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Journey of a Thousand Miles

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"



I'm not quite sure what happened that night between Cousin Treize and Zechs, but the important thing is that the two of them reconciled. Perhaps my idea of locking them into a room and not letting them out until they made up wasn't so far fetched after all. Maybe all it took was for them to sit down and talk things out. I just wish had happened earlier.

Two weeks later the duke asked Zechs to move in with him at Rosehill manor. It made sense, considering that Zechs was spending more time there than he did at his own mansion. Trowa, of course, followed his master to his new home. Now he and Xander are sharing the duties at the manor, which means that he has a lot more time for other things.

Zechs never sold the house that he had bought in London. Instead, he and Treize used it as a holiday retreat; a place to withdraw to when the two of them wanted to spend some time alone.

Baron Kinnley must have finally realized that there was no chance that Treize would ever leave Zechs and return to him. The last I heard was that he had left England to go on another journey around the world. Perhaps he will get stranded somewhere on a deserted island. But I'm afraid that's wishful thinking.
I probably shouldn't forget to mention that later that summer Queen Relena Peacecraft announced her betrothal to a Sir Heero Yuy. I really hope that the people of Sank took that news as well as her brother did.

And as to where my friendship with Trowa went from hereā€¦ Well, let's just say there are certain things a gentleman simply doesn't talk about.

The end!

Author's Note:

This concludes this journey.

I would like to thank everybody who read and reviewed it. All the positive feedback that I received for this story was a real motivation to continue. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing.
A real special Thank You goes to Kashie Chan for the lovely graphic(s) that she created for this story, and to Anne Olsen who not only beta read it but also was always there when I needed a second opinion or had a question.
Like I mentioned before I'm still planning to write a short sidefic about Treize's China trip, and I also have the ideas and plots for at least two more full length sequels in this arc.

Feedback is greatly appreciated, constructive criticism is welcome :-)