One day me and my pals Grand Wizard Johnny the third, Trash man Bandicoot, Kahoot master 780 and the only 1 female Glass minister played a game of kahoot but not just a normal kahoot but a kahoot to decide who gets the last slice of premium papa john's pepperoni Pizza. We decided to do it on Disney because we'd be on level ground but what they didn't know just like our lord and saviour Obi-wan I was on the HIGH GROUND as we started it we had the classic names: Weeaboo 80, Goku Black Rosé, Glass Minister Final Form and WOAH WOAH WOAH. With that the game started but as it started we were sent to the mem realm and there he was steve Harvey with a sinister smile saying "LETS PLAY THE FAMILY FUED" as we all dabbed at the same time and sang "it's everyday bro" with that Grand Wizard Johnny the third died from not being that cool, and then everyone else died from uh… plot convince. Steve Harvey Took a deep breath and absorbed us and went to fight the powerful demon god Nibbaloo Jr. as the fight starts he is too weak to even scratch Nibbaloo Jr. as he's thrown through the Family Fued logo screaming in pain "Your bitch ass is too weak" saids Nibbaloo Jr. "let's end this" Nibbaloo shoots fire at steve Harvey but he deflects it and goes Steve Harvey Rosé "I haven't even used 1% of my power you weak ass pink looking-" before he could finish saying that he gets punched in the face and it kind of damaged him I think "lol okay guess I should use 100%" as he says that ear rape ruptures from the ground as he becomes a living meme. Steve Harvey knows he cannot win so he looks around for someone to merged with and Zamasu and becomes Merged Zaharvy Rosé. Looking at his immense power, he charges at Nibbaloo

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