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The last school bell of the day rang, signalling the end of another school day for Whitechapel High students. Teenagers came rushing out of their classrooms to head to their lockers or to meet up with friends real quick before departing for home. Lockers could be heard opening and closing, while mindless chit-chat could be heard throughout the halls of the school.

One teenager in particular was busy stuffing his locker with books he no longer needed in exchange for those that he did need for homework. He merrily hummed a simple tune to himself while he did so until he was visited by his best friend, Benny Weir.

"Man! That chem test in Mr. Hudson's class today was BRUTAL!" complained the lanky teen, Benny Weir. "Can you believe he gave me a C-?! Ugh! I at least deserved a C+, if anything." he added with a huff, as he leaned against the neighboring lockers.

The teen he was talking to subtly rolled his eyes and shook his head as he placed a book into his bag. "That's because you decided to kept putting it off and putting it off and coming up with some lame excuses as to why you can't study, Benny." chastised the teen, Ethan Morgan, to him with a sigh. "You know, Benny maybe if you start putting a little bit of extra effort into your studies like you do those video games of yours, then maybe you might amount to something in life." criticized Ethan, flatly with a hint of humor.

"Hey! I resent that! And for your information, E, you like to play those exact same games, as well, too!" defended Benny with heat, but also just kidding around as well. He knew that Ethan was only looking out for him.

Ethan just shrugged. "Yeah! You're right!" he added, agreeing with him. "But I'm not the one who's practically failing chemistry class, though. You are." he stated confidently with a smug smile.

Benny deflated. "Rub it in, why don't you." he grumbled with a scowl, but then smiled too afterwards.

"Speaking of games, wanna come over and play a round or two of Zombie Mutant Mayhem 3? I managed to unlock an new character in the game and I really wanna try him out!" asked Ethan, eagerly.

Benny's face lit up at the idea, but then fell as he remembered something. "Awe. Sorry, man. But Gran is wanting me to come straight home after school." he apologized sympathetically to the seer. "She's having some old sorcerer friend of hers over for dinner and she wants me to meet him." he informed bluntly. "Probably just to lecture me about how I need to focus more on my Latin translations and casting spells and whatnot. Ugh." complained Benny gruffly.

"It's cool, man! Maybe some other time, then." reassured Ethan kindly to his friend. He then turned around to shut his locker and to securely lock it, heaving his backpack over a shoulder as he was now ready to go.

Benny nodded, feeling better about having to bail on Ethan like that. He was glad to have a friend like Ethan, who was so understading about everything.

They talked as they left the school and headed down the street together on their way home, since they only lived a few houses over from each other.

They soon bid each other bye as they went their separate ways after finally reaching Ethan's house first. Ethan waved to Benny bye from the sidewalk as he walked further down the street.

Ethan then turned to walk up the driveway and to his front porch. He slung his backpack down on the ground to dig out his key to unlock the door, totally unaware of the watchful eyes watching him from afar.

"Is that him?" asked a tall man with long dark hair.

Another figure standing next to him nodded. "It is, from what our informant told us. The description seems to fit to a 't', sir." he answered sure of himself. "But you'd like we can do more research to see if it is?" he asked.

The taller one shook his head and grinned as he narrowed his eyes at the teen walking up the driveway and towards the house. "No. That won't be necessary. I can plainly tell that it's him from here. I can see the resemblance now." spoke the tall figure satisfyingly, with that last part more directed at himself rather than at the other man beside him.

"What now, sir?" asked the smaller figure to his boss, looking over at him for what to do next.

"We wait." the taller one simply said.

"Wait? But sir-" spoke the other in surprise, but was then cut off by the taller one.

"I said, we wait." he demaned in a thick and dark tone, as he turned his head to glare intimidatingly at the other person.

The smaller man gulped and trembled under his leader's dark glare towards him, quickly getting the message. The taller man smirked seeing his underling's compliance and fear. He then turned his attention back to the person on the porch.

"I've waited 17 years for this day to come. What's a few more?" stated the tall man sinisterly. He was filled with joy on the inside to of finally found him, after all these years of searching and nothing was going to get in his way this time, either. He grinned evilly to himself as a pair of pearly white fangs protruded from his upper teeth and his eyes glowed a menacingly yellow color. "It won't be long now before I can finally exact my revenge and claim what is mine." he said maliciously before quietly breaking out into a silent chuckle of dark laughter.

With that the two figures then flew off from their hiding place in the trees.

After finally finding his key and successfully unlocking the door, Ethan paused for a moment just before turning the knob to go in. He felt a sudden ominous chill go through him for some strange reason. As if somebody somewhere was watching him or something.

He turned around to look up and and down the street, only to find nothing out of the ordinary.

"Huh. Maybe I'm just being paranoid?" he mumbled to himself, before deciding not worry about it too much. He then softly chuckled to himself. "I guess it just comes with the territory when you're busy dealing with the supernatural on a regular basis, it seems." he joked, making himself feel at ease now.

Ethan turned back around and then proceeded to go inside. Not knowing that soon his world will be turned upside down in the coming days.

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