Summary: "You…" he tried to argue but silver hue eyes stared at his blue ocean ones dangerously despite the smile on her face. "Ah, ah, ah…that's enough, Enji" she gleefully laughed inside to see her husband fuming. "Bu-" "No" "You!" "Anata" her smile grew wider. There is silence before he answers, "…yes dear". In a world where she gets reborn as Todoroki Shouto's mother. BAMF SI. AU.

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There was news that a baby that gave off light was born.

Ever since then, superpowers were discovered in various places, and time passed without the cause being identified. Before we knew it, the supernatural became natural, and dreams became reality. The world has become a superhuman society, and about 80% of the world's population now has some kind of special trait. In this world swirling with chaos, the profession that everyone once dreamed about and admired came into the limelight.

Heroes of justice fighting villains and saving people from distress. Yes, this is the story of how I became the greatest hero

But long before this story of the greatest hero happens, this is a story of a woman of how she became the greatest…


She has always been different from her peers




But her family brushed it off because they had thought it was a trait that needed to be balanced for she was considered gifted in their prestigious family. 'Welp, you can't have everything', everyone knew of that quote.

"Hah! Take that old man!" the familiar high pitched voice of their youngest could be heard in their big traditional home

Said family had sweat dropped at this. Used to such antics coming from the 3 years old, wreaking havoc in their once upon time peaceful household

"Get here you brat!"


They do. They do really love her. Not just for her being gifted at such a young age but because she is family. That, despite the nature of their family's quirk, she is warm like sunshine. She was their little 'icicle' that made everything lively in their household.







If only their great grandfather could stop giving candies to their little 'icicle'.


Shimizu Kohri

That was her name.

She didn't know why her family was so obsessed with names that were related to water, yet she was the only one from the Shimizu clan that was given a name relating to ice. LITERALLY ICE.

'Who names their child from the word ice?' she pouted. Was her mother craving ice while she was carrying her? The image of her mother aggressively chomping down ice cubes while heavily pregnant made her shiver.

And it was ironic how she was given a name that was related to the cause of her death.

Yes, you've read it right.

She died

Died from hypothermia

Died from it 'coz her friends wanted them to skate on the frozen lake that was thinly iced on the farthest part of the lake. And stupid little her didn't even notice it until she went down the frozen lake. She could have swam, yes, but it was freezing cold.

She sighed.

Kohri didn't mind dying. Well…she did once upon a time, but had gotten over it and grieved for the fact that she could never see her previous family and friends. She had to move on and live this life to the fullest because the world ain't gonna wait for her forever. It was also a blessing that she was given another chance to live and be a child again.

Steel grey eyes looked at the full moon from their wooden porch, feet dangling as snowflakes began to drop one by one. Her eyes crisscrossed when the beautifully patterned flake landed on her button-like nose.

She quietly sneezed at this and frowned at the dripping snot coming out of her nose before whipping it with the back of her hand.

Memories, when she was much younger, started to come to her one by one.

It didn't make her feel anything in particular about what she has discovered, only nostalgia.

'I was really surprised that I got reincarnated here.' she mused, 'In one of my favorite anime, no less' the little 'icicle' knew that she was in the Boku No Hero Academia universe when she saw the water from her father's glass being lifted by said man's finger. The floating water had followed his gesture before he placed it back to its original place.

Pink decorated her cheeks, not from the cold but from embarrassment, remembering that her parents had laughed at her reaction. They had explained that it was called a quirk and most everyone can have it at a certain age.

It was then she concluded that she was not only reincarnated, but reincarnated in a fictional world where she considered it as fictional in her old world.

But this theory made her feel confused about two things.

One was that she wondered if she was really in the BNHA world or similar to it because nobody has ever talked about All Might. Not in the household. Not in the news. Not outside. Nada. Nothing at all. And second, where was she in the timeline? Should she help Midoriya and friends? Or just let them do the work since everything will probably fall into place with or without her help. Probably. But the most important question she wanted to know was…

"Ne, ne Otou-san, when will I get my quirk?"

'Meh, I'll just let them do the work. It's not like they need me.'

And with that, she placed it at the back of her mind.


At the age of 4, she had randomly activated her quirk like any of the children her age.

It was during summer, the sun was at its peak and the temperature high. The clothes that she wore were her shorts and a sleeveless shirt to keep her cool somehow but it wasn't working. At. All. It clung to her like a second skin and it was disgusting.

She grumbled, lying on the floor while her mother was cutting up some watermelon for her. Her short white hair fanned itself like a halo on their wooden floor.


So hot

Wanna cool

In the midst of the heat, she remembered her father telling her how he was able to do his quirk. 'Concentration…' he said, '…as well as imagination.'

Steel eyes slowly closed, her mind closing off the noise to meditate and feel the inside of her body as if assessing something within her.

Think of the cold

Think of the freezing water that enveloped you

Think how it prickled your skin

The smoothness of the ice

And how water freezes as it reaches a certain temperature

"Ahh~" she sighed at the comfort, unaware of the crystal that she had formed unconsciously around her.

The sound of cutlery falling down the tatami mat made her glance at her astonished mother.

"Okaa-s…" her mother's cries made her stop


"Oh, cool."


Apparently, her quirk was a mixture of her father and mother. Her father had a water manipulation quirk while her mother had an air manipulation quirk. The doctor had said that it was a powerful one, although not a first of its kind. Kohri was not surprised that its name was "Sub Zero".

"Hakase, can you give us details on how her quirk works?" her father's amber eyes stared at the professional quirk doctor while her mother caressed her equally long hair. "How was she able to create ice when there wasn't any present? Unlike my quirk, I need a source to activate it."

Kohri had tuned out the doctor's explanation of how there is water everywhere and with her inheriting both of their quirks, the making of ice was easier and yadda yadda yadda she had zoned out and noticed that they were done and about to leave.

"Arigato, hakase" they bowed their heads in thanks after getting up from their seats.

"No problem at all, I'll bet your daughter would be a good hero someday."

Three pairs of eyes looked at her expectedly, her expression blank. They were waiting for her response. One dot appeared behind her back before it was followed by another one and a third one. Question marks formed on top of the three adults, noticing that the girl wasn't answering.

"Ah," it was only then did she realize that they were waiting for her to say something.

Her expression was still comically blank before monotonously saying,

"Eh, I don't want to become a hero."


Once upon a time, she wanted to become a hero, just like everyone else.

But that was once upon a time.

"Because anyone can be a hero that's why!"

"I can be a hero through my own ways, Okaa-san, Otou-san"


Winter turned from spring to summer to fall and back to winter again.

This has happened a few times.

And within those times, her family had trained her.

They did not approve of her decision but respected it. An agreement was made that she is to be trained despite not wanting to be a hero for self-defense and to know how to use her quirk and its limitations.

It's cool, no pun intended, that she could lower her temperature down to relieve herself from the heat, especially summer time. However, it sucked whenever it was during the winter season. It was twice, sometimes thrice as cold because of her quirk and the chilly season.

'So much for being a winter child' she thought, rubbing her hands before blowing it. It irritated her that it was nothing but a cold breath and not the warm ones coming from a normal human person who didn't have a quirk like her, 'Damn it' she sneezed.


Years have passed and the idea of her being in the BNHA world was pushed back to the farthest part of her mind. She lived a normal life. And because she was gifted and the fact that she had cheated death once, Kohri was placed two grades higher. The white haired girl would have declined if not for the fact that she paled at the thought of the enthusiastic voices of her classmates, reciting the multiplication table as she went down the hall of her new school.

She sighed.

School has always and will be forever a pain in the…more so when she has already done this material in her past life.

But despite her protest, she stood straight while listening to the teacher 'intently' lecturing them about the numerous numbers written on the board.

Oh, if only they knew how badly she wanted to slouch but the scary image of her mother resurfaced, her mother's quirk making her hair part and float while she stared…glared at her ferociously.

"Don't you even dare, Kohri"

She shivers not from her quirk

Memories of her etiquette lesson resurfaced but she immediately pushed it at the very back of her head, not wanting to remember. And because of all those lessons, from the rowdy child that she was, has bloomed and become a Yamato Nadeshiko…from the outside of course.

'If she had red hair, she'd look like Uzumaki Kushina' the booming sound of her teacher made her snap out of her thoughts.


She wondered who this person could be.

The girl beside her grumbled, "What is it, sensei?" Kohri didn't dare look at her neighbor. And then blinked, realizing that never had she seen her neighbor. It was only now that it was occupied unlike the past week of her stay in her new school. Silver hue eyes looked at the girl beside her, using her peripheral vision but snapped back to her book when the teacher had told the Igarashi girl to answer the question on the board.

Kohri could see that the ash blonde girl was scratching her head, clearly confused.

"27" she muttered before her seatmate parroted what she had said. With that, the teacher had told her that she was indeed correct before lecturing the Igarashi girl to listen attentively.

"Hai, hai" was her lazy remark before yawning back to her seat.

"Thanks" silver hue eyes slowly turned to look at her side once their sensei had their back on them.

The words died in her mouth when she had fully looked at her neighbor.

Ash blonde, long spiky hair and crimson eyes.


"Oh yeah you probably don't know me since I just got back here from my suspension but I'm Igarashi Mitsuki. Nice to meet you." said girl smiled but it ended up looking threatening.


"Thanks for helping me a while ago" she still whispered her words to the white haired girl, not knowing she was going nuts.

A splitting image of a boy in his early teenage years appeared beside the teenage girl who was still talking to her.


"Anyw-woah! Sensei! Shimizu's popping out ice cubes!"

It never occurred to her who she really was in the world that she was reincarnated to…that she needed to play an important part in this world.


After that humiliating incident, the two girls had become friends which eventually led them to being best friends after a few years. People wondered how the two of them had become best friends when they were complete opposites. One was wild as her hair, fiery and had a pouty mouth while the other was as calm as a river and polite. It was amusing how their names reflected their personality…

"Come on, Kohri!"


"Don't tell me you're going to chicken out"

"No, means no, Mitsuki"

"It's just a confession! I bet you're just scar-! Eep! Drop those icicles! Drop those icicles!"

Insert overly polite smile here

The multiple hovering icicles that were ready to pierce the ash blonde teenager, dropped down with a thud.

Mitsuki, tsked and muttered "And they say I'm the bitch between the two of us"

The temperature suddenly dropped and Mitsuki paled.

Sweet little Kohri that everyone adored smiled pleasantly at her best friend, her pony tailed hair started to sway side to side. Her steel grey eyes weren't seen but a dark look was present on her polite face.

"Ne, Mitsuki~" said girl paled and yelped seeing those icicles come back to life. Was it just her or did the amount of it doubled?

Mitsuki refused to fall down on the floor.

Kohri stepped forward while she stepped backward.

Silver eyes slowly open with a murderous glint in them before sweetly saying,

"Run, Mitsuki, run~"

…it really did reflect their names.


Those floating icicles multiplied.


Somewhere in Japan, a red haired teen was slowly walking down the road to his home peacefully. Both hands on his pockets, school bag tucked between his arms. His cobalt blue eyes stared at the darkening sky while eyeing the falling snowflakes.

His body shivered when a gust of wind passed by him.

"Stupid cold" he whispered, steam began to come out of his form as his quirk adjusted his body temperature. A sigh came out of his lips and…

he sneezed and he sneezed.

Stopping from his tracks, he wiped his nose with the sleeves of his uniform and looked at those little snowflakes again.

Todoroki Enji wondered if he had insulted anyone.


She met him once when she was on her way back home from the shopping district with her energetic friend.

Their meeting wasn't any special if anyone asked her. If anyone did, she wouldn't remember the incident instantly. But for him, it was different…

He was merely just by the swings, lightly pushing himself back and forth while looking down at the ground.

Kohri would have let him be if she didn't notice the quiet sniffles coming out of him. Steel grey eyes observed his form and saw that he was battered up. The kid looked a few years younger than her.

She was a sucker for these kinds of things.

'I may not want to be a hero but…it's not just right to ignore people who are in need.'

Delicate slender fingers clenched into a tight ball as mist began to form. She stopped in her tracks and offered the ice to him.

Steel grey eyes met cerulean blue ones.

Kohri wondered if she had met him because he was very familiar.

"Who are you?" she supposed it was rather weird that a stranger, like her, had approached him out of nowhere.

She hummed, "Just a worried person, who can't stand little kids like you crying." she tells him honestly. Cerulean blue eyes look bewildered when the stranger offered him a lollipop along with the ice cube in her hands. Despite wanting the sugary treat, he averts his head to the side, "I don't want to accept something from a stranger."

Well then, "I'm Shimizu Kohri, a third year middle school student. Now you know my name is." her smile widened when the child in front of her looked at the treat with longing eyes before reluctantly getting it from her hand. Muttering a soft 'thank you' before unwrapping it then accepting and placing the ice on his bruised cheek.

"So why were you crying?" she softly asked, setting herself down on the swing beside him.

"There were just some kids that were telling me that I couldn't be a hero because…my quirk sucks" she noticed the short pause and how he muttered the last few words as if he was reluctant to say it.

"Ehh, you don't really need to have a quirk that's awesome to become a hero." she commented

Downcast eyes darkened on those words.

"You'll never become a hero"

"Come on, what can you do to save people?"

"You'll probably just die"

"Heroes are people. And people are made differently, similarly our quirks as well…Do you know Recovery Girl?" the boy nodded before she continued, "Well her quirk isn't as flashy and awesome as some other heroes. But does that mean that she's not a hero and has a useless quirk?"

As if offended, the boy hastily stood up and said "No! Recovery Girl is awesome for saving thousands of lives. Without her, our heroes today wouldn't be alive" his glare lessened when he saw her smile and realization came to him.

Kohri stood up, looking up at the setting sun.

"Then there you have it. All quirks are useful in their own ways. You just have to find the right way to utilize them. Even a quirkless person can be a hero, too, you know" she crouched down to his level, placing a finger to his forehead "Just believe that you will be a hero" a tap to his chest, "But do not ever forget what's in here."

The boy was astonished but snapped out of his thoughts when Kohri got up and started to leave. He hastily composed himself, watching her form leave the playground.

"But why? Why help a person that you just randomly saw?"

It was cheesy but she wanted to try it.

And everything turned into slow motion for him, a sight he will never forget. A sight that he will share in the future because he wanted people to feel the same way that he felt when she did that to him.

With her back facing him, the sun illuminating her form. She slowly spread her legs apart. A hand on her hips while the other is clenched to a fist before she slowly lifts it up and her thumb suddenly points at her, steel grey eyes looked over her shoulders staring at shimmering blue ones as if they were amazed,

"Why? Because I am here"


"Ne, what if quirks are like birthmarks?"

"What do you mean by that?"

"Someone told me that when a person gets a birthmark, it tells us how that person was injured, traumatized or killed in their past life"

Confused eyes stared at her eerily beautiful form

"Do you mean…?"

She nodded and gave a small smile as if it was a normal conversation

"What if the quirks that we receive is how we died in our past life?"


"U.A., huh?" crimson red eyes stared at the paper her friend had written on their high school application form

Kohri nodded, somehow sad that her friend wasn't going to the same school as her even in just the GenEd department of the school

"The education there is great. Everyone in the Shimizu family graduated there so it's a family tradition to attend"

Mitsuki hummed, her thumb on her chin still looking at her friend's paper, "I still think you should be a hero considering your powerful quirk. I'd trade my quirk with yours any day just to become a hero"

She laughed at this, "I think you wouldn't want to freeze to death, Mitsuki"

Confused crimson eyes looked at her, "What do you mean by that?"

She places her hand in front and sways it side to side, "Nothing, nothing"


It is not a surprise that she passed the entrance exam. However, along with her acceptance letter she is also given a recommendation to transfer to the Hero Department, it was probably because the teachers and administration knew her family is made out of heroes despite her having a different one from them. But she quickly checks the box indicating that she didn't want to transfer.

"Are you sure you do not want to be a hero?" her father asked this, dodging a fist from one of Kohri's strikes.

Shimizu Hayase, Kohri's father, lifted the water coming from their fish pond. It is with his great amount of training and experience that he swiftly separated the water and the kois before striking his daughter.

'If I didn't know that I was reborn in the BNHA world I'd think Otou-san would be water bending' she gracefully moved around the water, liquid turning to solid when she lightly touched the edges of the water.

Her father made a tch-ing noise.

"I can be a hero in my own way, Otou-san," she told him. Spiky ice covered hand is ready to strike the white haired man but stopped because it takes her a second too late to notice that there are multiple rings of water circling her wrists and ankle. They are ready to slice her limbs off.

It is her turn to make a tch-ing noise before relaxing her form. Her father had dropped his form then lifted his fingers. The water around them ascends, morphing together before going back to its original place.

The spar was already decided.

They make a stance and bow to each other as a sign that it is the end of their match.

"Do reconsider it, Kohri. Even if you've already decided on it, maybe you'll find something in U.A"

Kohri just fondly stared at him, already used to her father's words.

And she replied, her father hearing it more than a hundred times already, "We'll see, Otousan"

"But do tell me, why do you not want to be a hero?" her father raised a white brow, looking at his daughter who has grown up remarkably beautiful like her mother and powerful like him.

She smiled, Hayase remembered that his wife would tell him that their daughter got his smile, especially with that small dimple on her face.

"Because I can feel that my purpose is not to become a hero but to be something else"

Hayase is intrigued by her answer.

"And what do you think is your purpose, my child?"

She giggled, and he could hear his wife's bell-like giggle from her, "I do not know Otou-san but we will see. You'll never know it might be a far greater accomplishment and feeling compared in becoming a hero."


Multiple cherry blossom petals slowly fell down the road, coloring the driveways and pathways in powdery pink.

The wind caressed her snow white hair.

It is the start of her being a first year student in the prestigious U.A. high school.

Multiple people passed by her but she kept her pace slow, enjoying the view.

She entered the campus.

And Kohri does not notice the intimidating red haired teen behind her.


School is the same as always, plain and boring, she tells Mitsuki. Both girls are eating at some café that her ash blond friend wanted to try after not meeting for months already.

"Ne, Mitsuki"

"What is it?" her friend asked before drinking a milkshake.

"Are you free next week?" Mitsuki thinks before she perked up, "Oh! Is this about the upcoming U.A. Sports Festival?" crimson red eyes shine in excitement.

Steel grey eyes turned cold at a certain memory that she recalled.

A sinister beautiful smile graced her lips and Mitsuki slightly backed away, shivering from the cold that her best friend was emitting from her small form. Ice begins to form on the chair she was sitting on.

"I have to teach someone a lesson"

Mitsuki wondered who the stupid monkey that has awakened the sleeping dragon inside her friend.


It is dismissal

When she finished packing her things, Kohri got up from her seat and was ready to go home before saying her goodbyes to her classmates.

Opening the door, she did not see the intimidating figure and bumped into him.

Everyone from Class 1-C stared at the lone student of Class 1-A.

"Who are you?" blue ocean eyes glared at her small form. She cursed at her height. Since she was the youngest in her class, everyone was just so damn taller than her.

The intimidating student did not answer her but merely scoffed at her, it made her twitch at his poor behavior "Are you Shimizuk Kohri?" It irked her that those eyes were filled with so much emotion. Pride. Power. Confidence.

It did not make her back down, she straightened her back before voicing out her reply with the same amount of confidence "So what if I am?" she raised a brow. The mutters of her classmates and the ones in the hallways reached her ears but didn't mind them.

The student had the nerve to laugh at her, 'Rude he has not said his name.'

His laughter died and stared yet again with those deep blue ocean eyes of his "I heard that there was a student in the General Education Department that has potential in transferring to the Heroes Department. But I don't see anyone at all."

It didn't bother her that he was mocking him.

"Oh, how the great Shimizu clan has fallen down!"

Everyone suddenly felt the temperature drop, even the student, Todoroki Enji, could feel the cold penetrate through his skin. Warning bells started to ring inside his head as the girl walked past him. 'What the?' It is too late for him to notice that ice has enveloped his legs.

He turned his head over his shoulder, Kohri slowly walked down the hallway, ice forming in every step that she took. The students were plastering themselves at the sides, afraid that they'd be frozen.

Enji felt a different kind of shiver going up to his spine when she stopped and looked at him over her shoulder. Darkened steel grey eyes stared at him, an eerily beautiful smile on her face as she told him "Well then…Let us truly see how the great Shimizu clan has fallen down in the U.A Sports Festival, ne?" she sarcastically said this in a challenging way before she walked away from him.

Ice has evaporated and he is able to move again.

Todoroki Enji smirked and he cannot wait for the upcoming event.


It is the day of the Sports Festival.

There are not a lot of people gathered in the 1st year stadium, knowing that the 3rd years are the most watched in U.A.'s annual Sports Festival.

But they did not know that this year's 1st year event was more exciting than the previous ones or any events at this current Sports Festival.

And like every year, the 1st year's event is divided into 3 events. An obstacle course, a group one and a one-on-one tournament.

It is not a surprise to those who knew Todoroki Enji that he is ranked first in the first two games. He scoffed thinking that while there are potential heroes within his class and the ones in Class 1-B, there will be no one greater than him.

Ocean blue eyes stared at the white haired teen meters away from him, irritated by just looking at her, 'Are you just all bark and no bite?' he tapped a finger to his arm that was crossed over his chest.

'Where is that power that I felt?' he questioned, looking at the balcony while she fought her opponent. Enji acknowledged the girl's fighting style. He is aware that she is smart and calculative, using her quirk when intended only. The future hero Endeavor acknowledged this but it irritated him that he knew that she holds more power than what she is showing.

"Winner! The white haired beauty, Shimizu Kohri!"

'I guess I'll make you use your full power' he turned his back after looking at the board.

Finals Match: Todoroki Enji vs Shimizu Kohri

He has a match to prepare after all.


As Kohri predicted, Todoroki Enji is the one to make the first move. He charged in with flames on his hands and they fought hand to hand combat. It is a bad move for both because with every hit they land on each other, they either get frostbites or mild burns decorated on their skins.

They realized that this tactic does not work and Enji concentrated flames on his hands before throwing them at her.

Multiple spectators have gathered to watch the commotion happening in the 1st year stadium.

Kohri made an ice shield with a swing of her hand before gliding towards him, ice forming a path for her.

Murmurs and surprised gasps were heard but the two were only focused on each other.

Fire and ice powers are exchanged.

Everyone knew that it was a stalemate, that the winner would be decided on who can lower their opponent's guard first.

Enji became more desperate with his attacks, "I will be the Number One hero!" he shouted, fire flickering out of his hair.

"What does being Number One have to do anything with being a hero?!" Kohri shouted back, frustrated that someone like him thought of such. She ignored that the older teen before her is familiar and that she holds a certain connection with him.

"Being a hero is about wealth, recognition and power! Being a hero is everything!" Enji is tired but it is through his sheer willpower that he is still able to continue the fight. He could remember his father's harsh training and faintly remembered his mother's gentle words, before she died and was left with more training. His father's crumbling figure of being a hero is the last thing he saw. "Everything was stolen away from me! And I will get it back through being a hero! The pride and respect of our name!"

"Pride and respect?!" multiple hovering icicles are formed, "Pride and respect won't bring you anywhere! It won't make people acknowledge you the way you want it to be. If that's the only thing that fuels you in becoming a hero, then don't become one because it won't be a bright and happy path for you."

"Don't talk as if you know me!"

"And don't talk as if that's the only way of regaining your stupid pride and respect! You narrow-minded monkey!" her jacket is burned and she removed it with only a loose black sleeveless shirt underneath the burnt material.

"Then tell me! Tell me what being a hero is for you?" Enji created a hurricane made out of fire, he is irritated and confused because the girl before him is sprouting useless things about being a hero but she herself does not want to become one. 'How do you know what being a hero really means, if you yourself do not want to be one? Hypocritical! Absurd!' he could feel his temperature rising but he still pushed through.

"Love and hope! To protect the people's lives and their smiles, because inflicting fear won't bring you anywhere!" Kohri roared, "A hero…a true hero does not walk alone but with the people that support him!"

And Enji suddenly remembered in his younger years, him on his mother's side trying not to cry.

"Enji, don't you ever forget that what matters most of being a hero is what's in here…" she tapped lightly on his chest, "…not fame or wealth. It's about how you can imprint yourself in people's hearts. Because a hero carries the love and hope of the people who support him so that he can have the strength to continue to protect them and their smiles. For a hero is never alone."

Raging flames retracted for a split second and Kohri used that opportunity.

She jumped up, palms ready to strike.

Then everything slowed down for him.

The combination of fragments of fire and ice fluttered like cherry blossoms. Long white hair defying gravity, spreading like a halo behind the girl he had looked down. It was ironic that their roles were reversed. Steel grey eyes, shining with so many positive emotions and life that he could not help but be mesmerized with them. For a second his heart stopped at the image in front of him.

Both of her palms slapped the ground in front of him, he stepped back throwing a fist of flames. She dodged it, scorching her hair along the process, but it was still too late when a large amount of ice was approaching him at an alarmingly fast pace.

Everyone in the stadium is in awe at the ice mass, towering meters upon meters from the peak of the stadium's roof.

"Are you sure she isn't from the Heroes Department?"

"That's a lot of power coming from a first year!"

Hazy steel grey eyes looked at the bewildered referee before said referee snapped out his thoughts. With his keen eyes, he noticed that Enji was beyond the line of the arena. Ignoring the red glow coming from the towering ice figure, he announced "Todoroki Enji is out of bounds! Winner, Shimizu Kohri!"

"WOOOOAH! For the first time in U.A.'s Sports Festival history, our first year final's winner is from the General Education Department, the beautiful, the icy, and talented Shimizu Kohri!" Everyone roared from the commentator's announcement.

The crowd was too busy cheering to notice that the ice had melted and Enji had stepped out of it. Water dripped from his fiery red hair and skin. Ocean blue eyes staring at the beaten form of the white haired girl that has defeated him.

He allowed himself to smile despite losing against her.

"Stupid troublesome girl", he captured the falling form of Kohri's unconscious body not minding that everyone was looking at his retreating back.


It was only then, the moment that she woke up that she remembered who Todoroki Enji really was.

"Oh, shit."


Years have passed by and the desire to become a hero didn't come to her. But it did not bother her in the slightest way because she believed that she has probably accomplished one of the many things that her being a hero won't be able to do.

"Come on Enji, don't be such a tsundere" a sly smile gracefully blossomed to her lips, bell-like laughter came after when she saw flames flickering on and off his hair.

"Wha-?! I am not a tsundere, woman!" Enji tried to defend, his emotions going haywire at Kohri's teasing, his hands suddenly emitted flames this time.

"Hey, watch it with your flaming hands or you'll burn my hair again" she teased, Enji retracting his hands immediately and placed it behind his back, afraid that it might hurt her without his knowledge.

"I already said I was sorry" he didn't know he was sulking, Kohri's expression softened from his adorable expression.

His heart began to race.

"Maa, maa, let's just take a photo of our last day in U.A." she told him. Grabbing his hand, interlocking them with her smaller one, unafraid of his flames or getting hurt since her quirk will protect her but most of all it was because she trusted him.

The couple walked towards their high school gate before she turned back to look at his burning face. "Or do you not accept the fact that this will be the last day that you'll get to spend time the entire day with your girlfriend?" she wiggled her brows which irritated him but chose not to say anything because both of them knew that he'd miss spending time with her due to him being a professional hero.

"At least you'll have something to look at when you miss me" she pulled his arm and kissed his cheek.

Enji blushed, making a weird sound and face before the clicking of the camera could be heard.


The shouts and laughter of numerous children could be heard.

"Ne, Shimizu-sensei" one child, who just recently developed his quirk, called her attention.

"What is it, Yamamoto-kun?" she smiled at the child kindly, "Could you help me get the ball? It got stuck in the tree" he pointed where the ball was stuck and followed him and the few children that were playing with him.

She noted that it was at the lowest branch but the tree was still too tall. Kohri would have asked for another teacher's help but they were busy looking out for the other children. 'Well, I could always use my quirk to get it.'

"I'll get you your ball"

Children stared at the figure in awe.

Kohri is shocked to see him.

"Endeavor!" The children flocked him, eyes shimmering at the Flame Hero, who was rapidly rising up the Hero Billboard Chart, effortlessly got the ball on the tree before signing it when he was asked by the little boy named Yamamoto, before handing it back to him.

She is still shocked at his sudden visit but later giggled at the image that the children were making him uncomfortable, 'The Flame Hero: Endeavor, does not know how to handle kids!'

"Ne, ne, Endeavor what are you doing here?" a child asked, black eyes shimmering at the man's presence.

"What indeed are you doing here, Endeavor-san?" She repeated her student's question but regretted it when her pale face turned crimson.

"Why? Can't I visit my own fiancée?"

He said the statement with a smirk and he knew that it made her weak.


The idea that she was the future wife of Todoroki Enji and mother of Todoroki Shouto made her panic and jittery. Mixed emotions flooded her when she realized this. At one point she didn't want to be bound by a power crazed husband. But the idea of Shouto being her son made her eyes shine in happiness and at the same time made her heart, throb painfully.

'Am I selfish enough not to be married and bounded by Todoroki Enji thus not creating Shouto's existence, enabling him not to experience his fate?' truly it was okay for her that she'd be the mother of one of the characters that she admired…no not character but a person. A breathing and living person who is not made out of ink and paper, where their destiny has already been decided…her son, one of her precious children. Who she knows she will love equally and unconditionally as a mother.

'Mother, huh?'

The word was so foreign to her. In her first life never has she experienced it but only felt a mother's love in both lives. Still, in her teens, she already has an image of who her future children will be. Steel eyes darkened, 'But what about being a wife?'

The thought made her feel that it was as if the world was on her shoulders.

Not because she needed to save anyone but because she knew the future…and the future needed her son. And her decision depended on the future.

'Should I save myself and my future children's possible future or follow what's going to happen?'

She thought and thought but it all disappeared because she realized that although she knew what their future may be, she can change it.

And even if she didn't want to change anything, her presence alone has changed the entire story that she knew...

Because the image of Todoroki Enji, stuttering and nervously asking her to be his girlfriend made her giggle and smile for this person in front of her is so much different from the ones that she could remember.

"And I love you, too, Enji" she wondered if the woman that was Todoroki Enji's wife that she knows of, if she truly did love him because then their difference would be that she did, wholeheartedly despite his attitude. It was small, but the changes of it and his behavior were slowly changing, different from the ones that everyone knew. Pleasant, welcoming and warm like his flames. People would ask what has changed, what could she have done and why, but she would just smile at them and jokingly say,

"Why? Because I am here"


Shimizu Hayase refused to let even a single drop of tear leave his steel grey eyes, similar to his daughter, but failed miserably. His lovely wife, Shimizu Miku, patted his back tenderly, trying to comfort him. Big fat tears continued to stream down his face as his nose turned red.

Kohri sheepishly smiled at the scene, "Come on, Otou-san…don't be such a cry baby" she joked, placing a hand on his back but it makes him wail louder

"Ko-kohri!" he starts, sobbing uncontrollably, "M-my…guh…be-beauti…guh…ful…dau-daughter…UHUHUHU…IS FINALLY GETTING MARRIED HOW CAN I NOT CRY?! LOOK AT YOU JUST LIKE YOUR OKAA-SAN DURING OUR WEDDING! AND I CAN'T GUUUH!" Kohri's mother looks at her daughter, dressed in a beautiful traditional wedding dress. They had initially thought of her using the common white colored one but it had blended with her snow white hair, pale skin and silver grey eyes. And although the image made her look like a beautiful Yuki-onna, the bride had to be the center of attention and thus they chose the eye catching red kimono with multi colored carnation flowers decorating it.

Doe brown eyes stared at her daughter's beautiful form lovingly, her husband still crying in her arms, she smiles and tells her, "Today's your big day, Kohri. Don't let anyone take this day away from you" Kohri gently smiles at her mother's words and nods, "Arigato, Okaa-san."

In a few minutes, the ceremony started. Nobody would have thought that the number one hero would be jittery on his…their big day. Multiple thoughts came to his mind while he waited for Kohri.

'What if she doesn't want to continue the wedding?'

'What if she left?'

'What if she doesn't love me all of a sudden?!'

Those thoughts repeated like a broken recorder but everything vanished when he saw her turn a corner, stepping towards him, with a smile on her face. He gulped, heart rapidly beating.

Because right in front of his eyes, is his soon-to-be wife. All dolled up, with the red traditional kimono. Hair knotted with ornaments stuck on them. A light makeup that accented her steel grey eyes and rosy red lipstick made him want to devour right then and there until he too had the same color on his lips. But he stopped himself and made eye contact with her eyes that he had grown to love for the past years of being together.

The ceremony began and he wasn't in the right mind but the next thing he knew was that they were exchanging vows and saying 'I do' to each other. Multiple sakura petals slowly descended down them like a blessing when they kissed.

It was the perfect scene.


Enji stared at the television, watching the news of All Might yet again saving the day. He turned it off when he heard laughter coming from the next room.

Ocean blue eyes looked at the scene in front of him lovingly.

On the tatami floor was his wife, Todoroki Kohri. Age has made her more beautiful. Tender steel grey eyes were still the same with the exception of a line underneath each of her eyes, the smile on her lips made his heart still skip a few beats, and long snow white hair pooling the floor. She was playing with their children. Children he was proud of because it was his and hers. Theirs. Half of their genes combined to create and give life to them. Blessings. They currently have 4 beautiful children.

His eldest was Todoroki Touya, 9 years old and had his features, ocean blue eyes, and red hair at first before it turned to white, leaving only a few streaks of red at his crown. The doctors said that the change was due to Touya inheriting Kohri's constitution to the cold despite getting his fire quirk which, unlike his fiery red-orange color, was colored blue. Regardless of its beauty, it was dangerous at the same time, hotter than his flames but Touya was learning to control it through his close guidance. His eldest had wanted to be a hero just like him.

He could remember trying to teach Touya which gave him the shivers when Kohri had told him to stop their training.

"You…" he tried to argue but silver hue eyes stared at his blue ocean ones dangerously despite the smile on her face.

"Ah, ah, ah…that's enough, Enji" she gleefully laughed inside to see her husband fuming.




"Anata" her smile grew wider.

There is silence before he answers,

"…yes dear"

Ahh, he will never forget that even if he was a professional hero in the family, it is his wife that man's the house and their children. He could definitely hear his past self, scoffing and disappointed at his pitiful situation but did not mind.

His second child was his only daughter Todoroki Fuyumi, 8 years old and looked just like her mother. Snow white hair with streaks of red and ocean blue eyes. Her quirk was similar to her mother's.

After Fuyumi, was his second son, Todoroki Natsuo. 3 years old but will be turning 4 years old this coming July. He had white hair with two streaks of crimson red on both sides and silver eyes. He still hasn't received his quirk but the young child was eagerly waiting for it.

And their youngest, the newly born child, was Todoroki Shouto. Looked like his mother and had both parent's coloring on his hair and eyes. Enji had agreed with Kohri when they first saw him that he was such a beautiful baby.

The scene made his heart melt and he was kind of thankful that even if he had risen to be the Number 2 hero for a few years already, he is still able to be with his family.

"Enji" bell-like laughter made him snap out of his thoughts when he heard Kohri calling him, "Come join us" ahh his heart skipped yet another beat.

Multiple big doe eyes perked up and stared at him, shimmering. Their smiles reached their eyes as they yelled, "Otou-san!"

Fuyumi hurriedly got up to hug his leg while Touya and Natsuo tried to pull him towards their mother and newly born sibling.

He allowed himself to be pulled, dragging Fuyumi by his leg carefully, before facing Kohri. He slightly blushed and grumbled, knowing that teasing smile she was wearing, because the both of them knew that he still does not know how to fully handle children, even his own.

His family yet again interacted with each other and he is left to stare at them lovingly at his giggling wife.

Ocean blue eyes softened.

If he hadn't met her and changed him, he knew that he'd be jealous of the hero that was named All Might. He'd be jealous and try everything in his power to get the spot of being the Number One hero. He would probably unknowingly put his desires to his children to surpass him and All Might and the thought scared him of what would happen if it came to that.

But that would be his past self.

Because his present self is satisfied with what he has. Sure, All Might also have what he has but he can never have the loving wife and wonderful children that he has. And that happiness he currently feels cannot be taken away or earned.

A comforting hand landed on his shoulder, to see steel grey eyes looking at him worriedly "What's wrong Enji?" Her eyes were worried but it turned to confusion when he took her hand gently and placed it on his flameless face, smiling a small one that is only reserved for his family, before saying those words that made Kohri's heart skyrocket and smile at her husband tenderly.

"Did I ever tell you that you're my hero?"

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