A Happy Ending

Everything changed when Clay came. Everything changed for the better. Thanks to Clay, Jestro got his life back and Monstrox was gone from their lives. One year on from when the curse was lifted, things slowly but surely improved. The gang were adjusting back into their human forms and improving themselves as human beings. A few weeks after the curse was broken, Clay asked Jestro if he and his family wanted to move to Knighton with him and out of the castle. After discussing it with them, they said yes; thinking it would be a nice change. After a while, the Knights helped them build a house big enough for all of them; building it right next to where Clay and Jestro were living. They would always visit each other to catch up on many things. But one day, Jestro came over to the house with the most joyful smile on his face. The gang only just noticed that he had a ring on his finger when he gave them the good news.

Clay proposed. And Jestro accepted.

Whiparella fixed up Jestro's hair and white head piece while Lavaria gave him a makeover for his big day. The pair were going to make sure their boy looked as beautiful as he felt.

"And a little bit of blush and we're done." Lavaria announced as she finished applying the makeup.

Jestro opened his eyes and blinked a bit. Whiparella finished fixing up the blue and purple dress coat that he wore when he first danced with Clay. She gently put it on him as she held back joyful tears. Jestro stood up and looked at himself in the body length mirror in the room. The jester stared with silent awe as he turned around to see the rest. Lavaria and Whiparella watched as he covered his mouth and closed his eyes. The pair looked at him with concern.

"Sweetie, what's wrong?" Lavaria asked.

"Don't you like it?" Whiparella asked nervously.

Jestro looked at himself in the mirror. Lavaria made his usually wild hair nice and neat. She applied a nice amount of makeup on him; giving his cheeks a soft bit of blush with his favourite light red lipstick and light but colourful shares of blue and purple eyeshadow. He wore all white underneath his dress coat; like he was showing how he changed since the lifting of the curse. Jestro took his hand away as he gave the pair a teary but joyous smile.

"I love it." He croaked out.

Lavaria and Whiparella smiled as they pulled their boy into an embracive hug. Jestro managed to keep the tears in; smiling as he thought of how happy this day would be. The trio did not notice Magmar as he came in. The general knocked on the door to gain their attention.

"I hate to interrupt, but they're ready to start the ceremony." He said as he held out a ring made of flowers.

Lavaria nodded as she took the flower crown from Magmar and gently placed it on top of Jestro's head. Jestro made a small squeak as he covered his mouth.

"Excited?" Whiparella asked with a grin.

"Yeah. And a bit nervous." Jestro answered back.

Lavaria gently put her hand on Jestros cheek; making him look at her.

"It's alright, Jestro." She reassured him of any worries. "Just remember that your knight is out there waiting for you."

Jestro nodded with a nervous but eager smile. Magmar held as arm out to the jester; ready to lead him out of the room to the main event. Whiparella and Lavaria followed them as they made their way outside to a large gathering. Everyone was there. The gang, the Knights, Robin, Ava, Merlok, Roberto, the king and Queen and several squirebots; all standing around for the main event. Book Keeper turned away from the group to see Magmar coming with Jestro and the girls. The short man smiled before getting everyone's attention; silently telling them to move to the sides. Everyone quickly moved out of the way; revealing the second man of the hour.

Jestro felt his insides going cold with nervous anticipation when he saw Clay standing there at the altar with Merlok and the king; dressed in the same outfit he was in during their first dance. The knight turned and saw the Jester standing there with his family; staring in awe at the jester in white. Jestro looked down as everyone had their eyes on him. He started breathing heavily. Whiparella and Lavaria quickly responded to calm him.

"You can do this." Whiparella reassured with a gently smile.

Lavaria nodded and smiled in agreement.

"You're knight is waiting for his prince." She spoke in a gentle voice.

Jestro gave them both a look of nervous anticipation before looking at Magmar. The general smiled and nodded in approval. Jestro smiled a little before he heard the sound of a piano being played as Magmar lead him up to the altar. Everyone watched as Jestro kept his eyes forward towards Clay; trying to hide the nervous but excited grin on his face. Whiparella and Lavaria stood with the others as Magmar led their boy to the altar. The music quieted down as Magmar let go of Jestro and stood aside so he could stand next to Clay. Clay looked at Jestro with a gentle smile as the king prepared to conduct the ceremony.

"You look perfect." The knight commented in a whisper.

Jestro smiled a bit as his cheeks turned pink.

"You too." He whispered back.

Everyone quieted down as the king began to speak.

"Dearly beloved. We have gathered here today to witness the joining of Sir Clay Moorington and Jestro..."

The king paused for a moment.

"Ummm... Jestro..."

Jestro stepped forward and whispered something into the kings' ear. His majesty went wide eyed and let out a quiet oh before speaking again.

"Just Jestro." He corrected himself; getting a few giggles from the crowd.

Jestro held in a light chuckle as everyone else did. Clay felt his heart warm up as Jestro kept a light smile up. Everyone watched as the king continued the ceremony for the next half hour; everyone getting a bit excited towards the end as the king asked the big question. He took a gold coloured ribbon; telling the pair to hold out their hands and loosely tying them together

"Do you, Clay; take Jestro to be your husband?" He began the final part of the ceremony. "For sickness and in health, for many years to come?"

Everyone watched as Clay gave Jestro a gentle and knowing look.

"I will and shall." Clay promised; hanging onto the ribbon.

Jestro smiled nervously as he held onto the gold ribbon. The king to turned Jestro as he continued the ceremony.

"Do you, Jestro; take Clay to be your husband? For sickness and in health, for many years to come?"

Jestro looked up at Clay with a look of uncertainty. He knew he wanted this, but a part of him was scared to go through with it. Jestro found reassurance as Clay gave him a kind look that said 'don't worry. It's okay.' Jestro lightly smiled back as he his cheeks turned pink.

"I will and shall." He finally uttered the words after a few seconds.

Everyone leaned forward with anticipation as the king prepared the final part of the ceremony.

"Then by the power invested in me and by my royal decree, I hereby pronounce you husband and husband!" His majesty spoke proudly. "You may now-"

Jestro cut the king off when he jumped into Clays arms; kissing him passionately but gently; making everyone cheer and clap as Clay kissed back. King Halbert looked at Merlok with a confused faced; but the wizard just shrugged with a smile under his beard.

"You may continue to kiss." His majesty finished with a chuckle.

Clay and Jestro broke away from their kiss for Clay to hold Jestro in his arms. The jester put his face in the Knights chest. Clay grew concerned when he heard what sounded like sniffling.

"Jestro, what's wrong?" He asked in a worried tone.

Clay watched as Jestro looked up at him with teary eyes. But the jester was smiling.

"I'm great, Clay." He reassured the knight. "I just... I just feel... I don't know how to say it."

Clay watched as Jestro covered his tearful smile. The Knight smiled back as he gently wiped away the jesters' tears.

"It's okay. I know." He reassured; getting a quiet laugh out of the jester.

At the reception, everyone came up to the new couple a few at a time to congratulate them. Jestro was not used to such positive greetings. But Clay made sure he was fine. After a while, Clay and Jestro wandered off to different groups. Lavaria and Whiparella gave their boy a tight hug as his whole family came up to him.

"You sure scored yourself a good one, J-man." Flama congratulated Jestro.

"Bet you'll have fun on your honeymoon with him." Moltor added to the congratulations.

Jestro covered his face as his cheeks went pink again. But he had plenty to say.

"I'm not gonna lie. This whole thing has been surreal." He admitted. "I really didn't think we were going to make it until Clay helped us."

Magmar came to Jestro and put his hand on his shoulder like a proud father.

"If anything, I think he helped you the most." Magmar with a knowing smile; everyone nodding in agreement.

Jestro nodded back. He did not admit it, but he was afraid and scared for the past years. Hopefully now he could put it behind him. Whiparella and Lavaria spoke up.

"You two will be so happy together." Lavaria spoke up.

"You are so blessed." Whiparella spoke with a proud tone.

Jestro looked towards where Clay was. He saw his knight talking to his friends. He could not hear them. But they were smiling and laughing. He knew they were talking about something happy and good. Jestro smiled as he looked at Clay; now realising that he really was a blessing.

"Mi scusi, signor Moorington?"

Jestro snapped out of his daydream when he heard Roberto's voice talk to him. Everyone greeted the man before Jestro turned to look at him.

"Roberto." Jestro smiled as he pointed at him.

"I've come to apologise for what happened long ago." Roberto began with a heartfelt apology. "And I wanted to give you something."

Roberto had a medium sized box under his arm. He pulled it out and handed it to the newlywed. Jestro and the gang raised a brow as he took it from the sculptor. Roberto gestured for him to open it. Jestro opened the box to find an array of art supplies. Led pencils, water colour paints, paint brushes, coloured pencils, a couple of erasers, a sharpener and a few sheets of paper. The gang looked at the art set with curious looks; whispering 'oh, that's nice' and 'fancy'. Jestro gave Roberto a rather curious look.

"I've made a bit of money since I got my old job back." The artist explained. "So when I heard you were getting Married, I thought I'd get you something you might like."

Jestro adjusted the flower crown on his head as he smiled with a shrug.

"I'm not much of an artist. But I'm willing to learn." He spoke with a small smile.

"Well sculpting is my thing, so don't steal it." Roberto replied.

Everyone laughed a little; thinking Roberto was making a joke. The artist gave everyone weird looks before he realised what was going on and joined in. Jestro calmed down so he could talk again.

"I'll go put this with all the gifts." He said before walking away with the present.

Jestro walked passed and greeted a few people as he walked over to the table where all the wedding presents were. Jestro was baffled by all the gifts he and Clay got from his family and the Knights. Some of the things his family gave them seemed a bit unnecessary(like a giant sword), but he loved the atlas, the Knights of the red rose book set and the mirror. The Knights and the king and queen's gifts were a bit high tech and homey; like a toaster and even a TV with a movie player to go with it. Jestro gently put the box in with the gifts. Before he heard an odd noise.

Jestro poked his head up when he heard what sounded like a cough. He looked towards the entrance of the gardens where they were holding the reception; thinking there was someone there. His suspension was correct when he saw someone with a hood over their head standing there; hunched over, walking with a cane, facing away from him and coughing immensely. Jestro slowly walked over.

"Are you okay?"

The hunched figure finished coughing and turned to Jestro; their face hidden because of their hood.

"Don't mind me, boy." The figure spoke on a deep raspy make voice. "I'm just an old man looking for something to eat."

Jestro blinked in confusion before speaking again.

"There's some food in there. I can get you some of you like." He offered.

"I would appreciate that, young man." The old man spoke softly.

The hooded man watched as Jestro ran back into the garden; coming back half a minute later with a plate of fruit, sweets and a bread roll. The old man took the bread roll and started eating.

"Having a party in there, are you?" He asked curiously with a mouthful of bread.

"It's my wedding actually." Jestro said with a nervous grin.

The old man took a bite of the bread before speaking again.

"Newlywed, are you? Who's the lucky lady?" He asked before eating again.

"Oh, I have a husband." Jestro corrected.

The old man listened as Jestro sighed in content.

"He's like an angel. He saved my life. He saved my family."

The old man finished eating his roll before moving on to a slice of watermelon.

"Really?" He questioned. "How so?"

Jestro looked at the man with a saddened look before looking at the ground.

"Well... I used to know this man who was like my teacher." He began to explain. "I thought he was teaching me how to properly use magic. But he really wanted to use me to take over the kingdom. He made me do something I didn't want to do. So then he cursed me and my family."

The old man kept his head down as he listened.

"We had to spend at least eleven or twelve years as monsters."

Jestro brightened as he spoke.

"Then Clay came and saved us. I did imprison his friends at one point, but I wasn't really in my right mind then. But he showed me how to be happy again. I fell for him and then he told me that he loved me when I died, but it brought me back to life."

Jestro scratched the back of neck awkwardly.

"I know that sounds a bit unbelievable and cheesy." He admitted. "But it felt like something out of a fairy-tale."

The old man finished the piece of watermelon and put the green bit back on the plate.

"Well. I hope you two are happy together." He said rather unemotionally. "And I'm sure the one who hurt you has many regrets."

Jestro tilted his head a little in confusion. He was about to say something when he heard someone call out to him from the garden.

"Hey, Jestro; you're gonna miss the cake and the big dance!" He turned to see Axl standing at the entrance.

Jestro smiled at the mention of cake. He thought of the Neapolitan flavoured cake and how good it was going to taste. He quickly remembered the plate of food in his hand.

"Would you like the rest of this, sir-?"

Jestro fell silent when he saw that the old man was gone. Nowhere to be seen. The jester raised a brow and scratched his head in confusion before being called again.

"We're starting the dance, Jestro!"

Jestro turned back to the gate when he heard Beast Master call out to him. He quickly ran back inside the gardens to have some cake. After enjoying a slice of cake, everyone who felt like it decided to join in the wedding dance. Squirebots played music for everyone who was dancing; the king and Queen, Lavaria and Whiparella, even Robin and Ava(Robin was not very good at it though). Aaron was trying to ask Macy if she wanted to dance; but she was a bit nervous about it. Though everyone else was keen and already dancing. Including Clay and Jestro. Jestro looked down at the ground as he and Clay lead each other through the steps. Clay looked down at Jestro with content. The knight looked up at the band of squirebots when he heard them played a new tune. He recognised the song. It was the one that was playing when they danced together in the castle. He smiled as he looked back at Jestro.

"It's our song." He spoke; making Jestro look up.

Jestro listened as the squirebots played the tune; smiling softly as he remembered that beautiful evening.

"It is." He said softly as leaned on Clays shoulder.

Clay gently held and swayed as he held Jestro in his arms. Everything that was happening felt like a beautiful dream. But they knew it was for real. They knew things were going to be great from now on. They knew for sure that the curse was no more.

AN: Welp. That's it. I hope you all enjoy this prequel(I hope it made sense) and liked how it ended. Now I'll be working on my other AU with Nightmare in Knighton. Thanks for reading, everybody!