After the Steven returned home, Lars was able to find out how to summon a portal to earth. He and the off colored gems then returned to earth safely.

"LARS!" Steven yelled.

"Steven!" Lars replied. He ran over to Steven to give him a hug.

"Lars, how did you-" Steven gasped, "DID YOU LEARN HOW TO SUMMON A PORTAL?!"

"Um- I think so. At least it led us here."

"LARS!" Yelled a voice.

Lars turned around sharply. "SADIE!"

"You jerk!" Sadie said. "We were so worried!" Sadie was followed by the Crystal Gems who were also running to catch up to them. Once they reached, Garnet suddenly came to a stop.

"Garnet! Amethyst! Pearl!" Steven said. "Lars is back!"

Garnet unfused. Sapphire slowly walked up to Padparadscha, shocked. By now, everyone was looking their way. "Is this, a Sapphire?" She asked.

Steven looked surprised. "Oh! Sapphire, this is Padparadscha. Padparadscha, this is Sapphire."

Padparadscha stood frozen. "Oh my!" She suddenly said. "I predict a Sapphire will approach me!"

To be continued...