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"I'm pretty good at providing distractions."

(Prompt chosen by Slytheringsnape)

Pairing: Severus Snape/Hermione Granger

Hermione had spent the better part of an otherwise free Sunday prepping for her upcoming meeting with the Board of Governors. She detested their bi-annual get-togethers, sitting at long tables with a group of grumpy, set-in-their-ways, old sods and their repeated unwillingness to take her proposals for improving the school that she loved under consideration. Quite often, Hermione Granger-Snape went through with her own ideas anyhow, and her Potions professor husband was no less of an instigativing ally in the witch's daring schemes, for which she was thankful.

As Headmistress of Hogwarts for more than twenty years, and with no plans to step down anytime soon, Hermione had had her fair share of testy quarrels with the witches and wizards on the Board. She suspected that this meeting would go no differently than the last several sourly encounters and, though she wasn't at all nervous, she had realised early on in her dealings with their slow-to-act manner of getting things accomplished usually involved a strict routine of premeditation and meticulous planning ahead on her part.

If only she could concentrate and get what needed to be done out of the way so as to enjoy what was left of her weekend! Then again, despite her stubborn attempts to maintain her focus on her work, she had enjoyed much of her day so far.

Her husband, Severus, had been proving quite the distraction since she had sat down at her desk in the Head office that late morning, with the intention of preening her plan of attack. So far, she hadn't completed much on her end but her energetic husband, meanwhile, had been quite the busy body.

First, there was the man's frequent comings and goings, in which he entered when Hermione was particularly deep in thought about her proposals, griping about uncovering misbehaving students in the courtyard or an (unnatural) potions blunder that had resulted in a massive cleanup in the Slytherin common room. Then there were his regular bits of nagging for her to 'eat lunch', 'take some tea', 'have a biscuit', or go for a 'quick stroll' around the castle (which lasted an hour and a half, no less) to 'get her blood flowing', whatever the ruddy hell that meant.

At various times, he joined her in her office, with the assurance that he would read the latest Daily Prophet, magazine, or a recent book purchase in silence. That never lasted more than a half hour at most, for there was inevitably something to snarl about or comment on that got them both fired up, providing Hermione little actual peace.

Oddly enough, the longer the interruptions carried on, the less Hermione minded her wizard's continuous meddling. He wanted to be near her, to watch over her, and, even if the clever witch wasn't supposed to know any of the former spy's intentions, she understood them wholeheartedly and considered them rather endearing.

It was half past four o'clock in the afternoon when Hermione glanced up from her stack of writings for the umpteenth time to discover Severus standing across the room and staring at her. For how long he had been there she knew not. He had left her twenty minutes prior to see to a mandrake concern of Professor Sprout's, but she hadn't heard him return. He must have Flooed in, perhaps from their bedroom judging by his attire; or the complete lack thereof.

His presence startled Hermione enough that she dropped her feathered quill and splattered ink everywhere; but it wasn't the added company alone that had left the witch bereft and gaping. Severus was entirely stark naked, standing in front of the fireplace with his arms casually crossed over his chest. There was unmistakeable lust in his eyes, as well as an enticing smirk etched across his lips, which stirred Hermione to speak, albeit barely.

"Merlin's balls...!" she gasped.

"That would be the idea," he deadpanned before lowering his arms. "You're looking a little tense, my love. Care to come join me in our room?"

Hermione, stumped and blushing to the roots of her hair, stammered to speak. "Well, my... I..."

Severus nodded to her ink-infested papers. "I'm sure those can wait, don't you?"

Hermione's shock morphed into a knowing glare. "You're a scoundrel, Severus Snape."

His dark eyes shimmered, amused. "Why don't you come here and tell me something I don't know?"

Without any need for further goading, Hermione instantly rose from her chair and crossed the room in a few short strides. "Oh, I could tell you a great deal of what I've thought of today...!" She poked his lightly furred chest, but her finger lingered on his cool, alabaster skin.

Severus's smirk widened, causing Hermione's knees to wobble. She was finding it trying not to jump the man's bones, and the infuriating git knew it all; he knew everything about her and what turned her on far too well.

"I look forward to it," he teased in a quiet growl. Then he leaned in to heatedly capture her lips.

When their passionate snog ended, Hermione felt his crafty hands skim over her shoulders and slide her robes off. They flopped to the ground with ease, settling around her ankles. He eased her close, his breaths hot and heavy on her cheeks. She wasn't aware that she was matching his arousal breath for breath.

"Oh, you are a scoundrel, Severus Snape," she half moaned.

Charmed, the proud wizard bore his teeth. "I'm pretty good at providing distractions, I'd wager."

"Don't go betting on it!" Hermione huffed, and the terror that swept across her face afterwards conveyed her regret at the suggestion she had just provoked.

Severus saw his wife's motion with the lifting of a single eyebrow. "No?" he hissed as he suddenly squeezed her buttocks and pulled her against his hardened cock.

Hermione stopped herself from yelping but her legs easily buckled, sending her into Severus's arms. She giggled against his mouth.

"We shall see, Headmistress."

Hermione shuddered, tugged his face down to meet hers, and claimed defeat.

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