Author's POV

Nightwing was battling Black Manta while, he saw Queen Mera tied up so he tried his best to free her and eventually he defeated Black Manta. He then freed Queen Mera of Alantis and he saw Aquaman so he wanted to piss him off. He pissed him off by kissing Queen Mera on the lips. After that he put a spell on Queen Mera to make her love him and she told him she will be his slave that also pissed Aquaman off. She soon told Aquaman to leave her alone loud enough for everyone in Atlantis to hear and that made everyone shocked even Aquaman. She left and saw Nightwing then walked up to him that made all of Atlantis mad. Nightwing and Atlantis heard Queen Mera say she is all Nightwing's and that made Atlantis made and Nightwing shocked. Atlantis saw Nightwing's shock and felt sorry for him all of a sudden. But Nightwing took advantage of that moment and kissed her and she deepened the kiss. He then pulled her closer to himself. He soon said, "You sure you want to be all mine?" She said, "Yes now keep kissing me and maybe you can fuck me. hehehehe." And he did just that he keep kissing Queen Mera and eventually she pulled him into her room so that Nightwing can fuck her.