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Power, something the Blood hunger over. Ambitious witches of the past, one in particular, Hekatah SaDiablo, self-proclaimed High Priestess of Hell. Power is only what they wanted, they didn't care how many lives were destroyed, didn't care how many of the Blood were broken, or sealed inside themselves. They didn't care. Then, the living myth, dreams made flesh, Witch, destroyed them and the taint that had been surrounding and imprisoning the Blood. She also liberated the Blood in Hayll. History has a way of repeating itself. Jaenelle destroyed one taint, but there is nothing she could do to destroy the more deadly, more vicious taint; the taint of power and ambitions.

Ravene Blaidez listened to the messenger from Draega, Hayll's capital, with a growing boredom. How could a male talk so much, yet say so little?

"I thank you for giving me the message, Lord Morlad," she said abruptly, effectively cutting him off and preventing him from launching into another boring tale of the Hayllian economy.

Here in the territory of the Dea al Mon, realm of Kaeleer, Terreillians were still considered tainted, even years after Jaenelle Angelline, Witch, destroyed the taint that surrounded Terreille. Ravene, now 18, had the typical long, silver hair, forest- blue eyes, delicately pointed ears and slender, sinewy build.

"Velte," Ravene addressed her footman, "please escort Lord Morlad to the private coach." She turned away, glad to be rid of the man. His psychic scent felt...... wrong. Someone roughly grabbed her arm and spun her around.

"Bitch! You stupid, mewling bitch-Queen!" Lord Morlad send a blast of Sapphire power at Velte, knocking him out. A second blast sped towards her. Ravene barely managed to get a Red shield up, quick enough to prevent the blast from bursting her head, but not to stop it completely. She flew backwards and smashed into the wall. Looking around nervously, he used craft to float her, caught the Sapphire Wind and disappeared.

Velte slowly awakened. Head feeling like it was going to burst, he stared slowly around the throne room. Ravene was gone. Tears filled his eyes as he slowly sank to the floor. Their Lady was kidnapped, abducted.

"Lady," Velte whispered. That bastard from Hayll had her. No! They wouldn't! If what he had heard about the perverted race of Hayll, then Ravene was lost. He did the only thing he could. He kneeled on the floor and sent a prayer out into the Darkness.

Ravene woke in a strange room. Pain flooded her senses. She looked at the sheets next to her on the bed. They were soaked in her blood. Desperate, she turned inwards. The abyss lay out of reach, taunting her, beckoning her. And yet, she couldn't reach it. No! NO! That's why the sheets were soaked in her blood! That's why she had a terrible pain between her legs. She curled into a ball, unwilling to face the bitter and anguishing truth.

She lay on the bed, broken on a Warlords spear, never to wear the Jewels, never to make the Offering to Darkness, never to rule the Dea al Mon as a strong and promising Queen. All because of some bastard who decided she didn't have the right to a future. Looking around, she tried to locate her Red Jewels, to no avail. Someone had done her a favour and disposed of them. Maybe it was better that way. She couldn't face the thought of having to see the remains of a once great power completely drained and shattered. For the most part, all she could do now was sleep, and try not to think about the horrible fate that awaited her.