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Chapter One – The Beginning of a History.

They met under most unusual circumstances. Later three of the four would agree it had been under the most 'Gryffindor' of circumstances.


Salazar Slytherin sipped at his wine. The 20 year old heir was attending his Father's Birthday Ball and was watching the other guest with disdainful boredom. All the most notable Lords and Ladies from Pure-Blood families had been invited. Amongst the guests were the Duke and Duchess of the Valley Broad, along with their two children; 15 year old Horace and 14 year old Helga. There was also Lord Richard Ravenclaw with his future bride; 17 year old a middle-class witch of intelligence and beauty known as Rowena of Glen.

By luck (or perhaps it was by fate's design); Salazar, Rowena and Helga were all displeased at having to be at the celebration.

Salazar was using his boredom to mask his worry. His wife Selena was eight months pregnant with his first child and the healers currently had her on bed-rest; leaving Salazar to attend his father's celebration alone … and leaving Salazar to his own thoughts. Despite his best efforts and fantastic façade; Salazar was actually quite a worrywart, and he was worried for his wife and as yet unborn child.

Helga was usually one for smiling, and generally she enjoyed a good party. Unfortunately; a Pure-Blood, upper-class get-together was not a good party … especially to Helga who often snuck away to hang out with the servants. It was Helga's opinion that the lower classes knew how to be social and friendly, unlike the upper-class snobs that seemed to be generally nothing but gossip and backstabbing.

Rowena was a nervous wreck, on the inside at least. On the outside she appeared her apparent cold and imposing personality; the one that had made it difficult to interact or make friends. She was nervous because she knew that she was not naturally a member of the higher class, no matter what her past classmates' not-so-subtle comments on her being an 'ice-queen' would have suggested. She was not born noble, and therefore Rowena did not feel as though she was up for the task of masquerading as an upper-class lady. In truth Rowena would have much preferred to be immersed in Richard's grand library. That was the main reason she had allowed Richard to court her, oh he was a nice enough man – but his connection to knowledge was definitely the reason Rowena had said 'yes'. Her own intelligence however did nothing to reassure her nerves.

What happened next was called different names by different people. Indeed for years Rowena and Helga argued over with it was down to fate (Helga) or merely coincidence (Rowena). But whichever the reason; what happened next was the beginning of history. The three of them, all managed to sneak away from the ball.

Salazar wandered the grounds of his childhood home. He paused by the snake enclose to politely converse with the serpents. But at this time of day, most were in the mood to sleep and rest in the sun, so Salazar soon moved on. He was in a secluded spot near the stables, lost in his thoughts when he bumped into someone equally lost in their thoughts. It was a young lady dressed in deep blue, she had long brown hair and a beautiful but proud face. Salazar recognised her as the fiancé of Lord Ravenclaw. Rowena had been watching a bird fly with fascination when she had bumped into a man; he was tall and thin with ebony black hair held back in a ponytail as was the fashion of the time. He had a curled black goatee and a cruel face; but if one were to look closer they would see his eyes hid a twinkle of warmth. The man's green and silver robes identified him as the Slytherin Heir.

All this was taken in within a moment's glance and then Salazar sneered at the girl.

"Watch where you're going, peasant."

Rowena bristled and returned the sneer "Excuse me My Lord but as you were the one to crash into me, then perhaps it is you that needs to watch where you are going. Sire." Before Salazar could retort there was a giggle and the words "actually I think you both need to look where you're going." From behind them stepped a girl; short, plump and pretty. She had blond hair, warm eyes and was wearing soft robes of yellow, she was also laughing at them. Salazar sneered (he was quite proud of his sneers) at the girl. "You are the youngest child of the Duke of the Valley Broad." Helga's smiled disappeared slightly. "And you are the Heir of Slytherin, but those are only titles and don't really matter do they" Rowena laughed and Helga smiled again and struck out her hand. "Hi, I'm Helga."

Rowena took her hand with a bemused smile.

"Hello Helga. I am Rowena of Glen, soon to be Lady Ravenclaw."

Helga's smiled widened, but before she could respond, and before Salazar could state his interest in leaving the dull conversation; they were stopped by the crunching of leaves, and by voice of this time one yet unknown.

"Well lookee 'ere boys. Looks like we don't need to break into the ballroom afterall."

The three moved to grab their wands but because they had been caught unawares (For which Salazar would berate himself for years after) and were quickly disarmed before they had been able to reach their wands. They gazed at their captors - a group of about ten men; dirty in appearance and in smell, some holding wands and all gripping large knives. The leader (whose name for the future is Mitch) stepped forward and held his knife to Helga's throat.

"We was goin' to break into the party and rob 'em all blind, but now – we gots ourselves a ransom; a really good ransom. The daughter of a Duke, the bride of a Lord and the Heir of Slytherin. Oh boy we are goin' to be rich beyond our wildest dreams! Tie 'em up boys."

The men did so. Salazar was berating himself for being too far from the snake enclosure to get any help and Helga was trying to breathe through the fear of having a weapon to her throat. Rowena, however was thinking too logically (not necessarily sensibly).

"This plan does not make any sense. Yes we are all worth a lot of money, but surely you must be aware that Lord Slytherin would never allow you to be able to leave his lands, which leaves you trapped and outnumbered. Anyone that has even glanced at the scroll with the history of the noble house of Slytherin …"

Salazar gave Rowena an odd look – a peasant had read the scrolls of his family; that not even his family cared to read? She ignored him and continued "… would be aware that these lands are warded, not to stop people entering but to prevent enemies from leav-"


"Shuddup." Mitch had slapped Rowena hard across the face. And that was when they met him.

"Hey! Leave them alone you thugs!"

Everyone turned their heads to see a young boy charging at them. The bandits laughed and one of the men lunged at the boy, thinking it would easy to knock the boy off his feet. He could not have been more wrong. The boy was faster than the lunging man and easily side-stepped him; causing the bandit to crash onto his face. The boy then reached the group and punched Mitch right in the nose, causing him to stagger back yelling in pain. There was a moment of silence then the entire group attacked the boy. The boy was fast and able to dodge the slower-lumbering men, he even managed to trick a couple into banging into each other instead of him. At one moment the boy grabbed a random tree branch and twirled it like a sword; he parried the bandit's weapons and knocked them away – he was obviously not trained in the skill, but clearly had some natural ability.

Unfortunately, Salazar noted that the boy also seemed to have a stupid sense of honour; proven when he stood back to allow an enemy to get back up. This was (as Salazar knew) a mistake; the fallen bandit, instead of getting back up, reached out and grabbed the boy's ankle, causing him to trip. Then all the bad guys had leaped on top of the boy and Helga screamed as she saw that the bandit leader was choking the young hero.

He could have died, but he did not.

Rowena felt it first; a wave of pure power. And suddenly all the bandits went flying off the boy who sat up looking quite dazed. Those that could still move got up and started sprinting away. Salazar was not worried; as Rowena had pointed out the Slytherin estate was enchanted so that none may leave without permission. The fiends would be caught and punished, but they were not Salazar's focus; never had he felt that much raw power before. The boy then ruined it by asking "What was that?" Salazar was shocked – how could any wizard not know that they had that much power? Rowena made a sound as though she were trying to answer, but couldn't get the words out. The noise however was enough to remind the boy of the three people tied up. He leaped up and grabbed a fallen knife then proceeded to slice through the ropes holding them captive spouting apologies and odd comments as he did.

While he worked, they got a good look at their rescuer. He had short wild red-gold hair with big deep blue eyes and a cheeky smile that Helga suspected got him out of as much trouble as what the boy probably got into. Helga regained her voice first "Thank-you. Are you alright?" The boy gave a cheery grin "I'm alright Milady. It would take more than that lot to keep me down. What you lot, are you all alright?"

Rowena nodded. "We are well thank-you. What is your name boy?"

"Oh I'm Godric Gryffindor, Milady."

"Godric. Well thank-you again, what you did that was very brave -"

Salazar interrupted Rowena "And very stupid, you could have gotten yourself killed!" Godric looked at Salazar in confusion "And let them hurt the three of you Sir?" Salazar groaned – great they were dealing a hero.

Helga ignored Salazar's groan and grinned at the boy. "Well I am certainly pleased that we are all alive. How old are you Godric?"

"I turned ten last month Milady."

"Oh practically a man."

Godric beamed at that – well he was a kid.

Rowena brushed some dirt off her robe as Helga spoke with Godric. She eyed the boy with intrigue and spoke politely "That was very impressive what you did back there, Godric" She and Salazar both knew she was talking about the burst of magic, Godric thought Rowena meant his moves and beamed. "Thank-you Milady, I want to be a knight when I grow up … if I can get the training …"

Godric's face fell and he seemed to realise that he was a child conversing with people he wasn't really allowed to talk to. He blushed and looked down "Oh umm … I should probably get back to work. I'm very glad that you are all okay." As Godric turned to leave, Salazar surprised himself by stopping the lad. "Work? You are a servant here." And indeed, when they looked at Godric's clothes; he was wearing the uniform of the Slytherin servants.

"Yes Sir, I'm the new stable boy."

Rowena stepped forward with worry starting to grow in her eyes. "That must make attending school difficult." Godric shrugged his cheerful expression not doing a good job of concealing the longing in his eyes "I don't go to school Milady. They don't really have much use for orphans. Anyway if you'll excuse me I really should go before I'm caught. Bye My Lord, Bye My Ladies!" with that, Godric bowed and quickly ran off.


Salazar, Rowena and Helga did not return to the party. They stayed and mulled over what had happened. Later in the evening when three different people went to bed, they all had a plan in the heads. A plan that would; unbeknownst to them, be the act that would make them legends.

Helga was thrilled at the thought of helping young Godric - someone who needed it; whom she could actually give help to. She also was pleased that she could have found some new friends; even if neither Rowena nor Salazar seemed to understand the concept of friendship. Helga was determined to help them. Rowena was more interested in the idea of passing on her knowledge. The idea for what she may do once married, she had wondered what to do, but this could be the purpose for her future. Salazar, however was trying to convince himself that he was only participating to repay his life debt, and maybe to gain control over the boy's power – and that was it! He certainly did not want to actually help the lad, nope, definitely not.

As for Godric; he fell asleep with visions of knights and damsels dancing through his head, of fighting monsters and saving the day. In this dream though – there were three figures; one blue, one in green and one in yellow, all standing by his side cheering him on. And in his sleep, the young Godric Gryffindor smiled.

End of Chapter One.

Author's Note: Here we are the end of the first chapter (again).

I think that it is better than the previous (which is still up if you wish to read the differences.)

A reminder (If you've read the original version) that in this story – Salazar is proud of being 'evil' but he is not the bad guy of this story. Some of the facts and time-line are different to the information given by J. K. Rowling on Pottermore; which technically makes this an AU, however if you just read the Harry Potter Books; then this could fit into canon.

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