There is no more Mad King — only a Queen, beautiful and golden and terrifying.

He has orders. Cut the bitch's throat. Send a message to the North that they will kneel, or more will die. Their crops will burn. Their animals, their homes, their babes suckling at their mother's breast — all of them will burn under the rage and power and fidelity, without the gods to shelter them.

Brienne's eyes — blue as Tarth's sapphire waters, glittering and memorizing — widen. Oathkeeper hovers gently towards her neck, its point a whisper away from opening all of her tendons and veins.

Cersei screams from the Iron Throne, at Jaime's back, as he stares expressionlessly at the other woman. A woman he's come to both respect and admire — Brienne's more of a honorable, true knight than Jaime will ever be. Honor makes a cold, dark hearth in his heart, and leaves rotting ashes in Jaime's mouth.

"Go," he murmurs, the corners of his lips upturning. "Go," Jaime says once more, raising his voice and grinning, keeping his sword trained on her as a perplexed Brienne takes a step backwards. "Go…"

Oathkeeper clatters to the smoking, blackened floor.

Jaime turns around, away from his beloved friend retreating out of the Great Hall, and faces his Queen, his family. Cersei's hand visibly trembles, rising into the air and tossing the round, heavy urn.


The blazing, ghosty green of wildfire licks at Jaime's toes.

Run far, run hard, fast.



GoT is not mine. This is my take of this coming episode with Cersei's whole "don't ever betray me again" at Jaime and the fact BRIENNE is showing up, and there's probably gonna be jealousy and drama and aaaaaaaaaah I'm ready. On the asoiaf kinkmeme someone prompted any/any or gen for "one word dialogue" stories and this is immediately where my head went to. HOPE YOU ENJOYED THE PAIN. ANY COMMENTS/THOUGHTS APPRECIATED.