Calan wakes up on the cold floor of a concrete room. His arms are free from the wire, leaving deep, dark purple ligature marks. Sitting up he rubs his wrists.

The door to the room opens. Two demons step inside and immediately take Calan by the arms, pulling him to his feet. His heart begins to pound against his chest.

In walks the last person he ever thought he'd see. Her long sleeved blue velvet dress and bright red hair were all he needed to know this wasn't going to be a good day.

"Hello, Calan." She says in her Scottish accent. Her bright green eyes glisten as she smiles at him.

"My grandmother instructed me to never trust you."

"Oh, my boy. You can trust me. I only want what she wanted for you."

"My grandmother was not a nice woman. I was a means to an end for her. Is that what you want? To use my powers to kill for you?"

"I guess you could say that. I want you to allow me to continue where Wanda left off so that the elders will see that I should be the new leader of the coven."

"So did you send those demons who stormed the restaurant, hurt the people inside and coerced me into using my powers? Did you know for two days they have been torturing me? Is this how you planned on getting me on your side?" Calan hollers at her.

"They had been instructed to find you and bring you here. What they did once they got you here was out of my control."

"Don't forget what they made me do before they brought me here. I want to go back to my father. I don't want to fight for you or with you."

He yanks his arms away from the two men holding him. One of them in a knee jerk reaction punches him in the stomach. He bends over coughing.

"That's enough. Leave us!" Rowena yells. She grips Calan by the hair, pulling us head back. "Oh lad, Sam Winchester might be your biological father, but he will never be a father to you. He's a hunter and all hunter's want is to destroy what they don't understand."

Calan shakes his head getting her to let go. "I don't believe you. If he had wanted me dead, he would have let Dean do it weeks ago."

"You don't know the Winchester's like I do. I saved you from them." She barks, poking him with her finger. "It was only a matter of time before they turned on you."

"Why would my mother tell me about my father if she knew he would want to kill me?"

Rowena takes Calan's face in her hands. "Your mother was young and naive. She only saw the good in people and when your grandmother tried to show her the reality of who your father was, she ran away. She held back information from you, Calan. Including how powerful you are. She died trying to keep you from reaching your potential. That was her downfall."

"My mother died protecting me from my grandmother. Then my grandmother made me learn spells and hurt people. What makes you any different?"

"I am the only one who can help you develop your skills, now that your grandmother is gone."

"What if I don't want to develop my skills? I want to be with my father?"

"I just told you, your father doesn't want you. Now, you belong to me and you are going to help me convince the elders to bring me into the coven. Is that understood?"

"I guess." Calan relents, feeling defeated.

Rowena speaks a spell in Latin over Calan. His eyes become dark as the spell takes hold of his mind.

"Calan, it's time to begin training."

Rowena brings him before demons and witches alike. Each encounter is more life-threatening than the last. She is determined to show anyone who would come against her, they had better back her as their new leader. She encourages Calan to use his psychic powers just as she knew his grandmother did. He struggles to gain control over his own thoughts. The spell Rowena cast on him makes it difficult for him to think straight. He does as he's instructed.

Sam continues to search for any clues that might lead them to Calan. With each new job they take, Sam's hopes rise it will be the one that opens the door to finding Calan. When he's not working, he's searching news feeds from every outlet he can find.

Dean has concluded Calan is gone for good. Three months without a trace is enough to convince him.

"Sammy, hey can we talk?" He asks, slipping into the chair across the command center table from Sam.

Sam looks up from his laptop. His eyes are dark, sunken in and bloodshot. Worry has replaced his normal positive nature.

"Dean, if you are going to lecture me about Calan, I will punch you," Sam says with a tilt of his head.

"No, no lecture. It has been three months though, don't you think it's time to call it like it is?"

Sam stands, knocking the chair to the floor with a clang. A tear forms on Sam's lower lid, his jaw tightens and his lip quivers. "I will never stop looking for him, Dean. He's out there."

Dean stands in front of him, taking him by the shirt. "You think so? Where is he? We don't even know where to look and I can't watch you torture yourself anymore, man."

Sam pushes Dean's hands away, balls up a fist and strikes him in the face. Dean stumbles back against the table. Sam goes in for a second swipe, connecting with Dean's chin.

Dean composes himself, charging at Sam. He pushes him against the wall with his arm across his brother's neck. "I am not the enemy here! I am the voice of reason."

"I told you if you lectured me, I would hit you!" Sam wraps his arm around Dean's back. He swipes his foot out, catching the back of Dean's foot, knocking him on his butt.

"You're telling me to give up on my son. What would you do if it were your son? Would you just go back to business as usual knowing he was lost and alone?" Sam barks, kicking Dean's foot.

Dean stays down, not wanting to fight anymore. "Where is he then? Why hasn't he reached out in all this time? Sammy, he has enemies inherited from his grandmother. Those demons they killed have friends and I'm pretty sure they're looking for payback." Dean sets a hand on the floor intending to stand.

"All the more reason to find him. He needs to be protected and we can protect him."

"No we can't, not if he doesn't want our protection. He's probably held up somewhere with his grandmother's coven having a grand time. No pun intended. He does not need or want our protection."

"I thought you were on my side on this? You said we had to find him. Were you just saying what I wanted to hear to shut me up?"

"At the time, I wanted to find him. But now, I don't know. I'm tired. You're tired and all we do is fight." Dean runs a hand across the back of his neck.

A cool breeze fills the room as Castiel makes an appearance. He stands between the brothers.

"What's going on?" He asks, in his deep, scratchy voice.

Sam leans against the table rubbing his knuckles. "Cas, would you remind Dean, we don't give up on family."

"Cas, please tell Sam, there's a time to for hope and a time throw in the towel and now is the time to throw in the towel."

Cas's forehead wrinkles. "I am not familiar with that reference, but if you mean you have given up hope of ever finding Calan. I have reason to believe he is not lost to you."

Dean returns to the table, wiping his face with his shirt.

"I heard something over Angel radio. That's why I came to see you."

"Well? Out with it, man." Dean snaps.

"Rowena may have Calan. All she would have to do is convince him it's in his best interest to work with her and with his psychic powers she will be unstoppable."

"I knew it. She lured him out of here." Sam's demeanor changes from sullen and beaten to more upbeat and guardedly excited.

"Damn-it, Sammy! How would she have gotten to him?"

"He's psychic, Dean. She could have figured out a way to communicate with him. Cas, tell us what you know. Please, I need to find my son." Sam pleads with tears in his eyes.

Dean runs a hand through his hair. "Sam, there's no way we will get near him. It's too risky. The power behind the two of them would be insurmountable even for us."

Cas sits at the table. "An abandoned warehouse in Topeka. I can take you there but there is no guarantee he's there."

"See, Sam. No guarantee. It could be a trap."

"Thank you, Cas. I'll get my gear."

Dean slams a fist on the table. "Wait a damn minute! I am not letting you go on a wild goose chase to some warehouse in Topeka. Sam, this is nuts. We have no intel. No way of knowing what you'll find once you get there."

"I don't care. I'm willing to take that chance." Sam springs down the stairs to his room, leaving Cas and Dean at the table.

"Cas, how sure are you Calan and Rowena are in that warehouse?"

"I am not sure they are. I only know what the angels tell me."

Dean breathes a heavy sigh, rubbing his temples. "He isn't going alone."

Calan misses several spells in a row. Rowena takes out her frustrations on him by casting a spell, choking him until he passes out.

Opening his eyes, he sees Rowena standing at a long table covered with a black cloth. Candles and incense are burning in all different sized bowls. Jars of liquids and embalmed body parts line the table.

"Good, you're awake. Come here. These jars and candles will play a large part in your next challenge."

He staggers to her side. "I'm sorry about the last test, Aunt Rowena. It won't happen again." He says keeping his head down.

She raises an eyebrow at him, handing him a small leather-bound book of spells.

"I want you to familiarize yourself with these ingredients and these incantations. I am hoping this will help you to focus your psychic energy. I must go make arrangements for the meeting of the elders. Stay here and master these spells."

The ingredients smell like dirty socks and rotten eggs. He finds himself either plugging his nose or holding his breath. He works on practicing each spell. The demons Rowena left to watch over him, mock him each time he makes a mistake. The jars spill their contents and the candles flicker and spark. Tired and angry, Calan turns on the demons. He uses what he learns on them. His ability to control them with his mind increases and he forces a couple of them to kill each other.

Hours later, Rowena returns. She scans around at the bodies Calan has strewn about. She places her hands on the sides of her face with her eyes wide open.

"What have you done?"

Calan looks around with a grin. "What? I've been practicing."

"On my guards! They were here to protect you!" Rowena snaps. "Not for you to use for target practice."

"They were mocking me and pushing me around. I think they needed to be protected, not the other way around."

She holds her hands out towards him, sending him across the floor, slamming him into the wall. "Remember who you're talking to!"

He picks himself up off the floor. "I don't understand what you want from me!"

"I want you to be ready when I say it's time. I want you to obey without question and I don't want you to kill anyone unless I tell you to!"

"I have been obeying you, Aunt Rowena. You told me to practice, so that's what I did. My grandmother used to do the same things to me. She gave me spells to practice and then expected me to be proficient on the spot." He barks, folding his arms across his chest. "I am doing my best."

Rowena takes a cleansing breath. "Alright. Calm down. I'm sorry I got angry." She says, gently squeezing his shoulder. "Let's get you to bed. In the morning you and I will go before the board of elders and I expect you to be in top form." She leads him to his cell and locks him in.

Sitting on the floor, Calan holds his knees to his chest and rocks back and forth. Anxiety begins to build as he begins to stress about meeting with the elders in the morning. He has no idea what to expect. The fear filling his veins brings about a vision. He hasn't had a vision since his mother died over six years ago.

A long table lines the back wall of a ballroom type room. Chandeliers hang from the ceiling throughout the room. The walls are covered in a dark green paint. Six extinguished members of the witch council sit stoically at the table with hands folded. The room rumbles and roars, three of the member burst into flames as the walls melt into the floor.

Dean, Sam, and Cas pile into the Impala and head toward Topeka in search of Rowena and Calan. Sam pulls up Rowena's number on his cell phone.

"Who are you calling?" Cas asks, from the backseat.


Dean reaches over, grabbing Sam's phone. "What is wrong with you right now? You might as well put a target on the roof of the car."

"I figured I could make a deal with her before we got there."

"Sam, we need the element of surprise. We have to catch her off guard so we can get in, rescue Calan, if that's at all possible and get out without dying. I need you to be professional about this, man. You gotta take the emotion out of it or we're doomed before we start."

Sam looks over at Dean, seeing the concern in his eyes. "I hear you, Dean."

"Are you sure? Cause I have to know you've got my back no matter what."

"Yeah, I'm sure." He responds, swallowing the lump forming in his throat at the thought of what they might be up against.

Cas sits forward, leaning between the boys, pointing out the windshield. "There on the left. That's the warehouse."

Dean pulls the Impala into the abandoned parking lot and rolls up to the front of the building.

Cas scans the building. The invisible symbols of angel warding cover the outside of the building. "It's warded, Dean. I will be unable to assist you."

All three men exit the vehicle, meeting at the back. Dean opens the trunk and begins retrieving weapons for himself and Sam.

"It's ok, Cas. Stay here and keep watch." He says, patting Cas on the shoulder. "Hopefully this won't take too long."

Inside the warehouse, Sam and Dean search the building for signs of Calan. The only things they find are blood stains on the floor and pillars, empty food containers and discarded rope.

"Damn-it, Dean!" Sam shouts, running a hand through his hair. "Where could he be?"

"I have no clue. I don't see anything that says he was here at all, Sammy."

"Go ahead, say it."

"Say what?"

"That you're glad we didn't find him." Sam snaps.

"Come on, Sam. No. I am not glad we didn't find him because if we had found him, I wouldn't have to see that look on your face anymore and we could get back to hunting."

Back out at the car, Cas leans against the driver's door. "Well, where is Calan?"

Dean opens the trunk and tosses his shotgun inside. "Not here, Cas. There's no proof he was ever here. Someone was tortured in there but there's no way to know who."

Sam throws his weapons in the trunk as well and leans on the bumper. "We can't discount he was here. Rowena likely heard we were coming and moved him."

"Sam is right, Dean. My intel was not wrong. We just did not arrive on time. I will go back to see what I can find out."

"You do that, Cas!" Dean responds angrily, slamming the trunk closed.

Sam shoots a confused look in Dean's direction. "What's going on with you?"

"Nothing. Let's get back to the bunker." Dean opens the driver's side door, looks back at the warehouse, shakes his head and slides in behind the wheel.