Hey gang! Sorry for the slowness again. I have been preoccupied. I have a new job but not a lot of hours so I am looking for a second one to bolster it. There are also other things I won't get into here. I have also been doing every day of Rare Pair Month on Tumblr and that has been taking my focus too.

I want you all to know that I will be getting back to my fics again soon. It might be less frequent than it used to be but I will try. Which brings me tho this semi-sad announcement.

Folks, this fix kind of stopped being fun for me. There is too much going on in it and I almost think that Aizawa and Mandalay would have been a better fit for this premise of serving as pros and raising kids.

I keep putting this one off as well and just...I have ideas I put into play that haven't paid off yet and some things I like. It's also my first MHA fic so I don't know if I want to delete it.

But I am done. I have other fics and ideas I am far more passionate about, and not just for MHA. Walk in the Park is probably my favorite Minadeku fix I have done so far and that one is more fun to write and more popular anyway.

Also,I want to write Zelda and Doctor Who again, as well as my own original stuff.

So someone close to me gave me an idea.

I will orphan this work. If anyone wants to play with it and complete it, they are free to contact me and we can work it out there. If not, I might delete it. It feels better than just leaving it to wither uncompleted.

But the spark is just not there like it once was. Guess that's what I get for writing too much at once and having too many ideas.

But yeah, I am afraid I am done with this one for now. It was cute and fun while it lastedand I was starting to get better with finishing stuff, but I think I have moved on.

Thanks for sticking with me. My next update should (hopefully) start soon and should (hopefully) be the long awaited return of a fix only a few of you probably remember: To Kakariko With Love.

Til next time, love and peace!

P.S. I don't know how to orphan a work per se, so any takers might have to walk me through it.