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I Wish It Was Different
Ch. 12: "Goodbyes Are Always Hard"
The sun rose from the horrizion, and proceeded to climb the sky, sheding it's warmth to the earth. The area where Kagome
relised her power was scorched, yet in healing. Here was where Kagome was residing for the day. She planted tree seeds, and
grass seeds, hoping this would some how make up for the damage she had done.

Inu Yasha, her granddaughter, Sanbi, and the others forgave the miko for almost destroying the world and killing them out
of hatered for Inu Yasha. Hatered that she no longer felt. However, Kagome wondered if she would be able to forgive
herself for what she had done.

A shadow came over her in the shape of Inu Yasha.

"Hi, Inu Yasha." Kagome greeted with forced happiness.

"Hi, Kagome." Inu Yasha greeted back.

Kagome got off her knees and brushed the soil off her kimono that she had to borrow from Kaede until she could get some
more. The famous red pants, and white gi clothes, yet her hair hung freely and it flowed around her as the wind lightly

Inu Yasha wrapped his arms around Kagome with her backside pressed into him. The demon leaned his nose into her hair and
inhaled her sweet sent. Her always loved that smell. It wasn't the fake smell of her herbal shampoos or body washes. It was
just her. Her own sent. And to Inu Yasha, that was the best sent of all.

Kagome turned around and wrapped her arms around Inu Yasha's waist, and rested her head on his chest. She listened to the
steady heartbeats that made her close her eyes and not care about anything else.

"Sanbi is leaving. She asked me to tell you that."

"Saiai-chan?" Kagome looked up at her hanyou. He nodded. "She hasn't left yet, has she?"

"Iie. She wanted to say goodbye, that's all."

"Well, then let's go."

And Kagome took Inu Yasha by the hand and led him to the village.
*It would be nice if we could put away
And throw out everything
Except what really mattered.
But reality is just cruel*
Sanbi waited near Kaede's hut. The poor old woman sometimes hardly had her own hut to herself. The old miko won't admit it,
but she enjoyed the company. Then she saw the figures of Inu Yasha and Kagome coming towards her.

The girl waved her arms at the couple, smiling at the same time.
*In such times
I see you laughing
Whenever I close my eyes*
Kagome ran up to her granddaughter and kissed her on the top of her head and embraced her into a deep hug.

"I'm going to go back to my time, Anma-chan. I was wondering if you will be alright staying here."

Kagome looked at Inu Yasha and smiled.

"I'll be okay, Saiai-chan. Besides, I'm younger than my own son! And I don't want to give him a heart attack by letting
him see me!"

Kagome laughed. It wasn't the fake, or forced, laugh Sanbi grew to up knowing. It was a natural laugh from the heart. And
the miko's granddaughter could see that her Anma-chan was truly happy. Sanbi couldn't help but smile in joy.

Inu Yasha smirked at the sene before him. His real, true Kagome was back. She no longer held the look of a dead woman, but
of the woman he knew before everything was taken away from them.
*Until the day I reach eternal sleep
That smiling face
Will have to stay with me without fail*
There comes a time in life when you get that rare second chance. And this was that rare second chance for Kagome, as well
as himself.

"Do you want me to leave the yellow backpack here?" Sanbi asked.

"No, you can have it. Besides, I can't go to that world and back anymore to get more ramen!"

"HEY!" Inu Yasha yelled.

Kagome laughed again. Sanbi noticed the great change in the woman she admired for years. It made Sanbi very happy for
Kagome and Inu Yasha. Sanbi sniffed.

"It's like I'm forced to say goodbye all over again." she exclaimed.

Kagome hugged her aching granddaughter with love.

"You will never have to say goodbye again. Even though you won't be able to see me again, that doesn't mean I'm not there.
I'll always be there my little Saiai-chan."

Sanbi sniffed again and nodded.

"I already said goodbye to everyone else, so I should be going now before I loose my nerve."

"A wish on a far away star at night." Kagome told Sanbi.

The girl turned back to her grandmother and smiled. The one sentence Kagome would always tell Sanbi before she went to
sleep, and Sanbi would always finish the statement.

"And a happy girl in the morning." Sanbi finished.

Sanbi picked up the yellow backpack and started towards the bone well.

"Inu Yasha, will you please go with her?" Kagome asked the demon.

Inu Yasha shrugged, his way of saying, "Of course."
*People are so sad
So they don't forget, but...*
The trip to the bone well was a siglent one. The well was now within view.

"Well, this is my stop." Sanbi exclaimed to Inu Yasha.

He nodded. Sanbi dropped the pack next to the well, and hugged Inu Yasha tightly. Her grip would have choked any normal
man, but Inu Yasha was not normal.... in a good way.

"You," Sanbi continued. "You I will miss most of all."

"Thanks for all your help." Inu Yasha thanked.

Sanbi looked up in suprise.

"What?! Can't I say 'thank you' with out people looking at me like I lost my mind?!"

"Gomen nasai, Inu Yasha."

Sanbi grabbed the pack and slinged it over her shoulder. She turned back to Inu Yasha.

"Since I can't have your heart, Inu Yasha, can I be your granddaughter?"

"You will always be my granddaughter. Forever."

Sanbi smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"Thank you, jii-chan. I'll always remember you."

"Will you please get going before I get a headache from all this sweetness!" Inu Yasha asked, his voice choking in his

"If you don't take care of Anam-chan, I swear I'll come back and kick your ass!"

Inu Yasha laughed at that. Sanbi jumped into the well, her sent following her. Inu Yasha heard a whisper before she

"I love you, Inu Yasha."

And she was gone.

"I love you, too, Sa-chan." Inu Yasha whispered back.

Yes, he did love her, in fact her grew quite fonder of her, but not in the way he loved Kagome. It was more of a little
sister endearment. But it was love no less. The strongest, most greatest emotion off all, yet it was still fragile.
*For that which I should love
For that which gives me love
I will do what I can*
Sanbi came out of the other side of the well, and climbed out. She went inside the house, and found her mother in the
kitchen, cooking.

"Ah! Sanbi-chan! You're back!"

"Hai, Okaa-san."

Sanbi put the yellow pack down against the wall and ran to hug her mother. Yuki was surprised by this strange behavior. She
hasn't hugged her mother since she was five.

"Why, Sanbi, what has gotten into you?"

"I just missed you." Sanbi replied, her voice muffled by her mother's clothes.

"Sanbi. Come! I'm making lunch."

So Sanbi and her mother, Yuki, made lunch together.


"Hai, Okaa-chan?"

Mommy. Another shock.

"If you could change anything in your life, what would you change?"

Sanbi pondered that for a moment.

"I wouldn't changed a thing." she finnaly replied.
Kagome stood at the foot of a cliff, over looking the vally below. The light wind picked up just a tad, however, the miko
was too involved in her own thoughts.

She thought all about her past with Inu Yasha before Naraku messed it up.
*Back then, when we met
It was all awkward.
We went the long way, didn't we?
We got hurt, didn't we?*
Inu Yasha cautiously approached Kagome, so she didn't get scared and fall off the cliff. However, Kagome senced that he was
there, and she turned around with a bright smile on her face.
*Until the day I reached eternal sleep
That smiling face
Will have to stay with me without fail*
Kagome walked up to Inu Yasha and embraced him. He returned the hug deeply. He looked deep into her beautiful slate eyes.
He slowly leaned forward, but not hesatantly, and sealed her lips with his. They pulled back after a while and looked deep
into each other's eyes.

"Beautiful." Inu Yasha whispered. "You are absolutly beautiful. And the best part is, you're all mine!"

Kagome giggled at his playful possesiveness.

"What were you doing here anyway?" Inu Yasha asked.


"About what?"

"Everything. Our past, our friends, Sanbi."

"She left down the well."

"She'll be okay, Inu Yasha."

"I know."

They both remained siglent. Holding each other in their arms, worshiping each other.
*Back then, when we met
It was all awkward.
We went the long way, didn't we?...*
Finally, Kagome spoke up.

"I remember what my Kaa-san told me once. She said, 'Home is not a building. It is where your heart feels it belongs'."

"That's a good quote."

The two lovers turned to the valley below them. Inu Yasha took Kagome's hand in his, and she rested her head on his

"I'm home, anata." Kagome told her love.

"Welcome home, koishii."
*We got there in the end*
The End
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