Chapter 1

Will Solace had his entire life planned out. He'd suffer through four arduous years of high school, and then he'd get into a prestigious Ivy League college. He'd go into Medical, and become a world-famous doctor. He'd get a boyfriend, and live far, far away from his family. And he'd finally be happy. But the first part of the plan was starting to get a bit unbearable.

High school. Will was a top-student. He got straight A's, and he worked hard for it. Some people might consider him a nerd, others may consider him a nobody. And contrary to the multiple high school stereotypes portrayed by the media, nobody really cared enough to bully him. They knew him, but they honestly didn't give a crap if Will was smart or not.

That wasn't the issue.

The issue was that Nico di Angelo needed to stop being so…

It's for the better of society that he doesn't finish that sentence.

And how cliche of him! Someone like him...liking Nico. They were practically polar opposites! Nico was a...punk. And Will? Will was just your everyday science obsessed human.

He just had to fall for the bad boy of Half Blood High. But he wasn't exactly bad...

But Will couldn't help it. Firstly, Nico was openly gay, which Will was (way too) excited about. Second, he was sexy as hell. Seriously, those piercings, his dark, lustrous hair, that leather jacket. And third, he actually was very intelligent. He was practically guaranteed admission into any college.

And that was an even bigger issue.

Will and Nico were practically arch enemies, due to their intellectual competitiveness and whatnot. They competed in every way imaginable, from working speed, to the number of words in an essay. So Will couldn't even fully like Nico without being a small bit irked.

(Who on earth said "irked" anymore? What was he, eighty?)

Great, now he was even more of a cliche.

The difference between Will and Nico, is that Nico was cool. He would go to parties, make out with whoever, and have fun. He hung out with the cool kids and he did all the cool things.

And that, that right there, was the greatest issue.

So there he was, in Science class (which was supposed to be his favorite class), daydreaming about his archnemesis.

"William Solace!" Called the teacher, snapping Will out of his thoughts, "What is the answer?"

Will coughed, "Uh, I'm sorry. Can you repeat the question?"

"It's number nine on the homework."

Will wasn't able to do number nine. Of course he knew how, but he was a bit occupied with...something else last night. Something that he couldn't bring himself to deal with.

Mr. Brunner frowned, "Is everything okay, William? You seem very tired."

The blond haired boy sighed, "I'm so sorry, I," he said cheeks burning, "I forgot to do number nine."

"I'll let it slide today, but this better not happen again."

Will nodded, "Yes, sir."

Mr. Brunner grinned, "Okay, Jason, can you answer number nine?"

Nico actually had the audacity to smirk at Will. And Will glared at him. The worst part that they were sitting right next to each other! The black haired boy jotted something down on a piece of paper and passed it to Will.

So you just didn't do number nine? I can literally see that you did every other problem haha -Nico

If only he knew why, maybe he would shut up.

Will narrowed his eyes at the Italian, crossing his arms, "Screw you," he whispered.

"Oh, I know you want to," he said, grinning.

"Gosh," he huffed, "Why do you have to be so damn difficult all the time?"

"This just in," said Nico sarcastically, "Will Solace said the word 'damn.'"

"I hate you," he huffed.

Nico's eyes widened, "Oh, really? I had no idea, Solace."


"Don't what?"

Nico was testing Will's patience. As much as the blonde boy liked him, he could be so unbearably-

"Hey, Will," whispered Nico, "I wanted to know why you are so-"

Will was so angry, he cut Nico off.

"Why the hell are you being so annoying!" He yelled.

Nico's jaw dropped. He seemed surprised by Will's uncharacteristic outburst. And honestly, Will was too. It was all wearing on him. What did he just get himself into?

"William," said Mr. Brunner, "detention."

"But Nico-"

"Mr. Di Angelo will have detention as well. See me after class...both of you. Now, about the lesson..."

Will couldn't have detention. His permanent! What was he going to tell his dad! His dad...Will didn't even want to begin to think about what he would do. He felt his hands start to tingle.

"Oh my god," muttered Will, "No…"

Nico glared at him and began to take notes.

Will's stomach churned uncomfortably, but he turned to Mr. Brunner and prepared himself to listen to forty-five more minutes of science.

The bell rang, signifying that class has ended. But Will's heart was pounding hard in his chest. He shouldn't have yelled in class, but now he had to face Mr. Brunner. He was so stupid! He walked up to the teacher's desk, where Nico was already standing, openly chewing gum. Will would never understand how Nico could constantly break the rules and nobody would even care, but the second he did something wrong…

"Okay, so both of you are extremely talented. But, the sad thing is that you fail to collaborate successfully."

Nico rolled his eyes, "What does that have to do with anything?"

"You guys can get out of detention...without as so much as a blemish on your permanent record, because I will put this on your permanent record, if you collaborate on the project I'm assigning the class tomorrow."

Will glanced at Nico, and Nico seemed to not be fond of the idea. And Will wasn't either...but he couldn't have his dad know that he messed up...not after last time.

"Can I," said Will, nervously, "can I discuss this with Nico?"

Nico looked confused, yet he remained slightly smug.

Mr. Brunner smiled kindly, "Of course. Just get back to me tomorrow."

They walked out of the classroom, falling into step with each other. Will glanced at Nico...only to find the boy intently staring at him.

"So," started Nico, "What did you want to discuss?"

Will sighed, "Look, I know you don't want to so the assignment-"

"Damn right I don't."

He bit his lip, "Please...just listen. I can't afford to get detention. My…"

Nico rolled his eyes, "Oh, you can't afford to get detention? Well, if you hadn't yelled in class, then maybe-"

"Goddamit! I'm serious! I'll do whatever you want, but can you please just stand me for a few weeks on this project?

Nico wavered. Uncertainty flickered in those beautiful eyes of his. He shuffled his combat boots for a few moments before facing Will.

"Why? I know about your permanent record, but you can fix that. So what is it that is...scaring you so much that you-"

"Drop it," hissed Will, "I'm not scared of-"

Will felt a lump in his throat. He didn't want to think about…

"Whatever you say," said Nico, "but I'm gonna figure it out. Whatever it is that's so scary."

And Will almost laughed.

Good luck trying.

"See you tomorrow, Nico," he said, as he walked off.

AN: Hi, this is my new story. I just want to say that I will be moving my focus to this story completely. I also want to put a trigger warning here because from this chapter it gets really dark, so if you read something that you don't like or can't handle, leave. I really don't want to negatively affect someone's mental health. I love you, and have an amazing day! :D