He shouldn't've done it. He never should have gone so far from the Glara empire. But he did. And now that he had cooled off from his argument with his father, he realized how much trouble he would be in when he returned.

And it wasn't like he could hide on the pitiful excuse of a planet he had landed on with its' primative species running about. He would have to make due though. Going back with his father's temper no doubt boiling would be a bad idea. At least he was alone on this rock. He was in some dry environment with large scaling rock walls with occasional caverns astrewn throughout.

His short fur and long hair grew heavy with the heat as his body disagreed with the temperature. With a tired groan, he took solace in a cavern and closed his heavy eyes. With deep and consentrated breaths, he allowed himself to fall into a deep sleep.


"Don't go too far mijo!" a slightly plump Latina called out to a small boy, about seven years old with a few bandages on his cheeks and knees. Other children were chatting and playing with one another and overall proving to be quite the distraction as the boy wandered off. It was a vacation. Something fun to enjoy. He wanted to look for some water to swim in. Didn't his sister say that canyons like this were made by water? He hoped so. There was nothing he loved more than swimming. Well... he loved his mami more than swimming. And his siblings if they weren't picking on him.

But back to finding a river or something to play in.

He hardly noticed how much time went by until his feet were tired and he was soaked with sweat. He whined and grumbled as he turned around to head back to camp. He didn't make it far when he came across a fork in the road. He looked down both ways, trying to figure out which one he came down.

Both paths looked unused. But one had a distinct breeze coming from it. It wasn't windy when he left so he took the other path, unaware Garrison cadets were on the unused path, trying to help a distraught mother find her missing son.

He walked on, feeling exhausted when he swore he heard something. It was like a roar... But it wasn't scary. His curiousity overwhelmed his tiredness as he ran towards the unknown noise.

Without fear, he walked into a cave with strange markings on the wall. He gently placed his hands on the drawings, only for them to glow an soft blue color that made him feel safe.

Something about this place filled his heart with fluttery little butterflies.

He was pulled out of his musing when he heard a grunt. The boy whipped his head around to see something purple and thin and with slightly sharp teeth, seemingly waking up. He did what any sensible seven year old boy would do.

He screamed.

The purple being jolted upright. Bright yellow eyes locked onto the boy who ran deeper into the cave out of fear. The purple being grunted and took chase of the boy. With blood pounding in his ears, the boy almost missed the roar that had brought him hear call out once more.

Deeper and deeper, they ran into the cave, one chasing the other, until the boy froze in awe as rock no longer stood before him.

"Kitty," he said softly in surprise. It appeared as though a giant robotic cat was inside some kind of netting. Or force field.

"Hey you!"

The boy jumped and turned to face his chaser. The being snarled before noticing the cave's hidden treasure.

"The blue lion," he gasped. His yellow eyes transfixed on the magesty of the creation as the boy ran away from the chaser, hiding behind the blue lion. He placed his hands gently on the back of the barrier, trying to flatten himself instinctively. There was a purring sound. Something comforting and refreshing. Like a tall glass of ice water on a hot day. He yelped in shock as it dissolved under his finger tips. The boy screamed as the machine began to move. It turned until what seemed to be its face was able to look him in the eye.

Its mouth opened to show what looked like an airplane terminal he had to go through.


The boy yelped seeing his purple chaser and ran straight inside the beast's mouth with the chaser barely making it inside before the jaws snapped shut.

It was then that Lance started to cry. He was trapped with some kind of monster in the mouth of some kind of beast.

The monster stared at him, first in anger, then slowly dissolving into an uncomfortable worry.

"Hey uh... Don't cry," the monster began to try and placate.

The kid just ran deeper. The monster took chase again until they reached a chair.

"Blue Lion's cockpit," the monster said in a breathy tone. The boy stood with his back pressed against the wall in fear. The monster sat in the chair. All too suddenly, there was a wild and aggressive roar.

The room began shaking violently, only stopping when the monster was ejected from the seat, his head smacking against the metal walls.

The boy whimpered. A comforting purring began to resonate from the machine. The refreshing feeling he had earlier filled him. There was a calling. Maybe he was tired, maybe he was curious, but he made his way to the chair. Sitting down in it, he felt safety belts lock him into place. Screens appeared showing the cavern he had entered.

"Are... Are these your eyes? Is this what you see?" He asked in awe.

The purring grew louder.

"Cool. Hey, you're not mean are you?" At he boy began to babble, "My name is Lance. What's yours?"

A rich purring from the lion caressed his mind. Despite the comfort of the purring, Lance got the gist of what it was trying to tell him.

"You don't have one? That's no good. I'm gonna call you... Blue. Or do you like Azul better?"

There was only more purring.

"Okay Blue... Now wha- whoa!"

While Lance was talking, the Blue Lion had stood up and roared throughout the cavern. Lance felt giddy and adrenaline running through his veins.

He laughed as the lion shared forward, breaking out of the cavern and taking off towards the sky. He felt nothing but joy shared between himself and the mechanical lion, pretty much entirely forgetting the monster in the back of the cockpit. Even as he left the atmosphere and saw thousands of stars.

"Blue... This is so pretty," Lance said happily. There was a sense of euphoria as Lance took in everything around him.

Everything felt perfect.

"Hey, how fast are you Blue?"

The lion gave a low rumble as if asking if he was challenging it. Lance saw as they flew past planets in seconds, coming to the edge of the solar system in no time.

"That... Was... Awesome!"

Things couldn't get any better. Sadly, the universe was inclined to agree as large dark ships seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Lance felt ice pool in his stomach as fear reared its ugly head in.

"We should probably go home Blue," Lance said in a less than confident voice. The lion turned tail and began to fly home when a light came over it. Their journey back to earth seemed to have been canceled, as they were dragged backwards and onto the ship. Lance tried to get Blue to fly out, but the doors were sealed, and he had nowhere to go. He nearly screamed when he saw more purple individuals. But they were larger, hairier, and looked a lot meaner. Lance pulled his legs to his chest instinctively.


Lance flinched as he remembered that he had one of those purple individuals inside the Blue Lion with him. His eyes widened with worry as he could hear the person shuffle up from the floor. He could hear footsteps. He clenched his eyes shut with fear and felt a hand clasp on his shoulder, claws lightly pricking his skin through his clothing.

For a moment, nothing was said.

"Open the lion and do as I say if you want to survive."

"Wha-?" Lance began rather confused, opening an eye.

"There is little time to explain. Let me do the talking young paladin."

"What's a paladin?"

The purple faced individual stiffened slightly.

"It is what you are now. And if you want to live, you will have to work with me. Open the lion and follow me."

"Why would I-?"

"Do you want to live or not?"

"I-I want mi mami."

"Well, you can't see her if you're dead. So follow me."

Lance allowed the being to pull him from the chair, and through the Lion back to the mouth in which they entered. He could feel himself being lowered and shielded his eyes as the mouth opened. He heard a few gasps.

"Prince Lotor!"

"At ease. As you can see, I have brought the Blue Lion to the Galra empire. As well as it's recently chosen Paladin."

"A small brat like that. No way."

"I would be doubtful had I not seen it with my own eyes. But he is the Blue Paladin."

"We should kill him and take the lion to Zarkon," someone spoke loudly. Lance whimpered and Lotor gave a dark chuckle.

"And waste time trying to find a new Paladin? The boy is young and is willing to learn the Galran ways. I'm sure Zarkon would agree with me. After all... We still don't have a pilot for the red lion hm?"

The group, while irritable, did not argue.

"Set course for the home ship. I'm sure Zarkon will want to see the lion first hand."

"Yes Prince Lotor."

The group scurried back to their posts while Lotor lead Lance away from the Blue Lion.

Lance tried to keep track of where they were going, but after the third right he was hopelessly lost.

"You will learn your way around here in time," Lotor had said once Lance's confusion became apparent, "But I first need to be able to trust you."

"What is all this?" Lance asked, a bit out of place.

"A Galran battle ship. It would do you well to remember that," he said as he stopped before a door. Using his hand, he electronically opened the door revealing a large bedroom.

"You will be sleeping in my quarters until something more permanent is available. Attack me or any of the other Glara however, and you will be thrown in the dungeon to be tortured. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Lance said weakly.

A bad idea. A bad idea. A bad idea!

So... what happens if Lance and Lotor had a brotherly relationship? How would that even work? Well I have odd conversations with other authors like... Anticsareme and dragoscilvio (story Heart of a Lion in which this idea started out because of).

Well... now we all can see some madness. I think I will actually update this one eventually and not have this as one of my challenges... But if anyone else wants to take a crack at this crack brotherly pairing, I would love to read it.