Reese Miller walked through the door of her apartment and was immediately greeted by her younger sister, who bounded up and took hold of her waist.

"Ree! Ree!" The five year-old cried. "You've been gone for ages!"

Reese gave a tight smile, having been done with everything since the start of first period, and patted her younger sister on the back. "I tell you this every day Skye, I've been gone for eight hours, not ages." Reese tugged on her younger sister's arm and pushed her to her grandmother, who was standing in the tiny kitchen standing over a steaming pot of noodles. Her grandma looked up, nodding her in acknowledgement.

"Hello, Grandma." Reese said, walking over to the woman and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"How was school?" The older woman asked, stirring the spaghetti noodles. Reese shrugged, "School was school." Skye ran up to her with a piece of paper and a blue crayon in hand.

"Ree! I made the TARNIS!" Skye shoved the paper into Reese's hands. Looking at the paper, you would initially think it was a blue blob, but Reese could slightly see Police Public Call Box scrawled in Skye's messy five year-old handwriting. Reese smiled down at her younger sister.

"Thank you Skye, it's very creative. I loved what you did with all!"

Even with the mediocre response, Skye beamed. "Thanks, I'm going to be an artist when I'm older, just like Gingie."

"That's great!" Reese said with fake enthusiasm.

"Dinner's in ten minutes!" Her grandma called as Reese walked back to her room with her bag still slung over her shoulder. She didn't respond.

Opening the door to her room that she shared with her sister, Reese walked over the larger bed and flopped down on it, throwing her bag beside the bed. It had been a long day. Her teacher yelled at her for not turning in an assignment, Carrie Franks dumped a tray of nachos down her shirt during lunch, and the PE teacher made them run the track around the football field despite it being eighty degrees.

"Uh," Reese groaned. She wasn't halfway done with the school year either.

Feeling a headache coming on, Reese stood to go get medicine, but when she did, her feet seemed to give way and she fell to her wooden floor. She groaned and rubbed her temples, which is where the headache had worsened. Reese had half expected her grandma to burst in, checking if she were alright, but then scolding her for getting up to fast. But nothing happened. Reese strained her ears for anything, the sound of her grandma cursing at something, Skye squealing at the TV, or the rush of cars outside her window. But she didn't hear anything, just deafening silence.

Swallowing the lump in her throat, she hesitantly grabbed on the edge of her bed and pushed herself onto her feet, which were shaking trying to hold her up. With her heart beating rapidly, which was unusual because she didn't know why she was nervous, Reese walked towards the door and turned the handle, opening it.

She hoped to she the grey walls of the hallway and a picture of her holding Skye when she was just an infant, but instead came upon a beige hallway that adorned holes. But they looked like they should be there, not like they were punched.

"Uh.." Reese trailed. She winced and rubbed her temple as a pain shot through it. "Uh, Skye?" She called, looking left and right down the never ending hallway.

"Grandma?" Reese decided to walk to the left, her Converse clad feet slapping on the grating floor. "Hello?" An eerie feeling crept inside of her stomach, this all seemed so familiar, yet so distant. Like her headache was blocking memories.

That's stupid. Reese told herself.

She continued her trek down the hall, when she came upon what looked like a control room.

Large coral structures sprouted up from the floor, all the way to the ceiling. A console sat in the middle of the room, it was round and had buttons, leavers, and pulley systems all around it. A large green pole was in the middle of the panel, also reaching up to the ceiling like the coral structures. She followed the grated ramp up to the panel and flipped a leaver.

"Who the hell are you?" A voice asked.

Reese jumped, then it clicked. She turned towards the doors and saw the Ninth incarnation of the Doctor, her favorite fictional character, wearing his signature leather jacket and a set of narrowed blue eyes.


Hello! Thanks for reading this chapter. This is my first story I've published, so don't judge of it's terrible. Give me time and the chapters will get better. Thanks again for reading!