Hello, guys, readers, and Fox-King-jm fans, Johnny, your great King has returned here with another all New "Naruto Make-Out Heroes" Fanfic story. This Naruto Make-Out Heroes story will be like the game "Bully" style, and it will be my style. Like "Naruto Make-Out Heroes: Huniepop edition", I got the idea when watching "Dashie", and his gameplay of "Bully." Also, when I get the game, I will be doing some gameplay for "Bully" as well. And if you fans and readers know how I do things, yes, many crossovers and more, too. Naruto transfers to a new school, and Kushina is working at the school as a new teacher, and Naruto must make through the year without getting expelled or get in trouble. It's almost like the game "Bully." Naruto will be in fights, doing jobs for other students, and Naruto will be having some fun with girls and female teachers. Story will have school-time, many crossovers, future Incest, massive harem, some nudity, violence, some Monster girls, fan service, character bashing (The characters I don't like), and some other things, just so you guys know. Well, I don't have anything else to say, so let's get started. I still do not own Naruto or any else I use in this Fanfic, so please enjoy: Naruto Make-Out Heroes: Bully edition.


It was a Monday morning in Kyoto, Japan, and a blonde teen named, Naruto Uzumaki, and, his mother Kushina Uzumaki were driving to a private large rich school called, Honnouji-Tenbi. Naruto was looking out the window, seeing buildings, and the people walking by. Naruto wondered what his new school was going to be like. Kushina wonder if Naruto was okay.

"Are you okay, sweetie?" Kushina asked.

"I'm okay, Kaa-chan." Naruto replied.

"I know what you must be thinking... I'm so sorry if I wasn't always around, when I was working two jobs." Kushina stated.

"It's not your fault, Kaa-chan. It's mine. I made so many mistakes in my old school. I..." Naruto said.

Naruto remembered the day he was in court. Naruto was placed here by a Judge, due to being expelled from his old school. And if Naruto gets expelled from this school, he will be sent to prison for 10 years.

XxxxX Flashback XxxxX

Naruto was standing in front of the Judge. Kushina was also preset, sitting with the people. Naruto was expelled for casing fights, cussing, throwing eggs at his principal's car, and had sex with a girl named Hinata Hyuga in the girls' restroom. Some of the students even called Naruto a bully. Truly, Naruto was in deep trouble.

"Man, I've really screwed up here..." Naruto thought, as his sweat dropped.

"Naruto Uzumaki, you have been in a lot of trouble. And many times, I've given you a slap on the wrist, but no more. You're just a bully… Naruto, you are here by sentenced to 10 years of prison!" The Judge stated, as he was about to slam his mullet.

"Wait! Please, have mercy!" Kushina said.

"Kaa-chan..." Naruto thought, as he turned to his mother who was crying.

"Odder in the court!" The Judge shouted.

"Please, I beg of you." Kushina said.

"Kaa-chan, please don't!" Naruto said.

Kushina bowed to the Judge.

"Please have mercy..." Kushina cried.

The Judge frowned, thinking what he should do. The Judge sighed.

"Very well, then... I know what to do with a bully like you, Naruto. I heard that your mother is working at the toughest and best private schools in Japan. Honnouji-Tenbi will be your new school. This school will break you, boy." The Judge said.

"I'm sure it would, old man..." Naruto thought.

"Thank you so much..." Kushina said.

"And boy... If you get in trouble, bully anyone, or even so much as getting expelled from this school, that 10 year sentenced will have your name on it. And Kushina-san, I must say to keep your trouble making bully of a son in line." The Judge stated, slamming his mullet.

"Hai..." Kushina said.

Naruto crossed his arms. He did not care what happens to him, but he does not like to see his mother cry. Naruto knew he had to make it in this school.

"Damnit... Now I know I really fucked up..." Naruto thought.

XxxxX Flashback XxxxX

Sometime later, Naruto and Kushina finally arrive to the school.

"Naru-chan, we're here." Kushina said.

Naruto looked at the school, seeing how big it is.

"I'm going to see where the teacher's room is, Naru-chan." Kushina said.

"Okay. I have to meet my new principal." Naruto replied.

"Well, I..." Kushina said.

"Kaa-chan..." Naruto said.

"Yes, honey?" Kushina replied.

"I'll make you proud." Naruto said.

"I know you will." Kushina said.

"And I'll do whatever to be on my best behavior." Naruto stated with a light smile.

"You better." Kushina replied with a smile, kissing him on the forehead.

"I'll see you in class." Naruto said.

"I'll see you there, sweetie." Kushina said.

Kushina left to go see around the teacher's room to meet the other teachers.

"Well, here I go." Naruto said.

"And I won't mess this up... I'll make sure to pass all the classes... I'll make you proud, Kaa-chan..." Naruto thought, opening the door to the school.

All the students and teachers saw Naruto making his entrance.

"Hey..." Naruto said with a serious look on his face.


"So, where's the principal's office?" Naruto asked.

"It's up the ninth floor, down the hall to the right..." One of the students stated.

"Thanks." Naruto said.

Naruto went to the ninth floor. Now he was standing in front of the principal's office. Naruto knocks on the door.


Naruto walked inside the office to see the principal of the school, Minori Rokujou. Minori is a woman about 26 to 27, with red hair and eyes, wrapped with a violent bow, and she also wore a red orange gym like suit. She stopped her paper work, and looked up at Naruto.

"So, you're the new student that will be joining our school." Minori asked.

"That's me." Naruto replied.

"Have a sit." Minori said.

Naruto sit in one of office chairs. Minori heard another knock on the door.

"Ah, that must be Kurama-chan. Come in, Kurama-chan." Minori said.

Kurama walked in the office.

"I see we have a new student." Kurama said.

Naruto saw Kurama is a fox woman. If Naruto had to guess, this woman is about thirty-five years old. She had long red and black hair with long bangs on top of her head were her fox ears. She also had soft lips, natural ruby red eyes, and well, her large breasts, which is around the N+-cup area. Along with her large hips and large juicy rear-end with nine foxtails.

"I brought the tea and dumplings, Minori-chan." Kurama said.

"Naruto-kun, this is my assistant and vice-principal, Kurama-chan. Kurama-chan this is Naruto-kun. You know Kushina Uzumaki's son and the new teacher..." Minori said.

"Ah, I see. It's nice to meet you, Naruto-kun." Kurama said with a smile.

What Naruto noticed about his new principle and the vice principal were their large breasts.

"Damn, they got nice racks..." Naruto thought, as he looked at Minori's and Kurama's breasts.

"Our eyes are up here, young man." Minori stated.

"Oh..." Naruto said.

"I didn't mind." Kurama said.

"Anyway, it's nice that a nice-looking man takes notice of me. But we should be talking about you staying here." Minori stated.

"Okay." Naruto said.

"Since your Kaa-chan is working here, you'll be taking classes with her and other teachers. In addition, the Judge has told a lot about you from your last school, and I must say that the things I heard I knew I had to meet you. Right, Kurama-chan?" Minori said.

"Hai." Kurama said.

"Heh, thanks." Naruto replied with a smile.

"I heard that you, cuss out your teachers." Minori said.

"I only cuss out the ugly ones, Minori-chan, Kurama-chan." Naruto replied.

"Man, you really are something. You like flirting with older women?" Minori asked.

"My, my..." Kurama said.

"Sorry, I can't really help myself sometimes." Naruto replied with another smile.

"Well, keep it in your pants. I also heard that you got into a lot of fights." Minori stated.

"And I won all of my fights." Naruto replied.

"Easy there. And I heard that you threw rotten eggs at your principal's car, and had sex with one of your classmates in the girls' restroom." Minori said.

"Hinata-chan and I were really close. And wanted me to have her. She was really something." Naruto replied with a blush.

"Oh, my..." Kurama said.

"Okay, okay... You'll have to tell that story another time. You don't seem like the bully type. Well, I think you might be a great addition to our school. Be good and we'll be good to you, Naruto-kun." Minori stated with a smile.

"Heheh... The same thing goes for me, Naruto-kun." Kurama said.

"Then I'll be sure to behave, Minori-chan, Kurama-chan." Naruto replied.

"That's good to hear, with me I'm not a problem. The only problem is our bosses. Be sure to behave, okay?" Minori asked.

"I will." Naruto replied.

"Here is your School-Schedule, and be sure to attend to all your classes." Kurama stated.

Naruto takes his schedule and takes his leave. Before he leaves, Minori and Kurama told one last to thing Naruto.

"Remember, Naruto-kun, behave and I can teach you a thing or two." Minori stated with a wink and a smile.

"And welcome to Honnouji-Tenbi, Naruto-kun." Kurama said.

"Yes, my ladies" Naruto replied.

Naruto left the office, and checked out the school. He saw many guys, and many hot girls. Outside the school, Naruto was looking at the schoolyard, till...

"Look! It's the new kid!

"Get him! Get the new kid!"

"Damn, I haven't been here 10 minutes and people want me dead already. I can't let them get me in trouble on the first day, or I'll be fucked." Naruto thought, wondering what he should do.

It seemed Naruto had no choice. Naruto let out a sigh, getting ready to fight. Naruto was surrounded by three large older students.

"This is the new kid? He's a shrimp!"

"Let's get him!"

"Come and say that to my face, you horse's ass." Naruto said.

Naruto dodges the first punch, and Naruto punched the big student in the stomach. The one student fell on his knees.

"I would suggest you guys turn around now." Naruto said.

"That was a lucky punch! It's my turn now!"

Naruto dodged the next guy's attack. And like before, Naruto punched the next guy. Naruto saw the next guy trying to punch him from behind. Naruto dodged the attack, by the last second. Naruto then elbowed the guy in the stomach, and kneed the other guy in the face. The two other older students fell to the ground, unable to move.

"Haha! And here I thought, this school was supposed to be the toughest school in Japan." Naruto said with a foxy smirk.

"Hey, Fox-Nerd!"

"Fox-Nerd?" Naruto said, turning to see who called him out.

Naruto turned to a student about his age with ashy blonde hair and red eyes.

"Who are you?" Naruto asked.

"Katsuki Bakugo, and those guys you beat up are part of my gang! It's time to die, you loser!" Katsuki said, changing at Naruto.

Katsuki came at Naruto with a right hook, Naruto managed to block it, only to get swipe on his feet by Katsuki.

"Damn, this guy is good!" Naruto thought.

Naruto quickly got on his feet. Katsuki then got Naruto, in the face.

"Ugh!" Naruto groaned.

"What's matter, Fox-Nerd? Is that all you got?!" Katsuki said, hitting Naruto again.

Naruto then counterattack, punching Katsuki in the face.

"Grrr! Lucky shot, Fox-Nerd!" Katsuki said.

"Hey, you two! Stop!"

Naruto and Katsuki turned to see the Security Guards of Honnouji-Tenbi.

"Shit!" Naruto and Katsuki said.

Naruto and Katsuki make a run for it. Both blondes managed to out run the Security Guards. Naruto and Katsuki looked at each, but the school bell was going to ring within 5 minutes.

"We'll settle this another time, you Fox-Nerd!" Katsuki said.

"I can say the same thing, Ashy-Punk." Naruto replied.

Naruto went to his classroom, so he wouldn't get in trouble.

"Okay... Here I go." Naruto said.

Naruto opens the door, to see his mother, getting ready for class.

"Ah, you're right on time, Naru-chan." Kushina said.

"Hey, Kaa-chan. Ugh, I mean, Uzumaki-sensei." Naruto replied.

"Heheh." Kushina giggled.

Kushina waved to Naruto, as he came in front of the class.

"Class, this is my son, Naruto Uzumaki, and he will be in studying here." Kushina said with a smile, putting her hands-on Naruto's shoulders.

"Hi." Naruto said.

Naruto looked at his class, seeing guys, from nerds, greasers, bad boys, jocks, and really cute girls. Naruto also saw Katsuki, sitting in the middle. Naruto and Katsuki glared at each other.

"Grrr... That Fox-Nerd is in my class, and is the teacher's son?! Just great!" Katsuki thought.

The girls whispered among each other, saying, "Naruto is kind of cute" to "He's the bad boy from the last school? He seems nice" or "Is he really a bully who gets into so many fights" The girls heard the rumors about Naruto, and the things he did in his old school. They even heard about Naruto having sex in the girl's restroom with a girl named Hinata.

"Okay, you can take your sit, Naruto-kun." Kushina said.

"Yes, Uzumaki-sensei." Naruto replied, sitting in the middle, a sit away from Katsuki.

"Okay, we'll start today's lesson." Kushina said.

An hour later, class was over. Naruto decided to take another look around the school. Naruto went to the break room, to take a break. There was a girl. The girl was sitting on one of the couches.

"Oh, hello."

"Hey." Naruto said.

"So, you're the new boy, Naruto Uzumaki. My name is Ochako Uraraka." Ochako said.

Ochako was your regular teenage girl, with brown hair and eyes, a slight chubby cheek face. Naruto leaned close, examining Ochako head to toe. Ochako was average height, with D-cup breasts and large butt. Ochako wore the school uniform. Naruto looked at Ochako, seeing she was as cute as Hinata and all the other girls in the school. Ochako's sweat drops, thinking she might be in trouble with the new student.

"Umm..." Ochako said.

"Oh, sorry... I didn't mean to be rude by looking." Naruto said.

Ochako was surprised. Like all the other students, she heard about the rumors about Naruto and the things he's done. Ochako saw that he was a nice person.

"It's okay. I didn't think the new student would be so nice... I heard all those things about you." Ochako said.

"Well, most of them are true. I'm nice to Kaa-chan, some friends, some teachers I know, and to really cute girls like you." Naruto said with a smile.

"C-Cute?" Ochako said with a blush.

"Mm-hmm, you're really cute, especially with that round face of yours, Ochako-chan. You don't mind if I call you, Ochako-chan, do you?" Naruto said.

"N-Not at all..." Ochako said.

"It seems I made my first friend." Naruto said.


Ochako could not believe that Naruto was warming up to her. Ochako thought Naruto was cute as well. Naruto soon wrapped his arm around Ochako, bringing her close.

"N-Naruto-kun?" Ochako said.

"Maybe we can go somewhere private, and I'll teach you a thing or two. Who knows, you might teach me something. What do you say, Ochako-chan?" Naruto said.

"Umm... I'll have to think about it, Naruto-kun." Ochako said with a darker blush.

"I see the new-kid is already trying to get laid."

"And he's got a thing for less-class chubby girls."

Naruto turned to a boy his age with black hair and onyx eyes, and a girl with pink hair.

"And you are?" Naruto asked.

"Sakura Haruno." Sakura said.

"Sasuke Uchiha, and you're the new kid." Sasuke said.

"What is it to you?" Naruto asked.

"Relax friend. Listen, you just arrive to the toughest and will-breaking private school in all Japan. In a place like this, you'll need friends." Sasuke said.

"Well, good thing I have a friend right here. Right, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Hai..." Ochako said with her face all red, still around Naruto's arms.

"Ah, I see you met Round-Face." Sasuke said.

"I think she's cute with her face." Naruto said.

"Oh..." Ochako said.

"Whoa, you really got bad taste in girls." Sakura said.

"Whatever, Tooth-Pick." Naruto said.

"Tooth-Pick?" Sakura said.

Ochako couldn't help but giggle.

"Anyway... How about I show you around the school?" Sasuke said.

"I guess. How about you tag along, Ochako-chan?" Naruto said.

"Okay, Naruto-kun." Ochako replied.

Naruto, Ochako, Sasuke and Sakura went to hallways.

"This here is the hallways." Sasuke said.

Naruto noticed Katsuki next to his locker.

"And over there is Katsuki Bakugo. If you haven't guess. He's one of the bad asses of the school." Sasuke said.

"Yeah, I met him early; he's also in my class. He's sure packs a punch. But I pack a bigger one." Naruto said.

"You punched Bakugo?" Ochako said.

"Yeah, but the Security Guards came. So, we had to settle our fight another time." Naruto said.

"Whoa..." Ochako said.

"You must want to die young, Dobe." Sasuke said.

"Or maybe he's dumb." Sakura said.

"He doesn't scare me." Naruto said.

"Best believe me, he will." Sasuke said.

"Whatever." Naruto said.

Naruto saw a girl with glasses, wavy dark brown hair, and freckles, crying.

"Naruto-kun?" Ochako said.

"I'll be a minute." Naruto said.

Naruto went to go see what's wrong.

"You okay?" Naruto asked.

"H-Huh? Wait, you're the new kid."

"Naruto Uzumaki and what's your name?" Naruto asked.

"Otako..." Otako replied.

"What's the matter?" Naruto asked.

"Well, some older boys took my new volume my Manga, J-Pop." Otako stated, wiping her tears.

"I see... Where did they go?" Naruto asked.

"They went into the boy's restroom down the hall." Otako replied.

"Stay here... I'll be back with your Manga." Naruto said.


Naruto went to the boy's restroom, seeing the guys who took Otako's Manga.

"Man, that Otako chick is such a crybaby... 'Oh, please don't take my J-Pop!' Haha!"

"Yeah, only nerdy girls and sissy boys read trash like J-Pop."

Naruto kicks open the door.


"You have something of mine." Naruto said.

"What are you talking about?"



"H-He's the new kid... You know the one who had all those fights."

"He is? He's smaller than I thought he would be. He's a short-shit compared to us."

"I said you have something of mine. Hand over the Manga, and I'll walk away." Naruto said.

"Okay, new-kid... But let's play a little game."

"What kind of game?" Naruto asked.

"It's call, 'Nut-Job', new-kid. Here's how it works. My friend kicks you in the nuts, then you kick him in the nuts till one of you gives up."

"That's hitting below the belt and I never hit below there." Naruto replied.

"Then I guess you're not getting back your Manga, new-kid."

"Then I guess I'm going to have to take it back from you then." Naruto said.

One of the boys, tried to kick Naruto between his legs. Naruto quickly grabs his legs, head butting him in the gut. The bully fell on the bathroom floor. Naruto turned to the other bully.

"Give me back the Manga." Naruto said.

"M-Make one move and I'll rip it in half!"

"Do that and I'll shove your face in the crapper!" Naruto said.

"What did you say, you...! Guh!"

Naruto punched the other bully in the stomach. The student fell to his knees, holding his hurt gut.

"This is will be last time I'm going to tell you to hand over the Manga." Naruto said.

"O-Okay... H-Here..."

The other bully handed the Manga back to Naruto. Naruto left the restroom, and headed back where Otako was waiting.

"Hey." Naruto said.

"Y-You got back my Manga?" Otako asked.

"Yes, in perfect condition. Here you go." Naruto said, heading over the Manga.

"Thank you." Otako said.

"If those guys bother you again, tell me and I'll take care of them for you." Naruto said.

"Un-huh..." Otako said.

"See you around, Otako-chan." Naruto said.

Otako blushed. It seems that rumors are not always true. Otako was starting to like Naruto.

"Are you done, Dobe? Let's go to the lunch room." Sasuke said.

"Whatever. Let's go, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

"Okay." Ochako said.

In the cafeteria, Naruto saw all the students.

"Welcome to feeding time at the zoo. At the first table, you have the nerds, gamers, and anime fanatics." Sasuke stated

"Total outcasts." Sakura said.

"They seem pretty harmless." Naruto said.

"They're sneaky little freaks, so I would watch out. They always hang out at the library." Sasuke said.

"Mm-hmm..." Naruto said.

"Next we got the rich kids." Sasuke said.

"Ah, the kids with stick-up attitudes, and spoil brats." Naruto said.

"Very well observed. The rich kids always hang out on the higher floors of the school. Next, we have the greasers and wanna-bie Yakuza chums, and bad boys. Real tough guys." Sasuke said.

"Or at least try to act like it." Naruto said.

"I would suggest not messing with them, yet. They always hang out in the back of the school. Finally, we have the jocks, poplar kids, and the hard-core bullies. They rule the school." Sasuke stated.

"I could care less." Naruto said.

"You really do want to die young, don't you, Dobe?" Sasuke said.

"See, Sasuke-kun, he is dumb." Sakura said.

"Like I said, I don't really care. I'll take them all on, anytime time of the day." Naruto said.

The students looked at Naruto, hearing what he said.


"Naruto-kun, I don't think you shouldn't be talking about people like that." Ochako said, as her sweat dropped.

"It's true. I promise, I won't lose to anyone in this school." Naruto said.


The students looked at Naruto, as he looked at them right back.

"It's put it to the test, Dobe." Sasuke thought.

"Let's get something to eat, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

"O-Okay, Naruto-kun." Ochako replied.

Naruto and Ochako went to the lunch-line to get something to eat. Sasuke and Sakura went to the table to talk to the bullies named, Tetsu Ushio.

"Hey, Ushio-san, did you heard what the new-kid say?" Sasuke asked.

Tetsu was a large muscular young man who was 17.

"Yeah... He's just a punk." Tetsu said.

"Well, he told us he's going to take over the school, right, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked.

"That's right. Believe or not, he and Bakugo got into a fight." Sasuke said.

"Hmm?" Tetsu said.

"Yeah... He was good enough to land a hit on Bakugo." Sasuke said.

"Really? That really is something. And what's this about him, wanting to take over the school?" Tetsu said.

"Well, his mother is Kushina-sensei, and that girl is his main-squeeze. He wants to use the teachers and to beat up the others student, to slowly take over the school." Sasuke said.

"Ochako? Hmm..." Tetsu said.

"With us by your side, we can rule this school together, Ushio-san." Sasuke said.

"Yes. We can have it all, money, we'll be poplar, and best of all we can have anything we want. What do you say, Ushio-kun?" Sakura said with a wink.

Tetsu liked the idea of taking over the school. Little did Tetsu knew, Sasuke and Sakura were planning something, but only to benefit themselves.

"Well, I'll be sure to make those two girls mine. I've seen his mother, and I know about that Ochako girl. It will be easy for me to get that Ochako girl, then later, I'll beat that punk into a bloody mess, get closer to his hot mother. After I take care of him, I'll get Bakugo next." Tetsu said with a smile.

"That's a wonderful idea, Ushio-san. You're very clever." Sasuke said.

"Very smart, and so handsome." Sakura said.

"I'll take care of them, after class. You can make some plans for us taking this school." Tetsu said.

"Right away." Sasuke replied, as he and Sakura left the cafeteria.

With Sasuke and Sakura alone, their true nature comes out.

"That was easier than I thought." Sasuke said.

"No kidding. You're quite the sweet-talker, Sasuke-kun." Sakura said

"You're quite the actress, Sakura." Sasuke said.

"It makes me sick, just sweet talking that giant gorilla." Sakura said.

"But it makes it easier for us, and our plans to run this school." Sasuke said.

"That's true. But what if that dumb ape, fails in putting that blonde loser and his cow-slut in their place?" Sakura said.

"Well, then we can use the Dobe and Round-Face to do our dirty work for us." Sasuke said.

"I love that idea." Sakura said.

"Indeed, it is. We need to put Ushio, Bakugo, and the others in their place, but they are not the problem... the real problem is Naruto." Sasuke said.

"He's as dumb as livestock. Maybe even dumber." Sakura said.

"Well, we'll see what happens by tomorrow. No matter who wins, we are the ones who will have the greatest prize of them all... This school and the girls that will be in my harem." Sasuke said with a smile.

"I'll still be your number one, right, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked, wrapping her arms around Sasuke.

"Of course. Just do as I say, and we can have anything and more." Sasuke said.

"Yes, Sasuke-kun." Sakura said.

Later, Naruto and Ochako were walking into the hallways.

"Well, I have to get to my next class, Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

"Okay, then. I'll see you later, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied.

"Yes." Ochako said with a light blush.

"I'll be thinking about you, Ochako-chan. We can hang out more later, together, alone..." Naruto said with a foxy grin.

"Maybe, Naruto-kun..." Ochako said, while her blush becomes redder.

Naruto smile, waved bye to Ochako, while she waved bye to Naruto. Ochako just blushed, thinking about Naruto. Though, she just met Naruto today, Ochako was liking Naruto more and more. Ochako went into her locker, opening it to get her books for class.

"Hey." Tetsu said.

Ochako turned to see Tetsu and his gang.

"Oh, hello, Ushio-san." Ochako said.

"So, what's with you and the new-kid?" Tetsu asked.

"Naruto-kun? We're just friends is all." Ochako said.

"It seems more than that, Uraraka-san... It seems to me he wants to use of you. I'm willing to help, if you become my girl." Tetsu said.

"No thanks..." Ochako said.

"What?" Tetsu said.

"I said no thanks... I'm not looking for a boyfriend." Ochako said.

"I see... You're already on the new-kid's lap. Tell me, did he have sex with you in the girl's restroom like he did the last girl?" Tetsu asked.

"No! Naruto-kun is really nice and kind! Now I need to get to class, before I'm late!" Ochako said, but one of Tetsu's thugs stood in her way.

"You're not going anywhere without paying us first." Tetsu said.


Ochako was getting a bit scared. She didn't really know what to did at this point. Another one of Tetsu's thugs took Ochako's wallet.

"My money!" Ochako said.

"I'll ask you again. You can hang out with me and be my girl, or I can make you... If you want to hit me, by all means, hit me... But you'll get expelled for hitting one of the best honor students... and I know about your little family problem as well..." Tetsu stated with a smile.


Ochako sobbed, unable to do anything.

"You can go now... Oh, if you do decide to be my girl, meet me after school in the Valley. Believe me; I'll treat you right... Oh, I would also suggest stop hanging out with the new-kid, or his first day of school will be his last." Tetsu said.


Tetsu and his gang left, while Ochako wiped her tears. The only thing that Ochako was thinking about was Naruto.

"Naruto-kun..." Ochako sobbed.

Ochako made her way to class. It was 3:00 o'clock, and the school day was over. Naruto was opening his locker. Naruto saw Ochako with her hair, hiding her eyes.

"Ochako-chan?" Naruto said.

"Naruto-kun..." Ochako said.

"Did something happen?" Naruto asked.


"You can tell me. What happen, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked.

"*Sob*... I-It was Tetsu Ushio... he wanted me to be his girlfriend... But I said, no. Then he took my money, and he told me I shouldn't be your friend anymore. I was so helpless; I didn't know what to do..." Ochako sobbed.

Naruto felt anger, and sick to his stomach, that someone would bully his friend.

"Where is he?" Naruto asked.

"He said he would be at the Valley after school... That's where he and his friends always hang out..." Ochako sobbed.

Naruto hugs Ochako.

"I'll get your money back, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

Ochako felt safe in Naruto's arms.

"Let's go, Ochako-chan." Naruto said, holding her hand and headed to the Valley.

Outside of the school, Tetsu and his gang were waiting for Ochako to show up.

"You think that Ochako will show up, Ushio?"

"She will, and if not... We'll have to show her I'm serious when I don't get my way. I'll show her by breaking the new-kid's face." Tetsu said.

"There's no need to wait. I'm right here, you scum." Naruto said.

Tetsu and his gang saw Naruto and Ochako.

"So, you came... And I see you brought the new-kid with you." Tetsu said.

"The name's Naruto... And you must be Tetsu Ushio." Naruto said.

"That's me." Tetsu said.

"You have something that belongs to my friend, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

"You mean your slut." Tetsu said.

"Watch it." Naruto said.

"So, did Ochako ask you to come or did you wanted to show off?" Tetsu said.

"I came here because you took money that doesn't belong to you." Naruto said.

"Ahh... I see, so that's it huh? She officered you sex for money, is that right?" Tetsu asked.


"It's so sad... I knew she was a poor girl... I was amazed that the school let a poor slut like her in. Her parents must have been really desperate and willing to do anything... And..." Tetsu said.

"Shut the fuck up..." Naruto said.

"Huh?" Tetsu said.

"One more word out of you, and I'll leave you bleeding all over the place." Naruto said with a glare.

Tetsu's sweat slightly drops, seeing how anger Naruto was. Ochako saw how anger Naruto was towards Tetsu.

"Now then... I'm going to ask you only once... to give Ochako-chan back her money. And if not, we're going to have to settle this, like men... or in this case, the new-kid standing up to some bullies." Naruto stated, still glaring at Tetsu and his gang.

"Us, bullies? Ha, don't make us laugh, new-kid! We heard about the things you done in your old school! You only fought against chums! We're students of Honnouji-Tenbi, the toughest school in of all Japan, and we heard you're a real bully! And…!"

Before one of Tetsu's boys finished his words, Naruto kicked at small rock at his head.

"Agh! You little prick!"

"The rumors are nothing... You assholes don't know a damn thing about me. So, then... are you going to hand over the money or what? Last warning." Naruto said.

"Here's my answer." Tetsu said, standing up.

Tetsu pulled out Ochako's wallet, about to head it over to Naruto.

"From now on..." Naruto said.

Tetsu punched Naruto in the face.

"Agh!" Naruto groaned in pain, falling to the ground.

"Naruto-kun!" Ochako said.

Ochako was going to help Naruto, but Tetsu's thugs held her.

"Ha! Not so tough now when you're on the floor in pain!" Tetsu said.

Tetsu got on top of Naruto, punching him in the face again. Ochako cried, seeing Naruto getting a beating. Tetsu was about to hit Naruto again, but Naruto quickly head butted him in the face. Tetsu groaned in pain, holding his noise. Naruto pushed him off him.

"That was a cheap shot, you ass." Naruto said.

"Damn you!" Tetsu said.

"Stop crying and get your ass up, and fight me like a man!" Naruto shouted.

"Grrr, fine! We'll settle this fist to fist!" Tetsu said.

Naruto and Tetsu came at each other, throwing hard punches. Ochako prayed and hope that Naruto wouldn't get hurt to badly.

"That last punch was weak, Uzumaki!" Tetsu said, hitting Naruto in the face, once again.

"Please, my grandma hurts way harder than you!" Naruto said, punching Tetsu.

"Talk is cheap!" Tetsu said, punching Naruto back.

"You're right... Talk is cheap!" Naruto said, punching Tetsu again.

"You son of a bitch!" Tetsu shouted, hitting Naruto.

Naruto and Tetsu keep hitting each other. Naruto then hits Tetsu in the face again, casing him to flitch. Naruto hits Tetsu again and again, till he hit the floor. Ochako smiled, knowing Naruto was going to win. But most of all, that Naruto will be alright, and would not get hurt anymore.

"Naruto-kun..." Ochako said.

"Come on, get back up!" Naruto said.

"Ahh..." Tetsu groaned.

"Come on!" Naruto said.

Tetsu saw Naruto waiting for him to get back up. Tetsu knew Naruto wouldn't beat someone who can't fight back. Tetsu saw his chance to win, and put him in his place. Tetsu kicked Naruto in the leg, hard. Naruto groaned, falling. Another cheap shot.

"Oh, no!" Ochako said.

Naruto holds his leg, unable to move. Tetsu kicks Naruto in the face, making him fall on his back. Tetsu repeatedly kicks Naruto. Ochako struggled trying to help Naruto, but Tetsu's thugs hold on her tight and were not going to let go. Tetsu continued to beat Naruto, making him bleed from his mouth.

"Haha! Take this, you punk! This is what you get for missing with me! After I'm done with you, I'll be taking over the school, and I'm having Ochako and your mother in my harem!" Tetsu shouted with joy, enjoying beating up Naruto.

Naruto was getting really anger. He wanted to beat the crap out of Tetsu, but he was still in pain. When Naruto gets his chance, he's going to teach Tetsu a lesson. Ochako cried, luckily, she broke free from the bullies' grip and run over to Naruto.

"Stop it!" Ochako said.

"Stay out of this, you slut!" Tetsu said, pushing Ochako aside.

Naruto saw this and was getting up, and tackling Tetsu to the ground.

"How did you, GUH!" Tetsu groaned, feeling Naruto's fist in his face.

"You son of a bitch! How dare you put your hands on Ochako-chan?!" Naruto shouted, still beating Tetsu.

Tetsu was feeling Naruto's anger, along with multiple punches in the face. Tetsu groaned, unable to move. Naruto gets up. Never Naruto would beat someone when they are down for the count, but Naruto decided to teach Tetsu a lesson and to make sure he would never put his hands on his friends and talk dirty about his mother, again. Naruto kicked Tetsu three times. Naruto then grabs Ochako's wallet.

"Guh... B-But, how... I-I was winning... You should have not gotten up..." Tetsu groaned.

"I wasn't going to lose to a bully like you." Naruto said.

Ochako came close to Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, are you okay?" Ochako asked.

"I'm okay, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied, smiling at her.

Naruto turned to the rest of Tetsu's boys.

"You want some too?" Naruto asked with a glare.

Tetsu's lackeys run. Naruto turned to Tetsu.

"You got lucky, you listen here..." Tetsu said.

"No, you listen! If you ever, mess with Ochako-chan or talk about my mother again... I'll break your fucking teeth in!" Naruto said.

Tetsu could not say anymore, he was afraid of Naruto.

"Now get out of here, before I decided to beat your ass again!" Naruto shouted, glaring at Tetsu.

Tetsu knew he was beaten. He picked himself up, and limped away. Naruto turned to Ochako.

"I believe this is yours." Naruto said, handing Ochako back her wallet.


"Ochako-chan?" Naruto said.

"I'm so sorry... I should have told a teacher... but because of me, you got hurt..." Ochako sobbed.

"Ochako-chan..." Naruto said.

"Y-Yes?" Ochako sobbed.

"I would be happy to take a beating for you any day. That's what friends do. I should be the one apologizing. I should have beaten the crap out of him sooner, and got back your wallet faster. But because of me, he pushed you. So, I'm sorry, Ochako-chan." Naruto said with a smile.

"Oh, Naruto-kun!" Ochako cried in Naruto's chest, hugging him.

"Please don't cry... Let me see a smile." Naruto said, hugging Ochako.

Ochako continued to hug Naruto, still crying. Naruto pats her head; doing everything, he could to make her feel better.

"Are you hungry, Ochako-chan? I'll treat you to some pizza." Naruto said with another smile.

"Okay..." Ochako replied, still in Naruto's chest.

Later Naruto and Ochako were hanging out in the town's pizza-shock. Naruto and Ochako were enjoying each other's company. Ochako looked at Naruto for a moment, seeing him eat a large slice of pizza. Naruto looked up, and just smiled at Ochako. Ochako blushed, seeing Naruto smiling at her. It seemed strange, Naruto would act like a beast when he was angry, but Ochako saw how sweet he can be. Is Naruto really a bully?

"How's the pizza?" Naruto asked.

"It's delicious, Naruto-kun." Ochako replied a smile.

"I'm happy to see you smile, Ochako-chan." Naruto said with his own smile.

"Naruto-kun..." Ochako said.

"Yeah?" Naruto replied.

"Is... Umm, is that one offer still available?" Ochako said.

Naruto smiled coming close to Ochako.

"Why yes, it is, Ochako-chan. But are you sure?" Naruto said.

"Yes. I want to put this whole thing with Tetsu behind me. And I also want to get to know you more, Naruto-kun." Ochako replied, lying her head on Naruto's shoulder.

"Heh, okay, Ochako-chan. Where do you want to go?" Naruto asked.

"Let's go to my room." Ochako said.

"Is that a good idea?" Naruto asked.

"Don't worry, all the students get their own private room." Ochako stated.

"That sounds awesome." Naruto replied.

"Yeah." Ochako said with a smile.

"Let's take one pizza to go, and jam." Naruto replied.

"Yes, Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

Back at Honnouji-Tenbi, Naruto and Ochako were heading into her room.

"Please make yourself at home." Ochako said.

Naruto sat on the couch, looking around Ochako's room.

"Well this is it. My home away from home." Ochako said, sitting next to Naruto.

"It's really nice." Naruto said, wrapping his arms around Ochako.

"Umm… What do we do first?" Ochako asked.

"Let's start off slow with kissing." Naruto stated.

"I've never kiss a boy before." Ochako said.

"I'll be really gentle, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

Ochako nodded to herself, getting closer to Naruto. Her chubby face turned red, meeting Naruto's eyes. Naruto kissed Ochako.

"Oh…" Ochako said.

"You have such soft lips, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

"T-Thank you, Naruto-kun." Ochako replied.

Ochako saw the bruise on his cheek that Naruto received from his early fight. Ochako kissed his cheek.

"Oh…" Naruto moaned.

"Does it hurt, Naruto-kun?" Ochako asked.

"It's okay, Ochako-chan. It doesn't hurt, when you kiss It." Naruto stated.

Naruto kissed Ochako on her cheek. Ochako slowly got on top of Naruto, kissing him multiple times. Naruto kissed Ochako again, holding her hips. Ochako felt a poke between her and Naruto.

"What is that, Naruto-kun?" Ochako said.

"Umm… That would be, ah…" Naruto said.

"Your thing?" Ochako asked.

"H-Hai… It gets like that when I get excited…" Naruto said.

"Can I see it?" Ochako asked.


"Is something wrong?" Ochako asked.

"Heheh… You remind me a lot of Hinata-chan…" Naruto said.

"Hinata-chan, who is that?" Ochako asked.

"Oh, she's this girl that I am really close with at my old school." Naruto said.

"I see… Well, are you going to show me your thingy?" Ochako asked.

"You really sure, Ochako-chan? I don't want to force you to have sex…" Naruto said.

"No, I want to, Naruto-kun. Though we just met today, I really like you and want you to be my first!" Ochako said.

"Wow…" Naruto said.

"I'm sorry for coming on strong, but that's the way I am." Ochako said.

"No, I like a girl who speaks her mind, another thing you have in common with Hinata-chan." Naruto said with a smile.

"Was I as cute as her?" Ochako asked.

"Yes… and like her, I'll make you into a woman, Ochako-chan… if you like." Naruto asked.

"Please do… show me your big thingy…" Ochako said.

"Come close, Ochako-chan, and I'll show you…" Naruto said.

Ochako got close to Naruto. Ochako saw the large bog between Naruto's legs. Naruto unzipped his pants, Ochako then let out a gasp, seeing Naruto's 13-inch penis.

"N-Naruto-kun…" Ochako said, staring at Naruto's semi-hard penis.

"Yeah, I don't really know what to say…" Naruto said.

"I didn't think I would see something like this, and it's really big too…" Ochako said.

"Yeah, it's amazing that this thing doesn't slow me down when I run or when I am in a fight…" Naruto said.

"It would be a shame if something bad happen to this beautiful thing." Ochako said with a smile.

"Heheh… True." Naruto replied.

"So, how do I do this?" Ochako asked.

"Umm… You can use your hands to massage it." Naruto said.

"Okay." Ochako said, touching Naruto's penis.

Naruto blushed, letting out a moan, feeling Ochako's soft hands. Naruto relaxed himself, letting Ochako have her way.

"Does it feel good, Naruto-kun…?" Ochako said.

"It feels amazing." Naruto replied.

"I'm happy you're enjoying yourself, Naruto-kun." Ochako replied.

"Yeah, Ochako-chan, you're getting me hard." Naruto moaned, feeling his cock getting hard.

"Oh, my…" Ochako said, squeezing Naruto's cock.

"Ahh… Just like that, Ochako-chan." Naruto moaned.

Naruto couldn't help himself, but to grab Ochako's D-cup breasts.

"Oh…" Ochako moaned.

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself." Naruto replied.

"Don't be, Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

"Then you won't mind if I do this." Naruto replied, sucking Ochako's neck.

"Ah!" Ochako moaned.

Ochako blushed, feeling Naruto's kisses against her neck, and grabbing her breasts. Ochako moaned, still stroking Naruto's cock hard. Naruto then pulled Ochako into a kiss, wrapping his arms around her body. Ochako blushed, loving Naruto's lips against hers.

"Naruto-kun is so good…" Ochako thought, still making out with Naruto.

Naruto then slips his tongue inside Ochako's mouth. Ochako's eyes widen, but she liked it. Her eyes slightly rolled back, while her face became red and feeling Naruto's penis rubbing up against her. The two teens broke the kiss to breathe.

"Oh, Naruto-kun." Ochako said with a dark blush.

"You're really are good, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied.

"Yes… Is there anything you want me to do, Naruto-kun?" Ochako asked.

"Forgive me from coming on strong, but can you… Give me a blowjob?" Naruto asked.

"What's that?" Ochako asked.

"Well, it's when a girl would use her mouth to suck on a man's cock." Naruto replied.

"Oh…" Ochako said.

"If you don't want to then…" Naruto said, but his next words were stopped by Ochako's lips, kissing him.

"If that's what you want, Naruto-kun, I'll give you a blowjob." Ochako said.

Ochako went down between Naruto's legs, feeling the hardness against her round face.

"It's so bigger up close… Oh, it's so hard, Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

"Thanks to you, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied.

"It smells good too." Ochako said.

"Heheh, yeah, I always run around, and do a lot of stuff, and always taking showers so I don't smell." Naruto stated, rubbing his cock against Ochako's face.

"You really are something, Naruto-kun." Ochako replied, feeling Naruto's cock all over her face.

"Please use that pretty mouth of yours and suck me off, okay, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked.

"I'll do more than that, when I'm done sucking you off, Naruto-kun." Ochako replied, kissing the tip.

"Oh~…" Naruto moaned.

Naruto relaxed himself, feeling Ochako's lips all over his cock. She then used her tongue, licking the hard pole like a lollypop.

"Agh, I love how you use your tongue, Ochako-chan." Naruto moaned.

"I didn't think I would do something like this." Ochako said.

"You're doing well, Ochako-chan… You're getting me hard." Naruto said.

"Your thingy tastes really strange, but in a way, I like it." Ochako said, still licking the pole.

"Oh, man…" Naruto moaned.

Ochako continued to lick the hard rode. Ochako then wrapped her lips around Naruto's cock, taking about 4 inches; however, she backed her head and choked.

"Are you okay, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked.

"I'm okay, Naruto-kun, you're just so big…" Ochako stated.

Ochako took back the 4 inches, making Naruto moaned.

"Ahh!" Naruto moaned.

Ochako suckling the mushroom head and some of the length. Naruto held his head back in pleasure. Ochako was getting used to the taste of her friend's cock. Ochako backed her head, letting go of Naruto's cock. She licked her lips.

"I didn't think that your cock would taste good, Naruto-kun." Ochako said, pumping Naruto's dick.

"Yeah, your amazing." Naruto replied.

"You're the one who is amazing, Naruto-kun. So, I'm going to make you feel good…" Ochako replied, feeling Naruto's cock twitching in his hands.

Ochako smiled, taking back the large meat chunk inside her mouth. Ochako then took more of Naruto's rod inside her throat, about 3 inches. Naruto moans became louder, loving how Ochako was sucking his cock. Ochako then used her hands to play and massage Naruto's twin-orbs. Naruto didn't know how much longer, he could hold back his orgasm. But he knew if Ochako continued her actions, his orgasm would be a big one.

"Oh, shit! Ochako-chan, I'm about to blow!" Naruto moaned.

Ochako continued her actions, sucking harder and faster. Naruto groans, unable to hold it back.

"I'm, argh~!" Naruto groaned, having his orgasm.

Ochako's eyes widen, feeling the thick white seed shooting inside her mouth.

"Guh!" Ochako moaned, feeling white-ropes spraying on her face.

"Oh, fuck~…!" Naruto moaned with a dark blush, feeling his climax ending.

Ochako's face was covered in Naruto's seed, while inside her mouth she tasted the cum inside her mouth. Like Naruto's cock, she also like the taste of his cream as well. Naruto let out a sigh. Thanks to Ochako's blowjob, his cock was soft.

"I'm sorry… I didn't mean to cum so much." Naruto said, breathing heavily.

"No… I'm really amazed, Naruto-kun. I'm really like how tasty your cock and cream is." Ochako replied, licking her lips.

"I'm happy to hear that, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied.

"I'm going to freshen up. You can take off your clothes, and wait for me in bed." Ochako said with a smile, walking into her restroom.

"Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

"Hmm?" Ochako said.

"Can you show me a little skin? I need to get hard again if we're going to some more fun." Naruto said with a smile.

Ochako smiled back. She pulled down her skirt, showing her big plump butt to Naruto. Naruto felt his cock twitched. Naruto grinned, liking what he sees. Ochako closed the door, blowing a kiss.

"I'll be right back, Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

"Take your time, Ochako-chan…" Naruto said with a smile.

Naruto took off his clothes, and laid in Ochako's bed, waiting for Ochako. Ochako came out of her restroom, naked. Naruto looked at Ochako from her D-cup breasts, belly, and thighs. Ochako blushed, seeing Naruto just looking at her and seeing his muscular body figure, and his semi hard penis, wanting her.

"Do you like?" Ochako asked.

"I love, Ochako-chan…" Naruto said with a smile.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

"Come here, Ochako-chan. It's real lonely." Naruto said.

Ochako smiled, crawling into bed with Naruto. Naruto and Ochako kissed each other.

"I'm so happy that we're doing this, Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

"Same here, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied, kissing Ochako again.

Naruto and Ochako hold each, cuddling, and kissing more. Naruto wanted to make Ochako feel good, so he got an idea.

"Hey, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

"Hmm?" Ochako asked.

"Do you want me to make you feel good?" Naruto asked.

"Okay, but how?" Ochako asked.

"Lay right here on your back, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

"Okay, Naruto-kun." Ochako said with a smile.

Ochako got on her back, wondering what Naruto is going to do. Naruto kissed Ochako on lips. Then Naruto went down to Ochako's breasts, kissing her belly, and finally between her legs. Naruto spread Ochako's legs open, showing her lady-lips and anus. Ochako blushed, seeing Naruto looking at her personal parts.

"This is so embarrassing, Naruto-kun." Ochako said with a dark blush.

"Sorry, I can't help it. If I like something I see, I always look at it." Naruto replied.

"O-Okay, then…" Ochako said.

"Now, let me make you feel good, Ochako-chan." Naruto said, kissing her lady-lips.

"Ahhhh…" Ochako moaned.

"Let's get you nice and wet." Naruto said, licking and kissing Ochako's pussy.

"Ahh… I can't believe you would do that, Naruto-kun… Uh!" Ochako moaned, feeling Naruto's tongue.

Naruto licked Ochako's pink spot, making her moan. Ochako felt Naruto's tongue inside her vagina, getting her insides wet. Ochako slides her hands down to Naruto's back, wanting him to keep eating out her insides.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, you're getting me all wet." Ochako moaned.

"That's good, Ochako-chan… Relax and let me take care of you." Naruto replied.

"Yes…" Ochako moaned.

"That's a good girl." Naruto said, going down between Ochako's anus, licking it.

"Oh, my butt!" Ochako gasped, feeling Naruto's tongue against her pick butthole.

"Like I said, Ochako-chan, I'm going to make you feel good in more ways than one." Naruto replied, tonguing Ochako's anus deeper.

Ochako moaned louder, feeling her butthole getting wet.

"I didn't think you would lick my butt, too, Naruto-kun!" Ochako moaned.

"I'm the type of guy that will do anything for his friends." Naruto replied, going back to lick Ochako's pussy, while he fingered her anus.

"Ah!" Ochako moaned.

Ochako felt her insides trembling with pleasure, feeling herself getting wetter. Naruto continued his actions, switching back and forth from her pussy and anus. Her face turned dark red, a feeling of something coming. Ochako was going to have an orgasm for the first time.

"I'm getting all wet, Naruto-kun! I feel something coming out of my body!" Ochako moaned, feeling her juices about to squirt out.

Ochako soon let out a scream, as her juices squirted inside Naruto's mouth and on face. Ochako let a sigh of relief and pleasure, having her orgasm for the first time. Naruto licked his lips, liking how Ochako's juices tasted.

"T-That felt wonderful, Naruto-kun…" Ochako said, letting out a moan.

"I'm happy you enjoyed it, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied, kissing her lips.

"Mmm~…" Ochako moaned, tasting her juices.

Naruto and Ochako shared another kiss, cuddling together. Ochako wrapped her hands around Naruto, while he wrapped his arms around her. Ochako buried herself between Naruto's chest, loving the time she's having with her new friend. Ochako felt Naruto getting hard against her legs.

"Naruto-kun, your thingy is getting hard against me." Ochako said.

"I know… So, are you ready?" Naruto asked.

"Yes. I'm ready, Naruto-kun." Ochako replied with a smile.

"All right, then…" Naruto replied.

Naruto kissed Ochako once again. Naruto wondered if he should be on top, or should Ochako be.

"Hey, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

"Yes, Naruto-kun?" Ochako asked.

"Do you want me to be on top, or do you want to?" Naruto asked.

Ochako blushed.

"I want you to be on top, Naruto-kun." Ochako replied.

"Are you sure, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Hai. I want you to be close to me." Ochako replied with a smile.

"Okay, Ochako-chan…" Naruto said, getting on top of Ochako.

Ochako let out a slight moan, feeling Naruto against her body, and the hard penis against her belly. Naruto and Ochako looked at each other, feeling nervous.

"I'll stick it inside you now, okay?" Naruto said.

"Yes… Please, make me yours, Naruto-kun…" Ochako replied with a blush.

Naruto nodded, grabbing his member, rubbing it against Ochako's lady-lips. Naruto then sticks the tip inside of Ochako. She let out a whimper, feeling the mushroom tip getting inside her pink hole. Naruto soon let out a moan, feeling the wet juices, dripping. But Naruto also noticed Ochako bleeding.

"Ahh…" Ochako groaned, letting out a tear.

"A-Are you okay, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked nervously.

"You're so big!" Ochako groaned.

"Should I stop?" Naruto asked.

"N-No! Please keep going, Naruto-kun!" Ochako replied, wrapping her arms around Naruto's neck, bringing him closer.

"Okay, Ochako-chan…" Naruto replied, still entering slowly.

"Guh!" Ochako groaned, buried herself into Naruto's chest.

Naruto managed to fit 4 inches inside of Ochako. Ochako cried in Naruto's chest due to the pain of having something inside her. Naruto fit another 4 inches inside of Ochako. Ochako saw that Naruto only had 5 more inches inside her. Naruto his entrance, finally putting all his cock inside Ochako's pussy.

"I-I did it… I'm taking all of Naruto-kun's cock…" Ochako groaned with a dark blush, still having a few tears.

"Are you okay, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Uh-huh… Kiss me, Naruto-kun…" Ochako said.

Naruto kissed Ochako.

"Keep kissing me in every way you can, till I'm ready, Naruto-kun…" Ochako replied.

"I will, Ochako-chan…" Naruto replied, kissing Ochako's face.

Naruto held Ochako, kissing her lips and face. Soon Ochako let out a moan, loving Naruto's kisses, and almost forgetting about the pain. Naruto kissed Ochako's tears away, holding both of her hands. Ochako let out soft moans, feeling Naruto's kisses on her lips, face, and neck, while feeling his strong hands around hers.

"Oh, Naruto-kun…" Ochako moaned.

"Feeling a bit more relaxed, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Yes…" Ochako replied.

"That's good to hear, Ochako-chan." Naruto said, kissing her more.

"Oh~…" Ochako moaned.

Naruto went to her neck, kissing it and sucking on it, while he smelled Ochako's sweet scent. Ochako felt Naruto's back, let out moans. Ochako loved the way Naruto was kissing her and feel her body. Naruto kisses Ochako, Ochako kisses him back. Ochako looked at Naruto, meeting his eyes. Naruto met Ochako's brown eyes, liking how beautiful they were.

"You have such lovely eyes, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun… You really know what to say to make a girl feel so special." Ochako replied.

"Same here, Ochako-chan…" Naruto said.

"Naruto-kun…" Ochako said.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked.

"Move slowly…" Ochako said.

"Are you sure, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked.

"H-Hai… I'm ready, Naruto-kun…" Ochako replied.

"Okay…" Naruto said, moving his hips slowly.

"Ugh…" Ochako groaned.

"Ochako-chan, are you sure you're ready?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, just hold me tight, and kiss me…" Ochako replied.

"All right." Naruto replied, kissing Ochako.

"Oh, Naruto-kun… So big…" Ochako groaned.

"You're so sweet, Ochako-chan…" Naruto said, still kissing and moving slow.

Ochako let out small groans, feeling Naruto's small thrusts and moans feeling Naruto's kisses.

"You're so good at this…" Ochako moaned.

"Thank you, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied.

Naruto kisses Ochako, once again.

"Oh, Naruto-kun…" Ochako moaned.

Naruto holds Ochako, still thrusting slow. Naruto kissed Ochako, grabbing her round D-cup breasts, sucking on the pick nipples. Ochako moaned, feeling Naruto sucking her breasts.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, you're sucking my breasts…" Ochako moaned.

"Sorry, like I said, somethings I can't really help myself." Naruto replied, sucking on Ochako's other breast.

"Ah! Don't be, Naruto-kun… Please keep doing what you like~…" Ochako moaned.

"You really are sweet, Ochako-chan…" Naruto replied, thrusting a little faster.

"Oh, Naruto-kun…" Ochako moaned.

Naruto smiled, kissing Ochako again. Naruto enjoyed how tight Ochako's pussy was. Ochako was enjoying how Naruto pleased her body. Naruto and Ochako let out moans, feeling their bodies rubbing against each other. Naruto kissed Ochako, thrusting a little more. Ochako squealed, feeling Naruto's cock moving fast and deep inside her. Ochako moaned, slightly getting adjusted to Naruto's size.

"Ah, it's starting to feel good!" Ochako moaned.

"H-Huh~?!" Naruto asked, still thrusting.

"I'm g-getting adjusted to your big thing!" Ochako moaned.

"Oh, I see~! I should have known, since you're getting tight!" Naruto moaned.

"Please keep using your cock inside me~!" Ochako moaned.

"You're so cute…" Naruto replied, kissing Ochako.

"Mmm~!" Ochako moaned.

Naruto hold Ochako, thrusting her insides more. Ochako moaned, feeling her insides becoming wet while the mushroom tip hitting her womb. Naruto then picks Ochako up, making her slide up and down on his pelvis. Naruto held Ochako's hips, as she let out louder moans. Ochako loved being close to Naruto, she kissed him on the lips, still going up and down on Naruto's cock.

"You're so amazing, Naruto-kun! Your cock is so deep!" Ochako moaned.

"Yes, it is, Ochako-chan! I feel it tightening around me!" Naruto moaned.

"Naruto-kun!" Ochako moaned.

Naruto thrust Ochako harder and faster, making both teens moan in pleasure. Naruto felt his member twitching inside of Ochako's pussy, with her walls squeezing the long rod. Naruto thrust his penis deeper inside of Ochako's pussy, getting it wetter. Naruto let out a slight growl, feeling his twitching more while his balls tighten. Naruto held down Ochako, making her legs rise in the air. Ochako let out a small scream, feeling her juices are coming. Naruto and Ochako are both going to orgasm, together.

"Ah, N-Naruto-kun, I'm going to! I'm going to~!" Ochako moaned.

"Yes, me too, Ochako-chan!" Naruto moaned, thrusting harder.

Naruto was about to pull out his cock; however, Ochako holds Naruto's hands. Naruto wondered what Ochako was thinking.

"Ochako-chan?" Naruto said.

"I want you to release your juice inside me, Naruto-kun…" Ochako moaned.

"Really~?! Ah, it might happen soon!" Naruto moaned.

"Yes! I-I want you to cum inside me!" Ochako moaned.

"Okay, Ochako-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Come and stay close to me, I want to be close to me when you release all your juices, Naruto-kun!" Ochako moaned, wrapping her arms around Naruto.

"Yes! Ochako-chan, I'll release my dick-juice inside you!" Naruto moaned, kissing Ochako, once again.

Naruto thrusts wildly, Ochako screamed, both teens soon felt their juices about to come. Ochako wrapped her legs around her Naruto's waist. It was only a matter a time till they reached their orgasms. Naruto pulled Ochako into a deep kiss, soon about to climax.

"I'm cumming~!" Naruto and Ochako moaned.

Naruto and Ochako moaned, feeling their orgasms. Naruto grunted his teeth, feeling his rod releasing its seed inside of Ochako's womb. Ochako's eyes rolled in pleasure, feeling Naruto's milk spraying inside her walls. Naruto and Ochako hold each other tight, while Naruto continued to have his orgasm.

"Naruto-kun, I cummed…" Ochako moaned.

"H-Hai… I still having my orgasm…" Naruto replied.

"Yes, I feel your cream still shooting inside me~…" Ochako moaned.

"It feels so good…" Naruto said, kissing Ochako.

Ochako returned the kiss, still feeling Naruto's seed filling her insides up. Naruto's orgasm lasted for a good minute. After that long minute, Naruto's climax ends. Ochako let out a sigh of bliss, having her inside filled with Naruto's seed. Naruto then pulled out his member, while Ochako's pink hole oozed with his white cream. Naruto kissed Ochako, once again.

"That was amazing, Naruto-kun…" Ochako said.

"It sure is, Ochako-chan…" Naruto replied, cuddling with Ochako.

"Oh, Naruto-kun." Ochako said, cuddling with Naruto.

Naruto hold Ochako tight, kissing her. Naruto just kissed and hugged Ochako. Ochako kissed Naruto back, still in bed. Ochako was amazed. Ochako didn't think she would have sex with the new student, nor did she think Naruto would be nice. She didn't think that she would lose her virginity with someone she just met today. But Ochako loved it, and it helped her forget about today with Naruto getting hurt. However, Naruto said he would gladly take a beating for her. Ochako lied her head on Naruto's chest.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun… Thank you for being my first, for being my friend, and being my hero…" Ochako said with a blush, holding Naruto's hand.

"Your quite welcome, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied, kissing Ochako.

"Oh, Naruto-kun…" Ochako moaned.

Naruto and Ochako stayed in her bed, still cuddling.

"Hey, Ochako-chan..." Naruto said.

"Yes, Naruto-kun?" Ochako asked.

"Are you okay with this?" Naruto asked.

"What do you mean, Naruto-kun?" Ochako asked.

"I mean, okay with me? I know we just met today, and we just had sex. I mean… Being the new-kid… Ugh, I'm not so good at these kind of things..." Naruto said, till.

Ochako stopped Naruto's next words with a sweet tender kiss. Ochako continued to kiss Naruto, while getting on top of him.

"It's okay, Naruto-kun. You don't need to try so hard with words. As long as you'll be my friend, that's all that matters." Ochako said, kissing Naruto.

"Ochako-chan…" Naruto said.

Naruto hugged Ochako, kissing her back.

"You really are sweet, Ochako-chan. And since we're friends, whenever you need help, if you want to go on a date, and moreover, whatever is mine is also yours, Ochako-chan." Naruto stated, kiss Ochako again.

"Well, then… The same goes for me, Naruto-kun. Whatever is mine is also yours." Ochako replied.

Naruto got an idea, that Ochako might like, but she might not like. Naruto had to ask.

"So, Ochako-chan, I have an idea." Naruto said.

"What is it, Naruto-kun?" Ochako asked.

"We should do anal next." Naruto replied.

"What's that?" Ochako asked.

"Umm… It's when I, well… It's when the man screws his woman in the… Well, he does her in the butt." Naruto stated with a slight blush.

"In my butt?" Ochako asked with a dark blush.

"Well, I was going to do it with Hinata-chan, but…" Naruto said.

"Say, no more…" Ochako replied.

Ochako looked down at Naruto's cock, she remembered it was hard to handle his large size the first time. But she also knew how good it felt. How good it felt, when Naruto hold her, kissed her, and even fucked her. Ochako smiled at Naruto.

"Yes, Naruto-kun, I want you do have all of me…" Ochako said.

Ochako turned herself around, positioning herself on her hands and knees. Ochako lifted her butt to Naruto.

"Here, Naruto-kun… use your big cock and screw my butthole…" Ochako said with a smile and a dark blush.

Naruto blushed, seeing how big Ochako's butt is, which got him hard. Naruto went behind Ochako, spreading her ass cheeks apart, showing her small pink anus. Naruto fingered her anus, making Ochako moan.

"Oh, my butt…" Ochako moaned.

"Hey, Ochako-chan…" Naruto said.

"Yes, Naruto-kun?" Ochako asked.

"This will be the first time, I'm having anal-sex with a girl…" Naruto said.

"Really? So, I guess, I'll be your first in this way, huh?" Ochako asked.

"Yeah, me and you well have anal together." Naruto said.

Naruto looked at Ochako's butt. He can't help how big and plump.

"You have such a big butt, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun…" Ochako replied.

Naruto pulled out his finger, going went down Ochako's ass, licking her anus again. Ochako's eyes widen again, letting out a gasp, feeling Naruto's tongue against her rectum.

"Ah, you're licking my butt again, Naruto-kun!" Ochako moaned.

"I have to get you ready, Ochako-chan, or it will hurt." Naruto replied, tonguing deeper.

"H-Hai~!" Ochako moaned, biting her lower lip.

Ochako liked the feeling of getting her anus licked by her friend. Naruto continued his actions, while he massaged her butt checks. Ochako let out pats, while her insides getting wet again. Naruto stops his actions. Ochako wondered why, but soon she felt Naruto getting on top of her, while his hard cock find itself between her ass cheeks.

"Oh, Naruto-kun…" Ochako moaned.

"Do you like that, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Yes…" Ochako replied.

"Oh, your butt is so big and soft… I feel my cock getting harder…" Naruto moaned.

"H-Hai… It feels so wet…" Ochako moaned.

Naruto grabs Ochako's hips, rubbing his cock against the small hole. Ochako let out another moan, feeling how big it felt. Ochako was worried to of how it will feel, and how big Naruto is. But she knew Naruto was kind and won't do anything reckless or overdo it.

"Are you ready, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, Naruto-kun… Please be gentle." Ochako replied.

"I will, Ochako-chan…" Naruto replied.

Naruto spreads her ass parts, slightly pushing the tip inside Ochako's butt. Ochako let out a gasp, feeling the mushroom head going inside her anus.

"Oh!" Ochako yipped.

"My tip is going is going inside your ass~!" Naruto moaned.

"Nngh!" Ochako groaned, grabbing the sheets of the bed.

"Oooh!" Naruto moaned.

Ochako's let out squeals, like a pig. She felt her rectum being filled and getting stretched out, with the large meat length. Naruto moaned, feeling Ochako's tight hole.

"Agh, you're so fucking big, Naruto-kun! It hurts!" Ochako shouted.

"I-It's true… B-But your ass is so tight~!" Naruto moaned.

"K-Keep shoving your fat thick cock inside my b-butt!" Ochako screamed, as her eyes rolled back.

"Oh, Ochako-chan~!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto managed to fit about 5 inches inside Ochako's anus. Ochako let out louder squeals, it was a good thing both teens were having sex in her room, or else it might get bad for Naruto. Naruto pushed more of his cock, fitting 3 more inches inside of Ochako. Ochako's face turned red, feeling her butt was hurting and going numb.

"Ah, your cock! Your cock is still going inside my butt!" Ochako groaned.

"I know, I'm only half way inside you, and I can feel how tight you are~!" Naruto moaned.

"Keep going, Naruto-kun! Keep shoving your cock inside me!" Ochako groaned.

Naruto did just that, pushing more of his penis inside of Ochako's anus. Ochako still let out squeals, while Naruto mounted her. Ochako felt Naruto's thighs and balls against her juicy rump. Ochako screamed, falling face into her pillow with Naruto's entire cock inside her anus. Naruto and Ochako stay motionless.

"Oh, my butt… You feel much bigger inside my ass, Naruto-kun…" Ochako groaned.

"Ah, because it's your first time… Ugh, you're so tight, Ochako~…" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, Naruto-kun…" Ochako groaned.

Naruto didn't move a muscle. Ochako felt Naruto's weight on her, while she felt her anal walls tighten around the hard-thick fat cock. Naruto felt Ochako's soft big ass against him. He loved how big and soft Ochako's butt is. Ochako didn't know what to do. But Naruto didn't move, he hold Ochako's hands, kissing her check.

"Naruto-kun…" Ochako groaned.

"I know, Ochako-chan…" Naruto replied, kissing Ochako.

"Ah~…" Ochako moaned.

"What a tight ass…" Naruto moaned, moving a little.

"Ugh…!" Ochako groaned.

"Agh, Naruto-kun's cock is so fat and thick… I feel my butthole squeezing all around it…!" Ochako thought with a heavy blush.

Naruto kissed Ochako more. Ochako let out a moan, feeling Naruto's lips against her round face. Ochako liked how Naruto helps her forget the pain with kisses. To her, it was romantic and it also made her feel like a woman. Naruto was still on top Ochako, letting out a low growl of pleasure. He kissed Ochako again.

"Oh, Naruto-kun…" Ochako moaned softly.

"I know, it takes time doing this too… I have to make feel good." Naruto said.

"That's so sweet of you, Naruto-kun…" Ochako said.

"I happy you think so, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied, kissing Ochako more.

"Mmm~…" Ochako moaned.

Naruto continued to make Ochako feel comfortable. Ochako felt Naruto's cock twitching inside her anus, getting her wet again. Some time had passed, after more kissing and starting to feel relaxed. Ochako turned to Naruto.

"N-Naruto-kun, p-please move slowly for me…" Ochako groaned.

"Are you sure, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked, still kissing Ochako.

"Hai, move slowly…" Ochako replied.

"Okay, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

Naruto picked himself up, grabbing Ochako's hips and moved a little. Ochako let out another "Nngh", feeling the blonde teen's cock, moving inside her rectum. She lied her head on her pillow, while Naruto moved his hips. Naruto moaned, feeling Ochako's anus squeezing his penis tighter.

"Ahh, my butt…" Ochako groaned.

"Oh, Ochako-chan…" Naruto moaned, thrusting slowly.

"Agh!" Ochako groaned louder

Naruto moaned, loving how tight Ochako asshole is.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, you're just so big…" Ochako groaned.

"Hinata-chan told me the same thing… You're just so tight, Ochako-chan…" Naruto moaned.

"Ah, my butt~…" Ochako groaned.

Naruto time his time, not thrusting hard or fast. Ochako groaned, feeling Naruto's slow thrusting. Naruto let out moaned, feeling Ochako's anus squeezing him. Naruto looked down, watching's butt jiggle with his slow movements. Ochako continued to let out groans, it somewhat hurts but it also felt good.

"Naruto-kun's cock is so deep inside my butt…" Ochako thought.

"I'm happy we decided to do anal, Ochako-chan… It feels so good~…" Naruto moaned.

"I-I'm happy you like my butt, Naruto-kun…" Ochako groaned.

"I love it, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied, massaging her ass cheeks.

Ochako blushed, hearing Naruto loving her butt. It filled her with pride, knowing that Naruto finds her attritive. Naruto then lean close, kissing Ochako.

"Naruto-kun, you're so good at this…" Ochako moaned.

"Thanks, but I'm trying to do my best to please you too, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied, kissing her more.

"You're doing a good job at that too, Naruto-kun~!" Ochako moaned.

"I'm glad you think so, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

Naruto stayed close to Ochako, penetrating deep inside her anus. Ochako soon let out moans, starting to love the feeling of anal. It made Ochako's pussy wet again, feeling Naruto's massive rod move in and out her ass, pulling it. Ochako then used her ass, grinding her large rump against Naruto's pelvis. Naruto somehow knew that Ochako was getting adjusted to anal, and she liked it.

"Oh…" Naruto said.

"H-Huh~?" Ochako replied, still moaning.

"I see you're starting to like it up the ass, hmm, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked, slowing down his thrusting.

"Hai…" Ochako replied.

"I can't hear you, Ochako." Naruto replied.

"I-I love it…" Ochako whispered.

"A little louder, Ochako-chan." Naruto said, slamming hard.

"I love it!" Ochako screamed.

"What do you love, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked, still thrusting hard.

"I love getting fucked in the ass!" Ochako screamed.

"Oh, really? Do you really like getting fucked in the ass, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked with a moan.

"Y-Yes! I love it! I love it, Naruto-kun! I love you!" Ochako moaned.

Naruto hear Ochako's words.

"Huh, I don't think I heard you right, Ochako-chan. Please tell me again." Naruto said, slowing down his thrusts.

"I-I said I love you, Naruto-kun…" Ochako replied with a dark blush.

"I love you too, Ochako-chan." Naruto said, kissing Ochako and resumed his thrusting.

Naruto pinned Ochako down, thrusting harder and deeper inside her tight rectum. Ochako let moans of pleasure, no longer, feeling the pain of anal. Naruto held Ochako's hands, going balls deep inside Ochako's ass. Ochako moaned, feeling the rod pulling out her asshole, while the twin-orbs hit her pussy lips. Ochako turned her head, kissing her blonde friend on the lips.

"Fuck my ass harder, faster, Naruto-kun! You're getting me wet again!" Ochako moaned.

"Oh, don't worry~! Fuck! I'll be fucking this big ass of yours all the time!" Naruto moaned, positioning himself and Ochako into spooning, while he left up her leg.

"R-Really, Naruto-kun~?! Ah! Please do! Fuck my ass and make me cum!" Ochako moaned.

"That's so naughty of you, Ochako-chan~! Okay, I'm going to make you cum again!" Naruto moaned, thrusting faster, making Ochako's ass jiggle.

"Yes! I'm bad! I'm your bad girl!" Ochako moaned.

"That's right, you're my girl, huh, Ochako-chan~?!" Naruto moaned.

"Yes, I'm your girl, Naruto-kun! I'm the new-kid's girl! I'm Naruto-kun's girl!" Ochako screamed.

Naruto thrust, and hold Ochako tight. Ochako let out moans, as her eyes rolled back in pleasure, feeling Naruto's length sliding in and out. Naruto and Ochako shared another kiss, feeling their bodies tremble. Naruto and Ochako continued to kiss, while used his right hand to finger Ochako's pink hole, still thrusting inside her ass with his balls getting tight and swelling with his semen. Ochako let out louder moans, feeling her insides getting wetter.

"Ah, Naruto-kun, if this keeps up, I'll cum again!" Ochako moaned.

"Yeah! Ahh, I'll cum too, Ochako-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"I want Naruto-kun to make us cum at the same time~!" Ochako moaned.

"I will, Ochako-chan!" Naruto replied with a low growl.

"And fill me up with your cream again!" Ochako moaned.

"Oh, I love this side of you, Ochako-chan~!" Naruto moaned.

Naruto got back on top of Ochako, doggy-style, still at his hard thrusting. Ochako moaned with her face against Naruto's face, feeling the hard thrusting. Naruto soon let out a growl, his member swelled up while it twitched inside Ochako's rectum. Ochako let out louder, feeling her asshole squeezing Naruto's cock while her pussy dripping pre-juices. Once again, both teens were going to climax.

"Naruto-kun, I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum from you fucking my ass!" Ochako moaned.

"Yeah, I'm going to cum too, Ochako-chan!" Naruto growled, slamming harder.

"I'm almost there! I'm about to cum! I'm going to cum!" Ochako screamed.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum, too~!" Naruto roared, holding Ochako tight.

"I'm cumming~!" Ochako screamed.

Naruto and Ochako let out their moans of pleasure, releasing their orgasms. Ochako's insides squirted out with her love nectar. Naruto let out another growl, feeling Ochako's asshole milking his cock for its seed. Ochako's eyes rolled back, feeling her anal-walls becoming filled with Naruto's warm thick cream. With Naruto still on top, continued to have his orgasm.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, I feel you~… I feel my ass being filled up with your warm dick-juice~…" Ochako moaned.

"H-Hai… It feels so damn good, Ochako-chan~…" Naruto replied.

"K-Keep filling me up, Naruto-kun~…" Ochako moaned.

"I will, Ochako-chan…" Naruto said, pulling Ochako into a tender kiss.

"Oh, Naruto-kun…" Ochako moaned.

Like the last two times, Naruto's orgasm lasted for a minute. Ochako moaned, feeling the warm white ropes, filling her up. After a long minute, Naruto's orgasm ended. Naruto pulled out his dick out of Ochako's anus. Naruto looked down, seeing Ochako's pink asshole, dripping his white cream. Ochako let out a moan, with her stomach slightly bulged due to Naruto's massive orgasm.

"That was amazing, Ochako-chan." Naruto said with a smile.

"It sure was, Naruto-kun." Ochako said, crawling on Naruto.

Ochako kissed Naruto on the lips. Naruto hold Ochako again, kissing her back. After their time of anal-sex, Ochako cuddled with Naruto in bed together.

"Never in my life, did I thought sex would feel this good." Ochako said.

"It sure was amazing. You're pretty amazing too, Ochako-chan." Naruto said, kissing Ochako.

"You are the amazing one, Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

Ochako kissed Naruto, holding his hand. Ochako really liked Naruto, and her first time having sex. Ochako wondered if the one rumor with Naruto and Hinata having sex in the girl's restroom true. So, Ochako asked Naruto.

"Umm, can I ask you something, Naruto-kun?" Ochako said.

"Shoot." Naruto replied.

"Have you ever… Umm, I mean, did you and Hinata-san really had sex in the girl's restroom?" Ochako asked.

"We did." Naruto replied.

"Why there?" Ochako asked.

"Well, me and Hinata-chan we're really close, and you see… She wanted me to be her first. Let's just say her dad is a total douche, and her dad and some of her family members wanted her to marriage some rich kid from a rich family." Naruto said.

Hinata's father was very anger, and he forbid Naruto to see Hinata. However, Naruto always have a way to get a chance to talk to Hinata, by phone or email. Naruto hopes to see Hinata again.

"Oh…" Ochako said.

"But Hinata-chan told me she didn't regret her first time with me, hell she didn't regret doing it in the girl's restroom. I told her next time we'll do it in a bedroom." Naruto said.

"Heheh, that's pretty romantic…" Ochako replied.

"It does sound romantic, huh?" Naruto asked.

Ochako looked at Naruto. Just looking at his eyes was proof enough that he was telling the truth. That's one rumor down. But she wanted to know something. Ochako wanted to know the real question. Did Naruto ever bully anyone in his old school.

"Can I ask something else?" Ochako asked.

"What is it, Ochako-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Well… Did you ever bully anyone?" Ochako asked.

"No. Of course not…" Naruto replied.

Ochako looked at Naruto with a sad look on his face.

"Naruto-kun?" Ochako said.


Ochako hugged Naruto, kissing him. Naruto looked at Ochako.

"I never bullied anyone… You see, I got into a lot of fights, because some older kids would bully small children, elderly people, and harass Hinata-chan and talk poorly about my Kaa-chan…" Naruto said in a sad tone.

"Naruto-kun…" Ochako said.

"People just kept calling me a bully, though they don't see who the real bullies are. Hinata-chan was the only one who knew the truth about me." Naruto stated.

Ochako hugged Naruto, tightly. She kissed him again to ease his glut.

"Oh, Ochako-chan…" Naruto said.

"You're not a bully. You're a very kind and sweet person, that's why I love you. Those people who called you a bully are wrong." Ochako said, kissing him multiple times.

"Thank you, Ochako-chan. You're truly are wonderful friend." Naruto said.

Naruto and Ochako looked at each other, smiling. Ochako kissed Naruto, while he wrapped his arms around Ochako. Now, Naruto wanted to ask Ochako a question that he asked Hinata few months back.

"Ochako-chan, can I ask you something?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, Naruto-kun." Ochako replied.

"I asked Hinata-chan the same question. I'm a guy who likes girls… and if I have a harem… will it be okay with you?" Naruto asked.

"I don't mind at all, Naruto-kun." Ochako replied with a smile.

Naruto was amazed of Ochako's quick response. Naruto couldn't help but kiss Ochako.

"Naruto-kun?" Ochako said.

"Hinata-chan gave me the same answer. I was right. You really are like Hinata-chan, Ochako-chan." Naruto said, kissing Ochako, more.

"It's still early, so… Can we do it again?" Ochako asked.

Naruto's penis twitched.

"Oh, Ochako-chan…" Naruto smiled, getting on top of Ochako.

"Naruto-kun…" Ochako said with a blush and smile.

An hour later, it was 4:45 pm, and Naruto and Ochako were in the hallway.

"I had a wonderful time, Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

"So, did I, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied.

"Umm… Can we do it again, tomorrow after school?" Ochako asked.

"Of course. We can also study together and eat together, too." Naruto replied.

"I would like that a lot, Naruto-kun." Ochako replied.

"I knew you would. I also want to see more of the school. Can you show me around?" Naruto asked.

"I'm a bit new here, too, Naruto-kun. But I have a few friends that know the school, to its ins and outs." Ochako replied.

"I'm happy to hear that, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

"Naruto-kun…" Ochako said.

"Yes?" Naruto asked.

"Are you wondering how I got to this school?" Ochako asked.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied.

"I want too… Well, my parents got me into the school." Ochako said.

"That's not bad, but why…" Naruto said.

Before Naruto could finished his words, Ochako cut him off.

"Well, you see my family has always been struggling with money problems. But my Tou-chan and Kaa-chan used their life-savings to get me into this school. Though, it's a tough school, it's also one of the best. When a student graduates here, they can go to any college they want and it also helps them getting a highly paid job." Ochako said.

"Ochako-chan…" Naruto said.

"You see, I want to get a job. I want help my parents out, so they can live easily. They done so much for me, the least I can do is graduate from the school." Ochako said.

Naruto hugs Ochako.

"Naruto-kun?" Ochako said.

"We'll graduate this school, together. I'll protect you and the ones I care about, and you can make sure I behave." Naruto said.

"It's a deal, Naruto-kun. And I'll do anything for you when behave, with me and some other girls, with some ideas. Maybe even a threesome or so..." Ochako replied with a slight smirk.

"Then, I'll be sure to behave, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied with a smile.

"Can I have a kiss before you go?" Ochako asked.

"Of course, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied.

Naruto and Ochako kissed one more time. Ochako gives Naruto her phone number.

"Text me, later." Ochako said.

"I will, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied.

Later, Naruto made it to his and his mother's room. Naruto looked around, to see if his mother was there but there was no one around. Naruto soon got a text from his mother, saying, "I have one more class, and I'll be there. I hoped you had a nice first day, Naru-chan. And I'll make you, your favorite dinner tonight.", the text said. Naruto smiled, knowing that his mother is happy with her new job. Naruto smelled himself, and he knew he needed to take a shower. Naruto took a shower in the restroom.

"Man, Ochako-chan really made me cum a lot. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I can't for school tomorrow." Naruto said, washing his body.

A half hour later, Naruto got out of the shower. Naruto heard his phone beeped.

"Hmm?" Naruto said, opening his phone.

Naruto got a text from Ochako.

"Oh, it's from Ochako-chan." Naruto said, opening the text.

Naruto read the text, "Hey, Naruto-kun… I found out we have a class together tomorrow. Also, a few friends of mine are in the same class as well. We can see more of the school tomorrow." Naruto knew this will be good for him to know more of the school. And to have some more alone time with Ochako.

"Hmm?" Naruto said.

Naruto then saw another text from Ochako. He opened it, showing a photo of Ochako's naked body that just got out of the shower. Ochako posed in the picture, making Naruto get hard again. The text said, "I hope this naughty picture of me helps you behave, Naruto-kun… I wish you were here with me to give me more of your loving~… I'll see you tomorrow, lover-boy.", the text ended with Ochako blowing a kiss.

"Oh, Ochako-chan." Naruto said with a smile.

Naruto went to the table of their small kitchen to do his homework. Naruto knew it was only his first day, and he made it through the day, somehow. Yeah, he got into some fights, made a few enemies, but also made a friend. And had sex with Ochako on the same day. Naruto will not fail, and will not do anything to get him into too much trouble. Naruto made many mistakes in the past, however, he will not screw up. He will do what he can to make it through the year, and will make his mother proud. Naruto continued to do his homework, and wondered what tomorrow has in store.


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