Hi everyone, okay time for another story. This is my 50th story...can I get whoop whoop!...Anyway, I love the story 'The Three Musketeers' and I have to admit, when the TMNTs of the 1987 series did one episode with the turtles dressed as the musketeers I was in seventh heaven. I have searched all of Fanfiction and I have yet to come across a story of the turtles as musketeers or something like that. If anyone knows of one, please let me know. Otherwise, I have written my version of the Three Musketeers using the 1993 movie that starred Chris O'Donnell as D'Artagnan. My story will, for the most part, follow the movie but I have written Splinter in a minor role. Let me know what you think and as always, please R&R. Peace. :)

Ch 1 Prologue.

The year is 1635 and the people of Paris France mourns the loss of their king. But in the midst of mourning, they celebrate the reign of a new king and a chance for a new life. However, deep beneath the city, where few eyes have had the misfortune of seeing, a river flows through a dark underground cavern lit by oil lanterns and small fire pits.

In this cavern, a small boat gently glides along the water and at the bow of the boat, a tall figure dressed in a long flowing red robe with a metal chest plate stared ahead stoically as the boat approached the dock to an underground prison. There, the man is assisted in disembarking by four other men in red tunics with a cross on the chest. The tall man made his way up a flight of stairs with two of the men following closely behind him. He passed several beings in cages, ignoring their cries for mercy as he continued down a dark hall. His steps are fast and determined as he passed by a small niche in the wall where a human is strung up and being fiercely whipped by a guard.

He made his way toward a cell where a tall striped Bengal tiger dressed in black leather clothing and a patch over his left eye opened the cell door. Inside, a small man in torn and tattered clothing is chained by his wrist to the ceiling; he lifts pleading eyes to the man. "Cardinal Saki, these men they…" The prisoner begins as the red robed figure stepped into view. "Please help me Your Eminence." He sobbed. "Please, please help us." He swallowed hard and looked at the Cardinal with red rimmed tired eyes.

The Cardinal looked toward the tiger for an explanation. "He defaced your carriage and stole valuables from inside." He informs him with a low gravelly voice.

The prisoner looked from the Cardinal to the tiger before pleading with the Cardinal again. "But it's just a coach." He insists, in a whimpering voice. "Please, I was hungry. My family hasn't eaten for days." He leaned his head onto his arm tiredly. "Please." He continued to beg. "Please, please, please in the name of God, I beg you."

Cardinal Saki took a few steps toward the man. His face is stoic and his eyes look on as though annoyed. A small smile played over his lips as the man begins to sob. "Very well," He tells him, turning his head slightly away from the man. "In the name of God."

"Oh, thank you, Your Eminence." The prisoner says with a relieved voice. "Your place in Heaven will always be assured."

The Cardinal smiles and nods his head at him. "Of course." He says as he slowly turns away from him. He gives a slight nod to the large tiger before making his way out of the cell.

The tiger removed a sword from the holster on his hip and turns toward the man. "No! No! Don't!" The prisoner pleads as the sword is aimed at him. "No! Please! Please! God, no!"

The Cardinal stopped walking as the man's screams turn to gurgling before going silent. Saki let out a low chuckle. "Oh well," He sighed, "One less mouth to feed." Smirking, he continued to make his way out of the underground prison.


Meanwhile, in a large green valley in the town of Gascony, a light green turtle with an orange bandana around his head battled a tall oriental youth with a shaved goatee and a figure of purple dragon stitched into his brown tunic. Their battle is fierce as the turtle tries to fend off the human with a pair of nun-chucks against his enemy's sword.

The turtle ducked as the sword swung above his head. He locked his chain around the sword and pushed the human to the ground. "Getting sloppy, Fong." He mocked as he leered over him. "Why don't you do yourself a favor?" He look down at him with a jeering smile. "Surrender."

Fong looked up at the turtle from the ground and pointed his sword at him. "My sister's honor is at stake." He stated with an angry voice.

The turtle spread his arms out in exasperation. "How many times do I have to tell you," He huffed. "Nothing happened."

Fong rose from the ground angrily. "I know what I saw Michelangelo." He insisted.

"Fong," Mikey said, with a shake of his head. "I told her I was leaving for Paris." He explained. "She wanted to give me something to remember her by."

Outraged by that statement, Fong lunged his sword at the young turtle. "Liar!" He shouted as the battle continued.

"This is stupid Fong!" Mikey yelled as he's forced backward while blocking Fong's sword. "All I wanna do is get to Paris," He says while swinging his weapon and forcing Fong to back away. "I just wanna join the musketeers."

"You, a musketeer?" Fong laughed. He gritted his teeth in desperation as Mikey's nun-chucks swing at him again and again. "Fantasy!" He yelled out and pushed Mikey's weapon away from him.

They stop fighting and Mikey stared at him while panting hard. "My father was a musketeer," He said proudly. "The King's personal bodyguard."

"The King was assassinated." Fong sneered at him with a mocking tone. "Your father was a failure, a disgrace to the musketeers."

Mikey stared at Fong with slowly mounting anger in his baby blue eyes. "What did you say?"

Fong leaned closer to him and with a smug smile, continued to taunt the young turtle. "Your father," he says with a slow, mocking voice, "Was a disgrace."

Fully enraged, Mikey again begins to swing his nun-chucks fiercely. Fong, attempting to keep Mikey at bay swung his weapon frantically. But his fighting becomes clumsy and eventually, Mikey gets the upper hand. He quickly relieves Fong of his weapon and holds his nun-chucks with its blade out and pointing straight at Fong's face.

Surprised, Fong faces Mikey with a terrified glare and prepares for the young turtle to run the blade through him. "My gang will avenge me." He states confidently before closing his eyes and kneeling onto the ground.

Mikey watched as Fong lowered himself to the ground, he hovered his weapon above Fong's head, debating whether or not to do him in, but as he stood there, the sound of hoof beats in the distance drew his attention away from Fong. He looked up to see four riders with similar brown tunics with a purple dragon emblem stitched into the clothing coming toward them. "Already?" He muttered in surprise as he realized the four riders were the rest of Fong's gang. He quickly turned away from Fong and ran toward a nearby horse.

Fong, still expecting to be killed, sat on the ground for a second longer before realizing Mikey was no longer in front of him. He blinked his eyes open in realization and watched as the young turtle ran toward his horse.

Mikey quickly mounted and got the animal galloping hard as the other four horses rode past Fong who was now getting on his feet and running towards his fallen sword. "Charge!" He yelled at his gang as he placed his sword in its sheath. "Charge!" He began to run toward his own horse while still calling out to his gang. "Get him!" He screamed. "He's mine!" He made his way toward his horse and attempted to jump on but as he tried to grab onto his horse, the animal backed away and started to run down the path after the other four horses leaving Fong behind. "Come back!" Fong yelled frantically as he attempted to follow. "Come back!"

Mikey made his way out of the clearing and into a lush green forest. Looking back, he saw the four riders were now close behind and quickly catching up to him. He pushed his horse harder, determined to keep out of the purple dragons reach, but the four riders were hot on his tail. Mikey turned his horse onto a side trail and quickly ducked inside a barn where other horses begin whinnying nervously.

The four riders continued on the same path and followed him through the barn determined not to let Mikey get away. But just as determined, Mikey made his way through a village and past local farmers bailing hay and storing feed in the hay loft. As Mikey made his way around a corner, he banged into a human holding a ladder in which a young woman was currently climbing on. He knocked the man to the ground and caused the ladder to fall leaving the woman clinging to an opening in the floor of the hayloft and screaming desperately while swinging her legs in an attempt to find some kind of footing. She lost her grip and fell into the first of Fong's gang who was knocked off his horse taking the young woman with him and falling into sacks of flour.

As Mikey continued to ride through the small farm he glanced back to see only three riders were now chasing him. He led them around a bend of another barn and further into a village where more humans were working. "He went that way," A farmer called out to the gang as they rounded the corner. Meanwhile, Fong finally managed to get on his horse and was now catching up to his men.

Mikey steered his horse along the path in between hay bales and a noisy pig sty, he rounded another corner and could see men pulling on ropes and hoisting logs into the air. He quickly took out his nun-chucks, and, opening the blade at the end, managed to cut the rope causing the logs to fall on top of the second rider. The rider fell backward and knocked into another ladder where a human was attempting to climb up onto a roof, but the ladder fell backward causing the human to fall into a pile of hay.

As Mikey maneuvered his horse through the village, angry shouts and curses could now be heard behind him as worker after worker was disrupted by the chase. But he ignored them and sheathed his nun-chucks. He rounded another corner and noticed a well with a bucket attached to a long wooden pulley coming at him. He brought his hand up to push the pulley away from him and as he does, the bucket swung around and smacked the third rider in the head causing him to fall off and onto another woman. Several workers ran to help them as Fong rode past and took a quick glance at his comrade in disbelief. Shaking his head, he grits his teeth and forces his horse to move faster through the town.

Mikey raced out of the village and down a path into the woods. He glanced behind him and smiled upon seeing only Fong was now chasing him. He chuckled lightly as a feeling of confidence washed over him, certain he would make it out of the village unscathed. But, as he continued to gallop out of the woods, his victory was short lived as he faced forward and was surprised to see a low bridge in front of him. Steadying himself, he carefully lifted himself up and placed his feet onto the saddle. As the horse neared the bridge, he prepared to jump off the horse and onto the bridge.

Fong watched as Mikey stood and prepared to jump onto the bridge. Taking a steadying breath, he too began to prepare himself to stand on the saddle. As Mikey's horse ran under the bridge, Mikey quickly walked over the bridge covering and jumped back into his horse's saddle with ease.

Fong, meanwhile, nervously clung to his horse's reins as the bridge was coming closer to him. Taking a deep breath, he leaped onto the bridge and quickly made his way across. With a loud triumphant yell, he jumped down expecting his horse to now be under him but instead, he's surprised to find himself hitting the ground and his horse still under the bridge. The horse whined loudly and turned around to go back to the village.

Mikey stopped his horse to look back. He laughed at the scene before him while Fong glared angrily at him. "We'll get you Michelangelo!" He screamed as his horse galloped away from him.

Mikey nodded his head to him. "In the meantime," He shouted to him. "Give my regards to your sister." Smirking, he turned his horse and continued on to Paris.


So what do you think so far? Should the turtles keep their weapons or fight with the traditional swords like the musketeers did. Originally, when I first wrote this, I had the 2003 series in mind for this but I prefer the 2012 villains as there are many more of them to choose from. Let me know what you think. :)