Hello, guys, readers, and Fox King jm fans, I'm back with the third chapter of "Naruto Make-Out Heroes: Bully edition." I'm happy you guys are enjoy the story so far. Well, I don't have anything else to say, so let's get started. I still do not own Naruto or any else, I use in this Fanfic, so please enjoy: More Jobs, More Trouble.


The next day, Naruto was getting out of bed, and getting ready for school for more of his classes. Naruto thought about the threesome he had with Ochako and Ruby. Naruto grabbed his things, ready to being his day. Naruto saw his hands were healed.

"Whoa, Guts-san was right. That machine really works." Naruto said.

Naruto wondered what classes he would do today, and the jobs the other students would want him to day. And what will he do today, or will he 'do' today. Naruto walked into the kitchen, seeing his mother drinking some tea.

"Good morning, Naru-chan." Kushina said.

"Morning, Kaa-chan." Naruto replied.

"How were you the other day, sweetie?" Kushina asked.

"It was good. I was just hanging out with my friends." Naruto said.

"That's wonderful, Naru-chan." Kushina said with a smile.

"I have to go, Kaa-chan. I need to meet my friends at class." Naruto said.

"Bye, Naru-chan." Kushina said.

In the hallways, Naruto was looking at his class schedule. It seemed he had an English class.

"All right, let's get going." Naruto said.

Naruto knew he was a few minutes early. He was the only one at the classroom. Or so he thought. Naruto saw a girl with the violet hair and blue eyes. Naruto saw her beauty, and her H-cup breasts. He saw she was cute like most girls in the school.

"Well, hello." Naruto said.

"Oh, hello..."

"Sorry, sometimes I really can't help myself when I see a pretty girl. What's your name, pretty lady?" Naruto asked with a smile.

"Haruko Amaya and you are the new boy, Naruto Uzumaki. I see you're not as scary as I first thought, you're more of a pervert and you don't look very dependable." Haruko said, as her sweat drop.

"I'm a nice guy when you get to know me, Haruko-chan." Naruto said, still smiling.



Naruto turned to see Ochako, Ruby, and Syrus.

"Hey, guys." Naruto said.

"Oh, hello, Haruko-san." Ochako said.

"Ochako-chan, you know the new-kid?" Haruko said.

"Of course, Naruto-kun is the one who saved me from Tetsu. I'm pretty sure that you already heard about it." Ochako said.

"I see..." Haruko said.

Haruko saw that Naruto is kind when he is near his friends.

"Haruko-san is one of the people along side Ruby that I first made friends with Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

"Well, any friend of Ochako-chan's is a friend of mine. I hope we can be friends, Haruko-chan." Naruto said with a smile.

"I guess." Haruko said.

"Wait, Naruto-kun, how did get out of that mess with the homeless guy?" Syrus asked.

"You mean, Guts-san? He's just the groundskeeper." Naruto said.


"He trains me, and he's not a bad guy once you get to know him." Naruto said.

"Oh... Well, I'm sor-..." Syrus said.

"Don't worry about it, Syrus. As long as you're with me, I'll protect you from the bullies." Naruto said with a smile.

"Thanks, Naruto-kun." Syrus said with a slight blush.

"Hmm, maybe he's not such a pervert after all." Haruko thought.

The other students came, and then the teacher came as well.

"Hello, everyone. I'll be your homeroom teacher, Snow Villiers." Snow stated.

Naruto looked at his teacher, seeing he was in his 20's, blue eyes, blonde hair, and facial hair as well. He seemed like a lay back person, like Minori. Snow opens the door.

"All right, everyone, let's get to it." Snow said.

In the classroom, Naruto was right about Snow being cool and layback. He would give them a simple test, and let them read or do whatever for the rest of the class. Naruto was sitting with his friends, reading, "The Tale of Genji." Naruto liked the story. Naruto felt Ochako and Ruby's hands were on his lap. Of course, the students did not know and the young blonde didn't mind as well. Haruko looked at both of her friends, seeing how close they were to him. She could not believe, the new-kid, would be friends with her two girlfriends. Snow was reading as well, and without the students looking, taking quick drinks of saké. The hour had passed and the bell ringed.

"Well, that will be it for today, class. Be sure to put your papers on my desk, before leaving. I'll see you guys, next Wednesday." Snow said.

"And that's done." Naruto said.

"What now, Naruto-kun?" Ochako asked.

"Let's hang out at the break room till our next class." Naruto said.

"All right." Ochako, Ruby, and Syrus said.

"I have an impotent errand to run; I'll meet you at the next class." Haruko said.


Without anything to do, till their next class, they hanged out in the break-room.

"Man, Snow-sensei really is a cool teacher." Naruto said.

"Indeed he is." Syrus said.

Naruto was feeling a bit thirsty, and decide to go get a soda.

"I'll be back, guy and girls. I'm going to go get a soda." Naruto said.

"Okay, Naruto-kun." Ochako and Ruby said.

Naruto was walking down the hallways, hearing two girls arguing. Naruto saw a girl with black hair and glasses, trying to get back her notes from a platinum blonde girl.

"Give them back!" Yuka said.

"Or what?" Ino said.

"J-Just give them back; you can't just steal things from me just because you're popular, Ino-san." Yuka said.

"It's because I'm popular, I can, my four-eyed friend. In fact, I can do whatever I like in this school, anything at all. See you around." Ino said, leaving with Yuka's notes.

"Give them back..." Yuka sobbed.

Ino saw Naruto, looking at her.

"And you should stand aside from me, new-kid. Ugh, I see you undressing me with your eyes, sick-o." Ino said.

"You wish." Naruto said.

Ino left with Yuka's notes. Naruto turned to see Yuka upset, and slightly sobbing.

"You okay?" Naruto asked.

"Sadly, no... Ino-san took my notes for science class. When I graduate, I want to be a doctor, and..." Yuka said.

"I'll get your notes back." Naruto said.

"Y-You will? But my class starts in 15 minutes." Yuka said

"Yeah, and don't worry about it. I'll get them before your next class starts. Meet me by the library." Naruto said.

"Okay... T-Thank you." Yuka said.

Naruto wanted a soda, but his nature called when it comes to helping people, especially girls. He knew Yuka's next class will start within 15 minutes. He had to be quick. Naruto went to ask Sasuke where Ino's locker was.

"Hey, Sasuke, I need to get some notes from Ino." Naruto said.

"Really? Her locker is in the girls' side of the gym. You should put a stink bomb in there it would be funny. Get one from Shibo (Fatty). He knows everything about stinking. He and the other nerds always hang out by the library." Sasuke said.

"Right." Naruto said.

On his way to the library, Naruto thought about Sasuke's plan on taking over the school. But something told him that Sasuke isn't trustworthy. But he pushed that thought aside and forces on trying to get Yuka's notes back. Naruto went to the library, where the nerds hanged out.

"Hey, which one of you is Shibo?" Naruto asked.

"I am." Shibo replied.

"I heard you have stink-bombs. I need one for a little job of mine." Naruto said.

"Of course, I'll be your henchman, but I require loot first." Shibo said.

"Ah..." Naruto said.

Naruto pulls out 500 yen, ($5 dollars)

"Here you go." Naruto said, heading the money over to Shibo.

"Oh! We'll be best-friends forever!" Shibo said.

Shibo give Naruto one of his stink-bombs. Naruto had the stink-bomb, and heading down to the girls' side of the gym.

"Now, to get those notes back." Naruto said, sneaking into the gym.

Naruto went inside the gym, seeing some classes going on. Naruto saw a teacher with long orange hair, teaching some students swimming.

"Okay, girls, one more lap of swimming and we'll move on to racing." Nami said.

"Hai, Nami-sensei!" Nami's class replied.

Nami is one of the gym teachers that is 21, with orange long hair, brown eyes, and a killer body with J-cup breasts like Robin. Naruto watched as she and the other girls swim. He couldn't help but look at Nami's breasts. Naruto blushed. Soon he remembered that he is on an important mission. Truly, girls are the blonde teen's weakness.

"Come on, Naruto, you're on a mission. I can't let Yuka-chan down." Naruto said to himself, sneaking his way by the swim team.

Naruto was only one classroom away from the girl's locker room. The blonde saw that he was passing the workout class. Once again, Naruto stopped to see what was going on. He saw girls working out, stretching, fluxing, and even bending over. Naruto gulped, seeing the girls exercising.

"Okay girls, one more workout and we'll call it a day." Chun-Li said.

"Hai, Chun-Li sensei!" Chun-Li's class replied.

Naruto saw Chun-Li working out with her students. Chun-Li is one of the female teachers at is well known for her kindness, and she's also the head of the P.E classes. Chun-Li is in her early 30's years old, she was wearing her hair Chinese style, (Ox-Horns) wearing tight gym pants, and a black shirt. Naruto notices her perfect thunder-thighs, legs to her F cupped breasts.

"I know this is the toughest school in Japan, but damn... I was right about the female teachers..." Naruto thought with a blush.

What happen next, made Naruto almost got a nosebleed and a slight boner. Chun-Li bent over, showing her massive ass in her tight gym-pants. Naruto shook his head, moving to the girls' locker rooms.

"Focus, Naruto! Focus! But fuck, what an ass..." Naruto thought with a blush.

Naruto saw Ino putting Yuka's notes in her locker. She soon left.

"All right, I still got some time." Naruto said.

Naruto went up to the locker, picking the lock. It took about a minute to figure out the locker combination.

"Got it!" Naruto said, taking Yuka's notes from Ino's locker.

Naruto then placed the stink-bomb inside the locker. He heard Ino and the girls coming back to get ready for their class and coming into the locker room.

"Shit!" Naruto said.

Thinking quickly, Naruto hid inside one of the empty stalls.

"So, Ino-san, is it true that the new-kid was looking at you?"

"It sounds like he's desperate."

"He was. The pervert wished he can have all of this." Ino said, opening her locker.

"I hope that stink bomb works, because if they decided to use the stalls, I'll be in big trouble..." Naruto thought.

As soon as Ino opened her locker, the stink bomb exploded. The smell was so bad, the girls ran out of the locker room, screaming. Even Naruto couldn't take the smell. Nevertheless, he had to stomach it for a bit longer. Ino felt sick to her stomach. She used one of the open stalls, to vomit. Now was Naruto's chance to get Yuka her notes back. Naruto ran out of the girls' locker room without being seen.

"Sorry, Ino... But it's not in my nature to let a girl be pushed around. And I will admit, Ino-chan is really cute when she's all bratty like that." Naruto thought with a slight smirk.

Yuka was waiting by the library. She soon saw Naruto with her notes.

"Hey." Naruto said.

"Oh, you got my notes back! Thank you so much!" Yuka said.

"Yeah. It wasn't a problem." Naruto said.

"Umm, here... It's not much, but..." Yuka said.

"No need. I just wanted to help someone in need. I hope you become a great doctor." Naruto said with a smile.


Yuka's heart beat fast, slightly blushing. It seemed that Naruto had another girl swept off her feet.

"I'll see you around, Yuka-chan." Naruto said, heading back in the school.

"Bye..." Yuka said.

With Haruko, she went to her locker, getting books for her next class.

"Hey, Haruko."

Haruko turned to see a tall older student. He had that Japanese bad-boy hairstyle, and wore all black, punk rock. His name is Souzouju Suba. Haruko slightly trembled.

"So, what's up?" Souzouju said.

"Umm... I was just getting something in my locker, Souzouju-kun." Haruko replied.

"Really? I saw you hanging out with the new-kid. I really wouldn't call that much." Souzouju said.


"Listen, I heard the new-kid is tough that he beat up that Tetsu punk. I want to see if that's true. Remember, you owe me..." Souzouju said.

"O-Okay." Haruko whimpered.

"Good girl. I have to go get my money that those nerds owe me. I'll see you later." Souzouju said.

Souzouju left. Haruko let out a sigh.

"What am I going to do?" Haruko asked.

About three months ago, the school's feuding went missing from her locker. She knew if she could not found the money, she would be in trouble or even expelled. However, by some chance, unlikely, Souzouju found the money. Haruko remembered Souzouju's words, "Let's keep this our little secret, you become my errand girl and no one founds out that 'you' almost lost the money, deal?" Haruko had no choice but to agree. And ever since, Haruko has been almost like a slave to Souzouju. Back with Naruto, he returned to his friends. Of course, Sasuke was also there with Sakura, bullying Syrus.

"Cut it out, Sasuke." Syrus said.

"Sorry about that." Sasuke said.

"Come on, I'm trying to watch this." Syrus said.

"Ah, the swim team. Does it make you feel like a man, watching the girls in their swimsuits?" Sasuke teased.

"What a perv." Sakura said.

"I'm not like that, Sasuke!" Syrus said.

"Leave, Syrus-kun, alone already." Ochako said.

"Or, wait... Do you like the boys on the team?" Sasuke said.

"Hey." Naruto said.

"Naruto-kun!" Ochako said.

"Where were you? It took a long to get a soda." Ruby asked.

"I was just helping some getting some notes back." Naruto said.

Naruto turned to Sasuke.

"And I see you're still casing trouble." Naruto said.

"Someone has to toughen up little Syrus here." Sasuke said.

"Yeah right." Naruto said.

Oshikko then came to the break-room to asked Naruto for a favor.

"Hey, Naruto. Hey, Syrus." Oshikko greeted.

"Ah, pee-stain, good to see you." Sasuke said.

"Listen, Naruto, I need a favor. Kuza went to the auto-shop for his science project. He hasn't come back, yet. I think he might be in trouble. Please." Oshikko stated.

"Why don't you go yourself?" Naruto asked.

"Ugh, I got homework... Heheh..." Oshikko replied, nervously.

Naruto raised a brow. Of course, he knew Oshikko was lying.

"Okay, I'm frightened! And I got a weak bladder! I think Bakugo's gang got to him. Please, I'll pay!" Oshikko said.

"I say, do it, Naruto. It's a good chance to show Bakugo who's in change around here." Sasuke said.

"That's a good idea, Sasuke-kun." Sakura said.

"Now, run along pee-stain before you mark the carpet!" Sasuke said, pushing Oshikko.

"Okay, what do you always have to hit me?" Oshikko groaned.

"Yes. We need to take care of Bakugo and his boys. Then, after that, all the other gangs and kids as well. Soon this school will be ours. Now go help that dork." Sasuke said.

"And what are you going to do?" Naruto asked.

"I've got planning to do." Sasuke said.

"Naruto-kun?" Ochako said.

"I might as well, help. Besides, there's nothing wrong with having a little extra yen in my pocket." Naruto said.

"Okay, Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

"I'll meet you at class." Naruto said.

Naruto went to the auto-shop. It's also the place were the greaser kids always hang out and work on the cars and bikes. He saw Kuza being harassing by Bakugo's gang.

"What are you, a whip, Kuza?!"

"You owe us money!"

"Hey!" Naruto said.

"You have your boyfriend come to protect you, Kuza?"

"I'm going to make you and your boyfriend pay for this!"

Naruto charged at the three bullies that were picking on Kuza. Naruto was out number three to one. Naruto got one of the bullies on the floor, while the other two managed to hit Naruto. But he quickly recovery from the hits. Naruto hits back, making sure not to get hit again.

"Is that all you got, new-kid?"

"You wish!" Naruto said, putting up his fists.

"Let's get him!"

"Bring it!" Naruto said.

Naruto charges at the bullies, ready to fight again. Naruto punches one of bullies, and hits the other one. Kuza hid behind a car, watching Naruto take on the bullies. Naruto did everything he could not to be beaten and not to fall or lose his balance, even though it was two against one. The bullies hit Naruto, making slightly trip.

"Shit!" Naruto said.

"You're mine, new-kid!"

But Naruto counterattack, by grabbing one bully by the arm, while pushing him against the other bully. With one bully down, Naruto quickly deiced to beat the other one before he can do anything. Naruto quickly punch the other bully about three times. The other bully was getting up on his feet. Naruto charged at the other bully to finish this fight. Again, Naruto quickly took out the bully by punching him in the face. The blonde teen managed to beat the two bullies.

"Come on, Kuza, we should get going." Naruto said.

"Wait, I still have to finish my project." Kuza said.

"Dude, we don't have time for this." Naruto said.

"I only need 5 minutes." Kuza said.

"Ugh, okay, make it quick." Naruto said.

"Where are you, Kuza?!"

"Come out, you pussy!"

"Eee! I-I'll try to hurry up!" Kuza said.

"All right, hurry up and finish your project. I'll handle the rest of these rejects." Naruto said.

Naruto run out, meeting two more bullies. He remembered they were the ones in the hallway.

"Well, if it isn't the new-kid."

"This is prefect, we can get even."

"Ha, you guys don't learn your lesson. Fine, I'll have to beat your asses." Naruto said.


"Bring it, new-kid!"

Naruto charged at the two bullies, once again. The two other bullies were ready to beat Naruto. The two bullies charged at the blonde teen. Naruto was ready, blocking the attacks from the bullies. But they did not let up, they kept attacking again. Still two to one, Naruto knew they wanted blood.

"I see you guys aren't just all talk." Naruto stated.

"You know it, new-kid."

"You just got lucky the first time, and you won't be lucky this time!"

They charged at Naruto, hitting him. Naruto took the hit, but he didn't let the bullies attack a third time. The blonde fought back, punching one of the bullies. Soon, Naruto got hit in the face by the other bully. Naruto didn't take that punch, lying down, he shocked him back.


"I'm maybe the new-kid, but I'm stronger than you, rejects!" Naruto said, punching the bully again.

Naruto hits the bully again, until he fell to the ground, knocked out. The other bully stood up. He and Naruto traded punches. Sure Bakugo's gang had been at the school long, but Naruto was in more fights and won them all. Naruto then humiliate the bully, but tripping him over. He learned it when Guts tripped him over during his training. Naruto beat the other two bullies.

"Man, these guys are idiots, but they are tough, I'll give them that..." Naruto said.

"Naruto, I'm done. Let's get going." Kuza said.

"Good. Come on, we'll go around the auto-shop where Guts-san's spot is. He'll help us avoid the rest of Bakugo's gang." Naruto said.

Naruto and Kuza went by Guts' spot. Naruto knocks on Guts' side door.

"Hold up!" Guts said.

Guts opens the side doors, letting Naruto and Kuza pass through, avoiding the rest of Bakugo's gang.

"I owe you one, Guts-san. I'll be sure to bring some Bento-boxes." Naruto said.

"Thanks, kid." Guts said, getting back to work.

Naruto and Kuza made their way to the library.

"Thank you, Naruto. Here, take this." Kuza said, giving Naruto a skateboard.

"Cool." Naruto said, looking at the skateboard.

With his job done, Naruto went back to the break-room were his friends are.

"Naruto-kun!" Ochako said.

"Sorry, if I took so long." Naruto said.

"No, but we're so happy to see you." Ruby said.

"Heheh, I'm always happy to see you too." Naruto said.

Naruto noticed that Sasuke and Sakura were gone.

"Where's that emo and tooth-pick?" Naruto asked.

"They left." Ochako said.

"I see... Well, forget them. We should get to the next class." Naruto said.

"Okay, Naruto." Ochako, Ruby, and Syrus replied.

Naruto and his friends went to their next class. It was a chemistry class. To his surprise, he saw Haruko was also attending the class.

"Hey, Haruko-chan." Naruto said.

"Hello." Haruko said.

"Is something wrong, Haruko-san?" Ochako asked.

"Oh, no, nothing at all." Haruko said.

"Okay, then..." Ochako said.

Then the classroom teacher came.

"I'm your professor, Caesar Clown." Caesar Clown stated.

Naruto saw their professor. He was a tall man with long violet hair, yellow eyes, pale skin, and two goat like horns on top of his head. He wore a long white coat. Caesar Clown was known as the weirdo of the school, due to his odd personality. Naruto crossed his arms, wondering what his class is going to be like.

"Now, let's do this, Shurorororo." Caesar Clown stated, laughing a bit.


"He's quite the odd-ball. But then again, so am I at times." Naruto thought.

"(Sighs) Let's just begin, class... And for the love of God, don't drink any of the chemicals!" Caesar Clown said, opening the classroom door.

Naruto and his friends studied and learned about chemistry. Of course, Naruto didn't know much about chemistry. But thanks to Syrus and Haruko, Naruto managed to understand chemistry, well a little. An hour had passed, and class was over.

"Well, that's if for today, class. Be sure to put your chemistry sets away, and I'll see you all next week." Caesar Clown stated.

Naruto stretched out his arms.

"I'm glad that's done." Naruto said.

"You're a bit slow on chemistry." Haruko said.

"Yeah, sorry. I'll make sure to study a bit more, Haruko-chan." Naruto said.

"It's okay, Naruto-kun, once you get the basics of chemistry, you'll be able to mix the chemicals by yourself." Syrus said.

"Thanks, Syrus." Naruto said.

"Let's go get something to eat before next class." Ochako said.

"Sounds good." Naruto said.

In the hallways, Naruto and his friends made their way to the cafeteria. Then the blonde Uzumaki saw a girl walking in the hallway. And they were surrounded by what he can presume was their bodyguards. This girl had long dark blue hair and blue eyes, wearing all white, and she carried a sword around. Her name is Satsuki Kiryuin and she is class President of the other class Presidents. She is known for her beauty and power over other students. Naruto wondered who she was, since he's the new-kid.

"Who's she?" Naruto asked.

"That's Satsuki Kiryuin. She's the school President of the other school Presidents." Haruko stated.

"That's a thing?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, it is." Ochako stated.

"Really?" Naruto asked.

Satsuki turned, seeing Haruko.

"Oh, hello, Amaya." Satsuki greeted.

"O-Oh, Satsuki-sama, it's a pleasure to meet you again." Haruko said.

"Indeed, it is." Satsuki replied.

Satsuki turned, looking at Naruto.

"And you must be the new boy I've been hearing about." Satsuki stated.

"Sup, babe." Naruto said.

Satsuki's bodyguards were shocked, along with Haruko and Syrus. Ochako and Ruby were quiet, knowing Naruto's nature to flirt with girls.

"Y-You idiot!" Haruko said.

"You little punk! How dare you talk to Satsuki-sama in such a manure!" Ira shouted.

"And you are?" Naruto asked.

"You don't know how we are?! Well, no surprise since you the new-student, I am Satsuki-sama's unbreakable shield, one of the Four Elites, and chief of the school discipliner committee, Ira Gamagoori!" Ira stated.

Ira Gamagoori is Satsuki's right-hand man. Ira is a tall and muscular man; he is in his late teens. Ira waited for Satsuki to gradate middle school, so he and Satsuki can go to Honnouji-Tenbi, together. Ira had brown tan skin, brown eyes, and light blonde hair. Ira is known for his sense of justice, punishing students for bullying, and most of all his loyalty for Satsuki.

"Man, kid, you sure have guts. I'm Uzu Sanageyama, and I am also one of Satsuki-sama's Four Elites and one of the Kendo champions of Honnouji-Tenbi." Uzu stated.

Uzu is a young man about 17 with seaweed green hair and eyes. He is somewhat laidback, and but it comes to his duty as Satsuki's Four Elites, he is serious. As Uzu stated, he is one of Honnouji-Tenbi's Kendo champion, along two others.

"Guts? He acts more like a un-cage beast than a human being, according to my data. And like Gamagoori and Sanageyama, I, too, am one of Satsuki-sama's Four Elites, and head of the computer club, Houka Inumuta." Houka stated.

Houka is a tall teen with light blue hair and eyes, wearing glasses. He is never seen without his laptop, always studying and keeping a close eye on students. Houka is always colleting data of anything he could.

"Whoa, I didn't know the new-kid would be such a cutie. I have to say he has looks, I'll give him that. However, boys should have manners, especially manners for Satsuki-sama. Like these three monkeys, I am also one of Satsuki-sama's Four Elites and captain of Honnouji-Tenbi's matching band, Nonon Jakuzure." Nonon stated.

Nonon is a girl with pink eyes and hair. She's been close to Satsuki since they were children. Nonon is head of Honnouji-Tenbi's matching band, which brought their school much fame and glory. She's also known for spunk, style, and turning down every guy that asked her out on a date.

"Nice to meet you all, I'm Naruto Uzumaki, the new-kid." Naruto stated.

"We're all aware of that, Uzumaki." Houka said, adjusting his glasses.

"Huh...?" Uzu said.

"What is it?" Houka said.

"I never thought someone of his size would beat up, Tetsu." Uzu said.

"He was always the trouble maker. Next time I see him and Bakugo, I'll them the punishment they deserve." Ira stated.

"It's true, size isn't everything." Nonon stated.

Naruto looked at Nonon, as she looked back at him.

"What?" Nonon asked.

"You're pretty cute, too." Naruto stated.

"H-Huh?!" Nonon said.

"You and Satsuki-chan are quite beauties, Nonon-chan." Naruto stated.

Nonon blushed. Haruko was getting nervous, seeing Naruto's flirting going on. Ira, of course, was getting angry, hearing this new-kid talking to his master in such a way. Haruko elbowed Naruto to make him shut up.

"I'm sorry! He has such a big mouth!" Haruko said.

"Uzumaki, you got some nerve! If you continued your nonsense, I'll...!" Ira stated.

Satsuki put her hand up. Ira and the other Elite Four remained quiet.

"It's quite, all right." Satsuki stated.

"But, Satsuki-sama..." Ira said.

"I'm sorry about Naruto here, Satsuki-sama. I'll be sure to scold him later." Haruko said.

"As I said, there's no harm done." Satsuki said.

"Why are you doing here at this hour, Satsuki-sama? If you don't mind me asking." Haruko said.

"I have to deal with that hard-head Cardin and that little pervert Mineta. As President of the other school Presidents, it is my duty to put these types of fools in their place." Satsuki stated.

"But anyway, what's with the whole President of the other school Presidents?" Naruto asked.

"Well, for your courage of flirting with the President of Presidents, I shall tell you, Naruto Uzumaki. Like in the olden days, such as the Sengoku period, a top Daimyo rule over other Daimyos. Those who have power, use it. Moreover, people in this school are no different. Therefore, the school system allows a top student like myself, to make sure the lower class students stay in their place. Of course, by my Elite Four and myself can't do this alone, so I choose top students who are wroth of being President of clubs. So, as President, we discuss with things, such as payments, challenging the other schools, but most of all, keep the fools in their place." Satsuki stated.

"Uh-huh... So there are other class Presidents besides you, and you tell them how to run things, then, right?" Naruto said.

"Almost... Even as President of Presidents, I cannot make big changes, say like, giving more funds to the swimming club than the boxing club does. All the Presidents discuss such change with each other and put it to a vote." Satsuki stated.

"Okay. I kind of get what you're saying. So, why are fights are allow and bullying goes on here?" Naruto asked.

"As I said, those who have power, use it. And some of the fools here become bigger fools with other fools that follow them." Satsuki said.

"Then I'll make sure those fools don't mess with me." Naruto said.


"Naruto..." Haruko said.

"Heheh, I would like to see that. Well, I must be going. I hope to see around, Naruto Uzumaki." Satsuki stated.

"See ya, Satsuki-chan, and you too, Nonon-chan." Naruto said.

"Whatever." Nonon said, with a slight blush.

"Be sure to behave yourself, Uzumaki, or else..." Ira said.

"No promises there, big guy." Naruto said.

"Shut up, Naruto." Haruko said.

"Come along, everyone." Satsuki said.

"Yes, Satsuki-sama!" The Elite Four replied.

As Satsuki went too prepared for her competition, if you want to call it that, she smiled a bit.

"Naruto Uzumaki... You're quite interesting..." Satsuki thought.

With Naruto and his friends alone, Haruko turned to Naruto and scolded him for his rudeness.

"You should have more respect for others, Naruto!" Haruko said.

"I was being friendly, Haruko-chan." Naruto replied.

"Calling the President of Presidents, babe, isn't what I call friendly!" Haruko scuffed.

"You want me to call you babe instead, Haruko-chan?" Naruto asked.

"You idiot!" Haruko said with a blush.

"Well, with all that work I did in chemistry, I'm starving." Naruto said.

"Let's get some lunch." Ochako said.

"I'm pretty hungry too." Ruby said.

"Me too." Syrus said.

"(Sighs) What am I going to do with you...?" Haruko said.

"Come on, Haruko-san, let's go." Ochako said.

"R-Right." Haruko said.

Naruto and his friends made it to the cafeteria. Naruto, Ochako, Ruby, and Ochako got their lunch, waiting for Syrus.

"Huh..." Naruto said.

"What is it, Naruto-kun?" Ruby asked.

"Where's Syrus?" Naruto asked.

"I think he's still in line." Ochako said.

Haruko looked, seeing a bully taking Syrus' lunch.

"Oh, no..." Haruko said.

"Naruto-kun!" Ochako said, pointing to Syrus.

Naruto got angry. He got up from his sit.

"Naruto, what are you going to do?" Haruko asked.

"I'll be right back." Naruto said, making his way to Syrus.

"Get lost!"

"Come on, give me my lunch back!" Syrus said.

"I said get lost, you little shit!"

"Give back my friend's lunch." Naruto said.

"Or else what, new-kid?"

"Heh, I don't know. Maybe I can give you a few knuckle sandwiches, and you can have that for lunch." Naruto said with a glare, popping his knuckles.

The bully gives Syrus his lunch back.

"Y-You'll pay for this, new-kid."

"Yeah, right." Naruto said.

Naruto let out a puff of air, then he turned to Syrus.

"You okay, Syrus?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah, thank you, Naruto-kun." Syrus said with a smile.

"No problem, Syrus. Come on, let's go eat." Naruto said.

"Right." Syrus replied.

Naruto and Syrus returned to their table.

"Are you okay, Syrus?" Ochako asked.

"Yeah, thanks to Naruto-kun." Syrus stated.

"That was nice of you, Naruto." Haruko said.

"Like I said, I won't let anyone mess with my friends." Naruto stated.

"He's really a nice guy." Haruko thought with a slight smile.

"Now, let's chow down." Naruto said.

"Right." Naruto's friends replied.

After lunch, Naruto and his friends decide to go to the library to study until the next class. As they made their way to the library, Naruto noticed a room full of students. It was some kind of game room.

"What kind of room is that?" Naruto asked.

"It's the Honnouji-Tenbi's Game Room. It's a large room were students can play many kinds of games in that room. You can play RV games, arcade games, Duel Monsters, gamble, almost any kind of game. Students can even win money." Haruko stated.

"Sounds cool. I'll have to give it a try one of these days." Naruto said.

"Ah!" Ruby shouted with joy.

"What is it, Ruby-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh! Look, Syrus-kun! It's the new Verum Rex game!" Ruby shouted with joy, again.

"R-Really?! Whoa, that new RPG I've been hearing about!" Syrus said.

"Huh..." Naruto said.

Naruto saw a poster of the main protagonist, Yozora.

"Looks pretty cool." Naruto said.

Naruto and the others looked at the poster, then Haruko heard her phone beeped. She checked it, seeing it was a text from her club to discuss funding.

"Sorry, everyone, I have something to take care of. I'll see you all later." Haruko said.

"Okay, see you later, Haruko-chan." Naruto said.

Haruko left.

"Well, let's go to the library before our next class." Naruto said.

Naruto and his friends went to the library. In the library, Naruto, Ochako, Ruby, and Syrus were studying for tomorrow. They remembered Naruto's mother had a test planned for them. He wants to be sure he's ready for any question on the test.

"There you are baby-sister." Yang said, hugging/teasing Ruby.

"Yang, come on, we're in the library!" Ruby whispered.

"Come on, I wanted to see you before my next class." Yang said.

"Hello, Yang-san." Ochako said.

"Hey, Ochako. Hey Syrus." Yang greeted.

"Hello." Syrus said.

Yang noticed Naruto.

"Why, hello." Yang said.

"Hi." Naruto replied.

"Naruto-kun, this is my sister Yang Xiao Long. Sis, this is my friend, Naruto Uzumaki." Ruby stated.

"Oh, so this is the cute boy you told me about." Yang stated.

"Shut up!" Ruby said.

"My baby sister is right, you really are cute, Naruto-kun." Yang said.

"Thanks, you're quite sexy yourself, Yang-chan." Naruto said with a smile.

"Oh, you come on strong, I like that." Yang said.

"It's a bad habit of mine, but it's just how I am." Naruto said.

"I don't mind, Naruto-kun." Yang said.

"Yang, if you have time to be flirting, you should be studying." Weiss said.

Naruto and his friends turned, seeing a girl with white long hair and icy blue eyes.

"Come on, Weiss, I'm just making friends with Naruto-kun. And besides, I get good grades." Yang said.

Weiss Schnee is one of the rich kids, and the heiress of her household. Weiss is a girl with long white hair and show skin. Her eyes were an icy blue, and she had a light scar on the right side of her eye. Like Ruby, Weiss had B-cup bust. And like Ruby, Weiss made up her lack of a bust with her hips and butt. Most people in the school call her the 'Ice-Queen', due to her somewhat cold personality. But she's always respectful to her teachers, her mother and older sister, Winter. Weiss looked at Naruto.

"So this is the new-kid, I've been hearing about." Weiss said.

"Hello, Snowflake." Naruto said with a smile.

"Ugh..." Weiss said with a blush.

"Please keep it down; some of us are trying to read." Blake said.

"Blake!" Ruby said.

Blake Belladonna is a Faunus. A Faunus is a human with animal features, for Blake, she had cat ears. Sometimes she hides her cat ears with a black ribbon. Blake had black hair, golden eyes, on her eyelids where violet shades of make-up. Blake had a C-cup bust, and a waist of like Yang's, and a plump butt. Blake was one of the top known students. She spends most of her free time reading.

"Shh." Blake said.

"Oh, I mean, Blake!" Ruby whispered.

"Ugh..." Blake said.

Naruto looked at Blake, and she at him. The blonde noticed the books, the Faunus was reading. Blake read novels, Naruto saw the titles, from top to bottom, there was the novel, 'IT', 'The Hunger-Games', 'The Pearl', 'Hamlet', and 'The Hobbit'. Blake was reading a novel called, 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone'.

"Please, Ruby, I'm trying to read." Blake said.

"Sorry, Blake. Oh, this is Naruto-kun, and..." Ruby said.

"Yes, he's the new-kid." Blake said.

"Hi." Naruto said.

"Hey." Blake said.

"I have to say, this school is really filled with pretty girls." Naruto said.

Ochako and Ruby felt proud of themselves, knowing Naruto was talking about them, Yang smiled, Weiss blushed, again, and Blake's cat ears slightly twitched.

"Gezz, you do you come up with these cheesy pickup-lines." Weiss said.

"I like them." Yang said.

"I do not approve them." Weiss said.

"I know I do. (Purrs)" Yang said, purring at Naruto.

"Now, please try to keep the volume down. I want to finish this chapter." Blake said.

"What's it about?" Naruto asked.

"Huh?" Blake asked.

"Your book... What is it about?" Naruto said.

"Well... It's about a boy wizard. In the first chapter, he goes through many problems. He was an orphan, raised in a terrible household, but later he goes to a school for witches and wizards. He makes some friends, yet also some enemies. It's a really good book and series." Blake said.

"I know how it feels going through problems. I'll have to read it myself." Naruto said.

"Well, I have to get to class. We should hang out more, Naruto-kun." Yang said.

"Heheh, I would like that, Yang-chan." Naruto replied.

"I have class as well." Weiss said, leaving.

"I hope we can be good friends, Snowflake." Naruto said, smiling.

Weiss just kept walking away. However, her face was a slight bright red. Deep down, she liked Naruto calling her Snowflake. But, of course, she has to keep her appearances as a heiress. Naruto looked at the time, seeing it was 15 minutes, until their classes to start.

"We should get going too." Naruto said.

"Yeah, I have a different class." Syrus said.

"Same with me and Ruby-chan." Ochako said.

"Well, I'll see you guys, later." Syrus said, leaving the library.

"Bye Syrus." Naruto, Ochako, Ruby said.

"See you around, Blake-chan." Naruto said.

"Yeah... See you around..." Blake said with a light blush, behind her book.

Naruto and his girls, made their way out of the library. Before he and his girls went their different way, Naruto wanted to show them how much they mean to him. Before they could react, Ochako and Ruby soon found themselves in Naruto's arms.

"Naruto-kun...?" Ochako and Ruby said.

"Let me have a kiss before you girls go." Naruto stated with a smile.

In the break room, Naruto had both Ochako and Ruby on his lap, making out. Ochako and Ruby took turns, kissing their lover. Hell, they even took turns kissing each other, while Naruto watch.

"Naruto-kun~..." Ochako and Ruby moaned.

"You two are the best~..." Naruto said.

"Thank you, that means a lot to us." Ochako said.

"It really does, Naruto-kun." Ruby said.

"I mean it, too. I am very lucky to have you as my girls." Naruto said, kissing both Ochako and Ruby, groping their butts.

"Ah~..." Ochako and Ruby moaned.

Naruto held Ochako and Ruby in his arms, kissing them multiple times.

"Oh, Naruto-kun!" Ochako said with a smile.

"You bad boy!" Ruby said with joy.

"Sorry, I just can't get enough of you two, Ochako-chan, Ruby-chan." Naruto said, kissing his girls more.

Naruto continued to kiss Ochako and Ruby, while still playing with their butts. Before they knew it, both girls were slightly moaning and giggling, luckily there was nobody around to hear their noises. As the trio continued to make-out, Naruto was getting hard, and both Ruby and Ochako were getting hot.

"N-Not right now, Naruto-kun~..." Ruby moaned.

"If you keep this to us doing that, we'll~..." Ochako moaned.

Naruto stops his actions.

"I'm sorry, girls. I'll be sure to wait." Naruto said.

"Well, the school day is almost done, so just wait and we promise that we will do whatever you want, right, Ruby-chan?" Ochako asked with a smile.

"Indeed, Ochako-chan." Ruby replied with own smile.

"Oh, I can't wait." Naruto said.

"Good boy." Ochako and Ruby said, giving him a kiss against his lips.

The trio fixed themselves up. Naruto fixed his shirt, while Ochako and Ruby fixed their skirts.

"Well, I'll see you guys here later, okay?" Naruto asked.

"Yes..." Ochako and Ruby said with blushes.

Naruto kissed them on the forehead.

"I'll see you girls soon." Naruto said.

"Bye..." Ochako and Ruby said, smiling and waving.

They all went into their own classes. Naruto's next class was an Auto class, like working on cars and stuff. Naruto and the other students waited for their teacher. He wanted to the shop. Naruto saw his teacher; once again, he slightly blushed.

"Hello, boys, the name's Cindy Aurum and I will your auto teacher as long as you stay in this school." Cindy stated with a smile.

Cindy is a woman around in her early 20s. She had messy wavy blonde hair, wearing a yellow jacket, a red bra, showing her E-breasts, and short shorts, showing her legs and plump rump. Cindy is known for his mechanics, and love for cars.

"Shall we get started?" Cindy asked.

Naruto and the other students walked in, ready to work on cars. But...

"Huh?" Naruto said.

He looked at his table, seeing a broken bike.

"Umm, Cindy-sensei, I don't get to work on the cars with the others?" Naruto asked.

"Sorry, hun. Cars are for the senior students. If you work and fix a few bikes, you can make your own go-cart and enter Spike's bike races." Cindy stated.

"Really?" Naruto asked.

"Indeed, hun. I can tell you're a racer. Wha'cha say?" Cindy asked.

Naruto did race bikes in his old school; it would be awesome if he can ride a go-cart. In fact, there will be go-cart race within a few months.

"You got it, Cindy-sensei." Naruto said.

As the hour passed, Naruto fixed the bike.

"Good job, Naruto. Call me impressed." Cindy said.

"Thanks, Sensei." Naruto said.

"All right, boys, we'll call it a day. I'll see y'all next week." Cindy stated.

The school day was done, and Naruto stretched out his arms.

"Man that was a lot of hard work. Oh, right, I promise, Guts-san I would get him some Bento-boxes for helping me, earlier." Naruto stated.

Naruto went to the cafeteria. With Haruko, she handled the funds, and finished her other classes. She went to the break-room to relax after her long day. She saw Ochako and Ruby, waiting for Naruto.

"Hey, Haruko-san." Ochako said.

"Hello... Where's that womanizer?" Haruko asked.

"He's probably training or doing a job or something..." Ruby said.

"I see..." Haruko said.

"Haruko-san, why are you so mean to Naruto-kun?" Ochako asked.

"I'm not mean. I just... I just don't like his perverted attitude." Haruko said.

"He's really nice once you get to know him a little more, Haruko-san." Ruby said.

"Well..." Haruko said.

"Haruko..." Souzouju said.

Haruko felt her heart skip a beat. She turned to see Souzouju.

"What the hell are you doing? I told you to give me info in the new-kid, and not to be friends with him!" Souzouju said.

"I-I..." Haruko said.

"Who are you?" Ochako said.

"That's none of your business, girl. The only business I have is with this slut." Souzouju said.

"You can't call Haruko-san that!" Ruby shouted.

"I can! She's my property!" Souzouju said, grabbing Haruko by the arm.

"Ugh, you're hurting me!" Haruko groaned.

"Let go of her!" Ochako said.

"Stay out of this, you meddling bitches!" Souzouju said with a glare.

Ochako and Ruby flinched, feeling a bit scared. Haruko groaned in pain, feeling Souzouju's tight grip. Haruko saw the scared looks on her friends' faces. Having no choice, Haruko, deiced to protect her friends even if that meant going with Souzouju.

"O-Okay, I'll go with you... Just please stop..." Haruko said in a sad tone.

Souzouju looked at Haruko, weak and submissive. He smiled, knowing he's got her where he wants her.

"That's a good slut. Now, let's get going to the auto-shop." Souzouju said.

"Y-Yes..." Haruko said, almost sobbing.

"Haruko-san..." Ochako and Ruby said.

"I'll be okay, I promise..." Haruko replied with a sad smile.

"If you two bitches say anything to anyone, I'll make you regret it. And that goes for this slut and the new-kid, too." Souzouju stated.


"Let's go, Haruko." Souzouju said.

Haruko did not say another word, leaving with Souzouju. Ochako and Ruby were scared, and worried what might happen, next. Ochako felt the same when Tetsu took her wallet and bullied her. All Ochako could think of was, Naruto.

"Ochako-chan, what are we going to do?" Ruby asked.

Ochako thought about it.

"Wait for Naruto-kun... I know he can beat that guy, and save Haruko-san. I know it." Ochako said.

Ruby saw how calm Ochako became. Ochako gave Ruby a nod and a smile, promising that Naruto would come and save Haruko, just as he saved her. Else, where, a short student named, Minoru Mineta was putting up posters for being the next top President of the school. He had violet hair that looked like grapes or balls, black eyes, he was known for being a total pervert, and he was also known for being king of the nerds. He finished putting up his poster.

"Move, nerd!" Cardin said, shoving Minoru.

Cardin Winchester is the school's football captain, one of the top jocks, and one of those top bullies. The friends he hangs out with are Russel Thrush, Dove Bronzewing, and Sky Lark, other jocks, and mostly Ay's favorite students due to their ruthlessness.

"How original, calling me a nard... Can your pee-brains think of a better insult?" Minoru said.

"That's it, you asked for it!" Dove said, picking up Minoru.

Dove was about to hit him.

"What's this, class-presi... Presi..." Russel said.

"Class President, stupid. It says Class President." Sky said.

"I didn't know." Russel said.

"That's you?" Cardin said.

"I'm the best candidate I know!" Minoru said.

"Yeah, so is your mom!" Dove said.

"Yeah, right! You'll be easy to beat. And once I beat that Satsuki chick and become the new President of Presidents, I'm going to shut down all the nerd clubs in this school." Cardin said.

"Yeah!" Russel, Dove, and Sky cheered.

"And I'll make sure, you're the laughing stock at the debate." Cardin stated.

Sky rips Minoru's poster off the wall.

"No!" Minoru shouted.

Russel wedged Minoru.

"Ah!" Minoru groaned in pain.

"Haha! Front wedge!" Dove said.

"Don't forget to wipe, loser!" Cardin said, as he and his friends laughed.

Minoru fixes his underwear. He then saw Naruto making his way to the cafeteria.

"H-Hey, you're the new-kid." Minoru said.

"And your point?" Naruto asked.

"I'm Minoru Mineta, you should vote for me for being the next top President." Minoru stated.

"I don't care about that stuff. I have more important things to do." Naruto said.

"Come on, I'll pay for your vote!" Minoru said.

"Don't care." Naruto said.

"Wait, can you at least protect me at my campaign? I'll pay you 10,000-yen! (100 dollars)" Minoru stated.

Naruto stops, getting interested.

"All right. I'll protect you during your campaign, but that's it. Nothing else." Naruto stated.

"Deal, pal!" Minoru said.

"What do you want me to do?" Naruto asked.

"Well, I just want you to protect me, while I give my speech. You got a sting-shot, right. You shoot down anyone that looks like a threat to me." Minoru said.

"Okay, I'll handle your problem." Naruto said.

"Good, on the second floor, there's a room where you can shoot anyone. Be sure to be there." Minoru said.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll be there." Naruto said.

With that done, Naruto made his way into the secret room, where he got a prefect view of all the students, and such.

"All right." Naruto said, looking around.

Minoru walked up on stage.

"Welcome, everyone I'm Minoru Mineta and here's why I should be the next top President." Minoru stated.

On the right side of stands, Satsuki and her Elite Four were there, Cardin and his friends set on the left side. Naruto was still in the top rooms, keeping a close eye. Minoru started his speech, saying, "My friends, and fellow students, this school needs help, my help." Minoru continued his speech. Cardin and his friends shouted stupid insults to Minoru.

"Boooo!" Cardin shouted.

"You suck!" Sky shouted.

"Homo!" Russel shouted.

"Mineta has a man-gina!" Dove shouted.

On Satsuki's side, Ira was getting annoyed with Cardin's insults.

"Winchester and his gang has no honor." Ira said.

"Just ignore them." Nonon said.

"Jakuzure is right. It matters what Winchester says, Satsuki-sama will win this pointless election, no matter what." Uzu said.

Cardin looks at the fellow jocks, giving them the heads up to ruin Minoru's speech. The jocks used rotten eggs. Naruto saw a jock was about to throw an egg at Minoru. Naruto ready his slingshot and fires.


The jock got hit by Naruto's shot, and the egg broke on his shirt.

"Damn it! It stinks!"

Naruto then saw another jock ready to throw something at Minoru as well. Like last time, the blonde shots and hits the other jock.

"Say what you like, I don't care!"

Satsuki saw a jock about to throw an egg. But Naruto managed to stop the third jock. She turned and looked up, seeing Naruto who stop the jock.

"Uzumaki..." Satsuki thought.

"Man, these jocks keep coming." Naruto said, taking aim again.

One by one, Naruto takes out the jocks.

"Damn it! What are those idiots doing!? Mineta's speech is almost over!" Cardin thought angrily.

Then the school's Charizard-Mascot went up on the stage. Charizard-Mascot did the Honnouji-Tenbi dance. Some of the students laugh, seeing the Charizard-Mascot dancing. Naruto takes aim and fires, and hitting the school's mascot.

"Ow! Damn that hurt!" The Mascot said, running of the stage.

Minoru finishes his speech.

"And in closing, I thank each and every of you being here." Minoru said.

Some of the students clapped, while the nerds cheered the loudest. Cardin and the jocks left, seeing they failed to ruin Minoru's speech. Satsuki turned to see Naruto again. She smiled a bit.

"What is it, Satsuki-sama?" Ira asked.

"Oh, it's nothing... Nothing at all." Satsuki replied, taking her place on stage.

Naruto leaves the secret room, since his job his done. In the hallway, Minoru was getting some love from his fellow nerds.

"Oh, new-kid, thank you for helping me. Here's the money, I'll be sure to call on you again." Minoru said, handing the money to Naruto.

"Yeah, sure." Naruto said, seeing the 10,000-yen bill.

Naruto puts his money in his pocket.

"Now that's done, there's still enough time for me to get Guts-san something to eat." Naruto said, making his way to the cafeteria.

Naruto bought two Bento-boxes for Guts, and headed to Guts' place. Naruto knocked on Guts' door.

"Who is it?" Guts said.

"It's Naruto. I got two Bento-boxes for you." Naruto said.

Guts opens the metal doors.

"Thank you, kid." Guts said, taking the lunch boxes.

"Is it okay if we train tomorrow, Guts-san?" Naruto said.

"Sure thing, kid." Guts said.

With all his jobs and school day done, the blonde teen's hormones got the best of him. Naruto thought maybe that he could have some more fun with Ochako and Ruby. He remembered the threesome he had the other day, and would not mind having another. He also remembered that Ochako and Ruby said, they would let him do whatever he wanted. He smiled, making his way to the break-room.

"Well I have nothing else to do... So, I should see if my loves want me to make them feel special. I hope that Ochako-chan and Ruby-chan are ready for me." Naruto said.

He made it to the break-room; Naruto saw Ochako and Ruby, standing by the door.

"Naruto-kun!" Ochako and Ruby shouted, running to him.

"Hey, girls, want to..." Naruto said.

Before Naruto could finish his sentence, his girls cut him off.

"Naruto-kun, Haruko-chan is in trouble!" Ochako said.

"What?" Naruto said.

"She and a big student named Souzouju had a bit of a fight. He threatened her, and calling her names and stuff." Ruby said.

"Haruko-san, said not to worry, but... I'm worried." Ochako said.

"He even threatened us, and calling us bitches..." Ruby said.


Once again, Naruto got angry like that one time with Tetsu. Naruto let out a puff of breath.

"Do you know where they went?" Naruto asked.

"I believe near the auto-shop. That's where he said we'll be going." Ochako said.

"I'll be sure to bring Haruko-chan back. I'll be back, girls." Naruto said, making his way to the auto-shop, once again.

"Please be careful, Naruto-kun..." Ochako said.

Making his way, the blonde's blood was hot. He wanted to beat whoever this Souzouju is to a pulp for bullying and calling his friends names. Naruto made it to the auto-shop. He looked around, hoping to see if Haruko was here. He was about to turn the corner, but stopped, seeing Souzouju and Haruko.

"Please, just let me go... I'll give you all my money... I'll do your homework all year, just please let me go..." Haruko said.

"Hmm..." Souzouju said.

Souzouju looked at Haruko's massive breasts, smirking.

"I don't want your money. But... there is something you have I do want..." Souzouju stated.

"W-What is it?" Haruko asked.

"Show me your tits..." Souzouju said, pulling out his phone.


"Show me your tits, and I'll you go." Souzouju said.

"B-But, I..." Haruko said.

"Slut, did I stuttered? Pull out those juicy melons, slowly..." Souzouju said, about to press the record button.

Haruko did everything she could to hold back her tears. She didn't know what to do at this point. Naruto, hearing everything that Souzouju just said made his blood rise to the boiling point. Naruto slammed his fist on the car he was hiding behind.

"Who's there?!" Souzouju shouted.

Naruto came out from behind the car.

"N-Naruto?" Haruko said.

"Well, well, if it isn't the new-kid... What do you want?" Souzouju asked.

"I came to get my friend, Haruko-chan." Naruto stated with a frown.

"We're busy, new-kid. So beat it." Souzouju said.

"I wasn't asking. I'm taking Haruko back to school." Naruto said.


Haruko was speechless, seeing Naruto coming to her rescue.

"N-Naruto, how did you know I was here?" Haruko asked.

"Ochako-chan and Ruby-chan told me what happened." Naruto stated.

"I should have slapped those bitches for snitching. I'll deal with them after I deal with this slut here." Souzouju said.

"You think you're tough picking on girls, calling them names and making them strip? Dude... I'm going to beat your ass." Naruto said.

"Huh? What was that, new-kid? I don't understand blonde retards." Souzouju stated, mocking Naruto.

"Haruko-chan, come on, let's go back to school." Naruto said, holding his hand out.

Haruko was about to walk towards Naruto, but Souzouju grabbed her by the arm.

"We aren't finish here, you bitch!" Souzouju shouted.

"Ah!" Haruko groaned, feeling Souzouju's tight grip, once again.

Naruto lost it, charging at Souzouju, slamming him against the car. Souzouju felt the hard slam, letting go of Haruko.

"You punk!" Souzouju shouted.

"Haruko-chan, stand back!" Naruto shouted.

"Y-Yes!" Haruko replied, watching from behind one of the cars.

"Who the fuck, do you think you are, touching her like that!" Naruto shouted, punching Souzouju.

"Souzouju Suba, and I'll be king of this dump of a school, new-kid!" Souzouju said, punching Naruto back.

"Oh, no...!" Haruko said.

Naruto punched Souzouju again, while having him pinned against the car. Souzouju punched Naruto back, trying to break free form the blonde's hold. Naruto tried his best to keep Souzouju pinned, but he was hit in the face, almost where his left eye is. He let go, due to the pain. Souzouju saw his chance, and punched Naruto again.

"You little fucker!" Souzouju said.

"Bite me, you greaser asshole!" Naruto said, struggling with Souzouju.

Souzouju got Naruto into a headlock, then he punched him in the stomach. Naruto felt his gut, hurting, trying to get out of Souzouju's headlock.

"Come on, new-kid! I thought you said you were going to beat my ass!" Souzouju stated, still punching him.

"You're damn straight; I'm going to beat your ass!" Naruto said.

Souzouju was about to punch Naruto, once again. But before he could, the blonde elbowed him in his stomach.

"Ah, fuck!" Souzouju groaned, letting go of Naruto.

"Take this!" Naruto said, punching Souzouju in the face.

Souzouju got hit, but didn't fall. Instead, he kicked Naruto in the stomach. Naruto hold his hurt guts. Haruko felt helpless, seeing Naruto taking a beating. Souzouju was about to kick the blonde again, but Naruto grabbed his leg at the last second.

"What?!" Souzouju shouted.

"Nice kick, here's mine!" Naruto said.

Naruto turned Souzouju around. Souzouju was caught off guard. Naruto then kicked Souzouju in the ass, literally. Souzouju quickly got on his feet, tackling Naruto. Before he could hit Naruto, he kneed Souzouju in the gut.

"Ahh!" Souzouju groaned.

Before he could escape, Souzouju punched Naruto in the face, repeatedly. Haruko continued to watch. She felt sad, seeing the new-kid trying to save her. Yes, Haruko was a bit rude to Naruto, but he was always nice to her. She felt guilty.

"This is all my fault... Naruto is getting hurt because of me... Why didn't I go to the teachers...?" Haruko thought.

"Let's see how tough you are, after I smash your face in!" Souzouju said.

"Get off!" Naruto said, kicking off Souzouju.

"Agh, you bastard!" Souzouju groaned.

Souzouju was about to punch the blonde, but Naruto counterattack him with an uppercut. Then Souzouju used his own counterattack, punching the blonde on the right side of his ribs.

"Ugh!" Naruto groaned.

Souzouju punched Naruto ribs again. Naruto punched Souzouju in the face; hard, making him spins around, falling down on his knees. Souzouju felt his mouth, bleeding. Naruto walked towards Souzouju. Naruto knew he should not let this fight drag on any longer. Souzouju felt something soft in his right hand. He looked down, seeing soft dirt mixed with a little bit of oil, thanks to all the cars by the auto-shop. Souzouju smirked, getting an idea. Naruto was coming closer and closer to him.

"It's over, punk." Naruto said.

"Just a little closer, fucker..." Souzouju whispered, grabbing a small patch of dirt.

Haruko saw something wasn't right. Souzouju had something in his hand.

"Wait, Naruto, he's...!" Haruko shouted.

Before Naruto could stop in his tracks, Souzouju threw dirt into Naruto's face.

"Ah, bitch!" Naruto said, feeling the dirt, stinging his eyes.

Naruto rubbed his eyes. Souzouju then saw his chance to beat Naruto. Souzouju punched Naruto in the face. He pushed the blonde down. Naruto was still in pain from his eyes, and he tried his best to open them and to counterattack, but only to be beaten up. Souzouju smiled, seeing Naruto in pain, suffering for hitting him and stopping him for trying to have his way with Haruko. Naruto groaned and crawled, trying to found something trying to wash his eyes.

"What's wrong, new-kid? Can't see? Hahaha!" Souzouju gloated.

"You dirty fuck, throwing dirt in my eyes..." Naruto groaned, feeling the ground.

"Heheh..." Souzouju chuckled.

Then he stomped on Naruto's right hand.

"Arugh!" Naruto groaned in pain.

"Naruto!" Haruko said.

"Looks like I win, Naruto!" Souzouju said, kicking him in the face.

Naruto groaned, still in a lot of pain. Souzouju looked up, seeing Haruko.

"We're not finished here, you bitch! You're going to strip naked, and I'll show you who the man is! Now, come here!" Souzouju said.

Haruko was always afraid of Souzouju. But seeing, Naruto, trying to save her, opened up something within her. Haruko backed off.

"No..." Haruko said, glaring at Souzouju.

"What do you say?" Souzouju said, still limping.

"I said, no! There's no way I would let some asshole like you have his way with me!" Haruko said.

"I wasn't asking! I think you're forgetting about our deal... If you don't start stripping, I'll be sure to let the school know that you tried to steal the money that day." Souzouju stated, smirking.

"I don't care about that anymore! I don't care if you tell your shitty lie, or if I get expelled, I won't let you bully me or my friends anymore!" Haruko stated.

Souzouju was mad.

"Bitch, when I get my hands on you, I'll make you sorry for fucking with me!" Souzouju stated, making his way towards Haruko.

Naruto opened his right eye, seeing a broken water hose, a bucket filled of water, and a wrench. Souzouju slowly made his way toward Haruko, glaring at her, while she glared back. Naruto dumped his head into the bucket, washing his eyes. A few seconds later, Naruto could see everything clearly again. Naruto knew that Souzouju was just a bully and a thug that needed to be taught a lesson. Naruto saw the wrench, and he grabbed it. Naruto stood up.

"Hey, punk!" Naruto said, throwing the wrench at Souzouju, in the face.

"Aagh!" Souzouju shouted.

Naruto charges at and punched Souzouju again, making him fall on the floor.

"Yeah, crawl! Crawl, bitch!" Naruto shouted, kicking him in the face.

Naruto hits Souzouju again, and again. Until he was on his back. However, Naruto was not done with Souzouju. He pulled him up by the hair, making him stand.

"Get up! I said get your ass up!" Naruto shouted.

Souzouju was barely standing.

"This is for throwing dirt in my face!" Naruto shouted, punching him.

"Ah!" Souzouju groaned.

"This is for calling Ochako-chan and Ruby-chan, bitches, you bitch!" Naruto shouted, punching Souzouju, again.

"Agh!" Souzouju groaned.

"And this is for bullying and trying to have your way with Haruko-chan!" Naruto said, punching Souzouju in the face, and breaking his nose.

Souzouju fall on his back, again and he was done. Naruto was at his limit as well. He was about to fall, but Haruko quickly helped Naruto from, falling. Haruko didn't care if his face was wet, she was just happy Naruto was okay. Naruto got on his own two feet, and spit out blood. Naruto stood over Souzouju.

"(Huff, huff...) If you go mess with my friends again, I'll beat your ass to a bloodily mess...!" Naruto shouted.

"O-Okay, okay! I'm sorry!" Souzouju said.

"I'm not the one you should be saying sorry." Naruto said.

Haruko saw Souzouju on the floor, hurt and beaten. Haruko went through hell for months, and she was happy that he was beaten.

"I-I'm sorry..." Souzouju said.

"Now, whatever you have on Haruko-chan, I suggest that you forget it. But most of all, if you ever come near Haruko-chan, Ochako-chan, Ruby-chan, or any of my friends, I'll make you regret it... Do I make myself clear?" Naruto said, glaring at Souzouju.

"Y-Yes..." Souzouju said, slightly trembling.

"Now, get out of here, puck!" Naruto shouted in anger.

Souzouju run, afraid of Naruto. Naruto turns to Haruko.

"You okay?" Naruto asked.

"I'm fine... Umm, thank you for saving me." Haruko said.

"I'm glad you're okay, Haruko-chan." Naruto said.

"Yeah..." Haruko said.

"Thank God, Ochako-chan and Ruby-chan told me what happened. I'm just glad that I made it in time." Naruto said.

"I'm sorry..." Haruko said.

"Don't worry about it." Naruto said.

"It's just... I have always been a little distant from boys... But you got hurt from someone you just met... And I was a bit rude to you and all..." Haruko said.

"Like I said, don't worry about it." Naruto said.

"How can you say that, like it's nothing?! Look at you, you're a mess!" Haruko said.

"It's just the way I am. I mean, you were in trouble and all. I can't let a pretty girl get hurt by some bully." Naruto stated.

"You really are a pervert! I don't know what makes me mad, your cocky attitude or your perverseness! Y-You horn-dog, you womanizer, you gigolo, you... you...!" Haruko sobbed.

Naruto then pulled Haruko into a tight yet gentle hug. Haruko's eyes widen, even calling out the blonde, he still care for her though he barely even knows her.

"It's okay to be a bit mad. I'm sorry if I said something stupid to make you like this. And it seemed like you needed a hug after all this drama, Haruko-chan." Naruto said, still hugging her.

Haruko couldn't hold back her tears. She cried in Naruto's chest. Naruto comforts her.

"It's okay." Naruto said, still holding Haruko.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Haruko cried.

After all this, Naruto and Haruko looked at each other. Haruko saw Naruto's eyes and gentle smile, making her blush. Her blue eyes met his, and for that moment, she felt safe. It felt like nothing in this world can hurt. In her mind and heart, she knew she was falling in love with Naruto.

"Let's get back to school; Haruko-chan. Ochako-chan and Ruby are really worried about us." Naruto said.

"Okay." Haruko said.

"All right, Haruko-chan. Let's go." Naruto said, holding Haruko's hand.

"Y-Yes, Naruto-kun." Haruko replied with another blush.

During their way back, Haruko could not get this feeling out of her chest. She wanted to repay Naruto for his kindness.

"Naruto-kun." Haruko said.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto-kun please let me repay you." Haruko said.

"No, you don't have to repay me." Naruto said, rubbing the back of his head.

"Well, I know one way I can pay you." Haruko said.

"Hmm?" Naruto said.

Haruko lean close to Naruto. Then she kissed the blonde on the lips. Naruto blushed, feeling Haruko's lips and her breasts against his chest. Naruto soon had his arms around Haruko's body.

"Ah~..." Haruko moaned.

"Umm, sorry..." Naruto said.

"It's okay, Naruto-kun. I was wrong about you... You are dependable and strong..." Haruko said with a blush.

"Heheh, I'm strong in another way." Naruto said, feeling Haruko's rump.

"Oh~... N-Naruto-kun..." Haruko said.

Naruto then heard his phone beeped. Haruko still was in Naruto's arms, leaning against his chest. Naruto saw it was a text from Ochako, seeing if they were okay. She and Ruby are waiting by her room, and to meet them there.

"Haruko-chan, you want to go with Ochako-chan's room? We can continue this, and do more, if you want..." Naruto said with a smile.

"Heheh, how do you have any energy to do those things, hmm?" Haruko replied with her own smile.

"It's like that old saying, you just can't keep a good guy down. So, shall we get going?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, Naruto-kun~..." Haruko said.

By Ochako's room, she and Ruby still waited. Then they saw Naruto and Haruko, close to each other.

"Naruto-kun!" Ochako and Ruby said with joy.

They were happy that their friends are okay and safe.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, Ochako-chan, Ruby-chan." Naruto said.

"It's okay, we were just worried." Ochako said.

Both Ochako and Ruby saw Haruko in Naruto's arms, blushing and smiling, looking comfortable. They realized, like them, she's fallen in love with the 'so-called' bully. It was amazing, really. Haruko was the type that did not like mean boys or perverts, because the school was filled with them.

"Haruko-chan?" Ochako said.

"Sorry, I just like being close to Naruto-kun, now." Haruko said.

"No, it's okay, we're just happy you're safe." Ochako said.

Naruto soon, wrapped his arms around Ochako and Ruby as well.

"Oh..." Ochako and Ruby said, feeling Naruto's chest.

Naruto soon kissed both Ochako and Ruby's lips. Then turned, kissing Haruko.

"So, how about we continue this in my room?" Ochako asked.

"That sounds like a wonderful idea." Ruby said.

"Do you mind if I join you?" Haruko asked.

"Of course, not. We would love to have you." Ochako said.

"And when we're in bed, let's just say things will get wild." Ruby said.

"There's nothing wrong trying new things." Haruko said.

"What are we waiting for? Let's get started." Naruto said.

"Let's." Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko said.

In Ochako's room, Naruto made out with all three of his girls, from kissing to groping. Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko found themselves on top of Naruto. Of course, the blonde didn't mind. The three felt Naruto's thing getting hard. Haruko blushed, feeling a hard erection for the first time.

"Okay, Naruto-kun, it's time." Ochako said.

"Yeah." Naruto replied.

Naruto relaxed himself, letting his girls enjoy themselves. Ochako and Ruby did their thing, pulling down Naruto's pants. Haruko just watched. She soon let out a gasp, seeing Naruto's 13-inch cock standing up with excitement.


Haruko blushed, seeing Naruto's penis clearly.

"Are you okay, Haruko-chan?" Ochako asked.

"Umm, y-yes... I never seen a penis... it's really big and fat, too..." Haruko stated.

"I felt the same way when I first saw it, but you'll get used to it, Haruko-chan." Ruby said.

"Oh..." Haruko said.

Ochako and Ruby grabbed the large member, stroking it, making Naruto moan.

"Oh, shit..." Naruto moaned.

Haruko blushed, seeing her girlfriends, stroking Naruto's member.

"Come on, Haruko-chan, we need your help." Ochako said.

"Yes, it's getting really hard; we'll need your help." Ruby said.

Haruko nodded, coming close to her friends. Haruko grabbed the length, feeling the thickness and girth.

"It feels so big in my hands..." Haruko said.

"Yeah, I can't get over how big it is." Ruby said.

"Same here..." Ochako said.

The girls continued to stroke Naruto's manhood, whole he moaned. Then Ochako and Ruby leaned closer to the rod, licking and kissing it. Haruko saw this, seeing Ochako and Ruby performing oral sex on Naruto. Haruko had mixed feelings seeing her friends do such things. Naruto moaned, louder, loving how good Ochako and Ruby were sucking his cock. Haruko bit her lower lip, wanting a taste. Both Ochako and Ruby looked up, seeing Haruko lusting for Naruto's cock.

"You want a taste, Haruko-chan?" Ochako asked, still licking the big rod.

"H-Hai..." Haruko said.

Haruko leaned close, facing Naruto's member. She then kissed it, and she also tasted Naruto's dick along with Ochako and Ruby saliva.

"What a bitter taste..." Haruko said.

"We know, but you'll get used to it in time." Ruby said.

"Okay..." Haruko said.

Haruko continued to lick and suck on Naruto's cock along with Ochako and Ruby. Naruto moaned, watching his girls, sucking his member. Ochako went down to suck on the big balls. Ruby suckled on the poll. Haruko was on top of Naruto, almost in a 69 position, sucking on the mushroom tip. Naruto saw what was under Haruko's skirt, seeing her pure white panties, which made his member feel harder.

"Whoa, Naruto-kun's cock got harder." Haruko said.

"Yeah, when that happens it means we're doing a wonderful job pleasing him." Ochako stated.

"I see..." Haruko replied, licking the tip like a lollypop.

"If you think that's something, wait till he climaxes." Ruby replied.

"Oh, I can't wait..." Haruko said.

"With all three of those girls, that might happen soon..." Naruto thought.

The girls continued their actions, sucking, kissing, and licking on the large penis. Naruto moaned, louder. It time some time, Haruko knew it seems her friends were right about Naruto and his cock. She liked the taste of Naruto's dick. Soon she took her the tip and 4 inches inside her mouth.

"Mmm, Naruto-kun's cock, it's really tasty~..." Haruko thought, slurping on some of the hard cock.

"Oh, fuck~!" Naruto moaned.

Ochako and Ruby noticed this.

"Oh, someone is enjoying herself." Ochako said.

"She is... Whoa, she's really taking it." Ruby stated.

Haruko looked, stopping her actions, licking her lips.

"Sorry, I was enjoying myself." Haruko said.

"No need. Just keep doing what you are doing, Haruko-chan." Ochako said.

"Yeah, one thing for sore Naruto-kun must be enjoying himself." Ruby said.

"Then, we can all enjoy ourselves. Like you said, I need your help with Naruto-kun's cock." Haruko said.

"Heheh, then I guess we should help, right, Ruby?" Ochako asked.

"Hai~..." Ruby said.

"Whoa..." Naruto said.

Like animals, Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko continued to have their way with the large member. Naruto moaned, feeling his toes curling up and his balls tightening up. Naruto knew he was going to come.

"H-Hey, girls! I-I'm going to! I'm about to blow!" Naruto moaned.

Hearing this, Naruto's girls continued their actions, stroking it, licking it, and sucking it, harder and faster. While they did, the girls felt the cock twitching against the girls. The blonde teen couldn't hold it anymore.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto moaned, blasting his load.

"Ahh!" Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko moaned, feeling the warm thick seed.

Naruto climaxed, as his tip shoot his thick load.

"Oh, there's so much!" Haruko shouted.

"Yeah, it happens all the time~!" Ochako moaned.

Naruto shot his last loads, while his cock softened. Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko were face and hands covered in sticky semen. Haruko blushed. She enjoyed the feeling of Naruto's orgasm.

"Whoa..." Haruko said.

"Yes... Naruto-kun always comes a lot." Ochako stated.

"Heheh, yeah, but I didn't think Naruto-kun would climax this much." Haruko said.

"Sorry about that, you girls were amazing..." Naruto said.

"Don't worry about it, Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

"And Haruko-chan..." Naruto said.

"Yes?" Haruko said.

"You were really good at oral too." Naruto stated with a smile.

"Oh, thank you, Naruto-kun." Haruko said.

Haruko smiled, knowing that she pleased Naruto.

"Come on, girls, we have to freshen up." Ochako said.

"Oh, all right then." Haruko said.

"Come on, Ruby-chan." Ochako said.

"Okay." Ruby said.

Haruko and Naruto looked at each other, smiling.

"Come on, Haruko-chan." Ruby said.

"Oh, coming." Haruko replied.

"We'll be right back, Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

"Right. Take your time girls." Naruto said.

While Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko went to get themselves ready, and clean up a bit, the blonde took off his clothes. Naruto now naked in bed, he waited for his friends. Minutes later, came out of the bathroom, naked, Ochako on the left, Haruko in the middle, and Ruby on the right. Naruto blushed, seeing not one, two, but three naked girls. Haruko blushed, seeing Naruto, looking at her naked body. The blonde was puzzled by Haruko's H-cup breasts. Her left breasts were pressed against Ochako's, and her right breast was overshadowing Ruby's breast.

"Umm..." Haruko said with a blush.

"You look so beautiful, Haruko-chan." Naruto said.


"Don't worry so much, Haruko-chan. Naruto-kun is very nice." Ruby stated.

"Ruby-chan is right. Naruto-kun has always been good to us." Ochako said, holding Haruko.

"Oh..." Haruko moaned.

"And we promise that he will be good to you too, Haruko-chan." Ruby said, feeling Haruko's breasts.

"Ahh~" Haruko moaned.

Haruko had always been a girl who always shy, and always been a girl who didn't like prevents or dirty things. Yet her she was going to have a four-way with the new-kid and two of her friends. Plus they were touching her body, and they were all naked. Haruko felt something deep inside her, awaking. It was her lust was coming to light. Haruko did what she wouldn't normally do, she just went with it.

"Umm, perhaps, you can cuddle with us, Naruto-kun?" Haruko asked.

"I would love that." Naruto said with a smile.

Once again, the girls crawled in bed with Naruto, kissing him and cuddling with him. Naruto wrapped his arms around all three of his girls. Haruko blushed, loving the feeling Naruto's body against hers, as well as Ochako's and Ruby's. Naruto kissed Haruko's forehead.

"Oh, Naruto-kun..." Haruko said.

"Now then, who wants to go first?" Naruto asked, kissing his girls one at a time.

The girls looked at each other, with Naruto still kissing them. Ochako looked at Haruko and Ruby, they both nodded.

"I'll go first, Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

"Okay." Naruto replied.

Ochako soon got on top of Naruto, with his member between her big butt.

"Ah..." Ochako moaned.

"I love it when you get on top, Ochako-chan." Naruto said, kissing Ochako.

"I love you, more." Ochako said.

"I love you, too, Ochako-chan." Naruto said, kissing Ochako more.

Haruko blushed, seeing Naruto rubbing his member against Ochako's lady lips. She let out a little moan, feeling Naruto hard rod.

"Ready?" Naruto asked.

"Of course, Naruto-kun..." Ochako replied.

"All right..." Naruto said, holding Ochako.

Ochako grabbed Naruto's member, adjusting it inside her. She let out another moan, but louder. Naruto moaned himself, loving how tight, Ochako is. As for Haruko, she continued to watch, seeing Ochako taking Naruto's large penis inside her. Ochako bit her lower lip, feeing each inch entering her insides. Moments later, she had all of Naruto's cock inside her.

"Oh, Naruto-kun~..." Ochako said.

"Ah, I never get over how tight you are, Ochako-chan~..." Naruto said.

Ochako moved her hips a little, making Naruto moan louder.

"Ooh..." Ruby said, coming closer to her friends.

While Ochako rod on Naruto, Ruby went down between Naruto's legs, sucking on both of his balls.

"Ah, Ruby-chan~!" Naruto moaned.

"I just want to please you too, Naruto-kun~..." Ruby stated, licking and sucking.

"You sure do a wonderful job of that, Ruby-chan~..." Naruto moaned.

Haruko could not look away, seeing Ochako and Ruby pleasing the blonde, and enjoying the pleasure of sex. She felt her nipples getting hard while her body became hot. Ochako turned to Haruko, seeing her wanting Naruto.

"Haruko-chan, come over here..." Ochako said.

"H-Huh?" Haruko asked.

"Trust us..." Ruby said, still sucking on the twin-orbs.

Haruko did just that.

"Here, sit right here..." Ochako moaned.

Haruko blushed again, seeing she will sit on Naruto's face.

"B-But I..." Haruko said.

"Don't worry; I can handle anything you got, Haruko-chan..." Naruto said with a smile.

Haruko blushed again. Then she sits on Naruto's face. She felt embarrassed, seeing Naruto having a prefect view of her vagina and anus.

"Umm..." Haruko said.

"Whoa, what a beautiful view..." Naruto said, rubbing Haruko's spot.

"Ahh~... N-Naruto-kun..." Haruko moaned.

"Jus relax, Haruko-chan... Naruto-kun will do the rest." Ochako stated, holding Haruko.

"Oh, okay..." Haruko moaned, feeling Ochako's body against hers.

Naruto was overwhelmed with his girls, Ochako riding him, Haruko face sitting on him, and Ruby sucking on his balls.

"All right, Naruto, it's time to do your thing." Naruto thought.

Without any warning, Naruto licked Haruko's spot, using his own movements. This made all three girls moaned. Haruko for Naruto's licking her spot, Ochako feeling his cock moving inside her, and Ruby, feeling his balls against her face.

"Naruto~!" Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko moaned.

"Heheh, what sweet girls..." Naruto thought, continued his actions.

"Ah, N-Naruto-kun, h-he's licking my womanhood~!" Haruko moaned.

"Naruto-kun's cock is thrusting deep inside me!" Ochako moaned.

"Naruto-kun's balls are rubbing up against my face! They're so big and swollen!" Ruby said with joy.

Naruto continued to lick Haruko's pussy.

"Ahh, it feels really good..." Haruko said with a blush.

"Doesn't it, ah, H-Haruko-chan?" Ochako asked, still moaning.

"Yes..." Haruko moaned.

Then, Naruto tongued her ass, making Haruko slightly jumped.

"Ah, my butt!" Haruko moaned.

"Sorry about that, Naruto-kun always gets a bit ahead of himself." Ochako moaned.

"I-I see~ A little warning, next time, Naruto-kun..." Haruko said.

Naruto gave Haruko a wink, still licking her holes.

"Ugh, you're so bad, Naruto-kun..." Haruko moaned.

"You know it, Haruko-chan..." Naruto thought, still licking and sucking Haruko's sweet spot.

"Oh, my God!" Haruko moaned.

"Easy now, Haruko-chan, if you keep moving around, you'll end up climaxing." Ochako said.

"Ahh, I-I'll try, but it feels really good, and Naruto's mouth is tickling me~..." Haruko moaned.

Ruby continued to play and suck on Naruto's balls. She also felt his balls, rub up and or slap against her face. She smiled, living the feeling of the two big smooth orbs against her face.

"Naruto-kun's balls are so tasty..." Ruby thought, sucking on his scrotums.

Ochako and Haruko moaned, feeling Naruto's actions. Both girls then held each other from the pleasure. Haruko felt her breasts and nipples against Ochako's. Yes, they were bigger, but she felt them pressing hard against hers. Naruto tongued deeper inside of Haruko's holes, while thrusting Ochako upward. They moaned louder. Haruko felt herself getting hornier, holding her head back in pleasure.

"Oh, Naruto-kun! Y-You're making my inside so wet!" Haruko moaned.

"Naruto-kun's cock is hitting my womb!" Ochako moaned.

While this happened, Ochako's pre-juices dripped down Naruto's balls. I was a tasty little bonus for Ruby.

"Someone is getting wet~..." Ruby thought, sucking on the twin orbs, harder.

As Naruto continued his actions, Ochako and Haruko moaned, more and more. Both girls looked at each other, blushing. Then, Ochako and Haruko kissed. Haruko kissed Ochako for a minute, and then she stopped, feeling a bit embarrassed.

"Oh, I don't know what came over me~...!" Haruko stated with a blush.

Ochako smiled, kissing Haruko again. Haruko blushed again, enjoying the sweet kiss.

"You don't need to be sorry, Haruko-chan... When we're all together with Naruto-kun, we can just be ourselves..." Ochako replied, sucking on her massive breasts.

"Ahh~! T-Then I'll be myself~!" Haruko moaned.

Naruto saw Haruko being more open. The blonde knew that he need to make sure his girls feel good. Naruto was always good at making girls smile, laugh a bit, and make them have massive and wet orgasms. Naruto was going to do that, by trawling his tongue and thrust deeper, and tea bagged Ruby.

"Naruto-kun~!" Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko moaned.

"Ugh, I have to make sure to please my girls. I'll make sure they climax~!" Naruto thought, continued his actions.

Ochako moved her hips, riding on the large member, Ruby's sucked and massaged Naruto's balls, and Haruko held her head back, burring Naruto between her legs. Naruto felt his cock and balls swollen up. As for Haruko, she felt her insides getting wetter, feeling her body becoming hot. Naruto, Ochako, and Haruko were going to climax, soon.

"Ugh, I-I don't know, what's happening~! It feels like I'm about to explode!" Haruko moaned.

"D-Don't worry, it's going to feel real good soon~!" Ochako moaned.

"Fuck, I'm going to cum~!" Naruto thought.

"Naruto-kun's balls are so swollen~!" Ruby thought.

"Ah, I don't know much I can take it! My v-vagina is going to break!" Haruko moaned.

"Yes, I can't it anymore! I'm going to cum!" Ochako moaned.

Naruto, Ochako, and Haruko could not hold it anymore. The three soon reached their orgasms.

"I'm cumming~!" Ochako and Haruko screamed.

"Ah, fuck!" Naruto thought.

The three had their orgasms. Naruto shot his load deep inside of Ochako, while he felt Haruko's juices squirt all over her face.

"Ahh, Naruto-kun's cumming inside me~..." Ochako moaned.

Haruko's face was a deep red color, having an orgasm for the first time.

"How does it feel, Haruko-chan~...?" Ochako asked.

For Haruko, it was amazing, though it was the first time she had ever climaxed.

"It felt really good~..." Haruko replied, still moaning.

About done with his orgasm, Naruto's semi soften cock slipped out, shooting the rest of his seed on Ruby's face and some on her hands.

"Oh~!" Ruby moaned, feeling the sticky seed on her face.

All of the teens moaned. Haruko got off Naruto's face, while Ochako got off Naruto's cock. Naruto let out a sigh of bliss, after having another amazing orgasm. Naruto picked himself up, still having some of Haruko's juices on his face and lips. Haruko turned to Naruto, kissing his lips. When she did, she also tasted her own love nature. As for Ruby, she licked her hands, tasting Naruto's seed.

"You like that, Haruko-chan?" Naruto asked.

"I loved it..." Haruko replied, licking her lips.

"Can I have a kiss too, Naruto-kun?" Ochako asked.

"You don't even have to ask, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied, kissing her without a second of waiting.

"Mmm~..." Ochako moaned, locking lips with Naruto.

Then Ochako and Haruko then kissed each other, like early. Naruto smiled, seeing his girls enjoying themselves. Ochako and Haruko looked at Ruby with her face slightly covered with their blonde lover's semen.

"Oh..." Ochako said.

"What?" Ruby said.

"You have a mess on your face, Ruby-chan." Haruko said.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't realize." Ruby said.

"Here, let us help you, Ruby-chan." Ochako said.

Ochako and Haruko came close to Ruby, licking her face clean. They giggled, moaning, while their bodies grind against one another. Ochako and Haruko cleaned Ruby face. Soon, the girls all kissed each other, once again. Naruto watched his girls kissing each other, making his member hard again. Ochako saw Naruto's cock covered in semen and love-nectar.

"Ruby-chan, Haruko-chan..." Ochako said.

"Yes?" Ruby and Haruko replied.

"I'll need your help cleaning up Naruto-kun's cock again." Ochako said.

"Oh, I see... Come on, Haruko-chan, you're going to enjoy this part." Ruby said.

"Okay." Haruko replied.

Naruto watched the girls, ganging up on his member. Naruto soon let out a moan, feeling his cock being sucked clean. Haruko tasted Naruto's semen, and she also tasted Ochako's clear juices. She liked it. While cleaning their man's penis, they also kissed and each other, and so on. A few minutes later, Naruto's cock was hard and clean, thanks to his girls.

"All clean, Naruto-kun..." Ochako said.

"Thank you, girls. Man, I really got hard again..." Naruto said.

Ruby noticed Naruto's cock was hard thanks to her, Ochako and Haruko cleaning his rod. Ruby wanted to feel good like she did the other day, since she did not get her orgasm. Well, not yet, anyway.

"Naruto-kun..." Ruby said.

"Yeah, Ruby-chan?" Naruto asked.

"I want to have sex with you again." Ruby said.

"Really?" Naruto asked.

"Hai." Ruby replied.

Ruby lied on her back.

"Here, Naruto-kun, I want you to do me like this." Ruby said.

"Oh?" Naruto said.

"Yup. I want Naruto-kun to screw me really hard." Ruby said.

"Heheh, the way that you're talking, Ruby-chan, I might just have to do that." Naruto said.

"Please do, Naruto-kun." Ruby said, spreading her legs.

Naruto smiled, coming close to Ruby.

"Ah~..." Ruby moaned.

"Let's do this." Naruto said, getting on top of Ruby.

Naruto grabbed his member, sticking inside of Ruby. She let out a moan of pleasure, feeling Naruto's massive cock, entering her.

"Oh, Naruto-kun! Your cock is so big!" Ruby moaned in pleasure.

"Oh, I forgot how tight you are, Ruby-chan~..." Naruto moaned.

"M-My pussy is getting really wet!" Ruby moaned.

"Oh, my..." Haruko said, watching Ruby taking the large member with ease.

A few moments later, Naruto had his cock deep inside Ruby, making her moan in pleasure. Her toes curled up, while her legs jerked around, being overwhelmed by her blonde lover. Naruto pulled Ruby into a kiss.

"Mmm~..." Ruby moaned.

"Now then..." Naruto said, moving slowly.

"Ah!" Ruby moaned with a dark blush.

"Oh, Ruby-chan, you're so cute when you moan like that~" Naruto said.

"I wanted you to have sex with you, so badly. I love you, Naruto-kun." Ruby said.

"I love you too, Ruby-chan." Naruto said, kissing Ruby.

"Whoa..." Haruko said with a blush.

"It's amazing, huh, Haruko-chan?" Ochako asked.

"Yes, I just wonder how you can take someone as big as Naruto-kun inside you..." Haruko said.

"It just takes a little bit of time, but sex does feel really good." Ochako said.

"I see." Haruko said.

"Come on, Haruko-chan, we can't let Ruby-chan have all the fun for herself." Ochako said, grabbing her hand and crawling close to Naruto and Ruby.

"Oh, my!" Haruko said.

Naruto continued his slow movements. Ochako and Haruko crawled to Naruto and Ruby.

"Naruto-kun..." Ochako and Haruko said.

"Oh, I'm sorry." Naruto said.

Naruto kissed both Ochako and Haruko.

"Me too, Naruto-kun~..." Ruby moaned.

"Of course, Ruby-chan..." Naruto said, kissing Ruby.

"Mm-hmm~" Ruby said.

Naruto pleased his girls. He fingered Ochako's butt, he squeezed and suckled on Haruko's breasts, and picked up his movements a little. They all moaned.

"Naruto-kun!" Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko moaned.

Naruto continued his actions. Ruby moaned, feeling her insides filled with the large penis. She grabbed the edges of the bed, loving how deep Naruto's member is.

"Oh, Naruto-kun! Y-Your big cock is the best!" Ruby moaned.

"Y-Yeah, if I didn't know any better, I would say you're tighter than last time~!" Naruto said.

"Only for you, Naruto-kun! Keep screwing my pussy!" Ruby moaned.

"Ah, someone is turning bad." Naruto moaned.

"You're the one, making me bad, Naruto-kun!" Ruby moaned.

"Heheh, than I guess I should fuck my bad girl, huh, Ruby-chan~!?" Naruto moaned, thrusting deeper.

"Naruto-kun!" Ruby moaned.

Naruto thrust deeper, fingering Ochako anus, and sucking on both of Haruko's breasts. Ochako moaned, feeling the fingers inside her ass. Haruko blushed, feeling her breasts, being suckled on. Naruto slowed down his movements, bringing Ochako and Haruko closer to him, with their breasts against Naruto's chest.

"Oh, Naruto-kun~..." Ochako and Haruko moaned.

"I'm glad you decide to join us, Haruko-chan." Naruto said, kissing her forehead.

"Yeah, I'm happy I did..." Haruko moaned.

"Now then..." Naruto said.

"Huh, what do you mean, Naruto-kun...? Ahh!" Haruko moaned, feeling her ass being fingered.

"You really are bad, Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

"Y-Yes, you should have at least warned me before putting your fingers in my butt~" Haruko moaned.

"That's how Naruto-kun is~... He always like this..." Ochako moaned.

"Yeah, I really can't help myself." Naruto said.

He pulled out his fingers, squeezing both Ochako and Haruko's butt cheeks.

"Ah!" Ochako and Haruko moaned.

"Heheh, see can't help myself." Naruto said.

"Naruto-kun, pay attention to me too~" Ruby moaned, slightly puffing her cheeks.

"Oh, how rude of me... sorry, Ruby-chan~" Naruto said, resuming his hard thrusting.

"Ah~! That's better!" Ruby moaned.

Naruto and his girls moaned, feeling the bed shaking. Naruto leaned closer to Ruby, locking lips with hers. Then Naruto grabbed Ruby's legs, positioning them into the plow-driver position. She blush a deep red, seeing how close Naruto is. Soon she screamed in pleasure, feeling the fat cock, going balls deep inside her, while his tip hit her womb.

"Oh, Naruto-kun! You're so fucking deep!" Ruby moaned.

"Yeah! You're really are tight, Ruby-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Your fat cock is the best! It's hitting my womb!" Ruby moaned.

Ochako and Haruko watched, seeing Naruto overwhelming Ruby, watching Naruto's balls slap Ruby's butt.

"Whoa... Look at Naruto-kun go..." Haruko said.

"Yes, it reminded me the first time we had our time together." Ochako said.

"Really?" Haruko said.

"Yeah, it was really amazing." Ochako said.

"If so... I can't wait for my turn. I just hope I can be good enough for Naruto-kun..." Haruko said.

"He doesn't think that." Ochako said.

"What do you mean, Ochako-chan?" Haruko asked.

"He always thinks we're not good enough for him, but as you can see... We're all here in bed with Naruto-kun is proves that we are good enough, maybe even better." Ochako stated.

While Naruto made love to Ruby, Haruko thought about what Ochako just said. Even though she and Naruto just met, and their were times she was a bit mean to the blonde teen, she was lucky she was in the same bed with Naruto. Haruko decided to make sure she could please Naruto when the time comes.

"Now let's watch... Naruto-kun and Ruby-chan will soon be at the breaking point~..." Ochako stated, holding Haruko.

"Ooh... I see..." Haruko said, feeling Ochako's body against hers.

Ochako and Haruko playful kissed, while they continued to watch Naruto screwing Ruby.

"Ugh, Naruto-kun! You're the best!" Ruby moaned.

"T-Thank you, Ruby-chan! Fuck, you're so tight!" Naruto moaned.

"Ah, if this keeps up, I'll end up cumming all over your cock~!" Ruby moaned.

"I might end up cumming along with you, Ruby-chan!" Naruto growled, thrusting even deeper.

"Ahh!" Ruby screamed.

Naruto held Ruby tight, thrusting deeper and deeper. Naruto felt his cock twitching deep inside of Ruby. The girl with the big silver eyes let out another scream, feeling her pre-juices about to dripping down her bottom. But like Naruto, she was could not hold it anymore. Both Naruto and Ruby were going to climax.

"N-Naruto-kun, I-I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum!" Ruby moaned.

"Yes! I'm going to cum too, Ruby-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, yes, make me cum, Naruto-kun!" Ruby moaned.

Naruto drill deep inside of Ruby, feeling his tip about to release his load. Ruby's pussy was about to explode from the mare pounding she was getting. Haruko blushed, feeling her body getting hot and she was getting more turned on, while Ochako enjoyed the show. Naruto and Ruby could not hold themselves anymore.

"I'm cumming~!" Naruto and Ruby moaned, reaching their climax.

Naruto let out a growl, Ruby screamed, having their orgasms. Naruto shot his load inside of Ruby. Ruby's eyes rolled back, feeling her insides becoming full with Naruto's thick seed, while her pussy juices ran like a waterfall. Ochako and Haruko blushed, seeing the orgasms that were happening.

"Oh, jezz... I cummed..." Ruby moaned with a dark blush.

"Yeah, I'm still cumming~..." Naruto moaned.

"U-Uh-huh... There's so much~..." Ruby moaned.

Naruto leaned close, kissing Ruby. Like always, Naruto's orgasm lasted the whole minute. After that minute, Naruto's orgasm ended.

"What was amazing, Naruto-kun..." Ruby said.

"Yeah, it sure was, Ruby-chan..." Naruto replied, kissing her again.

Naruto's massive cock slips out of Ruby's sore loosen pussy. Ochako and Haruko saw Naruto's cock was covered in his seed and Ruby's juices. Ruby's pussy oozed Naruto's milk. Naruto kissed Ruby again.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun..." Ruby said.

"You're very welcome, Ruby-chan." Naruto said, kissing Ruby's forehead.

Naruto then turned to Ochako and Haruko, waving at them to come closer to him. Both girls crawled next to Naruto, cuddling with him. Naruto kissed them as well. Once again, the blonde found himself on his back, letting his girls clean his member.

"Naruto-kun, you really have a messy cock again..." Haruko said.

"I know... Sorry, sometimes, I think this thing as a mind of its own." Naruto stated, relaxing himself.

Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko cleaned Naruto's cock, once again. Naruto moaned, feeling the soft lips all over his dick. Minutes later, the girls continued their actions but Naruto's cock wasn't quite hard. Haruko noticed this. She remembered what Ochako, while Naruto pounded Ruby. Haruko wanted to make Naruto feel good, and in turn, he can make her feel good. Soon, an idea popped into her head.

"Hey, girls, I have an idea." Haruko said.

"What is it?" Ochako asked.

"This..." Haruko said.

Haruko picked herself up a bit. Then Haruko wrapped her breasts around Naruto's length. Naruto felt Haruko's soft breasts wrapping around his cock.

"Oh, shit!" Naruto moaned.

"Relax, Naruto-kun, we'll get you nice and hard." Haruko said.

"Oh, my God~! I knew you had huge tits, but fuck, they're hell of soft!" Naruto moaned.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun." Haruko said.

"Soft indeed!" Naruto moaned.

Haruko turned to Ochako and Ruby.

"Come on, girls, I'll need your help to get Naruto-kun hard again." Haruko said.

"Oh, of course... Ruby-chan..." Ochako said.

"Yeah..." Ruby replied.

Ochako and Ruby used their breasts against breasts, along with Naruto's penis. Naruto moaned, feeling Haruko's H-cup, Ochako's D-cup, and Ruby's B-cup breasts all over his cock. They stroke and rubbed their breasts all around Naruto's poll, while they licked the mushroom tip. Naruto moaned even louder, feeling the girls' breasts all over his dick.

"W-Whoa, girls, you r-really know how to use those boobs of yours~..." Naruto moaned.

"Are you getting hard, Naruto-kun?" Haruko asked.

"Y-Yes! Ugh, all of you tit-fucking me at the same time feels really good!" Naruto moaned.

"I'm so happy to hear you say that, Naruto-kun..." Haruko said.

"Indeed, Haruko-chan, your idea is brilliant." Ochako said.

"Oh, wow, your boobs are so much bigger up close, Haruko-chan." Ruby stated.

"I know... Ochako-chan's breasts are the prefect size, and your breasts are really soft and cute, Ruby-chan." Haruko replied.

"Yeah, Naruto-kun really likes them." Ruby said.

"Ahh!" Naruto moaned.

"Speaking of witch, Naruto-kun is moaning really loud..." Ochako said.

"Whoa~..." Haruko said.

The girls saw that Naruto's cock was hard again, wanting more.

"Ooh, man... That idea of yours Haruko-chan was truly amazing..." Naruto moaned with a blush and a smile.

"Judging by Naruto-kun's cock, it really was a wonderful idea." Ochako said.

"Wow, its even harder!" Ruby said.

Naruto picked himself up, letting let a sigh of bliss. Thanks to their boob-job, Naruto pleased Ochako and Ruby, Haruko was the last one. Of course, it was her first time and she was nervous. Haruko knew how big Naruto is, and how big the blonde's orgasms are, how much rough and how long he can fuck... But in the back of Haruko's mind, it looked so pleasurable.

"Okay, Haruko-chan, you're next, okay?" Naruto said.

"Y-Yes..." Haruko said.

Naruto wrapped his arms around, Haruko.

"Naruto-kun..." Haruko said.

"I know..." Naruto said, kissing Haruko.

Haruko soon found herself on top of the blonde, her pussy and butt was showing, with Naruto's rod between Haruko's lady-lips. Naruto kissed Haruko, playing with her butt. Ochako and Ruby watched Naruto's cock rubbed against Haruko's pussy. Haruko moaned, feeling Naruto's dick against her.

"You're so beautiful, Haruko-chan." Naruto said.

"Please don't say such things..." Haruko said with a dark blush.

"It's true, Haruko-chan." Naruto said, kissing Haruko again.

Ochako and Ruby got close with their friends, Ochako on the right side, and Ruby on the left.

"Naruto-kun is right, Haruko-chan. He always knows what to say and do when it comes to his girls." Ochako said, kissing Naruto neck.

"I feel the same way, Haruko-chan, but Naruto-kun is the type of person that makes us special. And he's going to make you feel special, I promise." Ruby said.

Haruko felt more comfortable, hearing her friends' words.

"I'm going to stick in inside you now, okay?" Naruto asked.

"Yes..." Haruko said, blushing.

"Okay, here we go..." Naruto said.

Naruto grabbed his member, rubbing it against Haruko's lady-lips. Haruko held Naruto, ready for anything. The blonde push his tip inside her entrance. She soon let out a whimper, feeing the mushroom tip inside her.

"Aagh, its going inside me!" Haruko groaned.

"Ah..." Naruto moaned.

"It's so big!" Haruko screamed.

"Just relax, Haruko-chan." Ochako said.

"I-I'll t-try...!" Haruko groaned

Naruto fit about 3 inches inside of Haruko. Haruko grunted her teeth, feeling her vagina being stretched out my Naruto's massive member.

"Aghhh! It's so big! Naruto-kun's cock is stretching me out!" Haruko groaned.

"Holy shit, you're so tight, Haruko-chan~...!" Naruto moaned.

She cried out, feeling her pussy getting wet and taking another 3 inches. Now having almost half his cock inside, Haruko took more inches. Ochako and Ruby took turns making out with Naruto and each other.

"I'm almost there! I've taken half of Naruto-kun's cock inside me!" Haruko groaned.

"Ah, it's okay, Haruko-chan, just a few more inches." Ruby said.

"Y-Yes! I'll do whatever it takes to please Naruto-kun!" Haruko groaned.

. Naruto was surprise, hearing Haruko say that. Haruko then took another 3 inches inside her, the blonde smiled, kissing her. Haruko looked at Naruto.

"N-Naruto-kun...?" Haruko said.

"I just want to make my girl feel good." Naruto said, kissing Haruko again.

"Ah~..." Haruko moaned.

Haruko then felt more of Naruto's cock pushing the rest of itself so deep, the tip was rubbing up against her womb. Haruko's face turned dark red, collapsing on top of Naruto, burring herself in his neck. Naruto felt Haruko's breasts against his chest, as he held her hips.

"A-Are you okay, Haruko-chan?" Naruto asked.

"I-I did it... I've taken all of Naruto's cock...!" Haruko groaned, holding Naruto tight.

"Just give her time, Naruto-kun." Ochako said, kissing Naruto.

"Of course..." Naruto replied.

"Whoa, Haruko-chan really took all of your cock, Naruto-kun..." Ruby said.

"Y-Yeah, Haruko-chan's pussy is really tight." Naruto said.

"Ugh..." Haruko groaned, still holding Naruto.

Naruto kissed Haruko, making her comfortable. Haruko blushed, feeling Naruto's kisses, but she also groaned too, due to the blonde's massive size. Ochako and Ruby kissed Haruko as well.

"Hey, Haruko-chan, are you sure you are okay?" Naruto asked.

"H-Hai, you're just so big is all..." Haruko groaned.

"Like I said, Naruto-kun, Haruko-chan just needs a little more time." Ochako said.

"Oh, I see..." Naruto said.

"Well we're waiting for Haruko-chan, here..." Ochako said.

Ochako grabbed her breasts, placing her nipples next to Naruto's mouth. Naruto then suckled on Ochako's breasts.

"Ah..." Ochako said.

"Here, me too, Naruto-kun..." Ruby said.

Naruto saw Ruby's breasts, yes, they were small, but to the blonde they were prefect. Naruto release Ochako's nipples then suckled on Ruby's nipples.

"Ahh, N-Naruto-kun~..." Ruby moaned.

Naruto then sucked on Ochako's breasts again. Haruko still was not moving a single inch, until she was ready. Naruto when back and fourth suckling on their breasts, Ochako and Ruby shared deep kisses.

"You're so good at kissing, Ruby-chan..." Ochako said.

"You too, I bet Naruto-kun teach you a lot, huh?" Ruby said.

"Well, I wouldn't say that... I still have a lot to learn myself, Ruby-chan." Naruto said, kissing Ruby.

"Oh..." Ruby moaned.

Naruto then kissed Ochako. Haruko was still in a bit of pain, she was face to face with Naruto. Without saying anything, Haruko kissed Naruto.

"Haruko-chan?" Naruto said.

"I think I'm ready to move... But we have to take it nice and slow, okay, Naruto-kun?" Haruko said.

"Of course, Haruko-chan..." Naruto said.

Naruto moved his hips, making Haruko slightly groan. Naruto moaned, feeling how tight and wet Haruko is.

"R-Remember, Naruto-kun, slowly..." Haruko groaned.

"Oh, sorry, Haruko-chan." Naruto replied, kissing Haruko.

"Ah..." Haruko moaned.

Naruto moved his hips, slowly. Haruko blushed, feeling her insides being filled with Naruto's massive rod.

"How are you feeling, Haruko-chan?" Ochako asked.

"I'm okay... N-Naruto-kun's big cock still hurts a bit..." Haruko stated.

"We know how that feels, it does hurt the first time, but it will feel good before you know it." Ruby said.

"I know... Though, I'm in a bit of pain but it feels somewhat good..." Haruko groaned.

"That's good to hear, Haruko-chan." Ochako said.

Haruko picked herself up, moving her hips along with Naruto's hips. Naruto let out anther moan, feeling Haruko's movements. Ochako and Ruby soon picked themselves up as well, holding Haruko.

"Oh..." Haruko moaned.

"We'll give you a helping hand, Haruko-chan." Ochako said.

"Yeah, we can help you get adjusted to Naruto-kun's cock." Ruby said, as she and Ochako rubbed Haruko's belly.

"Ahh, I see what you mean..." Haruko said.

Ochako and Ruby continued to rub Haruko's belly. Haruko blushed, having her friends, helping her. Naruto soon used his hands, rubbing Haruko's belly as well.

"Naruto-kun~..." Haruko moaned.

"As the man, I also need to help you and please you as well..." Naruto said, still rubbing her belly.

"You're so kind, Naruto-kun~..." Haruko moaned.

"Thank you, Haruko-chan." Naruto replied, moaning.

Haruko let out let moans, feeling her insides becoming adjust to Naruto's cock, thanks to her friends.

"Naruto-kun..." Haruko said.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked.

"I'm ready... Pick up your movements a bit, okay?" Haruko said.

"Right." Naruto said with a smile.

Naruto did as Haruko say, moving his hips more. Haruko moaned in pleasure.

"Does it hurt, Haruko-chan?" Ochako asked.

"No, in fact... I'm starting to like it..." Haruko said.

"That's wonderful to hear, Haruko-chan." Ruby said.

"Yes, indeed~..." Haruko said.

Haruko then kissed Ochako. Ochako blushed. Haruko then turned to Ruby, pulling her into a kiss as well. Naruto watched, seeing his girls, kissing each other. Soon Ochako and Ruby suck on Haruko's neck, while they played with her massive H-cup breasts. Naruto grabbed Haruko's hips, thrusting deep yet slow.

"Ah, Naruto-kun's cock is so deep inside me." Haruko moaned.

"Does it feel good?" Ochako asked.

"Yes! Naruto-kun's cock is starting to feel good!" Haruko moaned.

"Then we should make you feel good as well." Ruby said.

Before Haruko could ask, she let out a moan, feeling her nipples being sucked on.

"Ahh, Ruby-chan!" Haruko moaned.

"Oh, Ruby-chan, don't leave me out of this!" Ochako said, sucking on Haruko's breasts as well.

"Ooh, O-Ochako-chan!" Haruko moaned.

"And let's not forget about me, Haruko-chan." Naruto said, thrusting deeper.

"Oh, God!" Haruko moaned.

Naruto and his girls continued their actions. Haruko's body was becoming hot, her insides became wet, and she was enjoying this pleasure of sex. Haruko moaned even louder. She wanted the blonde to pound her sweet spot, even, since she was now use to his large size.

"Faster..." Haruko said.

"H-Huh~?" Naruto moaned.

"Fuck me, faster, Naruto-kun!" Haruko moaned.

Naruto saw how much Haruko was enjoying herself. Naruto smiled, thrust even deeper. He picked up his speed, thrusting so hard, Haruko's massive breasts jiggle freely.

"Oh, Naruto-kun! Your cock feels so good! I can't get enough of it~!" Haruko moaned.

"Yeah! You really like sex now, don't you?" Naruto asked, still moaning.

"Yes! I love it, Naruto-kun! P-Please keep using my pussy! Your cock is the best!" Haruko moaned.

"Whoa, Haruko-chan, your tits are really amazing~!" Naruto said.

"Yes! My body is so hot for you, Naruto-kun! I just can't help it!" Haruko moaned.

"It's okay, Haruko-chan, just be yourself! Don't hold back!" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, whoa, your breasts are really big~!" Ruby said.

"Yes, they're bouncing like crazy!" Ochako said.

"I really can't help myself! I love riding Naruto-kun's cock!" Haruko moaned.

"Come here, Haruko-chan, let us suck on them again~" Ochako said.

Ochako squeezed Haruko's right breast, while Ruby sucked on her left breast. Naruto picked himself up, holding all three of his girls.

"Oh, Naruto-kun!" Haruko moaned.

"All your riding got me wanting me to come closer, Haruko-chan." Naruto said, kissing Haruko.

Naruto then pulled Ochako into a kiss, grabbing her butt. Ochako moaned, holding Naruto. Then Naruto pulled Ruby into a kiss, and grabbed her butt as well. Haruko pressed her breasts against Naruto's chest, and locked lips. She and Naruto soon increased their movements.

"Oh, I love it! I love having sex with you, Naruto-kun! I think I might explode again!" Haruko moaned.

"Y-Yeah! I don't think my cock can handle anymore!" Naruto moaned.

"Yes, I want to cum! I want to cum again~!" Haruko moaned.

"Then I'll be sure to make you cum, Haruko-chan!" Naruto moaned, increasing his movements more.

"You're going to climax, Haruko-chan?" Ochako asked.

"I-I think I might!" Haruko moaned.

"Oh, my." Ruby said.

Naruto increased his speed more. Haruko wrapped herself around Naruto more, slamming her rump on the blonde's pelvis. Haruko kissed Naruto. She felt her insides getting wetter. Naruto felt his cock getting twitching while being squeezed by Haruko's tight insides and his balls tighten. Naruto and Haruko were going to climax together.

"Ah! N-Naruto-kun, I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum again!" Haruko moaned.

"M-Me too, Haruko-chan! Where do you want me to cum?" Naruto asked, moaned.

"I want you to do it inside me! I want to feel your thick warm seed inside me!" Haruko moaned.

"Oh, if you keep talking like that, I might cum sooner!" Naruto moaned, grabbing Haruko's butt, thrusting even harder.

"Ah, Naruto-kun!" Haruko screamed in pleasure.

"Well, we can't be outdone, right, Ruby-chan?" Ochako asked.

"Yeah!" Ruby replied.

Soon Ochako and Ruby took turns making out with Naruto. Haruko was about to reach felt her limit, as well as Naruto. Haruko's eyes rolled back, riding the blonde, wildly. Naruto felt his rod about explode. Both teens could not hold in anymore.

"I'm cumming~!" Naruto and Haruko moaned, having their orgasms.

Haruko's eyes widen, feeling a massive load shooting deep inside her, while she released her juices all over Naruto's dick, leaking down to his balls. Naruto let out a growl, feeling his member still shooting deep inside her.

"Oh, I cummed..." Haruko moaned with a dark blush.

"Yeah... Your tight pussy is still making me cum~" Naruto moaned.

"T-There's so much of it... It's really thick and warm~..." Haruko moaned.

"You really know how to take it, Haruko-chan..." Naruto moaned.

"He's right about that, Haruko-chan... Oh, you're leaking all over Naruto-kun's cock..." Ochako said.

"I don't know about you, Ochako-chan, but it's turning me on again..." Ruby said.

"Same here..." Ochako said.

Naruto continued to climax deep inside Haruko, while he pulled her into a kiss. After a long minute, Naruto's orgasm had ended.

"Wow..." Naruto moaned.

"So... this is what it feels like to climax with someone... I never thought it would feel this good~..." Haruko moaned.

"I'm happy you enjoyed it, Haruko-chan..." Naruto said, kissing Haruko again.

Naruto's cock soon slips out of Haruko's loosen pussy. Once again, Naruto's cock was covered in his semen with Haruko's juices.

"Oh, my God... that was really amazing..." Haruko said.

"I'm happy you enjoyed it, Haruko-chan." Naruto replied.

Haruko blushed, kissing Naruto.

"Oh, my, look... Naruto-kun's cock is all messy..." Ochako said.

"Yes, I see what you mean, Ochako-chan... We should get it all clean..." Ruby said.

"I'll help too..." Haruko said.

"Whoa, you girls are really amazing..." Naruto said.

"Yes, now let us get you cleaned up..." Ochako said, kissing Naruto.

Naruto felt his girls kissed and gang up on their lover, till he was on his back. Naruto relaxed himself, letting his girls suck his dick clean, again. They also sucked his balls clean, and played with them as well.

"Oh~... You girls are really good..." Naruto moaned.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun." Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko said.

Minutes later, Naruto's girls cleaned his long poll and his balls, which his cock got hard. Thanks to their sucking, the girls had a little bit of their lover's semen on their lips.

"You have a bit of semen on your face, Ochako-chan." Haruko said, coming close to Ochako.

"I can say the same thing for you, Haruko-chan." Ruby said, coming close as well.

"Oh, Ruby-chan, your face is all messy again." Ochako said.

"Well, I'm sure what we can all do about that..." Ruby said, licking Ochako's face.

"I do~..." Ochako replied.

Ochako kissed Ruby. Haruko soon kiss and lick Ochako's face and lips. Ruby did kissed both Ochako and Haruko. Naruto watched his girls making out again, which got him harder.

"Whoa, girls, you really like kissing each other, don't you?" Naruto asked with a smile.

"Yeah, we just can't help ourselves." Ochako said.

"No, need... Besides, I like it when you girls act like lesbians." Naruto said, kissing Ochako on the forehead.

"Well, if we do act like this, it's because of you, dummy." Haruko said playfully, flicking Naruto's forehead.

"Heheh, true." Naruto said.

"But I can't lie; I do like kissing you, Ochako-chan, and Ruby-chan." Haruko said with a blush.

"We can tell." Ruby said, kissing Haruko.

"Oh, Ruby-chan~..." Haruko said.

Naruto kissed both Haruko and Ruby on their foreheads. They all laughed and giggle in bed, with Naruto still holding them. Ochako saw that Naruto was harder than before. Moreover, she was horny again from all that making out, and seeing Naruto's large dick wanting more. Ochako kissed Naruto on the cheek.

"Naruto-kun..." Ochako said.

"Yeah?" Naruto asked.

"I want to do it again." Ochako said.

"Uh-huh, any request?" Naruto asked with a smile.

"You already know what I want." Ochako replied, with her own smile.

"Of course Ochako-chan... Come here, and back that big butt of yours over here..." Naruto said.

Without saying a word, Ochako herself around, backs her butt up against Naruto. The blonde held his friend from behind. Without a moment of waiting, Naruto grabbed his tip, pushing it inside of Ochako's rectum.

"Ah, my ass!" Ochako moaned.

"Ahh, I can't get over this big butt of yours, Ochako-chan." Naruto moaned, pushing more of his cock inside her asshole.

"I love how big you are, Naruto-kun~" Ochako moaned.

"You're such a good girl, Ochako-chan. Fuck, you're so tight~" Naruto said.

Ochako spread her legs, sitting and taking the big dick inside her ass again. Naruto knew Ochako wanted to ride his cock again. He held her, pushing more of his cock in her ass inch by inch. Haruko blush a deep red, seeing her friend taking Naruto's member deep inside her butt. Moreover, just looking at the expression on her face, she very much enjoyed it. Ruby smiled, getting turned on by the anal scene that was happening. Ochako sits on Naruto's pelvis, balls deep and taking all the length. Ochako blushed, kissing Naruto.

"Ah, you feel so much bigger this way, Naruto-kun." Ochako moaned.

"I know, I love how tight your butt is, Ochako-chan." Naruto said, grabbing Ochako's breasts.

"Ah... Y-You're just really big is all~..." Ochako moaned.

"I can't believe you would take something so big inside your butt, Ochako-chan." Haruko stated.

"If you like, Haruko-chan, we can do anal too." Naruto replied, still sliding Ochako up and down on his hard rod.

"Ahh, N-Naruto-kun, your big cock is so deep in my ass~!" Ochako moaned.

Haruko blushed, thinking about Naruto screwing her in the butt. While this happened, Ruby went down between Naruto and Ochako's legs.

"It hurts at first, but it feels so good..." Ruby stated, sucking on Naruto's balls and playing with Ochako's pussy.

Haruko was getting horny again, seeing Ruby having her own little fun with both Naruto and Ochako. Ruby then went up, sucking on Ochako's twat. She moaned, feeling her womanhood being sucked on and her rectum filled with the blonde's big dick. Naruto pulled Ochako into a kiss, still moving his member in and out of her asshole. Haruko crawled close to Naruto and Ochako. Without saying a word, Naruto and Haruko shared a kiss, and after their kiss, she turned to Ochako kissing her as well.

"Oh, Haruko-chan..." Ochako said.

"I can't help myself, Ochako-chan." Haruko said.

"We're happy that we can help you, and enjoy yourself, Haruko-chan." Ochako replied, playing and sucking with her breasts.

"Oh, Ochako-chan!" Haruko moaned.

"Well, as the man, I'll make should not to let you girls down..." Naruto stated.

"What do you mean by...? Ah~!" Haruko moaned, feeling her other breast suckled on while Naruto fingered her.

"You like that, Haruko-chan?" Naruto asked, licking her nipples.

"Yes~...!" Haruko moaned.

"That's my girl..." Naruto moaned.

"H-Huh~?" Haruko moaned.

"Naruto-kun made you his girl... Ah!" Ochako moaned.

"What does that mean?" Haruko asked, still moaning.

"It means, Naruto-kun will always be there for us and take care of us~ He's our man, and we're his girls..." Ruby said, licking her lips.

"Oh, I see..." Haruko said.

"You want to be my girl, Haruko-chan?" Naruto asked.

Haruko thought about it. She never been with guys, but even though she just met Naruto, she was even saved by him. Haruko love the thought of being Naruto's girl. The violet hair girl, smiled, and she give Naruto a tender kiss.

"Yes, I'll be your girl." Haruko said.

Naruto smiled, kissing Haruko's forehead.

"That's my girl." Naruto said.

Naruto fingered Haruko deeper, while increasing his movements. Ochako and Haruko moaned, feeling Naruto's actions. Ruby felt Naruto's balls all over her face again, while she licked and sucked on them. Ochako bit her lower lip, feeling her asshole getting tighter around the big dick. Naruto kissed Ochako again.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, I love how deep you are~!" Ochako moaned.

"Y-Yeah, your asshole is just so stupidly tight~!" Naruto moaned.

"J-Just for you, Naruto-kun! B-Besides, I gave everything to you, remember~!?" Ochako moaned.

"Of course, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied, kissing Ochako more.

"Mmm~!" Ochako moaned, locking lips with Naruto.

Naruto and Ochako broke the kiss to breathe. Then after kissing Ochako, he then kissed Haruko. Haruko locked lips with Naruto, still feeling his fingers deep inside her holes. After enjoying her tea bag, Ruby picked herself up, sucking on Ochako's breasts. Ochako let out louder moans, not only did her asshole was being used and her breasts being suckled as well.

"Oh, Ruby-chan!" Ochako said.

"I couldn't help but suck on your boobs again, Ochako-chan." Ruby said, sucking her nipples.

"B-By means, do what you like, Ruby-chan!" Ochako moaned.

"I think I should step up my game." Naruto said.

"Hmm~?" Ruby asked, with a hard nipple inside her mouth.

Soon she let out, letting out a moan. The big silver-eyed girl felt her holes being fingered by Naruto.

"Oh, Naruto-kun~!" Ruby moaned.

"I couldn't leave you and Haruko-chan out of this..." Naruto said.

"Ooh, your fingers are so deep inside my pussy and ass~..." Ruby moaned.

Naruto fingered Ruby and Haruko more, holding Naruto, sucking on his neck. Ochako moaned, sliding up and down on Naruto's cock, while her D-cup breasts jiggle. Naruto moaned, feeling Ochako's big ass bouncing up and down on his cock. Naruto increased his movements along with Ochako's, while fingering Haruko and Ruby harder and faster. The blonde teen smiled, seeing his girls moaning.

"N-Naruto-kun! Your fat cock is going to break my ass!" Ochako moaned.

"Keep bouncing that big ass of yours on me~!" Naruto moaned.

"Y-Yes! My ass won't stop moving on your cock~!" Ochako moaned.

"N-Naruto-kun, make feel good too!" Ruby moaned.

"Yes, fingered my holes deeper!" Haruko moaned.

"Don't worry, I'll be sure to make you girls climax, too!" Naruto moaned, increasing his actions.

"Naruto-kun!" Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko moaned.

Naruto thrust, fingered, and kissed his girls, making them moan louder. Ochako felt her blonde lover's cock swollen up inside her anus, while his balls hit her pussy. Ochako felt her juices slightly leaking. Ruby and Haruko moaned, holding Naruto, while their womanhoods were dripping pre-juices all over Naruto's hand and fingers. Naruto felt his member twitching, and balls swelled up. Naruto and his girls were going to climax.

"Ah! Naruto-kun, I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum from you fuck my ass~!" Ochako moaned.

"Y-Yeah, your big ass is really tightening around me!" Naruto moaned.

"Ah, I'm going to cum again~!" Haruko moaned.

"I'm going to cum too!" Ruby moaned.

"Y-Yes... I want to you girls cum again! Agh, I'm not so sure much I can hold it!" Naruto growled, thrusting harder and fingering deeper.

"Ooh, m-my asshole is going to make me cum, Naruto-kun!" Ochako moaned, slamming her ass harder on Naruto.

Naruto and his girls let out louder moans, while the bed creaked due to their fooling around. Ruby and Haruko stayed close to Naruto, not wanting to let go, and wanting him to finger them, till they climax. Naruto felt his cock about to blast its load, while Ochako felt her asshole trembling, knowing that she is going too explode with pleasure. The teens could not hold it anymore, almost to the sweet release.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto, Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko shouted, reaching their orgasm.

Naruto let out a grunt, feeling his member shooting deep inside Ochako's asshole. The girls squirted out their love nectar. Ochako leaned closed against Naruto's chest, watching his member still releasing its load inside her. Ruby and Haruko let out sighs of bliss, feeling their legs quivering. Naruto pulled out his fingers, which were covered in Ruby's and Haruko's pussy juices.

"Ah, fuck man..." Naruto moaned.

"Y-You're still cumming inside me, Naruto-kun~..." Ochako moaned.

"Y-Yeah, your big butt doesn't want to let go of my cock..." Naruto moaned.

"I can't believe I've climaxed again..." Haruko said with a dark blush.

"Same here..." Ruby said.

"Here..." Naruto said, holding up both his hands.

Haruko and Ruby saw that Naruto's hands were messy. They knew just what to do. Ruby and Haruko grabbed Naruto's hands, sucking their own juices off Naruto's fingers. As for both Naruto and Ochako, they were at the ending point. Like always, Naruto's minute orgasm ended. Ochako's face turned dark red, feeling taking Naruto's massive load.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, you're the best~..." Ochako said.

"Thank you, Ochako-chan..." Naruto said, kissing Ochako.

Naruto and Ochako kissed, again, while his cock slipped out of her tight anus. Ochako was weak from the pleasure, falling and landed on her chest, feeling her asshole, leaking some of her lover's semen. Naruto got on top of Ochako, kissing her more. Naruto spooned and kept kissing Ochako.

"Oh, Naruto-kun~..." Ochako said.

"You were amazing, like always, Ochako-chan." Naruto said, kissing her more.

"Naruto-kun is right, Ochako-chan." Ruby said, kissing her.

"Ooh..." Ochako moaned.

"Me too, Ochako-chan." Haruko said.

"Hai..." Ochako said, kissing Haruko.

Naruto smiled, kissing Ruby next. Ruby kissed Haruko. Naruto's cock was covered in Ochako's ass juices and his semen.

"Girls..." Naruto said.

"Of course... Ruby-chan, Haruko-chan..." Ochako said.

"Hai..." Ruby and Haruko replied.

Naruto was on his back, again, with his girls ganging up on his hard member. Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko licked and suckle Naruto's messy member. Naruto let out moans, loving how his girls clean his cock. While the girls continued to clean, they share deep kisses with each other. Thanks to this, Naruto's cock was already getting hard again. Moments later, Naruto's penis was not only hard; it was clean thanks to his girls as well.

"Man, you girls really know how to get me hard." Naruto said, cuddling with his girls.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun..." Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko said.

The teens continued to cuddle, fool around in bed, and kissing. Ruby saw Naruto's hard cock, and seeing it wanted more. Moreover, seeing her friend taking Naruto's massive member in her rectum turned her on. Ruby wanted Naruto to make her feel special again, and she put her plan to action.

"Oh, Naruto-kun~..." Ruby said,

"Huh?" Naruto said, turning to Ruby.

Ruby positioned herself, doggy style, spreading her ass cheeks apart, showing her tight rosebud. Of course, this made Naruto's cock harder.

"I see your cock is all hard and swollen... Here, Naruto-kun, fuck my asshole~" Ruby moaned with a smile.

"Yes..." Naruto said, coming close to behind Ruby.

Naruto held Ruby's hips, and pushed his tip, pushing 3 inches inside her asshole.

"Oh, Naruto-kun! You're stretching out my butt-hole again!" Ruby moaned in pleasure.

"Whoa, seeing you two doing anal is making me want to do anal too~" Haruko stated.

"You'll have your chance doing anal with you Naruto-kun, Haruko-chan." Ochako said, playing with Haruko's breasts.

"I can't wait." Haruko said, kissing Ochako.

Naruto pushed a few more inches inside of Ruby, making her moan.

"Ahh! You're so big, Naruto-kun! It feels like I'm going to break!" Ruby moaned.

"You're just so small and tight, Ruby-chan~!" Naruto said.

"Guh, g-go deeper! I want all of your fat dick inside my ass!" Ruby moaned with a dark blush.

"That's a good girl, take all my cock~!" Naruto moaned.

Ruby bit her lower lip, as her eyes rolled back, loving how big Naruto is. While Naruto continued to give Ruby what she wants, Haruko and Ochako kissed and cuddling. Ruby let out louder moans, taking most of Naruto's cock inside her asshole.

"Ahh! N-Naruto-kun, I'm almost there! I want it all!" Ruby moaned.

"Fuck, you're so much tighter than yesterday~!" Naruto moaned, pushing the rest of his cock inside Ruby.

"Ah-uhh, my ass~!" Ruby screamed.

Ruby felt her asshole tightening and her legs twitching from Naruto's big enteric. The blonde Uzumaki smiled, loving how tight his girls are. Naruto leaned closed to Ruby, pulling her into a kiss.

"Oh, Naruto-kun~..." Ruby moaned.

"Now, let's take it nice and slow..." Naruto said, using small movements.

"Ooh..." Ruby moaned.

"You like that, Ruby-chan?" Naruto asked, still moving slowly.

"Y-Yes..." Ruby said.

Ochako and Haruko looked, seeing Naruto's cock, moving in and out Ruby's anus.

"Whoa..." Haruko said.

"I can never get over how big Naruto-kun is... Amazing, isn't it?" Ochako asked.

"Hai..." Haruko said.

Ruby moaned softly, as her eyes slightly rolled back. Naruto smiled, seeing Ruby enjoying. Naruto turned to Ochako and Haruko. He waved his hand to them, wanting both girls to come closer. Both of them smiled, crawling to Naruto and Ruby. Without a second of waiting, Naruto pulled them into kisses.

"Naruto-kun..." Ochako and Haruko moaned.

"Like that, Ochako-chan, Haruko-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Hai..." Ochako and Haruko said.

"Good." Naruto said.

"Me too, Naruto-kun~..." Ruby said.

"Of course, Ruby-chan." Naruto said, kissing Ruby again.

Haruko and Ochako cuddled with Naruto and Ruby. Before the teens knew it, they were spooning each other. Haruko spooned with Ruby, and Ochako spooning Naruto from behind. Ruby found herself between Haruko's H-cup breasts. Ochako pressed her breasts against Naruto's back, kissing his neck.

"Oh, wow..." Ruby said, between Haruko's bust.

"Are you comfy, Ruby-chan?" Haruko asked.

"Yup." Ruby replied.

"Good... Now, Naruto-kun, I know what you must do." Haruko said.

"Right, Haruko-chan." Naruto said.

Without saying a word, Naruto increased his movements.

"Ah!" Ruby moaned.

"Oh, shit..." Naruto moaned.

While Naruto humped Ruby, Ochako also felt the blonde's movements.

"Oh, Naruto-kun..." Ochako said.

"Oh, sorry, I forgot you were back there, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

"No, don't me mind. I thought, maybe I can help you." Ochako replied.

Naruto wondered what she meant by 'helping him.' Before he could ask, Ochako dried hump Naruto from behind.

"Ah, I see what you mean, now, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

"Yeah, you're not the only who will be humping." Ochako said, holding Naruto's chest, continuing her actions.

"By all means, do what you like, Ochako-chan." Naruto replied.

"I'll do that, Naruto-kun." Ochako said, kissing Naruto.

"Hey, don't forget about us, Naruto-kun." Haruko said.

"I would never do such a thing." Naruto said, kissing Haruko.

While Naruto and Haruko kissed, he increased his movements, making Ruby moan, louder. Ruby buried herself deeper between Haruko's breasts, having her asshole being pulled in and out by the large member. Naruto took turns kissing Ochako and Haruko. Ruby still between Haruko's boobs, she used her hands to feel and touch her butt.

"Oh, Ruby-chan~..." Haruko moaned.

"I'm in the mood~! My ass just feels so good, and your big boobs are so soft!" Ruby moaned.

"Ah, if that's how it is, then by all means, play with my butt and boobs." Haruko stated.

"Oh, I'll do more than play with you, Haruko-chan." Ruby said.

Not even a second later, Ruby sucked on Haruko's nipples.

"Ah! That was so sneaky of you, Ruby-chan~!" Haruko said.

"Told you~..." Ruby thought, still suckling, letting out faint moans.

Naruto increased his movements more, while Ochako did the same thing. Haruko moaned feeling her breasts being sucked on, and having her rear-end massaged. Ruby had a tight hold on Haruko's breasts, sucking and licking the nipple inside her mouth. Not only that she also had Naruto's cock still sliding inside her ass. Due to the overwhelming pleasure of her asshole getting pounded, Ruby let out of Haruko's breasts.

"Ahh-ah! My asshole is going to break! Naruto-kun's cock is so deep!" Ruby moaned.

"That's the spot; your tight ass is squeezing my cock!" Naruto moaned.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, you're moving so wildly~" Ochako said.

"H-He sure is! I don't know how much my butt can least!" Ruby moaned.

"Shit, Ruby-chan is right~! My cock is twitching so deep inside, I might cum soon!" Naruto moaned.

"Make me cum too, Naruto-kun~!" Ruby moaned.

Naruto increased his movements more, making his balls slap against Ruby's butt. Ochako and Haruko felt the wild thrusting. All the teens held each other, Naruto still fucking Ruby in the ass, Haruko holding Ruby, and Ochako still humping Naruto from behind. Naruto felt his cock swelling up to the tip, while his balls tighten. Ruby felt her womanhood dripping her pre-juices, once again. Ochako and Haruko knew that both Naruto and Ruby were going to climax.

"Ugh, Naruto-kun, your cock is going to make me cum again!" Ruby moaned.

"Yeah, your tight little ass is going to make me cum again, Ruby-chan!" Naruto moaned, thrusting wildly.

"Oh, my, Naruto-kun's thrusting so hard!" Ochako said.

"Yes, I can feel Naruto-kun's thrusting too!" Haruko said.

"I'm going to break! Naruto-kun's going to make cum!" Ruby screamed.

Naruto thrust deeper and deeper. Ruby buried herself between Haruko's breasts again, feeling her insides getting wet. Haruko held Ruby between her bust. Ochako still held Naruto, humping him, sucking on his and feeling his thrusting. It was only a matter of time, Ruby felt her asshole being tighter, and Naruto's cock became swollen. Both teens were about to have their orgasms.

"I'm cumming!" Naruto and Ruby moaned, having to orgasms.

Naruto felt his cock releasing it's thick warm seed shooting deep inside of Ruby's tight asshole. Ruby screamed, between Haruko's breasts, feeling her pussy squirting between her legs and asshole being filled with the blonde's hot dick juice.

"Ahh, N-Naruto-kun's thick milk is filling my ass up~..." Ruby moaned between Haruko's bust.

"Oh, Ruby-chan, your tight little ass is taking my load~..." Naruto moaned.

"Are you okay down there, Ruby-chan?" Haruko asked.

"Y-Yeah, Naruto-kun's is still cumming deep inside me~..." Ruby stated.

Naruto kissed Ruby, still climaxing deep inside her. A minute had passed and Naruto's orgasm had ended. The blonde teen's cock popped out of Ruby's tight asshole, leaking his seed. Ruby blushed a deep red, after an amazing climax.

"Oh, that was wonderful, Naruto-kun..." Ruby moaned.

"Yeah, you really know how to take it up the ass, Ruby-chan." Naruto stated.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun." Ruby replied, kissing Naruto.

After kissing Ruby, Naruto pulled Haruko into a kiss. Ochako pulled Naruto into a kiss. Before he knew it, Naruto was ganged up by his girls again. Ochako looked down to Naruto's messy penis.

"Girls, Naruto-kun needs to be clean again." Ochako stated.

Haruko and Ruby looked down, seeing what Ochako was seeing.

"Oops, maybe me and Naruto-kun over did it, a bit." Ruby said.

"No, need, Ruby-chan, that's what we're here for. Let's get his cock nice and clean." Ochako said.

"Right~..." Ruby and Haruko replied.

Naruto's girls went down between his messy rod, cleaning it up. Naruto relaxed himself, watching Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko suck his cock and balls clean, again. Truth be told, Naruto never gets over how good his girls are in bed. Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko licked, sucked, and kissed the sloppy cock. As they did, their lust got the better of them, soon they took turns kissing, while one blows their blonde lover.

"Oh, I can't get over this..." Haruko said.

"I know, it's only my third time in bed with Naruto-kun, but it feels like we've known each other for years." Ochako stated.

"I guess we're special since Naruto-kun is our man, right?" Ruby said.

"That's true." Ochako replied, kissing Ruby.

Haruko then kissed Ruby, and so on. The girls continue their actions, till Naruto's cock was clean from the juices covering it. Naruto's poll was semi hard. Haruko saw how her two friends did everything for Naruto, and how special they felt, and most of all, having an mind-blowing orgasm with the person you love. Though, Haruko just met Naruto, she was already head over heels for him. And she did say she wants to repay him anyway she could, and she plans to.

"Naruto-kun..." Haruko said.

"Yes, Haruko-chan?" Naruto replied.

"Umm, as I said, I want to repay you..." Haruko said.

"Uh, what do you..." Naruto said.

Naruto was cut off by Haruko's next words.

"I want you to have all of me." Haruko stated.

"Ohh... I see..." Naruto said.

Naruto knew what Haruko wanted. Haruko turned herself around, doggy style, showing her big butt.

"Since I've seen Ochako-chan and Ruby-chan take it in the butt, I want you to do the same thing to me..." Haruko stated, wiggling her ass to Naruto.

"Wow." Naruto said.

Ochako and Ruby were also amazed, seeing Haruko's butt. The two, came close, groping the fat cheeks.

"Oh!" Haruko moaned.

Haruko blushed, being on her hands and knees, showing her massive butt to Naruto, while Ochako and Ruby played with her ass. Ochako and Ruby then spread Haruko's ass apart, showing her winking rosebud. This made Naruto harder.

"Whoa, that's what I call a butt." Ochako said.

"Indeed, it's so soft and big." Ruby said, as she and Ochako played with Haruko's butt.

"Ahh, don't tease me, Ochako-chan, Ruby-chan~..." Haruko moaned.

"They're right, though, Haruko-chan, you really have a big butt." Naruto stated, coming closer to her.

Haruko's face turned red, and let out a slight yip, feeling the mushroom tip against her rosebud. Haruko blushed, seeing Naruto behind her. She knew how big the blonde Uzumaki is, and how much sex hurt the first time around. But she also knew how pleasing it feels.

"I'm going to stick it inside you now, okay, Haruko-chan?" Naruto asked.

"All right..." Haruko replied with a dark blush.

"Okay, here I go..." Naruto said.

Naruto grabbed his tip, pushing it inside of Haruko's butt. She soon let out a gasp, feeling the mushroom tip making its way inside her butt.

"Ah, Naruto-kun, your cock is going inside my butt!" Haruko screamed.

"Ooh, you're really tight~..." Naruto moaned, pushing some more of his cock inside her rectum, about 4 inches.

"Oh, my God!" Haruko shouted.

"You have to relax your butt, Haruko-chan." Ochako stated.

"Whoa, you've taken 4 inches already, Haruko-chan." Ruby stated.

"Ahh, my ass! Naruto-kun, you're so big!" Haruko groaned.

"Uh, it's just y-your first time, Haruko-chan..." Naruto stated, moaning.

"Ahh-ugh...!" Haruko groaned.

Naruto held Haruko's hips, tighter, pushing more of his cock inside the tight little hole. Haruko's eyes rolled back, feeling like her ass was going to break. She grabbed the edges of the bed, feeling weak from Naruto's big dick.

"Agh, Naruto-kun!" Haruko groaned, buried herself in a pillow.

"Oh, holy shit~..." Naruto moaned, pushing more of his penis inside.

Haruko had over half of Naruto's cock inside her asshole. Ochako and Ruby watched closely, loving how Haruko's butt hole tighten yet taken more of the girth of the large penis.

"That's it, Haruko-chan, take Naruto-kun's cock in your big butt, slowly... You're about halfway there..." Ochako said.

"God, it's turning me on, again~..." Ruby stated.

"I can say the same thing, Ruby-chan." Ochako replied.

"I-I don't know if I can take it all!" Haruko groaned.

"I'm sure you can, Haruko-chan... Just a little more, and you'll be done." Ochako said.

"Yeah, Haruko-chan, I'm almost done putting all my cock inside you~..." Naruto moaned.

Haruko braced herself, while Naruto held her down, shoving the rest of his cock inside her asshole.

"Ahhhh!" Haruko screamed, collapsing on face on the pillow.

Haruko thought she was going to pass out from the intense enteric. Her face turned red dark, with her eyes rolled back. Naruto felt his cock being tightened by the violet hair girl's anal walls. The blonde leaned close to Haruko, face to face.

"Agh, my butt is so stuffed..." Haruko groaned.

"Are you okay, Haruko-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Y-Yes... Ochako-chan was right about taking all of your thing inside my butt..." Haruko groaned.

"I know, but we promise that it will feel good." Naruto stated, kissing Haruko.

"Oh, Naruto-kun..." Haruko moaned.

Ochako and Ruby lied next to Haruko.

"Ochako-chan, Ruby-chan...?" Haruko groaned.

"We thought about giving you a helping hand." Ochako said.

"Yeah, you really need it." Ruby said.

"T-Thank you..." Haruko said.

Naruto did not move an inch, having his cock balls deep inside of Haruko. With her two friends lying by her side, and with Naruto inside her ass, Haruko felt a bit at ease, knowing she's in good hands. Naruto went down to Haruko's neck, kissing it. She let out soft moans, from the kisses. Of course, she was still in pain due to her having Naruto's big cock inside her ass.

"Oh, Naruto-kun..." Haruko moaned.

"Uhh, you're so tight..." Naruto moaned.

"How is your butt feeling, Haruko-chan?" Ochako asked.

"I-I'm fine... Naruto-kun's big..." Haruko said.

"Yeah, but we promise, you'll be wanted Naruto to pond that big butt of yours, Haruko-chan." Ruby stated.

"I-I, all right..." Haruko moaned.

Naruto continued to stay still, not moving, until Haruko was ready.

"Whoa, Haruko-chan, your ass is so amazing~..." Naruto moaned.

"D-Don't say such things, Naruto-kun... Ugh, my butt feels like is going numb..." Haruko moaned.

"I can't help it, Haruko-chan, you're just amazing..." Naruto moaned.

Haruko blushed, again, hearing Naruto's words. Naruto kissed her again. True she was not into guys, yet, here she was with Naruto's massive cock deep inside her asshole. She also had her friends with her. Naruto then took turns kissing Ochako and Ruby. Haruko blushed, feeling the large member twitching deep inside her.

"How does it feel, Haruko-chan?" Ochako asked.

"It hurts... But it kind of feels good..." Haruko groaned.

"We know just how you feel, Haruko-chan. Just relax, and give it time..." Ruby said.

Before Haruko knew it, both of her girlfriends, and Naruto were kissing her. She also felt the weight of Naruto's body, and his pelvis against her big butt. Some time had passed, and Haruko asshole was feeling a bit strange. Yes, it still hurt, for some reason; she wanted the blonde to start moving. She turned to Naruto.

"Umm, Naruto-kun..." Haruko moaned.

"Yeah?" Naruto said.

"I-I'm ready... M-Move slowly for me, o-okay...?" Haruko said.

"Really?" Naruto asked.

"Y-Yes..." Haruko said.

"You heard her, Naruto-kun, Haruko-chan is ready for your movements." Ochako said.

Naruto nodded, picking himself up, and moving his hips. Haruko let out a moan, feeling her anus being pulled in and out.

"Aagh..." Haruko groaned.

"Oh, God, she's really tight..." Naruto said.

"Remember, Naruto-kun, nice and slow..." Ruby said.

"Y-Yeah, you're right, Ruby-chan~" Naruto replied, still moaning, still using slow movements.

"M-My ass..." Haruko groaned.

Naruto continued his slow movements. The blonde teen got an idea.

"Hey, Ochako-chan, Ruby-chan, lay on your backs." Naruto said.

"Okay, Naruto-kun." Ochako and Ruby replied, lying on their backs.

Before they asked why, they soon let out moans, feeling their pussies getting fingered by their lover. The three girls moaned, with Naruto pleasing them all at once.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, t-this is what you mean..." Ochako said.

"You really know how to change things up a bit, Naruto-kun..." Ruby moaned.

"I'm happy you girls think so, and I also want to make you two cum again." Naruto replied.

"Ah, you really are the best, Naruto-kun..." Ochako moaned.

"You know it, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

Naruto continued to finger and pound Haruko's butt. The blonde teen took it nice and slow, not wanting to climax too soon, and most of all, not wanting to hurt Haruko. Ochako and Ruby moaned, feeling Naruto's fingers deep inside them. Haruko moaned, feeling Naruto's smashing against her butt. She slightly bit her lip, feeling her asshole still hurting a bit, yet it was feeling pleasurable.

"Oh, God..." Haruko moaned.

"Ah, fuck, your big ass is so soft~..." Naruto moaned.

"Y-You think so, Naruto-kun...?" Haruko asked.

"I know so... It's soft like marshmallow..." Naruto stated, still moving slowly.

"T-Thank you..." Haruko replied with a blush.

Ochako smiled to herself, seeing Haruko enjoying herself. The time she was staying in this school, she knew Haruko was always a bit of a rules by the book, girl. But she saw how much Haruko was changing, because of her lover. Ochako relaxed herself, letting the fingers, trawl around inside her. She grabbed her prefect D-cup breasts, playing with them, while Naruto continued his actions. Ruby was lost in her pleasure as well, playing with her B-cup bust, and slightly pinching her nipples.

"Ah, Naruto-kun, your cock is so deep..." Haruko moaned.

"Y-You're so good, Naruto-kun... I just can't help myself~..." Ruby moaned.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, more~... Please use our bodies, more..." Ochako moaned.

"I know, girls... Just relax, and let me do the work..." Naruto stated, moaning, and pleasing his girls.

"Naruto-kun~..." Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko moaned.

Naruto continued slowly pounding Haruko's butt, while he fingered Ochako and Ruby. The girls moaned, feeling their lover's actions. Naruto felt Haruko's tight ass, squeezing his rod, while his balls, slightly smack against her lady-lips. Haruko bit her lower lip, feeling her more pleasure than pain from anal-sex. Haruko wanted more

"Naruto-kun..." Haruko moaned.

"Yes, Haruko-chan?" Naruto asked.

"F-Faster..." Haruko moaned.

"Huh?" Naruto moaned.

"I want you to fuck my ass~..." Haruko moaned.

"Really, you're ready, Haruko-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, I want you to screw my ass~!" Haruko moaned.

Naruto smiled, increasing his movements.

"Ah, fuck!" Haruko moaned.

Naruto then fingered Ochako and Ruby harder and faster.

"Oh, Naruto-kun!" Ochako and Ruby moaned.

"Ah-ha, Naruto-kun's cock feels so good!" Haruko moaned.

"Mmm, Haruko-chan, your big ass feels so good!" Naruto moaned, thrusting Haruko, and fingering Ochako and Ruby, deeper.

"Ahh, Naruto's figures are so deep!" Ruby moaned.

"Yes, my pussy feels so wet!" Ochako moaned.

"Aagh, Naruto-kun's big cock is stretching my butt-hole so much!" Haruko moaned.

"Oh, you girls are so wet! And this big ass is so tight~!" Naruto moaned.

"Harder! My ass is filled with Naruto-kun's big cock!" Haruko moaned.

Naruto thrust deep and hard inside Haruko's ass. He then used his second figures and thumbs, and like the other day, he pinched both of Ochako and Ruby clitorises.

"Aghhh!" Ochako and Ruby screamed.

"Sorry, I just wanted to make you girls feel good like Haruko-chan~!" Naruto moaned, continuing his actions.

"Ah, you're the best, Naruto-kun!" Ochako moaned.

"That's so naughty of you, Naruto-kun!" Ruby moaned.

"Oh, God, Naruto-kun, I love it! I love getting fucked in the ass~!" Haruko moaned.

"Y-Yes, we did promise you would love it!" Ruby moaned.

"Yes! I love it!" Haruko moaned.

"That's wonderful to hear, Haruko-chan! Ahh, my pussy!" Ochako moaned.

"I'm happy you girls are enjoying our fur-way! I'll have to be sure to keep it up!" Naruto stated, thrusting more, fingering deeper, and pinching the clits.

Haruko screamed, feeling Naruto's cock thrust deep inside of her ass. Her eyes were rolled back, and she had a dirty look on her face. Naruto smiled, feeling her asshole, getting tighter, then he finger blast both Ochako and Ruby, making them scream as well.

"That's it, Naruto-kun, keeping fuck, my ass~!" Haruko moaned.

"Oh, yes! This big butt of yours is amazing, Haruko-chan!" Naruto moaned.

"Ahh, yes! More! Fuck my ass some more!" Haruko moaned.

"Whoa, Haruko-chan, you're taking Naruto-kun's cock inside your butt~ Ahh, my pussy getting wetter!" Ochako moaned.

"Oh, wow, that big ass of yours won't stop, jiggling, Haruko-chan! Ah, Naruto-kun's fingers are so deep inside me!" Ruby moaned.

"Y-Yes! I love it! I love getting fucked in the ass by Naruto-kun!" Haruko screamed.

"Uhh, if you keep talking like that, I'll end up cumming~" Naruto moaned.

"Haruko-chan is a big girl, she can take it! And so can we!" Ruby moaned.

"R-Ruby-chan is right, oh, fuck, I'm going to squirt again!" Ochako moaned.

"Yes! I'll take your semen in my ass, Naruto-kun!" Haruko moaned.

"Then I'll be sure to give it to you! This big ass surly needs it!" Naruto moaned, thrusting and fingering deeper.

Naruto continued his actions, making the bed creek, again. While this happened, all three girls continued to moan and scream in pleasure. Naruto let out a grunt, having his cock swelling up and his balls tightening. Haruko moaned louder, having her butt being pounded and her legs became weak from the pleasure, making her juices slightly drip. Ochako and Ruby felt their pussies and clits reaching that waterfall point. Naruto and his girls were going to climax, once more.

"Oh, Naruto-kun! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum from you fucking me in the ass!" Haruko moaned.

"I'm going to cum too, Naruto-kun!" Ochako moaned.

"I'm about to cum, again, Naruto-kun!" Ruby moaned.

"Ah, fuck, I can't hold it, anymore! I'm going to blow!" Naruto moaned.

"D-Do it, Naruto-kun! Agh used my ass and make us cum, Naruto-kun!" Haruko moaned.

"Make us come, Naruto-kun!" Ruby moaned.

"Please make us cum, Naruto-kun!" Ochako moaned.

Naruto growled a bit, increasing his speed to his limit, Naruto rod on Haruko's fat ass, while he pinched the clitorises of both Ochako and Ruby, and trawled the rest of his fingers inside their vaginas. Speaking of limit, Naruto was about to reach his. Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko screamed, about to reach the limit.

"I'm cumming~!" Naruto, Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko moaned, reaching their hard and pleasurable climax.

Naruto growls, and his girls screamed, having their climax. The large penis released its thick warm seed inside the tight rectum. Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko reached their orgasms along with their lover. The girls felt their juices overflow and squirted. Haruko not only felt her pussy water squirted, she felt her anus being filled with Naruto's thick warm seed. Naruto leaned close to Haruko.

"Ah, I've climax from anal..." Haruko moaned.

"F-Fuck, I'm still cumming~..." Naruto moaned.

"H-Hai, I love it... I love the feeling of anal~..." Haruko moaned.

"I'm glad you do, Haruko-chan." Naruto said, kissing Haruko.

Ochako and Ruby both sighed, cuddling with Naruto and Haruko.

"God, you made me cum, again, Naruto-kun..." Ochako moaned.

"Thanks, oh, shit..." Naruto moaned.

"Oh, Naruto-kun, you're the best~..." Ruby moaned.

Naruto kissed Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko. Naruto continued to climax deep inside of Haruko's asshole.

"Ugh, N-Naruto-kun, you're still cumming?" Haruko moaned.

"Y-Yeah, this big ass of yours really knows how to take my load, Haruko-chan..." Naruto moaned.

"Heheh, I guess it does..." Haruko replied with a smile.

Naruto continued to release his seed deep inside Haruko. After a long minute, the blonde's orgasm ended. Naruto's cock popped out of Haruko's tight rectum. Naruto lied on his back. Haruko turned herself on her back, then Ochako and Ruby held her. Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko cuddling together and were on their back, breathing heavily, after many orgasms with Naruto.

"Whoa, that was truly amazing, girls..." Naruto stated, resting on his back.

Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko managed to crawl to Naruto, resting on his chest. Naruto wrapped his arms around them cuddled with his girls, after pleasing them.

"I would have never thought, being with someone would feel this good." Haruko said.

"I'm happy you enjoyed yourself, Haruko-chan." Naruto said, kissing her.

"Indeed I did..." Haruko replied.

Haruko turned to Ochako and Ruby.

"Thank you, Ochako-chan, Ruby-chan... I owe you two, a lot." Haruko said.

"We're just happy that you are safe." Ochako said.

"You don't have to thank us, Haruko-chan." Ruby said.

"But because of you, I can finally focus in school more. And now I'm Naruto-kun's girl." Haruko said.

"And with you girls, I'll be sure to behave myself." Naruto said, picking himself up.

"Well, that's good. We will have to make sure you really do behave." Haruko said, kissing Naruto.

Naruto smiled, kissing Haruko back. Naruto then kissed, Ochako and Ruby. He took turns kissing his girls and they took turns kissing each other, and he was getting hard. Naruto continued to kiss the girls, while touching their butts and breasts. Naruto's girls found themselves on the bed and Naruto on top of them, seeing his hard erection wanting more. They blushed, knowing that their lover wasn't done fucking them.

"Naruto-kun~..." Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko said.

"Let's keep going, girls~..." Naruto said.

An hour later, Naruto, Ochako, Ruby, and Haruko were done having their four-way. Naruto, Ruby, and Haruko were ready to leave Ochako's room.

"I had a wonderful time, Naruto-kun." Ochako said.

"I did too, Ochako-chan. You really are getting better in bed." Naruto said.

"I learn it from the best." Ochako said, smiling.

"Really?" Naruto asked.

"Really~" Ochako replied.

Ochako kissed Naruto one final time, until the next day they can kiss more.

"Text me, later, okay, Naruto-kun?" Ochako said.

"Of course, Ochako-chan." Naruto said.

"I'll see you later, everyone." Ochako said.

"See you tomorrow, Ochako-chan." Ruby said.

"Bye, Ochako-chan." Haruko said.

Ochako closes her door. Naruto turned to Ruby and Haruko.

"Come on, I'll walk you girls to your rooms." Naruto said.

"Okay." Ruby said.

"Yes." Haruko said.

Naruto took Ruby to her room first, since it was the closes room. They made it to Ruby's room.

"Well, thanks again for the great time, Naruto-kun." Ruby said with a smile.

"You're quite welcome, Ruby-chan." Naruto replied.

Ruby leaned close, kissing Naruto.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow, Ruby-chan." Naruto said.

"Bye, Naruto-kun. Bye, Haruko-chan." Ruby said.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Ruby-chan." Haruko said.

Ruby opened her door and left.

"Ready, Haruko-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Hai." Haruko replied.

Naruto walked Haruko to her room.

"Well, thank you, for everything, Naruto-kun." Haruko said.

"Anything for you, Haruko-chan." Naruto said with a smile.

Haruko blushed. She leaned close, kissing Naruto. She then wrapped her arms around him, still locking lips. Naruto held Haruko. Naruto kissed Haruko on the forehead.

"So, does this mean we're friends, Haruko-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Of course we are. Besides, I know you can protect me, and everyone. After all, I'm not just your friend; I'm your girl too, you dummy." Haruko said with a smile.

"Heheh, yeah, you're right about that, Haruko-chan." Naruto said.

"Of course, I'm right, dummy." Haruko stated, kissing Naruto again.

"Well, then, I'll see you tomorrow." Naruto said.

"See you tomorrow, Naruto-kun." Haruko said.

Naruto and Haruko kissed one more time, and she left the room.

"Man, Naruto, you really know how to get with the girls." Naruto said with a smile, making his way to his bedroom.

Back with Naruto, he was ready to take a shower after the amazing four-way he had with his girls. As Naruto stripped naked, again, he saw the bruises on his body he took early. His eyes were still a bit red from the dirt in his face. Good thing he had the ointment Guts gave him.

"Man, I really owe Guts-san a lot." Naruto said, putting the ointment by his clean clothes.

Naruto steps inside and washes his body off. About 30 minutes later, Naruto was done with his shower. The blonde teen then takes the ointment, putting it on his bruises cuts, and so on. Naruto then goes to the kitchen, doing his work home until his mother came back to make dinner. After dinner, Naruto went to bed, texting his girls. It was around 9:30, and Naruto closed his eyes, falling asleep.

XxxxX Omake XxxxX

While the school and all the students and teachers slept, Guts was wide-awake, in his small spot. Guts eats some food that Naruto brought him. Little did the students know that the school had a special seal around it. Guts finish his meal. He looked up, sensing something coming his way.

"Well, it looks like I'm going to have to fight all night again." Guts stated, grabbing his massive sword.

There were demons, ghosts and ghouls. They laughed, mocking Guts. The school didn't have the problem of demons before, since some of the students are demi-humans and somewhat monsters/demons. However, these demons were here because of Guts, they are drawn by the mark on the right side of his neck. This has been going on for almost a year since Guts came to this world. The mark bleeds whenever the demons are near, but thankfully, they only come at night.

"You can not escape us..."

"Hahaha, no matter how far you run or how hard you hide, we'll found you..."

"Yes... As long as you bare the Brand of Sacrifice, we will always found you..."

"In our world or this world, we'll always found you..."

Guts steps out of the safety of the seal and ready himself. Yes, he could have just stayed behind the seal; however, it was not in his nature to run away from the enemy.

"This is you fate!"

The demons came at Guts. He smiled, always doing what he does best, slaying the enemy ever since he could pick up a sword. To Guts, a fight is just a fight, and this fight is no different.

"YYYAAAAHHHHH!" Guts yelled, slaying demons with ease.

And that's what he did, He fought all night till the sun came up. He saw the demons retreating into the darkness. Though they were beaten, they still mocked Guts for coming to this world. Guts narrowed his eye, as he cleaned his sword. He looked at the sun, rising.

"It's still early before Naruto comes. I'll just sleep for a few hours and we can train." Guts said.

Guts lied in his bed, closing his eye. As he dreamed, he remembered all the hardships, the suffering, and the nightmares in his life, but he also remembered some of the good. He also dreamed about him training Naruto.

XxxxX Omake end XxxxX


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