Chapter two


I woke up feeling awful. I got up, got dressed and went downstairs to have breakfast. Suddenly, I heard Ron shout "WHATS FOR BRAEKFAST? I'M HUNGRY"

"YOU ARE ALWAYS HUNGRY" yelled Hermione

"WAFFALS" yelled Ginny

There was a sudden crack as Ron apperated strait onto his chair and scarefed down his breakfast "so, what are we doing tod-"he was interrupted by a loud screech and a crash as three owls flew in and gave the trio some letters. "Well, looks like we got to go to diagon ally. "I stated.

"Wiat - what? Why?

"Well, apperently the ministry of magic wants us to retake our seventh year because we missed it, you know, COMPLETELY DESTROYING VOLDEMORT"

September 1st

Hogwarts train

MoonWacher P.O.V.

Qibli and I got a compartment at the back of the train, since all the other compartments were full. I was sitting on Qibli's lap when suddenly there was a nock at the door. "Come in" Qibli called. The door opened to admit three 18-year–old scavengers "May we sit with you?" asked the female. I said, "Sure, come on in".

"My name is Harry, and these are Ron and Hermione. Your names are?"

"My name is MoonWatcher, but please call me Moon and this is Qibli'

'What strange names. May I ask, why have I never seen you before?"

Oh, we're just here from our school to visit" I said, reciting from turtle's scroll.

"Really?" asked Hermione "what school?"

"Jade Montain academy"

Grand feast


Hermione P.O.V.

"I am pleased to announce that Hogwarts will be hosting some guests this year!" Exclaimed Dumbledore "And now let us welcome Moon and Qibli from Jade mountain academy" Moon and Qibli came in and seemed to have a silent conversation with Dumbledore then sat down "now, I know your wondering why havent we ever heard of jade mountain academy? Well they are a very secret group who know of wizerds, but among them they call wizerds animi. Animuses? Hey Moon what is plural for animus?"

"to be honest we don't even have a word for that."

"well then I will say animi. However, they know of us, but animi are very rare. an animus named turtle gave these two the ability to change into dragons, so do not be alarmed if you see something that looks like it could be a dark mark, it is just a scale that, when they touch, will turn them into a dragon"

After the feast

Dumbledore's office


"Don't worry, your friend turtle sent me a scroll that told me what you are, your abilities, and why you're here."

"Three moons, he is a goddamn idiot"

"Don't let kinkajou hear you say that"

"I have notified all teachers of this and our Quiddicth teacher wants you as her assistants"

"What Is Quiddicth?" Qibli asked, " Quiddicth is a sport we play on flying broomsticks."

"Sounds fun."

The next day

Quiddicth pitch

Ms Hooch had taut them everything on Quiddicth that they needed to know. After the student had arrived Ms Hooch asked Qibli and moon to say at least one rule they wanted to add apiece moon sad she didn't know what she wanted but Qibli said, "No kissing in public." And then kissed moon.

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