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I suppose that I had a good life. It wasn't particularly long, given that I had yet to drag myself through applying to college, but getting hit by a speeding vehicle while waiting for the bus was just a sad way to die.

Not that anyone here would know anything about that, my former existence and my former death, that is. I've always been Hana to them.

If anyone had mentioned that I wasn't Hana, my mother would throw her head back and screech with laughter before baring her teeth at them. "Whaddya mean she's not Hana? I gave birth to her."

And my little brother would probably punch them in the face. "No one talks shit about Hana-nee-san."

And I? I would have to bury my head in my hands and think about how they'd never know the actual Hana, who was probably much more like them in terms of personality.

But we were a family, Mom, Kiba, and me.

I had died on a dark and cloudy winter morning with my headphones in and a far too heavy backpack, standing too close to the edge of the driveway again. If I think about it for too long, I'd acknowledge that I had quite a few bad habits that could have easily led to my early demise.

I stood too close to the road while waiting for the bus. I walked down shady alleyways in cities by myself while out at tournaments. I ate far too much junk food for a seventeen year old girl. I had a fascinating habit of procrastinating until the last possible minute of any assignment. And I had an obsession with dark and gruesome characters that could probably kill me in their sleep like Hannibal Lecter.

It must be why I ended up here in the land where everyone, even the kids, could kill you with a sharp pointy thing with plenty of people who were dark and gruesome.

Small side note: These sorts of people are not fun in real life.

I would also acknowledge that it was increasingly unfair that I died without having the ability to slack off for half a year, but that came later after I could finally let go of my former life and my former situation.

The road was dark, and there were squealing tires and the blinding glare of headlights.

Ah no? I don't get to say goodbye to anyone? Sorry you had to see this, Sis. I did always joke about stepping into traffic, but it seems like traffic stepped into me instead.

I was hit, pain blossoming across my chest and down every bone. It was dark, and I fell. And there really wasn't a light at the end of this tunnel. I drifted, and I thought.

Surely, my brain cells are dead by now? It doesn't take long given that I was hit front and center by a speeding car.

Why am I still aware? Why am I thinking? Is this going to be my fate forever? Floating in a dark void?

And then I was being squeezed and pushed. As it turns out, there's a light at the end of this tunnel after all.

My vision was blurry, but I was definitely in a hospital with giants, because no way was I picked up and carried this easily. I was seventeen. I weighed a hundred and thirty or so pounds. And I most certainly didn't speak Japanese beyond cutesy anime terms I'd learned back in middle school.

I did the only reasonable thing that anyone could do in that situation. I opened my mouth and wailed.

Huh, it seems as though the car didn't completely crush my lungs. Who knew?

A.N. So here it is, the sin of all fanfiction writers, a self insert. Hopefully though, it's not going to be as sinful as most.

Given that Hana isn't a part of the main cast, even though Kiba is, there are going to be some OC's in this story. If that is not your cup of tea, turn back now.

Also, life will be mildly dark as Hana's born a year before the third Shinobi war, a few months before Itachi's, and she has a teenager's self-awareness sort of, she's going to understand that she's living in a war zone. Not to mention the Kyuubi happening when she's six and the ousting of Orochimaru when she's eight and the prowling nature of Danzo among bright children does not lend itself to a beautiful world.

That said, I've been told that while Bloodless is sad sometimes, it's not overly dark as of the writing of this note.


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