Answers to reviewers' questions or statements

HaywireEagle: Uh no Kantus were seen before Operational Hollow Storm. Battle of Halvo Bay, the Evacuation of llima City, the second battle of Jilane which took place months before with Baird saying the Locust attacking them was being led either by a Theron Guard or KANTUS. He wouldn't be saying that unless the COG encountered the Kantus before.

Guest: Nah I won't be killing off Bobbi, that'd be too cruel. Also, I'm sure there are some good Gears of War crossover stories.

Justafan: No Sofia apparently dies years later off screen and even then, it's not certain.

Yorhart Meltz: It's to show that Peter isn't some blood thirsty guy and that he has a sort of moral code. To him, shooting full grown Locust is one thing, but shooting defenseless and even innocent babies, even though it turns out they weren't Grub eggs in the end, that's just unethical to him. Odd yeah, especially in this war but that'll change as time goes on and he becomes 'harder' and more 'brutal'.

Dr Sugarcakes: I've toyed with the idea of something like that but the COG would never let Peter keep a et Corpser, be funny for him to ask for one though.

KasugaRomio: It would have been either him or Bobbi that mentioned it because I find it a little hard to believe that Professor Elliot would just tell a cadet like Sofia something like where the missile is and what it can do specifically, regardless if he's sleeping with her. The court martial will be a little tricky to handle and I'm for warning you it might be bad, but I'm going to go for a sort of feeling of disappointment and betrayal with Loomis in regards to Peter and Bobbi. Vampires, clean? There ain't nothing clean about them but I know what you mean and I have been entertaining the idea since it was first dropped. The issue will be trying to incorporate Peter into this world. I've toyed with the idea that the Vampires in their war against the Lycans (Werewolves) they began to experiment on others, maybe even using animal DNA to give them a better chance against their physically superior opponents.

Esquire-man: Yeah, plus I did it for a bit of dark comedic relief.

henchman213: Nah, for the most part Loomis is a dick. True he'd be the last man to walk off a battlefield and will fight to the death with his men when it comes down to it, but he's a bit of a dick. Still he'll change as the story goes on as I'm going to be keeping him around.

Cyclopz: As this story goes on, we'll be seeing just how short end of a stick the civilians get when it comes to this war. After seeing that comment, and I sometimes wonder if it was just a sarcastic remark, I've been toying with the idea of a Spider-man in the Underworld universe. The issue is choosing which side he'd be on in that story. Lycans (Werewolves) and vampires share a number of his powers like enhance speed, strength, can stick to walls, and the like.

Disclaimer: I don't own any Marvel or Gears of War characters seen, mentioned or used

"Okay it's official… we're in the shit" Peter said as he and the rest of the squad trudged through an old sewer line to reach the Academy. The tunnel was mostly dark with the only sources of lights being from their armor's lights and the occasional hole in the ceiling that led up to the streets above or the odd manhole cover that was missing. "I mean I think I can safely say our situation stinks"

"Peter, I swear to god if you make another joke about where we are, I'll hit you" Bobbi growled in annoyance as she had to steady her footing or risk falling face first into the knee-deep sewage.

"Aww…" Peter pouted at her back before glancing at Baird who had his hand over his nose "But Lieutenant, you have to agree that we're in deep right?"

"I've walked through worse" Paduk said as he looked down to see a dead rat floating in the murky waters "Smelled worse"

"I don't think I want to know" Peter said with a shiver as he glanced up at a manhole they were passing by, small pillars of light leaking through the holes in it and into the water below "You wonder if this is what the Locust feel like in their tunnels? Baring the sewage, I mean. You know walking by and hearing us up there"

"Maybe" Cole said before he chuckled at a thought "Heh, must sound like an earthquake every time they went near a stadium"

"Or when we set off explosives for either construction or demolition" Sofia said before a thought came to her "How the hell did we miss them after all these years? I mean how could all of those geologists over the years miss a civilization like this lurking right under our very noses?"

"Well to be fair we had no reason to look for another civilization underground" Peter said as he glanced behind them, he swore he just heard something moving through the water, like footsteps, but he chalked it to debris falling into the water "Besides we had this little thing called the Pendulum Wars going on. Seeing what's under Sera's crust doesn't sound all that important when a near eighty-year long war is going on"

"Yeah but what about all the times the COG or the UIR were digging through minds for ores or looking for Imulsion?" Sofia questioned with a frown.

Peter shrugged "Maybe they did stumble across them and it was classified or maybe the Locust are a lot deeper in the hollows then we know"

"Plus, they could have had years practicing hiding from others. I mean if they share the same living space as Brumaks, Corpsers, and those giant Serapedes that all probably want to eat them, hiding from a bunch of humans that aren't focused on looking for them or even know they're there sounds easy enough" Baird commented before he spoke up towards Bobbi "How much farther anyway?"

"We just passed under Enfield avenue, so we should be able to get out up ahead" Bobbi said as she gestured to some writing on the wall that displayed their location or at least which junction they were at.

"Finally…" Peter said before he suddenly lost his footing and fell face first into the sewage. He suddenly tasted the water which was possibly the most bitter, foul tasting thig he's ever had in his mouth and before he could think, he pushed himself up and tire his helmet off just as he vomited into the ripple filled waters "Oh god…"

Cole gave him a pat on the back as he helped him up "Whoo boy… I think someone's going to need a shower or ten when we get back to base"

"Well he's riding next to you because I don't want to smell shit all the way back" Paduk said with a frown as he and the rest of Kilo watched Peter let out another stream of vomit.

"This… this never leaves the sewer" Peter coughed as he tried to spit the taste of piss and shit out of his mouth and saw that clumps of waste were now on his chest plate. He had to resist the urge to puke again as he brushed it off best he could.

Bobbi who helped brush some of the waste off his chest plate couldn't help but grunt under her helmet "You know Parker… you can be pretty shitty at times"

"Oh blow me…" Peter groaned as he emptied some of the water out of his helmet before he slapped it back on with a grunt.

Bobbi chuckled as they continued through the sewer line until they came to a manhole at the very end. Baird slowly crawled up the ladder to give the topside a peek while the rest stayed below and watched the darkened tunnels for signs of Locust. It was a bit odd they didn't encounter any down here but none were willing to take the chance of lowering their guard.

"It's clear, well clear of bad guys at least…" Baird said as he looked back down at them.

"You heard him, up the ladder" Bobbi said before Paduk went up followed by Sofia, then Peter and finally Cole. She prepared to climb up herself before she heard something in the darkness and immediately turned with her Lancer at the ready.

She saw nothing and no Hammerburst erupted in the confined space. Her eyes narrowed as she scanned the shadows for several more moments before she holstered her rifle and quickly climbed up the ladder and towards the surface. Had she been equipped with a flashlight, she would have noticed an armored skirmisher with a Longshot crouching in the darkness only a few meters away.

"You okay?" Peter asked as he held his hand out for Bobbi to take and pull her up.

"Thought I heard something down there" Bobbi said as she glanced back down the manhole after being pulled out with a frown "Could have been rats…"

"Or a grub" Peter pointed out as he glanced down there too before he checked his belt for something "Shame I'm out of grenades. Could have dropped one down there just to be sure"

"Yeah… shame" Bobbi said as she kicked the cover back on and turned to seeKilo moving down the alleyway "Rude…"

"I know, so inpatient" Peter said as they followed after them. It was daylight as the battle for Halvo Bay entered its fourth day. The early morning air was filled with smoke and AA fire along with the occasianol explosion, be it Reaver or Raven. The last of the Pestals were wiped out last night leaving only the COG famous helicopters to provide support today.

"Still think we have a chance of winning this battle?" Bobbi asked as the squad slowly made it's way down an alley way with small stores on each side either boarded up or riddled with bullet holes. The ground was covered in Lancer and Hammerburst casings along with large amounts of blood, both human and Grub.

"At this point, not really" Peter said as he scanned what was once a book store that was now on fire, smoke billowing out and into the humid air outside "The best we can do now is kill the Locust big shot and hope it'll slow them down for a while"

"Assuming he's not replaced almost instantly" Bobbi said.

"Nah, they can't replace a guy like that so soon. If what half of what Paduk said is true, he's like one of the Locust top brass. Taking him out is bound to create a vacuum that others will be clamoring to fill" Peter said.

"Let's hope that clamoring leads to a civil war, give us some breathing room" Bobbi said as they neared a large gate with the doors closed.

Cole gave it a hard shove and the green faded doors gave a little but remained steadfast. Peter shoulder his rifle along with Paduk as all three put their weight into it. This time the doors snapped of their hinges and clamored to the ground as a visibly damaged Raven passed over them with two Reavers in hot pursuit and gave Kilo a perfect view of what was once the training grounds for the Onyx Guard…

Or what was left of it.

"Damn… they hit this place hard" Peter commented as he took in the damage to the academy. Parts of the campus were on fire or were collapsing from being shelled to the point of dust by either Locust artillery or the COG's when it was clear the school was lost to them.

"Well this is where the Onyx train, only makes sense you destroy as much as you can" Bobbi said as she saw several Reavers land in a courtyard. "Let's hope the cadets that were still here and the rest of the staff put up a hell of a fight cause I'm almost out of ammo"

"Me too…" Sofia checked her Lancer "Down to half a clip in the rifle and three full magazines in my snub Pistol"

"I'm out of ammo completely" Paduk said with a sigh as he stared down at his weapon "Good thing it's heavy… I can always beat the Locust to death with it"

"Won't you have to get close to them?" Cole asked with confusion.

"Yes… I will" Paduk smiled grimly.

"I swear you're a serial killer in the making" Peter deadpanned.

"I'm a soldier, I'm a government trained, fed and equipped serial killer" Paduk said with a shrug as the squad made it's way down a small stair case that would take them down to a small road that would lead to a bridge that connected to the Locust occupied Academy.

It didn't take long for the squad to reach the bridge before they hunkered down and scouted out the enemy's fortifications. Safe to say, Kilo was really wishing they had more ammo with them.

"Man, bunch of troops with little cover and in such a condensed space, this place is like heaven for a sniper" Peter commented as he used Bobbi's field glasses to scan the Locust on the bridge.

"Shame we don't have One-shots" Baird said as he stood next to him with his own larger field glasses "Could take multiple Grubs out in one hit"

"Can you see anything else besides Drones out there?" Cole asked with a frown as he and Sofia kept a careful watch on the street behind them for any possible Locust approaching to either re-enforce the detachment still in the Academy or just passing through and making sure every human in this sector was dead.

"There's a chain gun halfway up the bridge" Baird commented as he zeroed in on the turret "And if what I'm seeing is right, several more at the far end by the building's entrance"

"Lots of Reavers flying around too" Peter said as he gazed up at the sky "We'll be sitting ducks out there if they spot us. Turret pins us down while Reavers come in and bombard us"

"Anyway, to get across the river that doesn't involve a possible one way suicide trip?" Bobbi asked with a frown as Peter handed her the field glasses back.

Peter shook his head "Nah, the nearest crossing is about half a kilometer-" he threw a thumb over his shoulder towards the east "-In that direction and there's no telling how much more fortified that place is compared to this"

"Assuming there's still a crossing there. The COG or Locust could have destroyed it by now" Paduk commented with a frown.

"Shit…" Cole said as he shook his head before looking around "So either way, we're possibly fucked?"

"Looks like it" Baird said with a sigh as he sat down behind the cover and rubbed his brow "You know, being an officer is a lot harder than I thought"

"How?" Bobbi asked as she glanced at the blonde.

"Uh…" Baird tried to think up an answer that didn't sound like an insult before Peter spared him the possible embarrassment.

"Well officers are more often than not expected to have all of the answers based on what the Grunts gather from being in the field or from higher up. Given we're on our own now and You and Baird only have me, Sofia, Cole and Paduk here, things get a lot harder" Peter said as he adjusted the captured cleaver on his back.

Bobbi hummed at this as she went back to scouting out the defenses on the bridge while the rest of the squad went through what very limited ammo they had left. They never had a chance to resupply after leaving the museum.

"Okay, so between all of us, me, Cole and Baird are the only ones with a single full clip left. Sofia has only half a clip and a few full mags for her sidearm, Paduk is out completely and all Bobbi has is six rounds in her rifle and maybe a single bullet in her side arm as well"

"Two actually" Bobbi said as she sat back down and let out a tired sigh "One for me and you"

"What about the rest of us?" Baird asked with a frown.

"Get your own damn rounds to off yourselves with if it looks like you're going to be captured by the Grubs" Bobbi said as he pulled her helmet off and almost gagged as the smell coming off Peter's armor hit her full force.

"Do the Grubs even take prisoners?" Sofia sked with dread.

"Something tells me that if they do, it won't be much better than death" Cole said as he glanced at the bridge.

"Your wrong… it'll be worse" Paduk said grimly and no one could fault him for it, after all the Locust were brutal when they killed you, god knows what they do to you if they decide to capture you instead.

"Okay as much as I like to sit here talking about how we're each saving a bullet for ourselves if it looks like we'll be captured and theorize what the Locust do to POW's, with still have a beacon to acquire" Baird said as he rested a hand on his knee.

"Well then, how do we get in?" Peter nodded back towards the bridge.

Baird looked back with narrowed eyes as he used his field glasses to zero in on the turret. It was lightly defended and most of the Locust had pulled back to the other side of the bridge in front of the Academy. He also saw that the turret would have a clear line of sight and the two on the other end of the bridge didn't have a clear shot of it's location.

"Hmm… I have an idea. It's risky and likely going to get us killed but it's all I got at the moment" the blonde officer said.

"What is it?" Cole asked.

Baird pointed to the turret "Take the turret, clear the bridge before moving on up to deal with the rest of the Locust outside the campus entrance"

"What about the Locust on the bridge?" Peter asked with a frown "Need I remind you we're low on ammo? And even if there are still bodies of Gears or Onyx on there, the Locust probably cleaned them by now"

"It looks like most of the Grubs are gathering by the entrance, if we can get to the turret before they can we'll be able to mow them down. The turrets on the other side of the bridge won't be able to provide cover fire" Baird said.

"And the Reavers?" Paduk pointed up towards the clear blue sky that was filled with several dozen Reavers that looked more like insects given their altitude.

"Use the turret" Baird replied.

Everyone soon grew quiet for a few minutes before Peter sighed "Fuck it… by the time we find a better route, this city will be ash anyhow"

"Alright, let's move" Baird said as he got up along with the rest of the squad "Just keep low and don't stop moving and we'll have that turret under our control before the Locust can cross the bridge and provide support"

"If you say so" Sofia said uneasily as she took several deep breaths to calm herself for the charge up the bridge.

"Hey, Loomis himself promoted me to Lieutenant, he wouldn't have done it unless he was confident in my abilities" Baird boasted.

"Or he was desperate, I mean he let me into the Onyx Guard of all places for crying out loud" Peter said with a snort of amusement.

"That's because you use your brain more often than your muscles Peter" Bobbi said as she and Peter along with Cole moved down the left side of the bridge, keeping their heads low while Baird, Sofia and Paduk moved on the right.

"Nah, I'm pretty sure he was just trying to meet his quota" Peter snorted as one of the Grubs passing the turret noticed the approaching humans through the smoke and fortifications and roared in alarm "Well, their goes stealth"

"Move it Kilo!" Bobbi shouted as they broke into a sprint as one of the Drones made it's way to the turret while the rest opened fire on the humans with their Hammerbursts or Gnasher shotguns.

Peter was just about two thirds of the way to the turret when he accidently tripped on what was left of an Onyx Guard's corpse. Bobbi didn't stop moving as she leaned in and with a combination of her own upper body strength and sheer adrenaline, she grabbed Peter's armor by the scruff and dragged him out of the line of fire behind a small mound of sandbags while Cole crouched next to them and fired off several rounds to keep the advancing Grubs back.

"You okay?" Bobbi asked.

Peter nodded "Yeah, I'm find. Though I cant help but feel like I'm going to hell for tripping over that guy's body back there"

"Honestly Peter, I think another Onyx Guard tripping on his corpse was the least disrespectful thing done to it today" Bobbi commented as she saw Sofia score a headshot with her Snub Pistol on the Drone manning the turret.

The amount of firepower on her, Peter and Cole's position dropped significantly and allowed the trio of humans to push further up the bridge until they were in the center as well. Baird and Paduk had already used what little ammunition they had left on the Locust that were occupying the bridge center while Sofia made her way to the turret and turned it towards the advancing platoon of Grubs rushing in from the academy.

"Okay cadet, let'm have it!" Baird said and watched as Sofia opened up on the wave of Grubs with a steady stream of high caliber bullets.

While she was keeping the advancing Grubs back, Peter, Cole and Paduk used this moment to see if there was any ammo left to scavenge from the small outpost they acquired. Aside from a few Lancer clips from the dead Onyx Guards and the odd Gear or two, there was very little to go around.

"Well this sucks" Peter lamented as he slapped a single fresh clip into his Lancer.

"Hopefully there's more ammo inside, because if there ain't, we're gonna have to use some of the Grubs" Cole said as he looked to see that Sofia had mowed down half the Locust already and what few were still standing were retreating back to the far end of the bridge they still occupied "Damn… someone's enjoying herself"

Peter followed Cole's gaze and saw that Sofia had an excited expression on her face as she tore a poor Grub's upper torso to pieces with several bursts from the turret. He could help but shake his head in amusement.

"Yeah, it's always the quiet ones"

"I hear that" Cole chuckled before he looked over Peter's shoulder and paled "Aw shit…"

Peter looked to see what had Cole freaking out and gaped at what he saw.

Over a dozen Reavers were in bound for what looked like a bombing run of sorts. Bobbi saw this as well and slapped Sofia on the shoulder and nearly yelled into her ear as the red head continued to pin down the Locust.

"Left side, up high!"

Sofia looked to see what Bobbi saw and noticed the incoming Reavers. She turned the turret to the left and lined up her sights before she squeezed the trigger. The turret rattled as the bullets tore through the air at the approaching Reavers, forcing them to scatter as the bullets began to tear into their hides. A few lucky shots knocked a Grub or two off one of the Reavers.

"Nice shot" Peter said as he and Cole fired off small controlled burst at the Revaers as they flew overhead.

"Thanks!" Sofia said as she centered her sights on one Reaver and kept firing in short bursts until finally she heard it give out a sort of death cry as it fell to the water only to blow up just meters above the surface.

It was then that Baird spoke up "Incoming!"

The reason for his warning came in the form of a Reaver suddenly landing on the bridge, just a few meters away from the small defensible outpost. The squid like creature let out a roar as the Grub controlling it fired off a rocket towards Sofia. The red head let out a curse as she abandoned the weapon and took cover behind a small pile of blood stained sandbags as the gun emplacement went up in a shower of fire and shrapnel as the ammo belt was ignited and promptly exploded as well.

Peter winced as he felt one of the bits of metal, ether from the turret itself or the ammo belt, hit him in the calf as he ducked behind some sandbags as the rear pilot of the Reaver shot at him and Cole with a Hammerburst. Peter made to return fire with his Lancer when his hand brushed against the hilt of his cleaver.

'Well… I am low on ammo… and the legs aren't that thick' Peter thought as he looked from behind his cover to see that another Reaver had landed on the bridge, this one just a few meters away from the other and seemed to be trying to get to Bobbi, Baird and Sofia. Paduk was nowhere to be seen, much to Peter's concern.

It was then he felt someone tap him on the shoulder and he looked to see it was Paduk himself and under his arm what the last ammo box for the now destroyed turret. The older man nodded torwads one of the Reavers as he held the ammo box up with a grin.

"I still think we can get some use out of this yes?"

Peter glanced at the man before looking towards the distracted Reaver, it's vulnerable looking underbelly specifically and nodded "Uh, yeah, that'll probably do it"

Paduk nodded as he hefted the ammo box up before he used every bit of upper body strength he had and threw the several pound crate through the air. Peter had grabbed his Lancer and aimed for the bundle of rounds with his finger on the trigger and waited for the crate to get close enough. He'd have to be quick or all he'll end up doing is startling the thing. After several tense seconds, Peter saw the box falling near the Reaver's side and fired.

The next thing he knew, a small explosion went off near the Reaver's side and it's side and the Grub that was closets to the explosion were shredded with bullets and pieces of the ammo crate. The Grub slumped forward on the controls that seemed to be what fires the rocket. The result was a single projectile firing from the Reaver as it turned towards the other out of reflex. The missile flew through the air and covered the distance between the two in a second, after that, Kilo was met with the pained scream of the Reaver as most of its rear half was blown off along with the Grub that rode in the back.

"Whoo, nice shot baby!" Cole laughed as he shot at the wounded Reaver before his gun clicked, he had run out of ammo "Aw come on!"

The large squid beast collapsed to the ground with a pained screech and the Grub piloting it was thrown off and landed in a pile of sandbags close to Baird's position. The blonde officer didn't hesitate to put several bullets in the downed Grub while Sofia and Bobbi shot the downed Reaver in the face until it's upper head was torn apart by the bullets and collapsed with a huff, before self-detonating in a shower of gore and some mysterious ink like substance.

That left only one wounded Reaver left that was tumbling around, unable to lift off apparently while it's controller tried to regain control. It was then that Peter decided now was the best time to use his new cleaver.

'Hmm, I wonder if all those slasher villains felt this much excitement at using their new murderous blade for the first time' Peter thought as he rushed towards the Revaer and swung his blade into one of its legs, completely severing the limb.

The Reaver roared in pain as this was its last good limb for its wounded side and fell to the ground with a screech that was silenced as Peter jammed the heavy blade into its head while Paduk tore off the pilot and slammed him into the ground before stomping on its head with a yell. The result was a loud sickening crack as the Grub's head was crushed under the weight and strength of Paduk's armored boot.

The Reaver, much to Peter's relief, didn't explode like they normally would, maybe it was out of ordinance inside to cause it to explode or maybe his luck was starting to turn around.

'Either that, what's coming will be so bad that the universe is giving me this small mercy' Peter thought as he suddenly felt a bullet graze past his helmet in a small shower of sparks, causing him to yelp and drop to the ground. It seemed the Grubs from the other end of the bridge had regrouped and started to push forward now that the turret was destroyed.

"We need to get off the damn bridge!" Baird yelled as he fired of single shots towards The Grubs along with Paduk and Cole.

Peter reached for the his dropped cleaver before several bullets tore up the ground near his hand, causing him to yank it back or risk having it shot off. Peter made a sound of annoyance as he reached for it again before he was suddenly dragged back by Bobbi.

"Leave it, you can always get another one!" she shouted as several bullets landed in the spot that Peter was just seconds ago.

"Awww…" Peter whined as he looked around for something to use before he saw a Hammerbrust in the grip of a dead Grub by him. Peter reached down and pried the Locust's fingers and hand of the grip before he checked the gun's clip.

'Hmm half a clip, should be good if I choose my targets right' Peter thought as he slapped the magazine back in and aimed for the closest Drone's head and fired off a single shot.

A moment later, the round tore through the Grub's forehead, bits of bone and blood flying everywhere as it stumbled back before collapsing with a heavy thud on another dead Drone's body. Peter then turned his sights to another Drone and was about to do it in before Sofia emerged from her cover and rushed the distracted Drone before she hopped on a small pile of sandbags towards the Drone jammed her Lancer's bayonet right into it's jugular with a combination of gravity and her own strength.

"Damn…" Peter said as he watched the cadet tumble to the ground and roll into cover in one almost fluid move "How's she still a cadet again?"

"Didn't have a chance to finish her training Private" Bobbi said as she fired off her last round into the last remaining Drone on the bridge's head "You can ogle over her later, let's get that damn beacon"

"Aww, jealous?" Peter snickered.

"Of what?" Bobbi asked as she gestured for the squad to advance towards the Academy entrance that was still under a now much smaller force of Grubs led by one of the red armored Drones.

"That you're no longer the only attractive bad ass Onyx Guard around me" Peter said as he followed Bobbi towards the end of the bride and took cover behind a destroyed Packhorse.

Bobbi's reply was a scoff "Please, how vain do you think I am?"

"A lot since you never seem to like me being next to her" Peter said as he ducked under a stray shot from one of the turrets that were manned by the Grubs.

"That's because I don't need you, a fully trained Guardsman, getting killed babysitting some damn rookie, no scratch that, some damn recruit that's not even graduated to full Onyx yet" Bobbi said as she peeked over her cover to see that there was only a dozen Grubs in total still alive.

"I still think your jealous" Peter said as he glanced through the shot-out windows of the Packhorse and aimed his captured Hammerburst towards the Drone manning one of the turrets.

The Grub kept moving as it aimed the turret and fired off burst towards both human's locations. Peter had to resist the urge to duck as one of the turrets rounds shot out a small bit of the bloodstained glass near his helmet before he squeezed the trigger and fired off the last several bullets in the Locust Rifle.

He was met with the sight of the Grub's head snapping back as the bullets tore through it's skull and caused it to slump to the ground.

"Turret's out, flank them!" Baird signaled Peter and Bobbi as Kilo drew the fire of the last remaining Turret and most of the Grub's still standing.

Peter and Bobbi nodded das they rushed towards the lone turret and saw that the lone red armored Grub was also rushing towards it only to stop and hiss at them and raise it's strange bow like weapon.

"Uh-oh" Peter said as he saw the weapon charge up before it shot a small arrow like projectile towards him and Bobbi.

The small explosive landed before them and not a second sooner ignited in a small ball of fire, forcing the humans to take cover while the red armored Grub reached the turret. It took control and turned the gun emplacement towards Peter and Bobbi's location and was just about to fire before it was suddenly tackled to the ground by Peter.

"Surprise!" he said as he struggled to keep the Drone pinned before Bobbi slammed her foot down on it's head. The Grub grunted as it's helmet collided with thee ground again and again as Bobbi continued to stomp on it until finally, the helmet cracked and exposed the bloodied face of a very unhappy Drone.

"Yeah, well fuck you to asshole" the Bobbi hissed out darkly before slamming her foot into it's face again, this time causing as loud wet cracking sound to erupt from it's head before it went limp, much to Peter's relief as he climbed off it and manned the turret and aimed it towards the last squad of Grubs and the turret and smirked as he pulled the trigger.

"Sorry boys, but class is about to start and we're already behind as it is…"

Seconds of silence passed before Peter glanced at the turret "Isn't bullets supposed to shoot out of this thing?"

Bobbi glanced down and saw that one of the rounds in the belt had jammed up "Well shit…"

Peter couldn't help but sigh as he let go of the controls "Looks like we'll be taking care of them the hard way…"

He looked around for a gun to use or maybe some spare ammo for his Lancer before he saw the bow like weapon the Drone used. Peter hummed as he reached down and checked it over, trying to see how the thing might work before he aimed it towards the remaining turret and began to charge the thing.

"You sure you know how to use that?" Bobbi asked with a frown as she saw the Grub manning the turret notice them and began to turn the heavy weapon towards them.

"Eh, if Cole can use it to kill a Boomer, I think I can use one to kill a simple Grub on a turret only seventy feet from us" Peter said as he released the trigger and watched the small little explosive arrowhead fly though the air and embed itself in the turret the Drone was about to fire with "Heh, boom"

The turret and grub were suddenly engulfed in a powerful explosion that was enhanced by the amount of ammo in the gun and it's belt, complete shredding the emplacement apart along with the Grub and forcing the others to scatter in surprise, giving Kilo the chance to move up. Within minutes, the Locust were dealt with and Kilo found itself bloodied, tired and victorious before the blood-stained doors to the academy.

"Well, that went better than I thought" Baird said as he looked up at the Academy's doors before glancing at Bobbi, Sofia and Peter "so anyone know how to get to Elliot's lab from here?"

"I do… it'll likely be locked down, but I have the code" Sofia said as she rubbed some Locust blood off her chest.

"Why do you have the code to his lab?" Bobbi asked with a frown.

"I used to test some weapons for Professor Elliot, he had a bit of a crush on me…" Sofia trailed off with a cough.

Everyone stared at Sofia for a moment before Bobbi sighed in annoyance "Cadet, I hope that you got his far because of your skills, not because you made him feel good every time you got on your knees for him"

Sofia glared at the veteran Guardswoman before she reigned in any anger she was filling and nodded "I didn't ask or get special treatment from him… ma'am"

"Good" Bobbi said as she turned on her heel and began to make her way up the steps with Cole and Baird behind her. They made sure to mind their footing, the steps were lined with the bloodied bodies of the school's defenders and that of its invaders.

Sofia stared at the fallen forms of the Onyx Guard Cadets in particular that lined the long since overrun defenses around the entrance to the Academy. She could tell they were cadet by how much better the condition their armor was compared to a veteran like Corporal Morse's or Private Parker's. Even marred with blood of both Locust and human it still looked to be in pristine condition.

She had to tear her eyes away from the bodies in fear that she may recognize one of them, a lot of her friends were still here when Halvo Bay came under siege.

"You okay Hendrick?" Peter asked as he gave the young woman on a pat on the shoulder.

Sofia nodded as she tried to settle her nerves "I don't know what happened here exactly… but I know my fellow Cadets fought to the end to keep this place safe"

"There's no shame in losing a fight" Paduk said as he glanced at the two before tapping on the altered color portion of his armor "Trust me, I know"

"Wow Paduk, that has to be the nicest thing you've said since I've met you" Peter said with surprise.

"It's the blood loss, it makes me say things that I don't mean" the former UIR soldier said with a dismissive wave before he followed after the rest into the academy.

Peter and Sofia watched him go for a moment before the cadet spoke with some amusement "I think he's growing on us"

"Better not tell him that, he has his pride after all" Peter snickered as they followed the rest of Kilo into the overrun school, all the while an armored Skirmisher silently followed after them.

And done.

Next chapter, Kilo locates the beacon and contends with their hunter.