Diamond Hound Naruto 51

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"Sasuke, I know you lost another person that you see as family, but I swear as long as I live, I will not let lose any of you." He said his hand on Sasuke shoulder, Sasuke shook him off,

"Yeah right, wasn't that you said before?" Sasuke said bitterly, remembering Kakashi's promise on their first encounter with Zabuza as he walked out, Sakura silently stalked behind him, saying nothing throughout this ordeal Sandayu followed behind them with a huff.

Kakashi could only stare at the spot Sasuke stood, his lone eyes open, as a small tear fell from his eyes.

"I'm sorry Naruto, forgive me…"


"OI OI OI OI!" A loud voice rang out through the icy tundra, the former Marine could only sigh in irritation, this kid is so damn tenacious. It has been three days since the blond successor of the diamond fruit awakened, and throughout those three days this damn 'Ninja' has been annoying him to help him train his devil fruit, Kuzan sighed, he is too old for this.

"For the last time kid, I'm not going to-" Kuzan froze, pun intended, as he saw Naruto, his head deep in the snow, bowing to him.

"Please, help me get stronger, I can't… I refuse to stay weak!" Naruto shout out passionately, in his short life Naruto wanted nothing as badly and Kuzan could see that, the boy swallowed his pride and even bowed to him.

Kuzan let out another tired sigh,

"Man this is going to be a pain, fine, I'll teach you…" he said looking away, Naruto head shot up as he stared at Kuzan with wide surprised eyes.

"Really?" Naruto whispered, Kuzan motioned him to get out off the snow, seriously if the kid loves it that much why didn't he just leave him there?

"Yeah, yeah, now get up," He said, Naruto sprung up, with a large grin, his lone eye brimmed with joy and a smile so big it threatened to split his head in half, a smile that reminds him of a certain Pirate King. Kuzan sighed if he didn't know that the boy in front of him is a Ninja, he could easily have mistaken him for an innocent kid.

"YES!" Naruto jumped for joy, "What are we going to do today?"

Kuzan raised an eyebrow, it is still off putting that the kid witnessed him massacred other ninja's, yet he is still so calm in his presence, Ninja's are scary.

Kuzan held his chin in thought, is it wise to teach this kid Marine devil fruit training, to show him the training that brought all Marines vice admiral and admirals their might?

Eh, it wouldn't hurt right?

"Alright first thing you should know, a devil fruit is like a fire, a wonderous servant, but a horrible master." Kuzan started, Naruto could only stare at the man blankly.

"How is a devil fruit a horrible master?" he asked.

Kuzan sighed as he scratched his cheeks, he doesn't know, he couldn't blame him.

"You see there is a myth, that a Devil fruit holds an actual devil inside…"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, so like a tail beast but in a fruit.

"The myth has been proven true..." he revealed, "this is a secret that has been passed down from each high ranking Marine officials, I won't tell you who they are, not yet at least."

Naruto eyes widened, so he basically ate a devil?

"You see, once you die, you will be reborn as a devil, curse to haunt your successor, like Diamond Jozu is the devil cursing you, but have no fear you won't turn into a devil while your alive." He said as soon as he saw the terrified look in the boy's eye.

"But there is a way Diamond Jozu can control you, when you are the epitome of anger, to the point where you no longer hold love for the world, and once you start using your powers in that state of mind, the devil would take over and wreak havoc…"

As he say this, Naruto saw his hand unconsciously drifted to his leg,

"My comrade, he was ambitious, and wanted nothing but justice over pirates, his heart soon overcome with hatred and wanted nothing but complete marine control over the world, his predecessor took advantage of that and completely corrupted him, and I was a fool not to see it from the start…" Kuzan said with a lace of regret in his voice, Naruto is curious now,

"What was his power?"

"The logia type, Magma devil fruit." Kuzan revealed, Naruto eyes widened, he knows what power he is talking about, of course he would, his own brother have that same fruit.

and Arashi mental state isn't pretty…

not pretty at all…


Team Kakashi and The Old Snow military marched the icy tundra in a midst of a blizzard, they have no shelter so their only option is to march forward, using their cloaks to protect themselves from small airborne ice that would have pelted their skins at high speed.

The blizzard lasted for four long hour, they're cold, hungry and tired, but in order to survive they must keep moving, so far there were only two casualties, two men collapsed, exhausted and tired, and as soon as they closed their eyes, they were gone, but they will be grieved for later, everyone who lost their lives will be grieved, when the land of snow is liberated.

To everyone's relief the blizzard started to clear, and they soon find them selves on the peak of a mountain looking over the land of snow.

"It's beautiful…" Sakura gasped, Sasuke huffed.

"As soon as we find this damned princess and our teammate's corpse then I will start to appreciate the aesthetics of this God forsaken land." Sasuke growled out, still bitter about the loss of Naruto, Sakura could only look at him sadly and silently clench her fist.

"There!" Sandayu pointed out with binoculars, behind a mountain smoke rose in the air and moving east, soon the cause of the smoke appeared as a large heavy train with a symbol,

"I recognize that symbol anywhere, that is where they are keeping her." Sandayu declared in anger, "LETS GO!"

A roar of agreement erupted and soon they marched down the mountain side in hopes of catching the train, Kakashi shook his head in annoyance.

"Those idiots, how can we protect them and the girl if they are charging in recklessly." He muttered as he and his team quickly followed them down the treacherous mountain path.

Soon, they were ahead of the train, due to it making a pit stop at a station to refill on coal, The Old Snow military stationed on a steep hill right beside the tracks while Team Kakashi watches them, their plan of charging in and demand the princess sounded stupid, and when he suggested to a more diligent idea, he was told to shut up and stand watch.

Ungrateful bastards.

The train started it's journey and The Old Sand military charged down the hill with a deafening roar, archers lit up their arrows and the sky darkened, littered with arrows and flames adorning the tip, raining down onto the armored train.


"What is all that racket?" a deep gruff voice asking his subordinate,

"Lord Doto, there seems to be a rebel attack," a masked snow shinobi with a brown ponytail reported, Doto sighed, he could have sworn he eliminated all his enemies and political rivals along with their families and men.

"Kill them all, not one survivor, or you will take his place on Charon's ferry." Doto threatened, the shinobi gulped.

"Yes sir!" he said before disappearing, Doto turned to face his sleeping niece,

"You look just like your mother..." He whispered with a cold tone.

"And your father."

The slots in the left flank of the train opened multiple shinobi lined up heavy machineries which are loaded with countless of kunais took aim.


and with that one command, all went to hell.


The arrows bounced of harmlessly and only a few flew through the slots, but that wasn't enough to stop the blood bath, countless of Kunai's tore through the Old Snow military like it was butter, kunais going high speed tore through the bodies, limbs and heads, painting the snow with blood, organs and brain matter, the air took a heavy scent of human waste and iron in a matter of seconds.

After 10 seconds, every soul who were in the Old Snow Military have passed on to their next life, in a matter of 10 seconds, men of 80 fell to the advance technology of Doto.

Kakashi could only look at the scene in horror, he tried to warn them, but they refused to listen, Sasuke glared at the train as it starts to leave the area, and Sakura looked away from the gruesome sight, fighting the urge to vomit due to the smell.

"C'mon girl, you're Chunin now, don't be so weak of heart in a time like this." She told her self.

"Guys, they did this to themselves…" Kakashi informed them, as he looked in the direction of the train, "We'll head east along with the train, but stay out of sight, and make camp."

Sakura nodded but Sasuke said nothing but walked east, Kakashi sighed.

This is the darkest moment in these kids' careers.


"Kid, you look like you've seen a ghost, are you alright…" Kuzan asked. Naruto nodded,

"What you said…a magma devil fruit…" Naruto whispered, Kuzan raised an eyebrow, "What have you seen someone with it, then that means, Sakazuki, he's dead, tell me who inherited this power!"

"M-my brother, well I couldn't call him my brother, he's been deadest on killing me ever since we became Ninja." Naruto revealed, Kuzan sighed.

"Your brother, He's in Sakazuki's clutches now, there is only a matter of time…"

"If what you say is true, he also holds the dark side of the Kyubi…" Naruto muttered,

"Kyubi?" Kuzan asked.

"An entity of malicious chakra that took form of beast, the number of their tails identifies how strong they are, and they are only nine in existence."

"Malicous chakra, and he have this entity inside him, how?" Kuzan asked.

"My late fath- our previous leader, split and sealed the Kyubi in him and my sister when we were born."

Kuzan caught the slip of tongue, so he was the previous leader's child,

"And what about you, do you any malicious entity living inside you?" He asked.

"None, the only special thing about me is the fruit..." Naruto revealed. Kuzan sighed, the atmosphere is getting to heavy.

"Alright enough, the tense atmosphere is becoming tiring, let's get your training started."

"Yes sir!"

Kuzan smiled, he hasn't been called 'sir' in ages.


"I'm going to be the most beautiful actress ever, just watch me daddy!" shouted a young voice, a smiling man crouched beside the young girl and looked at her reflection.

"And I will be with you every step of the way, I promise." He replied, but the young girl glared at him,

"But you aren't." the young girl said in an accusing tone, but her voice isn't childlike and innocent, it was a voice of a grown woman, the man's smile turned into a frown, and tears of blood stream down his face, he gripped his daughter tightly, she looked at his reflection and saw his shrunken face, a cursed frown and dark eye sockets leaking blood stared back at her.

"I'm sorry…"

Koyuki shot up, panting heavily, she moved to wipe her face, she is dowsed in sweat, her hands shaking, she hugged herself and started to sob uncontrollably she looked up and her tears filled eyes scanned the room, it was dark, how did she end up here?

Memories of what transpired burst into her skull, the fight being knocked out, everything came rushing back like an avalanche. She whimpered due to the pain of her headache.

"So you're finally awake." A voice that would haunt Koyuki forever rang out in the dark unfamiliar room, two thick heavy hands clasped her shoulders.

"Your uncle misses you dearly, Koyuki."


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