Ch 14. The Fourth Musketeer.

Several days later, the King and Queen along with Renet, Splinter and several musketeers watch proudly as the four turtles walked down the aisle of the throne room and made their way to the steps of the dais.

As the four turtles stopped and knelt in front of the dais, the King and Queen stood to address them. "Arise," King Casey commanded. The four turtles stood as ordered.

"Is this the one who saved my life?" The King questioned staring at Mikey.

"His name is Michelangelo, Sire." Raph replied humbly.

The King nodded and looked again at Mikey. "Michelangelo, I'm in your debt." He told him. "What can I do to repay the courage you've shown me?"

Mikey glanced briefly at Leo who looked at him with an encouraging gaze before turning to the King and bowed his head. "Your Majesty," Leo began, "His heart has but one desire." He smiled and looked at Mikey proudly. "And that is to become a musketeer."

Casey nodded and gestured for Mikey to come forward. "Then approach." He commanded.

Mikey walked onto the steps and knelt before the King as Renet stood next to the Queen and watched with a proud smile. She looked over to April, who gave her a slight nod with a knowing grin, before turning back to watch Mikey receive his blue musketeer tunic.

"This world is an uncertain realm filled with danger." Casey began as he tapped Mikey's left shoulder with his sword. "Honor undermined by the pursuit of power." Mikey looked up at the King in anticipation as he continued. "Freedom sacrificed when the weak are oppressed by the strong." The king looked over to his musketeers. "But there are those who oppose these powerful forces, who dedicate their lives to truth, honor and freedom. These men are known as musketeers" Casey looked down at Mikey and brought the sword over to his other shoulder. "Arise Michelangelo and join them."

Mikey stood and grinned widely as Splinter placed his new tunic around his shoulders. The two shared a brief look and Splinter nodded to him in gratitude before taking a step back.

The audience of musketeers watched with proud smiles as Mikey finally fulfilled his dream. Leo and Don glanced at each other with satisfied smiles and nodded to each other. Don then turned to Raph and did a double take, surprised to see the tough turtle wiping tears from his eyes and cheeks. He gave Raph's tunic a slight tug with a stern look that told him to compose himself.

Mikey began to make his way down the stairs of the dais but stopped when Renet walked over to him. The two looked at each other for only a moment before sharing a passionate kiss that had all the musketeers cheering. Leo, Don and Raph looked at each other then, after a nod from Leo, turned to leave the castle. After breaking their kiss, Mikey gave Renet's hand a squeeze then ran after them.

"Your father would be proud of you." Leo said as he came up behind them. "You're a musketeer."

"What do we do now?" Mikey asked enthutiastically, looking from one turtle to the other. "What's next?"

"Well, we protect the King." Donnie answered.

"We protect the Queen." Raph responded.

"In the name of God." Donnie stated looking at Mikey.

"And France?" Raph said looking at Don. "Correct?"

"France, indeed." Donnie agreed.

"MICHELANGELO!" A voice screamed out causing the four turtles to stop. They look through the crowd to see Fong waving his sword. "My sister's honor will not wait a moment longer!" He shouted at him.

Mikey started to move forward. "I'll handle this." He told his now fellow musketeers.

"Mikey." Leo said as he and Raph put their hands on his shoulders to hold him back. "We also protect each other."

Mikey smiled and nodded to each of them. "All for one." He stated proudly as he held his hand out in front of them. The other turtles placed their hands on top of his. "And one for all!" They yelled together.

Fong's eyes rose in fear as he watched Mikey, along with the rest of the musketeers, remove their weapons. "Run!" He screamed to his gang as dozen of musketeers joined together to chase the five purple dragons down the road and out of town.

~The End~


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