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Musutafu city was quiet.

It had all been but deserted, save for one walking through the streets.

A boy dressed in black, his face obscured by a black metallic mask.

The boy walked slowly through the streets. He was in no rush to arrive on time. Then again, no one in his position would be.

It was a matter of life and death, in every sense of the phrase.

As he walked, he couldn't help but admire the Hero Commissions work. True to her word the President had ensured this area would be evacuated so there would be no unnecessary casualties.

He didn't know how she did it, nor did he particularly care. The fewer distractions, the better.

Ah. He had arrived at his destination.

Making his way up the stairs, the boy felt a strong wave of nostalgia wash over him.

It had been over a year since he was here last, and in that time so much had changed.

Or rather, he had changed.

His experiences had moulded him into something else entirely.

He was stronger than he used to be and more knowledgeable.

Growing up, he tended to see the world in black and white like many children did. However, now that he was grown up, he realized it was far more grey.

Not all heroes were perfect saviours, nor were all villains complete monsters.

As much people tried to portray it as that simple, it was not, nor had it ever been.

Oh no, the concepts of good and evil were much deeper than that.

Upon reaching the rooftop, the place for his final battle, he stared out into the vast city, now a quiet shadow of what it once was.

While it had been a year, it felt like an eternity since that fateful day, and in essence, it was. He had experienced much more in that year than he had in his entire life.

Looking out into the city once more, he reflected on that day and everything after and wondered:

'Would I do anything differently?'

April, one year ago

"Can someone without a quirk become a hero?" asked Izuku Midoriya.

Currently, he was speaking to All Might, his idol and the number one hero in Japan, on the rooftop of a building after being rescued from dying at the hands of a deadly sludge villain. Izuku was asking this question because unlike most of the world population (80% to be precise) he had been born quirkless. Although it was quite rare today it did happen.

Quirkless people were often subjected to prejudice and bullying from society as they were deemed weak, worthless and easy targets for villains because they could not fight back. In relation to being a hero, there had never been a quirkless one before, so Izuku was wondering if it was possible.

"I don't think it's possible kid," replied All Might in a flat tone.

Izuku's blood froze.

"Pros put their lives on the line each day. So, I can't honestly say that being a hero without a quirk is possible." Izuku felt a sudden pain in his chest upon hearing this.

"I see," he said while trying not to show the pain he was going through.

"If you care about saving people then become a cop. Sure, it's a job that's ridiculed for being on the receiving end for captured villains but no less admirable." All Might said before turning to leave.

"It's not wrong to dream. Just make sure it's achievable." He finished before leaving down the stairs.

When he was gone, Izuku stood still for a minute before he finally collapsed and started crying hysterically.

No one believed in him.

No one ever believed he could become a hero, not even his own mother. His classmates, especially Kacchan (Katsuki Bakugo), his childhood friend turned primary bully, mocked his dream and bullied him relentlessly because of both it and being quirkless. To add insult to injury, he was even given the nickname Deku, an alternate spelling of his name meaning worthless

Memories of all the torment he had endured suddenly came flooding back.

"You quirkless piece of shit."

"As if someone like you could ever become a hero, you're completely useless Deku."

"Why does he even try, a quirkless person can never hope to do anything meaningful in this world."

One particular memory came back to him, one from earlier that day. Kacchan had just destroyed his notebook on quirk analysis where he described the quirks of other heroes.

As he was leaving, with a smug smile, he told Izuku, "You know there is one way for you to get a quirk. Just take a swan dive off the roof and pray you'll be reborn with useful one."

Coming back to reality Izuku felt truly broken.

He no longer wanted to be a part of this world.

He didn't want to exist at all.

He just wanted his pain to end.

It was then he realised that no one would actually care if he died, well except his mother who loved him unconditionally.

It was there and then he decided, for the first time in his life, to take Kacchan's advice.

"I'll wait until tonight," Izuku thought. "Before I do this, I'd like to say goodbye to her."

Izuku took out his burnt notebook (the same one Kacchan destroyed) and threw it off the roof. He wouldn't be needing it anymore.

Izuku took a quick route home to avoid Kacchan and his friends. He heard some sort of commotion going on in the city but paid no attention to it as it wasn't his problem.

He arrived home where he was greeted by his mother Inko. They sat down and had dinner where they had their conversations about school and how the day had been.

Inko noticed that Izuku had some new bruises and burns but didn't say anything. She knew exactly who was responsible. She was going to call her friend Mitsuki (Bakugo's mother) and the school later and finally sort this out.

'This has gone on long enough,' she thought furiously.

"Mom I'm going out for a walk," Izuku announced suddenly. "I've got my keys so you can go to bed."

Inko was surprised since it was 10.30 but didn't say anything as it would have been a good opportunity to make those phone calls. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted however by Izuku hugging her tightly.

"Thanks, Mom, for everything. I really love you for it," Izuku told her.

Inko was taken slightly back by this but simply smiled and replied, "I love you too sweetie."

It was then that Izuku left, trying not to let her see his face. While she found his behaviour suspicious, she said nothing and reached for the phone.

Izuku arrived at the building where he had spoken to All Might. Because it was a vacant building, he didn't have any trouble getting in.

As he stood on the edge of the roof, he saw his life flash before him. It was mainly of him being bullied by everyone (especially Kacchan).

No one had ever once defended him, not even the teachers who just watched him get trampled on like it was nothing (some even laughed at it). He had been tortured and torn apart, and for what, wanting to save people.

And now Kacchan was moving on to be a hero at UA (the top school for producing heroes) where he would probably get everything he wanted, everything Izuku wanted. How was that fair?

Well, it didn't matter anymore, nothing did.

And Izuku, he just didn't care.

"I'm sorry Mom but I can't take it anymore. Thanks for everything. I love you," he whispered with tears streaming down his face.

It was then that he jumped. However, instead of hitting the ground Izuku fell into a dark mist and lost consciousness.

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