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Serena watched Ash and Korrina make out with each other while smiling. She, for some weird reason, found it kind of hot. Smirking slightly, Serena grabbed a hold of her hat and threw it across the room before proceeding to undress until she was just in her skirt and underwear.

Korrina pulled apart from Ash and looked at Serena who was slightly struggling to keep her hormones to herself, as she pounced on Korrina and started to undress her for her, pulling off her helmet and roller skating shoes.

Ash smiled knowingly at Serena. He knew how horny she could get when they had sex before, so he wasn't surprised that she had gotten so… Eager to fuck.

Korrina pulled Serena into yet another make-out session and made sure that Serena enjoyed it, spanking her whenever she could, feeling the vibrations that her moans let off while kissing her.

Chuckling lightly, Ash pulled off his belt, shoes, and socks before proceeding to slide his hand down Serena's pants and underwear to her ass which he proceeded pinch lightly before forcefully pushing his index finger into her asshole.

"Ahh! Ash! Why did you do that!?" Serena exclaimed in pain as she spun around to face her laughing boyfriend.

"Hey, you're pretty tight down there. What's wrong?" Ash asked her as he started to thrust his finger in and out.

"I-I'm fine Ash. I-I'm just not u-used to it!" Serena told him, starting to moan at the unfamiliar feeling inside her.

"How good does that feel?" Korrina asked Serena who continued to moan, signifying that it felt incredible.

"I love you, Serena," Ash told her to which she pulled him into a kiss while Korrina pulled the rest of Serena's clothes off and then her own.

Ash pulled away from Serena and took the rest of his clothes off as Korrina started to grab Serena's tits and ass while she did the same to her while making out… Again.

"Why do you like each other's mouths so much?" Ash asked them to which they pulled apart and looked at him, clearly confused by what he meant.

"What do you mean, Ash? We just don't know what to do, neither of us have ever acted like a lesbian" Korrina told Ash to which he shrugged and grabbed Serena's hand which he proceeded to move down to Korrina's moist pussy before forcing 3 of her fingers inside.

Korrina yelped a bit at the feeling. She had never fingered herself before, therefore she had no idea what to expect. Obviously she knew a whole load about sex and masturbation, but she never actually did either before in her life.

"Do you like that Korrina?" Serena asked her as she started to thrust her fingers deeper in.

"O-Oh, I-I love it!" Korrina squealed out in between moans, to which Serena smiled and continued to finger her blonde friend, and soon to be lover even harder.

Ash laughed lightly and started to grab Serena's tits and squeeze them, allowing Serena to have some pleasure as well, which was evident from her moaning alongside Korrina's.

"O-Oh, A-Ash!" Serena moaned at him, clearly enjoying his fondling.

"Do you want me to go a bit further?" Ash asked Serena in a seductive tone, to which she vigorously nodded her head.

Chuckling a bit, Ash took one of his hands away from her tits and stuck two fingers into her pussy, which earned him a squeal which was followed by more moaning.

"I-I think it's about time that we give Ash what he wants" Korrina choked out in between moans to which Serena nodded as they pulled away from each other and Ash pulled his finger out of Serena's wet vagina.

Smirking a little, Korrina pounced on Ash, grabbing his erect penis and starting to pump it up and down while Serena pulled his face into her pussy, signifying that she wanted him to eat her out, which he did.

After a minute or so, Korrina gave up with the handjob, and decided to give Ash a blow job instead while he continued to pleasure Serena who was still moaning loudly.

Ash grunted a bit through Serena's pussy at the feeling of the warm cavern of Korrina's mouth around his dick.

Serena came into Ash's mouth, to which he swallowed most of it pulled Serena into a kiss. Letting their tongues roam free in each others mouth, sharing the sticky white substance that Serena had produced together.

Korrina's mouth was filled as Ash came into her mouth, to which she swallowed it all, complimenting him on the taste as she shuffled over to the two lovers and pulled them apart before she proceeded to pull Serena into a kiss like the one she and Ash shared. Sharing the two different tastes together as Ash grabbed Serena from behind and started to fondle with her tits as he pushed his still erect penis into her soaking wet vagina.

Ash heard Serena moan through Korrina's tongue as Ash thrusted away into her while squeezing her tits, and pinching her nipples.

Serena, wanting to share some pleasure with Korrina, shoved two of her fingers onto her pussy, and started to finger her.

Eventually, Korrina came onto Serena's hand while Serena came onto Ash's dick which acted like a lubricant for him, as he proceeded to shoot his seed deep into Serena before she pulled away from Ash and Korrina and pushed the two together.

Ash grabbed Korrina's ass and spanked it, letting her moan lightly as Serena shoved her index finger into Korrina's ass while Ash and Korrina made out with each other.

Soon enough, Ash pushed Korrina away from him and onto the bed while Serena removed her fingers. Ash pulled Korrina's legs apart and hesitantly pushed his dick into her pussy.

Korrina moaned at the very unfamiliar feeling as she grabbed Serena and pulled her towards her, letting the honey haired girl fondle her tits while Ash and Korrina fucked together for the first time.

Eventually, Korrina and Ash came together, spraying each other with their cum before the three lovers collapsed on top of each other in a sweaty mess.

The next morning, the three woke up together and Ash gave the two girls morning after pill. He didn't want Korrina to get pregnant with his child.

Korrina left Ash and Serena, flying back to her home region with the rest of Ash and Serena's friends as Ash and Serena cleaned up after the night before.

"Did you two have a nice time last night?" Delia asked the two with a yawn as went into Ash's room to see the two.

"Yeah, I guess. But please don't ask us that ever again given the circumstances" Ash told his mother who chuckled lightly before revealing something that she had hidden behind her back.

"Now, Ash. Now that you've won the Kalos league and you're 18, I think it's best that you settle down with Serena, here in Pallet" Delia told Ash and Serena who nodded before she continued, showing them what she was hiding. "So, I've bought you two a house to live in together"

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