"AAAAAHHHH!" Eddy screamed. In his horror, he saw that Princess Nazz's face had morphed into Ed's.

"Give me a kiss," Ed's face said as he puckered up his lips.

"AAAAHHHH!" Eddy continued to scream. Suddenly he woke up in Double D's bed with Ed leaning over top of him.

"See I told you kissing him would wake him up," Ed said cheerfully. Eddy sat up and started dry heaving.

"If you are referring to Sleeping Beauty, Ed, that's a very astute connection to make," Double D said. "That was a staple of Medieval literature." He turned to Eddy. "Now that you are awake, why don't I quiz you."

"I don't need no stinking quiz. My subconscious knew everything. Catch you later," Eddy said as he ran out the door.

"I'm sure he's going to fail," Double D said flatly as soon as Eddy got out of earshot.

"As sure as Beowulf wasn't a werewolf?" Ed asked.

A huge smile spread across Double's D's face. "At least I was able to get through to someone today!"

The next day, The Eds were walking home from school. Eddy was grumbling under his breath, and he wadded up a paper and threw it at the back of Double D's head. "What was that for?" Double D asked.

"That idiot teacher gave me an F," Eddy snarled.

"No, you earned an F," Double D corrected.

"Oh, shut up Sockhead," Eddy said. "He marked every question wrong. Like in question #1 when it asked what is the main job of a knight, I wrote saving hot babes from dragons and he marked me wrong. And there was that other question about what was a herald and I said a bald-headed kid that says 'here ye' a lot, but I guess that wasn't good enough for him."

Double D just buried his face into his hand and groaned. "You know with your ignorance, you would fit in just perfectly in the Middle Ages."

"Oh, Double D," Eddy called. Double D turned to him. Just then Eddy pulled a shovel from behind his back and hit him in the back of the head. He turned to Ed. "Some things are just timeless, isn't that right Lumpy?"

"Can I be a scarecrow?" Ed asked innocently.

"Shut up, Ed."