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The bushy head of hair dove behind a bookshelf, but it was too late. Theo growled, beyond frustrated with the Gryffindor.

"Granger," He hissed, snatching her arm. He ignored her protests, dragging her determinedly towards the back corner that they usually occupied.

"Let me go Nott," She mumbled. "If I wanted company, I obviously wouldn't have been hiding."

Theodore let out an angry snort. He pulled on her arm until she was looking at him, her amber eyes glaring half-heartedly at him. He shook his head, tossing her into her chair without bothering to respond.

"I'm serious!" Granger whispered.

Theo began pulling his notes from his bag, spreading them across the table as he usually did.

The witch seemed to grow upset as he continued to ignore her. "Fine. Don't answer me. I don't know why I thought you would care what I wanted."

Theodore leapt out of his chair as she pushed away from the table and turned to leave. He grabbed her wrist yet again.

"Granger. Come on. If I didn't care, I wouldn't have spent my Saturday combing the library looking for a Gryffindor."

She didn't turn around, but he could see how her shoulders were shaking. He sighed.

"Weasley is an idiot. And Brown's about as dull as her name," He told Granger honestly. He was relieved to hear her let out a watery chuckle, and quickly continued speaking. "I'm being honest. She's got the personality of a wet towel."

The brunette finally turned to look at him, wiping the tears from face as she spoke. "Lavender's a nice girl. And Ronald obviously likes her. I'm quite happy for them."

Theo rolled his eyes. "Yes, and I'm a Hufflepuff. Bugger off with that nonsense."

She frowned at him, her lips pouting slightly. "I'm telling the truth."

He didn't think that warranted a response. His unimpressed look must have said as much, for the girl soon resumed talking.

"Fine. I'm bitter and angry, and I want to light Lavender's bedposts on fire. Happy now?"

He smirked. "Very much so. The Gryffindor Princess has a dark side after all. Who would have thought?"

"Wha-no..." She stuttered.

He waited until she had turned properly red before he continued speaking. "Don't worry Granger, I won't tell anyone your secret. Now come on, I need your genius to bounce ideas off of. Problem three is impossible, and everyone else in our class are idiots."

She sat back down, but he could see something was still bothering her. He sighed, knowing she wouldn't be of any use while she was still upset.

"Granger," He whinged, drawing out the last 'r'. She looked down. "He'll come around, though I don't see why you're so upset. He's a complete dud."

Her lips twitched slightly, and he took that as the okay to continue.

"He eats with his mouth open."

A slight smile.

"He's about as intelligent as a troll."

He earned a muffled giggle.

"He's too lanky."

She laughed outright at that, and he knew that one was a bit hypocritical.

"Plus, he's a ginger!" He cried with mock outrage. Her shoulders were shaking with laughter. "Honestly Granger, he's not worth your time or tears."

When she looked up, her eyes were glittering with mischief. "Don't you mean...nott worth my time?"

"Granger no," He groaned, letting his head drop into his hands as she howled with laughter. "What a horrible, unoriginal pun. Honestly, I'm ashamed."

He peeked up at the girl. Her mouth was open, but no sound came out; she was laughing so hard.

Theo smiled slightly.

He had his Arithmancy partner back.

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