineer was safely inside. That last Grineer climbed the stairs as quickly as he could. Every second that ticked by brought him closer and closer to the safety of his kin. Six meters. Five meters. Four. When suddenly a massive arrow pierced through his chest. The poor soul toppled to the floor, blood spurting from the fresh wound but he kept pulling his weakened body closer to the door. Three meters. Two. He reached out his hand for the bombard who extended his hand without hesitation. Only one meter separated the two. Their hands finally connected and with one powerful tug the Bombard yanked on the fallen Grineer's arm. His body only moved slightly much to his surprise and horror.

He could see a hand, just barely in the darkness of the base but it was definitely a hand. A hand of the beast no less. With all his strength, he pulled as hard as he could but she had already sunk her claws into the back of the poor Grineer's leg. She pulled back far harder then the bombard could and in the process tearing out flesh and cracking bones. The fearful Grineer screamed in pain which only renewed the bombards resolve. He took hold with both hands and gave a fearsome yank which started to out pull the Warframe. Others rushed to the bombards aid, grabbing hold of his sides and pulling him in a demented game of tug of war.

Garuda grew impatient. The beautiful art that could be made from this one's corpse rang in both her and her operators head much to his dismay. The soldiers blood was the perfect shade of crimson. Unlike the others that she used to paint the walls a new, gorgeous shade of red, this one brought a new feeling. She just needed to be covered in his beautiful blood as she tore him to ribbons. Just the thought of being showered in it was enough for her to unconsciously rub her thighs together. She would have to act quickly due to how much was currently draining onto the steps. Her grip tightened and the sound of a bone cracking filled the air. This sent enough of a shock to cause some of those helping to flee in terror. With one last violent tug, she dragged the survivor down the stairs, dooming him to die by her hands in the most painful ways imaginable.

The bombard and those still hanging onto him fell backwards. In his lap sat the arm of the one he tried to save ripped straight from its socket from the brutal force of the Warframe. The bombard leapt to his feet only to see and explosion of blood and gore. Garuda stood underneath the shower of blood, erotically touching her body and smearing herself in the thick, red liquid. The bombard looked away in disgust before slamming the door closed. Even the strongest of warframes would take a decent amount of time to break down the door. He quickly jogged down the corridor to rejoin his group with the fate of that soldier still haunting him.

The room was silent. No beeping, no lights, no talking, nothing. Those who had ran didn't have the courage to ask what happened while those who did see what happened didn't have the stomach to bring it up. What mattered was there was no way they could be found. Finally a Grineer stood up. The communications room had a backup system that would only power the room they were in. With that they could call for back up and eventually be saved. They just needed to find the system. Multiple soldiers stood up and began to feel around for the button. Suddenly a yelp was heard, causing everybody to turn towards the noise in a panic. The soldier quickly assured the others that he was fine, he just slightly cut his his hand.

A tiny drop of blood fell to the floor and pooled on the ground. Fear gripped the bombard as he realized what that could mean. The memory of the warframe drenching itself in blood had burned itself into his mind. The feint sound of scratching could be heard from far above them. The bombard quickly called out for the soldier to cover the wound which he did without question. The scratching stopped, but was quickly replaced by the sound of something moving violently in the air vents. The sound raced towards them at a speed almost inhumane. Time seemed to slow as the sound grew closer and then suddenly...stopped. The group waited. How long did they wait. Was it a few moments? Seconds? Minutes? Hours? There was no concept of time. Only fear.

The silence was shattered by the sound of the metal grate falling to the floor. A hand reached from the hole in the ceiling. One that the bombard knew to well. The claws slowly slid across the metal ceiling creating sparks that emitted just enough light to confirm the fears of all who took shelter inside of the room. She had found them through a single drop of blood. Her chest was heaving aggressively as if the single drop blood had sent her into an unbridled rage. She leapt from the ceiling towards the fearful below. Only she and her operator would know what had happened here. Only they would know of the blood curdling screams that once filled this room or the beautiful display of guts splattered across the wall. Only they would know...

Ace appeared in a bright flash of white transference energy that lit up the room for a couple seconds. Enough time to see Garuda rubbing her face with blood and find the emergency power system. With a quick flick of the switch the lights were restored and revealed the complete slaughter that Garuda had brought.

"Sweet void..." Ace whispered. He would never get used to the amount of ways Garuda knew how to extravagantly kill a person. It always felt like it was the first time seeing her get her hands dirty. The smell of blood was heavy, prompting Ace to get started on finding the next mining operation and getting out of that room as fast as possible. He felt a hand glide across his chest and two soft orbs press against his back. "Garuda?" She leaned her weight onto him, causing him to stagger slightly. Before he could ask anything her hands slid down to his crotch. He tried to struggle but his actions only prompted Garuda to squeeze his privates even harder. That's when it clicked.

Garuda was quite the weird partner. He knew she had quite the perverted attraction to blood. Sometimes it was like an expression of art that he had never truly understood. But other times she truly seemed to truly relish is the carnage she left in her was only now that it truly clicked that the latter was sexual in nature. She roughly shoved her operator to bloody floor, forcing him to twist his body to avoid landing face first in Grineer blood. He placed his hands into the never ending pool of blood and pushed himself upwards. He only made it a few centimeters before he was met with the tip of Garuda's heel on his chest. She slowly lowered Ace back to the floor, causing him to shiver as the blood once again enveloped his back.

"Can you ease up a little bit on...the..." His train of thought slammed into a metaphorical mountain as he watched Garuda slowly and methodically cut open the thin fabric between legs. Every other thought in his mind vanished besides the thought of what she was doing. Once she had finished, her drenched snatch was exposed to her shorter male counterpart. Small droplets of burning liquid excitement fell to floor in what felt like slow motion. Ace tried to say something, anything to her but every word that formed remained in his throat only to become a jumbled mess. She leaned down towards his face and gently caressed his cheek, taking extra caution not to cut Ace with her blades. With a flurry of quick, precise movements, Ace's clothing was torn to pieces leaving him naked in a pool of blood.

The sudden feeling of the lukewarm liquid now touching his skin was enough to snap him out of his trance. "AT LEAST CLEAN IT UP!" In response she lowered herself onto his lap, sandwiching his cock between her two meaty ass cheeks. With a crisp snap of her fingers, the blood that had stained every nook and cranny of the room was sucked up into a tight ball of blood hovering above Garuda's head. Ace looked around, noticing that the bodies had also vanished. "How did you...you know what? Don't tell me." She didn't plan to.

Garuda started to ever so slowly move her hips and at the same time stroking her operator's modest size prick. Ace's breath hitched as the sudden new feeling paralyzed his body. This was the first time she had ever done anything like this to him. His body viciously placed his hands on her hips and started to thrust without him even realizing what he had done. Only the new surge of pleasure was felt. He only noticed went he felt Garuda's own hand grasp his own and slowly move them upwards towards her well endowed chest but in return she started to grind against him slower. It was excruciating. Feeling every inch of her large ass rubbing against his cock felt amazing but her slow movement only fanned the flames of his carnal desires. Before the desire could fully overwhelm him, Garuda lifted her rear into the air. She hovered for a bit before leaning back and rubbing her soaked cunt against the tip of Ace's dick. The two shivered from the feeling. She swiveled her hips, giving her Operator a small taste of what was to come.

His hands squeezed her breasts even harder, causing the excess boob to flow through his fingers. He couldn't take anymore and in one swift motion he thrusted upwards, burying himself to the hilt inside of Garuda. She threw her head back as her tight slit quivered violently. After a brief moment, she regained her composure. Just one quick orgasm wouldn't be enough to satisfy her. She finally started to raise her own hips and by extension raising and dropping her large rear onto Ace's pelvis. She leaned forward, digging her hands into Ace's chest, drawing small amounts of blood and giving herself leverage. She bounced with reckless abandon, her fat ass jiggling with ever smack against Ace's sweat covered body.

Ace was left breathless. The fact that his warframe was riding him was one reason, but the fact that it felt so damn good was the main contribution to his lack of speech. It was hard to think with such a tight cunt wrapped around his cock. His prick throbbed violently as he neared a violent orgasm. As if she sensed it, Garuda removed one of her hands from Ace's chest and moved to to his full balls. She began to massage them ever so slowly as if she wanted to slowly push him over the edge. She began to slam her ass down onto Ace's groin even faster and her grip on his body grew tighter. His arousal peaked and his throbbing cock was at it's limit. An explosion of cum quickly filled Garuda at a lightning fast pace. The force of the white hot baby batter pounding against her womb was enough to cause her to cum. Her cunt massaged Ace's dick as of it was trying to coax more ropes of cum lathered her inner walls our his tightening balls.

Soon enough the volcano of cum subsided along with Garuda's own powerful orgasm. It took a bit of focus but she managed to stagger off of Ace's cock and into a squatting potion. She held her knees and leaned forward which made the globules of cum pour out of her now empty pussy and onto the floor. Ace was left on the floor panting on the floor. "That was...that was something...right Garuda? Garuda?" Ace looked up only to notice Garuda was not hovering over him anymore. "Garuda?"He shot up quickly, causing him to feel light headed for a second but he powered through it. That's when he saw it. Garuda, bent over directly in front of him swaying her deliciously large ass side to side seductively. She beckoned him over with her finger. Ace was quickly filled with need again, the need to fill her tight snatch with cum.

Without missing a beat, Ace positioned himself behind her. He tightly gripped his cock and took aim at her cum filled snatch. His hands wrapped around her wide hips and pulled her back into his pelvis. Once again the familiar feeling of of the tip of his cock kissing her womb enveloped the two. He leaned forward, this time pressing his weight onto her back and thrusting into her in an animalistic way. The lewd sounds of flesh slapping against flesh and the sound of juices dripping onto the floor had filled the room. The scene was akin to two animals rutting in heat. Ace could only think of pounding away at her sweet pussy while Garuda could only think of taking it.

Ace's hands rose up from Garuda's wide hips to her large tits before roughly squeezing them. The soft dumpling like tits felt like heaven. He was sure that he couldn't have been anymore turned on than he was now. His cock felt as if it was going to burst inside of her at any second. His fingers clamped down even harder while he harshly tweaked her hard nipples which was the final push Garuda needed. Her entire body shook and her knees buckled beneath the two's combined weight. Her soaking wet cunt clamped down harshly on Ace's cock as she came. This sudden tightness was too much and within seconds another burning load shot inside Garuda.

Once his orgasm has settled down, he stumbled backwards. His softening cock which had been acting as a cork for Garuda's pussy slid out, releasing the creamy white sperm he had pumped into her. Exhaustion started to set in and he collapsed onto the floor, just barely keeping consciousness. Garuda on the other hand still had energy left. Far more than Ace could ever dream of. She moved to his side and hovered over him for a few moments before she laid next to him. Her hand took hold of Ace's limp member and slowly began to stroke it back to its erect status. She wouldn't be satisfied for quite a while.