Born To Run

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For as long as he could remember, Izuku Midoriya had been forced to run in order to survive.

Ever since he had been diagnosed as Quirkless, he had been picked on by the other kids mercilessly. In the beginning it was just a few harmless teases that the grown-ups saw as kids interacting playfully with each other. Something that was simply part of growing up in normal children.

This escalated quickly over the years as more and more of his classmates began using their birth-given gifts to make his life increasingly difficult. Trip him here, shock his there, make him see things when there was nothing. It was something that could have made any other child angry and resentful, but not him. Under no circumstances would he allow himself to become a bitter or resentful person.

His main bully was his former friend, Katsuki Bakugou, who had turned on him shortly after seeing that he would never get a quirk of his own. It was a just another thing that made Izuku's life even worse. Something else to slowly attempt to break him.

The teachers saw Katsuki's quirk as something that should be praised and this quickly led to the boy's inflated ego. With this new attitude, and the rest of the class turning on him completely. With this occurring Izuku had no other alternative but to run. Away from his former friends, from his new prosecutors, from the pain, and away from his problems.

He normally attempted to run away from his oppressors to little effect. His physicality didn't help him much as he was one of the slower kids in his grade and tired a little too easily. Over the years he had gotten a bit of practice in the running department and could now manage to completely outrun his more vicious bullies given that he received the sufficient amount of a head-start. This sadly wasn't the only problem that he ran away from, just the most concurrent. The other problem was closer to home, one concerning his dad...

Izuku's father had been a head-scientist at the world renown Star Labs and had been involved heavily in many of the new & exciting discoveries that came from there. The list of his contributions were countless, it was agreed that he was one of the more gifted inventors of his age. Hisashi Midoriya was a key figure in the labs, one who brought his best to everything no matter how small. He would have accomplished so much more with his life and family, given he could have had more time...

A few years previously, the scientist had been working on something cutting edge when a power surge occurred. This momentarily caused all security cameras & power to go off for just a brief minute. When they were brought back online, his workspace was in shambles. Work tables had been tossed on their sides, monitors had been smashed, and worse yet, blood sprinkled the walls.

Still, no body had been found and the police were forced to give the family the only trace that they could find from him, his torn, bloodied lab-coat. It was the one piece of clothing that his father loved to wear more than anything in the world. Izuku could not remember a time when it ever came off his shoulders.

His mother had been distraught, falling into a bit of a depression and trying to get by. She tried to be strong for her son who had not fully comprehended the situation at the moment. This didn't go as well as it could've, her slowly gaining more and more weight till she lost the slim physique that she once had.

Not all things were bad for the young, green-haired, quirkless boy though. After the death of his father, Izuku had decided that his childhood fantasy of being a hero wasn't as important as he had led himself to believe.

The little evidence had led to there being no killer despite all the actions that could have been taken in order to at least get an idea. The police hadn't even been able to procure the body to give to the family, so that they would be able to hold a proper funeral. This put Izuku on the path of becoming a forensic scientist , in the hopes that someday he would be able to find his father's killer and bring them to justice...

Years Later:

It was a day like any other in Izuku's Junior High School, nothing special in particular. The class was showing off their wide variety of quirks like they usually did, probably to something that the teacher had said. Midoriya sat in the back of the class lost in his own thoughts. He usually did this to make the day go by faster or to analyze a crime he had pulled from the net in order to solve it himself, a sort of game that he made for himself. Using practically no clues to solve impossible crimes would be one of the main skills that he would need in the future as he pursued his goal.

"Midoriya, stop muttering and pay attention," his teacher called out from the front of the class after giving him a slight slap using his quirk that allowed him to extend his wrist in a similar fashion to a slingy. It wasn't a new occurrence being called out by the teacher on the subject of his muttering, but when it did happen, he still felt the same embarrassment as his classmates sneered.

The teacher smiled as he regained the attention of his beet red student and continued on with what he was saying. "As I was saying… now is the time that you should all be thinking about your futures. I printed up some handouts about what you wish your desired life courses to be buuut…. I know all of you want to go into the hero course so there is no need!" The teacher then threw the papers into the air and watched as the class went crazy and began using their quirks once more with large smiles on their faces.

Bakugou boasted loudly about how he would apply to UA and none others would be able to compete with him. For the most part, it was probably for the best that Izuku or "Deku"as he was often called by his former friend, to have left his dream of being a hero far behind him. It had been an unrealistic dream and now he had to focus on what was real. He had to keep his feet on the ground now that he had a purpose.

After class late in the afternoon, Izuku pulled out an umbrella as he began to walk home. The rain had come out practically nowhere and it seemed that they were in for a storm by the nature of the clouds. Looking around, he saw many reporters rushing over to one direction to where he assumed a villain had been.

He had finally decided to go home after figuring out the culprit of one of the cases that he had been looking at earlier in the day. Using the lab in the school was one of the only ways that he was capable of doing this without the help of an added quirk.

After walking for about ten minutes, Izuku came to a halt and turned around on his way back to school. In his glee, he had forgotten to close the windows on the room that he had been occupying. The floor of the lab would be a mess in the morning if he didn't go and close them at that moment.

He sighed as he looked towards the skies and saw them blacken. A storm surely was coming and he would be forced to remain inside the school till it ceased in the case of lightning. It looked like this was going to be a big one so dinner was off his agenda now.

"Well this is just my luck…" He continued muttering to himself as he made his way up the stairs and into the chemistry laboratory in which he had sat in for the last few hours. The young boy went over to the windows and shut them before any more water could spill onto the already messy floor. Izuku groaned knowing that he was now responsible for cleaning up this mess which he had made. Seeing no mop in the room he was in, he decided to go into the next hoping that there would be one present.

The room he was no in was something of what people would assume a chemistry lab to look like given it was lined wall to wall with different chemicals. Closer to the end of the room the mob which he looked for sat leaning against the wall. Walking over to it, he noticed the bright flash of lightning followed by a loud crack only a few moments later. He flinched slightly at the noise and went back to clean his mess. The streak of light in the sky was simply too far away to do him any harm at that moment in time.

After a few minutes, the floor was clean and the storm for the most part had calmed down sufficiently for Izuku to return home. He put the mop back in the corner where it had been found and was about to exit the room when something caught his eye. In the sky, the color had altered to be somewhat of a purple tone. A few flashes occurred from within the cloud and that's when it came down. The bolt that would change everything for him, that would turn his life in a way that he could previously never imagine.

At that moment, Izuku Midoriya had been chosen for something greater than himself, something that would be unclear for a large amount of time.

Even though to other people, and to himself, it appeared that he had only been struck by lightning, he was changed in ways that couldn't quite be understood. He felt massive energy going into him, feeling every inch of his body with something that he couldn't describe, but didn't quite leave. He had only a fraction of a second to realize that he had been struck by lightning itself before he lost consciousness from the overload of energy from within.

After being struck by the bolt, he was tossed into the side wall where several chemicals came to fall upon him. The combination of these events would have an effect that would change the boy's view on life as well as its course. After this moment, he would have power like no others had before him.

The previously quirkless boy would be found a few hours later by an officer who had received a call from his mother. Deciding to look at the junior high school first paid off as he saw the state that the boy was in. From here, the officer would call for the help of paramedics who would work tirelessly to attempt to bring his heartbeat to a normal range. Then he was brought to the local hospital where he was to remain for several months while under a coma.

This wasn't the end of Izuku Midoriya, this was merely the start of his new life. His new life as a hero….

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