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Drake the Dark Prince looked towards the king. "Father, may I go?" The King looked at him, and said, "Ok, go save that P.E.K.K.A. and your cousin."

Drake was deployed as he charged towards the skeletons attacking the P.E.K.K.A. and the Prince, Peeta.

He roared as he swiped his club towards the skeletons, sending bones flying. He could hear the enemy king yelling with anger.

"Thanks, it was just about get messy here, cuz!"

Drake sighed. "That's because you're too stupid and self-absorbed to even attack multiple targets at once! Couldn't you even get a shield?"

The P.E.K.K.A. only stared for a second, and kept walking. Sooner or later, the enemy king's tower was destroyed.

The Prince grabbed the trophies, and walked away with them, waving as everyone yelled: "Peeta! Peeta!"

Well, Drake was pissed! His older cousin wasn't going to get away with this!

"Well, Prince, I challenge you to a duel!" The crowd gasped. It was going to be a showdown between two princes.

"Sure. Pick your duel of whatever that is. I'm sure I'll be the one who gets all the glory!" Peeta said. "Who's on my side?" some troops went over to the prince, others went over to the Dark Prince.

"Well, that's settled."

The next day, the two forces arrived at the arena. Prince got on his horse. "I'll be the first one to go!"

A trumpet was blown as Peeta charged. Suddenly three goblins and three spear goblins dropped in front of him.

Peeta fought bravely, but sadly, he still used the habit of poking at people. Soon, he exploded into a bunch of elixir.

Drake jumped on his horse and started riding towards a crown tower. "Elite Barbarians!"

Two Barbarians with significantly cooler helmets ran after him.

Suddenly a bunch of minions dropped right in front of them. "What to do, your highness?"

Drake chuckled. "I was ready for this." Before the lead minion could even move, some arrows pierced them.

"HAHAHAHA-OW! Who was that?" an arrow was sticking out of the Dark Prince's back.

The Princess and her archers were suddenly very interested in their arrow feathers.

within 3 seconds, one arena tower was down. Drake and his elite barbarians charged towards the enemy king tower. "C'mon boys! keep up with the-"

He never finished his sentence. A rocket blew up right on top of them.

The crowd broke into a mix of cheers and roars.

Peeta set a golem down. Then he put Falce, the executioner down. After that, he deployed a goblin gang. A minion horde was deployed as well. Finally, Peeta jumped on his horse and pushed the golem forward, ready for a big push that would eliminate all three towers easily.

Drake was not impressed. He set down two balloons near the opposing king tower, raged it, and cloned it. Before the the golem push could do its work, the entire push exploded into a big fountain of elixir.

Peeta shook Drake's hand. "Good one, man." Suddenly an archer yelled out, "Hellfire's coming! Quit messing around! Everyone to the town hall!"

A deity known as Hellfire was the head of this army, also known as a Clash Royale player. "Okay guys. We have to get to the Legendary Arena. Any suggestions or ideas of getting there?"

A Hog Rider threw his hammer at Hellfire. Hellfire caught it easily. "What, Hog Rider?" "You should use a Hog deck!" Hellfire threw it back.

"You're only level 5! Besides, cycle decks aren't my playstyle!" That unlucky Hog Rider was rewarded with his hammer flying into his face.

A wizard suggested a golem deck. Hellfire shook his head. "Nowadays, it's just too easy to fight Golem decks. You remember what happened last time we faced one guys?"

Everybody thought about what happened. "Er, you lost to that golem user, sir." Hellfire's eyes glowed.

"That was a max level troll. What did you expect from me? Also, I meant the last time I used a golem deck."

Then they remembered the other time. "Um, you won it, but it took forever, so you discarded it."

"That's what I'm talking about! Golem decks too easy to beat! It may have worked in the lower arenas, but look what happened!" The troops thought for a few more seconds.

Hellfire sulked. "Whatever, I'm going to a clan meeting, so don't mess around with the camp." The troops sighed. All players would played would appear to the troops as a personification of their name.

Like, if a player's name was middle finger, his avatar would literally be a middle finger. Hellfire on the other hand, appeared as a flaming diety.

As for another example, Hellfire's friends, Slayer and Hawk, appeared as the Grim Reaper and a hawk respectively. Once the two deities came over, and Slayer accidentally made a few troops poop their pants.

Of course, the players themselves could see each others' true forms to avoid confusion.

Hellfire floated out of the town hall, and left the troops sitting there.

Hellfire floated around, setting fire to some run-down huts. "What can I do to make myself feel better?" as he used his fire powers to make beautiful patterns in the sky.

He thought for a second. "To battle!"

His troops arrived. "2v2 or 1v1?"

"1v1. I want squad a."


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