Calan chokes on the black smoke filling the room. Searching for his mother through the flames, screaming for her. He can hear her calling out to him. The flames lick at his bare skin, burning the hair on his arms.

His throat feels raw as he swallows the soot ladened air. With each breath his lungs fill with smoke, causing him to cough. Crawling along the floor, he finds his mother. She's covered in blood, gasping for breath. His heart is pounding against his chest,
his breath catches in the back of his throat.

"Mommy!" He screams.

"Calan, I'm right here, honey. Did you have the dream again?"

"I was falling and you were…"

"I know you've had that nightmare before." She pulls him in for hug.

"What if it happens? I don't want to lose you."

"Sweetie. I know you're scared. I wish I could tell you it'll be alright, but I don't know. Your grandmother has been quite active in trying to find us. I know what she's capable of and I'm not sure how much longer the cloaking spell will hold against

She holds his face in her hands. "When they find us and if I don't make it, I want you to find your father. He will take care of you."

"Can't we find him now so he can take care of you too?"

"There's no time. I'm sorry, but she's sending her demons and there is no time to get away. Let's enjoy what time we have left together."

Huddled together, Calan and Kristen sit in their living room in front of a roaring fire. "Mom, tell me about my father. How do you know he'll take me in?"

"Well, I met him right after I escaped from my coven. One night a few of the coven's demons found me. Trying to fight them off, I stumbled out into the parking lot, bloodied and beaten. Your father happened to be staying in the same motel. He heard my
screams and came to my rescue.

He fought them off with great precision. Using a blade I had never seen before, sending them back to Hell where they came from. I realized right then that he was the perfect person to conceive you with."

"Did you cast a spell on him?"

She smiles at her precocious son. "Nothing gets past you, does it? I admit I may have excelled the relationship a bit. It would have happened at some point. But he had his own problems and had to go back home sooner than expected."

"So you used magic to have me. Does he know about me?" Calan asks while shoving a marshmallow onto a long metal stick and setting it on the fire.

"He doesn't know about you. I'm not sure he's still alive, to be honest. I've heard rumors over the years about him being either dead or incarcerated."

"So if I ever have to look for him, where do I start?"

"Lawrence, Kansas. That's all I know. He was born there." She answers, taking his marshmallow off the stick and making s'more's for him.

Calan stares into the fire, eating his gooey, chocolatey treat. A smile crosses his face. "What's his name, mom?"

Hot embers pop and burst, out onto the carpet, setting the floor on fire. He scoots back, stomping at the glowing ember. The more he kicks the bigger the flame becomes.

"Mom!" He shouts, standing in the midst of the flames.

Through the smoke, he sees a figure fighting with his mother. She lets out a blood-curdling scream. He finds his marshmallow pole and starts swinging at the figure. He's thrown across the room, hitting the wall with enough force to knock him out.

Once he regains consciousness, Calan crawls over to his mother's lifeless body. Blood pools around her, dripping from her abdomen, nose and mouth.

"Mom, no! Please, don't leave me." He sobs, lying across her.

He looks up to see a woman in a long black dress. She has long blond hair and green eyes.

"Come on grandson. I have been waiting many years to meet you." She says, holding out a hand to him.