Hey my peeps. So, this story, it's a heavy one. I might switch the rating to M later on due to the implications and such within it. There are mentions of self-harm, bullying, death of loved ones, suicide, and suicidal thoughts/tendencies. I tell you this so those of you who, with any mention of any of this, or any sort of talk about it, will be triggered, can NOT read it.

It's a harsh story, and I got the idea from the song Bully by Three Days Grace. I wanted to write it, and I'm sorry if it doesn't seem realistic. I don't know why I wanted to write it, or how it became so dark, but please let me know if I should change the rating to M for content because I'm a terrible judge at these things.

I'm planning on continuing it, but if you guys have any ideas for further chapter(s) and reactions and such, let me know. I feel terrible writing this story, not sure why. It just, it was hard to write. There's so much emotion within the setting and so many feelings flying around that I hope I was able to get them all. I felt like crying when I wrote this, but I didn't because I'm a fucked up person who doesn't understand emotions, or know how to deal with them.

I apologize for inaccuracies within the story, and feel free to leave criticism for me, but make sure it's helpful, and not just hurtful. Don't tell me what I did wrong, tell me what I could improve upon and how I could. I already know there's inconsistencies and spelling and grammar errors, so that I already know.

As always, if you feel the need, please favorite, follow, and/or review. I love getting those notifications. It's lightens my day.

Thanks for reading.


P.S. In this story, no one but Tony and Happy know that Peter is Spider-man, meaning that Ned doesn't know, and MJ doesn't know (but she's probably suspicious because who wouldn't be).

P.P.S. I hope you read this, it's important.