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Chapter Twenty One

"Forgive me, I'm so sorry."

Xayida and Ares were now transported back into Xena's palace in Athens. She glanced around at the throne and tapestries on the wall. Her hands roamed over her body to make sure she was in once piece. Turning around she saw the dark haired god smugly grinning at her and she frowned deeply, glaring.

She marched up to him and pointed her finger in his face, "I want to see Solan," she demanded and Ares chuckled.

"So does that mean you're taking me up on my offer?" he raised an eyebrow and she slowly lowered her finger, contemplating everything in just a matter of seconds.

She didn't want Solan to suffer for something as evil was this. Using a young boy as a sacrifice to bring true evil into the world and cause chaos everywhere, what disgusting and not to mention Satanic and ancient. She didn't think that people still practiced these things in this era, but apparently so. Also, the god of war? Ares? Wasn't he from the ancient Greco-Roman times? Those gods were not real, only myths, yet here he was standing before her. Xayida began wondering if this god was in fact disguises himself and he was Lucifer in the flesh. Why else would he be able to convince a bunch of corrupt cardinals to do his biddings? And using a boy as a sacrifice...very barbaric.

Lifting her eyes, staring into Ares' brown pupils she folded her arms, sighing heavily. "If I do agree to take his place, you will guarantee his safety back to Xena?" she asked.

Ares chortled, "I can't guarantee anything, your highness," he teased. "What a move you did, huh? Stealing your sister's child to what was it...'protect her'?" he laughed aloud and she averted her eyes, feeling ashamed of herself. He sighed and touched her cheek, "you are a beautiful woman, Xayida. You allowed your jealousy to encompass you. You've been jealous of Xena for a long time, haven't you?" her silence was just the answer he needed. She had no need to reply and he grinned deviously. "She's a special woman," he grazed his finger along her soft cheek then added, "but so are you..." he whispered and leaned in closer to her lips.

Xayida felt herself become extremely distracted and she leaned in further to kiss him then came to her senses. She shook her head and took a step back, breathing heavily. "I don't need more men bewitching me," she said softly and began pacing around back and forth.

The war god smirked and circled around the Macedonian queen. "You are a great queen Xayida, almost as great as Xena," he said and figured that took a stab in the woman's heart hearing that out loud.

"My sister has always been a great leader. I will not deny that," she said firmly.

He nodded and then squeezed her shoulders. "But doesn't it just...get you riled up listening to other people talk about how great and wonderful your older sister is?" he hissed in her ear and she frowned, narrowing her eyes.

She turned and pushed him away from her, "I know what you're doing," she smiled, "you're trying to anger me, well it's not going to work because I am already angry and you can't possibly make it worse!" she groaned and wrapped her arms around her. "I want to see Solan."

Ares folded his arms, "alright, Xayida. You can see Solan," he grabbed her hand and disappeared to Rome with her.

Xena and Gabrielle ran down to the first floor where the ceiling had collapsed earlier. Gabrielle saw the pile of debris and rubble. What a mess, she thought. "Xena, I don't think we're going to be able to find that letter."

Xena kicked some of the stone out of the way and looked up at the gaping hole from the second floor. She sighed, "yes...we have a problem. I can't just leave it here. Somebody will find it and then we're going to get caught!" she groaned and picked up one of the stone pieces and tossed it aside. Gabrielle sighed and helped her move the larger pieces of stone. Xena smiled at her, silently thanking her.

She got down on her knees and began digging through the debris hastily. Coughing from the dust, she saw some paper sticking out from underneath a very large stone. "I found it!" she grinned and Gabrielle smiled, hoping that she was able to get the letter in time before someone saw them digging in this mess.

The Amazon looked out the window and saw comets falling from the sky on various other parts of the city. "Um Xena, you are aware of the comets right?"

Xena grunted and sat down leaning against a column, pushing the stone with her shoes as hard as she could. "I'm a little busy, Gabrielle!"

Gabrielle frowned, not helping Xena, completely enamored in the sight before her eyes. She had never seen something like this before. As she stayed close to the window she then saw a bird fly towards her and she gasped, ducking her head and the bird flew directly into the wall. Xena snapped her head around and saw blood splattered all over the wall and the bird slid down the stone. "Oh gods..." Gabrielle covered her mouth. "This is not good, Xena. We need to get out of here!"

"Not..." Xena grunted and pushed the stone further away from her, " letter!" she moaned and finally moved the stone out of the way and smiled. She reached forward and grabbed the letter, exhaling heavily, finally something going the way she wanted, sort of. She tucked the paper in her pocket and grabbed Gabrielle's hand. "Let's go!" the blonde nearly tripped as she ran alongside her.

They ran down the hallway then saw the Sultan, Mehmet, speaking with Borias and a few of his Ottoman soldiers. Xena skid to a stop, "shit," she muttered and Gabrielle's eyes widened as the Sultan looked their way. Xena nervously smiled and Borias folded his arms, glaring at her.

Mehmet smiled and sauntered over, "'re in a hurry..." he looked to the blonde and raised an eyebrow. "With your friend," he observed.

Xena's eyes looked from Mehmet then to Borias. "I got lost," she grinned nervously and the Sultan smirked at her, not entirely believing her. " seen what's going on outside? It's chaotic out there!"

He nodded, "indeed it is. I think everything is going according to plan."

Xena raised her eyebrow then she and Gabrielle shared a glance with one another. She let go of her hand and brushed some of the dust off of her already ruined dress. "What do you mean by that?" she asked curiously.

The Sultan walked back to his men and Borias. "Yes, I have been in contact with a Jinn and he has told me this would happen," he said and his men stared at him as if he were insane. Borias frowned and looked to Xena.

Gabrielle tugged on the Greek queen's arm, "what is going on here?" she whispered.

"I don't know," Xena hissed and shrugged her arm off. She approached the Sultan, "pardon me for my ignorance," she put on a fake smile, "but what is a Jinn?"

Mehmet chuckled, "it is like an angel, but they are humans like us. Some are evil and some are good. They walk on the earth with us all the time and we use them as guides. I'm sure you have something similar in your religion?"

Xena blinked and almost forgot that Xayida had gone more of the religious route while she remained neutral. She saw Borias hiding a smile and she turned back to the caliph. "I have no doubt we have something like that," she grinned tightly, clenching her teeth. Gabrielle sighed, shaking her head, thinking this was turning out to be such a confusing and not to mention disastrous trip. "So...what does this Jinn exactly tell you?" she folded her hands behind her back and wagged her fingers, pointing to the left side of the hallway.

Gabrielle frowned, seeing Xena's hand signal and saw her slowly slip the letter out of her pocket. Her eyes widened and she casually walked up to stand beside her and snatch the letter from her and slip it in her sleeve sneakily.

As the caliph kept talking Gabrielle slipped away, sure that she would not be noticed and she walked briskly down the hall as Xena stood, listening to Mehmet's jargon. Xena kept bobbing her head listening to this idiocy. "And this Jinn says that he is relaying these messages from God?" she asked skeptically, though tried to remain a neutral front.

Mehmet nodded, "yes. He says that as long as I follow his words from God himself, that my empire will thrive over the Church in Rome and Constantinople." Xena raised her eyebrows, trying to figure all of this out. Either this man was a crazy person, or he was actually talking to someone as he didn't seem too concerned about his entire half of the city being engulfed in flames. She smiled apprehensively and desperately needed to get away to help Gabrielle find the falcon room before it was too late. She saw Borias leave the area and her eyes widened. He was heading in the same direction as Gabrielle was.

Gabrielle returned to the bedroom and tucked the letter into her pocket. She began pacing the room. "Okay Gabrielle, what do I do? Wait for Xena to come back?" she groaned and was feeling incredibly anxious about this whole situation. She didn't know if this plan was going to work or not.

The door opened and she swiftly turned around and saw Borias enter. She folded her arms and frowned, "what are you doing in here?" she asked.

He smirked, "relax," he closed the door. "What is Xena planning?" he asked and saw her eyes widened. "I know everything," he folded his arms, "tell me what she's doing."

The Amazon queen wagged her head, "no way. Xena will kill me if I told you."

Borias rolled his eyes, not in the mood for this at all. "I know Xayida is in Athens right now," he saw yet another shocked expression on her face and he chuckled. "I know Xena very well. Tell me," he narrowed his eyes and she slapped her forehead, frustrated.

Gabrielle pulled out the letter from her pocket and thought instantly that Xena was definitely going to be very upset about this, but Borias already knew everything and she was sure that Xena was the one who told him since the Sultan was too blind and stupid to see what exactly he was getting into. He stepped forward and she snatched the letter from him. "Xena wants this sent to her sister immediately."

He scoffed, "now I know why she was sneaking around," he muttered.

She frowned, "what?"

"Nothing. What is the letter for?" he asked, forgetting what he mentioned.

She sighed, "it's a letter explaining what Mehmet is planning to do. She was trying to find the falcon room, but then..." she looked outside and saw fire filling the dark skies. "That happened."

He nodded and rubbed his goatee, "I know where the room is," he said and Gabrielle lifted her eyebrows. "I can help."

Gabrielle laughed nervously, "and why would you want to help Xena?" she knew that Xena had probably not told him about Solan, otherwise this conversation would be singing a different tune entirely.

Borias raised an eyebrow at the blonde Amazon, "because she got herself into this mess and I don't understand why she would do something so stupid..." he groaned and Gabrielle frowned, staring at him. "I want to help." He sighed.

She tapped the letter on her arm and went over several scenarios how this could go horribly wrong or...terribly right. "If you are able to deliver this letter...will you help Xena against Mehmet?"

The Wallachian smirked and stared down at the feisty blonde. "You are very manipulative..." he observed and she winked. He snatched the letter from her hands, "I will think about it," he walked towards the door, "don't tell Xena to come find me. I think the Sultan is onto her." He left the room and Gabrielle buried her face in her hands, questioning her decision.

A half hour later Xena came bursting into the room and she looked around for her friend. She rounded the corner and saw Gabrielle sitting on the bed writing. She smiled and walked over towards the bed. "I think there's seriously something wrong with that Sultan," she began and Gabrielle remained quiet. "He is convinced that this Jinn keeps talking to him, but you know what is odd? He knew what was going to happen, almost like he wanted it to happen," she folded her arms and received no response. "What's wrong with you?"

Gabrielle refused to look at her, "nothing wrong," she continued writing her thoughts down.

Xena sighed, shaking it off and extended her palm outwards, "okay hand over the letter. I'm going to take it to the falcon room."

The Amazon froze up and widened her eyes, halting her writing session. She lifted her head and laughed nervously. "Um...about that..." she smiled weakly.

Xena frowned, "what did you with it? Did you lose it?!" she folded her arms and Gabrielle shook her head.

"Not exactly..." she mumbled. "I kind of gave it to Borias so he could deliver it to," she felt a bit afraid and ashamed all at once and saw the angered look in Xena's eyes.

"Gabrielle!" Xena groaned and kicked a chair over. "" she placed her hands on her hips and looked outside. The flaming comets were gone now, though the entire eastern side of the city was up in flames.

She felt terrible about this, "look Xena, he said he wanted to help and I believe he really does. What's so bad about him helping anyway? He knows about you and Xayida!"

Xena growled, "because he's not supposed to be a part of this!" she yelled furiously.

Gabrielle pushed the parchment aside, "and you didn't tell him about his own son being alive did you?" Xena lowered her eyes and her heart beat started to come to a steadier pace. She sighed and got off the bed, setting her hand on her raven haired friend's shoulder. " need to tell him. He's his father..."

Xena folded her arms, grimacing at the fireplace. "I know he is..." she grumbled. She felt herself losing to her emotions getting to her. Tears began to form in her eyes and she turned to Gabrielle. "What will happen when I tell him?"

Gabrielle smiled and placed both hands on her friend's shoulders. "Just tell him the truth. He won't be upset at you because it's not your fault." Xena lowered her head and a tear streamed down her cheek. Gabrielle wiped the tear with her finger and hugged her warmly. "I'll be here for you. Always," she grinned and leaned her head against Xena's chest.

"I just...wonder what it would have been like if...things were different, you know?" Xena whispered and Gabrielle pulled away.

"I know, but that was the past and sometimes you just have to let things go and let things work out for themselves," she smiled and Xena smirked. "Your smile makes me happy, you should smile more."

Xena grinned wider now, "you always know what to say Gabrielle."

"That's my job," the Amazon winked and grabbed Xena's hand, lacing their fingers together.

St. Peter's Basilica

Ares and Xayida appeared inside the basilica and the group of black hooded cardinals were huddled in a circle talking among themselves. Xayida saw Solan sitting on a table by himself, staring off in the distance. She held her breath and approached him slowly, rounding around the table. Solan's eyes were black and his pale as well as emotionless.

She folded her arms, "what...what's wrong with him?" she was more concerned and seeing him like this was not what she wanted to see in a million years at all.

Ares smirked, "he's in a certain...coma if you will..." he chuckled, "he won't be able to talk to you."

Xayida sighed and knelt down in front of the blonde boy. "Solan..." she touched his hand and he was unresponsive, almost like a body without a soul. "Solan, I know you can hear me..." she whispered and Ares rolled his eyes. He walked off to go meet with the cardinals to talk to them. Her throat began closing up and tears swelled in her eyes. "You remember me, don't you?" she choked out. She buried her face in her hands as he kept staring off into space.

She wiped her eyes and then grabbed his hands, squeezing tightly. "Solan, you aren't yourself right now," she stared into his soulless black eyes and frowned sadly. "You don't belong here and this was all a big mistake..." she sighed heavily. " don't belong to me," she whispered. "You deserve so much more than this, more than what I could give you..."

Solan turned his head and his eyes turned back to the bright blue. He gasped for air and she smiled happily up at him. "Mother!" he hopped off the table and hugged her. She squeezed him, and he pulled away, touching her hair. "You cut your hair..."

She chuckled and sniffled, "yes, I did," she ran her fingers through his long blonde hair. "Solan," she began seriously and felt her heart racing as he stared at her innocently. "I...I'm not your mother."

He frowned, cocking his head to the side, "what? Yes you are. What are you talking about?" he grinned.

Why are you making this so difficult for me? "No Solan, you don't understand," she began and he continued staring. "I did something very bad a long time ago..." she felt her eyes tearing up again and tried to control herself, taking in a deep breath. "I have a sister."

Solan raised his eyebrow, "I know, your friend told me."

Xayida frowned, "my friend?" she asked and he nodded, pointing to Ares and she grimaced. "Oh...he's not my friend," she hissed. "Listen to me, Solan. My sister is actually your mother, not me."

Solan couldn't believe what he was hearing and he was suddenly so confused. " come I don't know her?"

She sighed and brushed his hair behind his ears, "because I took you from her."

His eyes widened, "why?"

Xayida groaned inwardly, "because I thought I was doing the right thing and sometimes when we think we're doing the right thing, we're actually doing the wrong thing. Do you understand?"

He nodded, "I understand..." he lowered his head. He thought of something and looked into Xayida's eyes, "does she know about me?"

She smiled, "yes she does. She really wants to meet you," she poked his chest and he grinned widely, happy to hear that.

"Do you think she will like me?" he asked, hoping that she would.

Xayida cupped his cheek, "I think she will like you a lot," she winked. "Can you forgive me?" before he could answer his eyes turned black again and he became emotionless. Her eyes grew in fear and shook his shoulders, "Solan!" she cried out.

Ares frowned, "enough of this chitchat, Xayida. You made a deal with me," he folded his arms and she stood with teary eyes. "Oh come on," he rolled his eyes.

"What are you doing to him? Make it stop!" she yelled and he chuckled.

"Not until you agree to this, Xayida or he'll be stuck like that forever. I'm sure Xena will be less understanding..." he winked.

The doors swung open and a bunch of hooded people walked through the doors. Cardinal Peter frowned and pointed at the intruders, "this is a private ceremony!"

One of the hooded figures took off the hood and smiled at the cardinals. Callisto winked at everyone, "oh is it?" she teased. "Committing sinful acts in a church..." she looked around and saw the possessed boy with black eyes. "How very blasphemous of you, cardinal," she smiled.

Ares groaned, "who are these clowns?" he growled, turning to the cardinals.

Callisto stepped forward, "God's messengers," she glared at the cardinals and waved her hand. All the other women took knives out hidden beneath their cloaks and the cardinals began backing away slowly. A few moments later other doors opened and there appeared more cardinals dressed in red, walking through the church. The blonde smiled and cardinal Peter began to panic, seeing his fellow cardinals glaring at him.

Cardinal George walked forward, "what is this blasphemy, Peter?" he asked. "Turning the work of God into Satan's work."

Peter smirked, "he is better than Satan," he chided and other cardinals came through as well as Roman soldiers, blocking all of the exits.

Xayida grabbed Solan's hand and slowly began slipping away as everyone seemed very distracted. She wrapped her arm around him and slapped his cheek softly. Solan breathed heavily turning back to normal. He glanced around at all the people in the church now. "What's going on?!" he frantically asked and she covered his mouth.

"Shh..." she ran out one of the doors and Ares turned to see Xayida escaping with Solan.

"Xayida!" he screamed and all the cardinals turned to see Xayida running into the catacombs beneath the church. "After her!" he yelled and rolled his eyes. He didn't want to deal with this and disappeared instantly.

Callisto saw cardinal Peter running away with his comrades and growled. "Don't let him get away!" she pointed and the Roman soldiers ran after the cardinals.

Below in the catacombs of the basilica Xayida ran through the narrow halls holding Solan's hand tightly. He breathed heavily, "where are we going?"

"Getting the hell out of here," she grumbled and rounded a corner and came to the center with four separate hallways. She stopped and looked in all directions. "Great..." she chose the hall on the left and hoped that it would lead them out of here, if she remembered these catacombs correctly.

"Where will we go?" he asked as he tried to keep up with her long strides as best as he could.

She turned a corner and saw a door and light coming through. She smiled, "we're going to find your mother," she ran forward and kicked the door open and saw a bunch of Roman soldiers looking at her. Her smile disappeared and she pushed Solan aside. "Stay there and don't move..." she muttered.

"Hello boys," she grinned and grabbed one of the soldier's swords and stabbed him with it then kicked the other one in the groin. Two more Romans came running towards her and she sighed, steadying herself and grabbed him by the throat and head butted him and he fell to the ground, unconscious. She then thrust the sword into another soldier's chest and blood poured from his mouth. Kicking him to the ground she breathed heavily.

Xayida grabbed Solan's hand and helped him on a horse nearby. She climbed aboard and sheathed the sword. He had a goofy grin on his face. "Wow, that was awesome!"

She shook his head, "remember, never kill someone unless it's self defense," she yanked on the reins and rode off outside the back gates of the basilica.

"But doesn't your sister...I mother, kill people?" he asked, wrapping his arms around her waist.

Smiling, she answered, "only when she has to..."


Xena waited behind a wall near the falcon room and saw Borias walking down the hallway casually. She reached out and grabbed his arm, pulling him into the narrow hallway. He frowned and she pulled back her hood. "Delivering messages for me, are you?" she smiled.

"I want to help you, Xena. Don't push me away. We've been apart for a long time," he said and she nodded her head slowly, agreeing with him. "Why don't you tell me what is really going on?"

She exhaled heavily, "I will, but not here..." she whispered, beginning to feel paranoid. "I need to leave Constantinople immediately. I need to return to Athens to see if Xayida is alright."

He nodded, "I can come with you," he smiled sneakily and she rolled her eyes and hit his chest. He grunted and rubbed his chest and hit her back. She gasped and he raised an eyebrow. "Don't play this game, Xena," he teased.

"Oh I'm playing the game alright," she smirked. "Mehmet is insane, he talks to these Jinn and it tells him what to do. It's all so strange..." she looked around to make sure nobody was listening.

Borias touched her arm and she looked down at his hand and raised her eyebrow. "He is more insane than you," he joked. "When are you leaving?"

"I hope to leave tomorrow. I will need to make an excuse that I need to return to Macedonia," she remembered that she was still playing the role of her sister.

He agreed, "I will follow behind you," he offered and saw that she was not too keen on the idea. "Your blonde friend is very persuasive," he grinned.

Xena frowned, "Gabrielle?" she wondered what exactly those two spoke about. "What did she tell you?"

"She just told me to help you," he winked and Xena groaned, folding her arms. "Why are you getting so upset?"

"I'm not upset!" she yelled and then lowered her head, embarrassed of her temper sneaking up on her.

Borias frowned, "yes you are. You don't need to lie around me, Xena," he touched her cheek and she grimaced, slapping his hand away.

"No, Borias. We are not doing this, not right now," she sighed. "We are not together anymore."

He chuckled mockingly, "that isn't fair Xena. You told me to leave the night our son was born, remember?" he frowned.

Xena sighed, growing more frustrated. "I remember..." she grumbled. She now understood why she needed to tell him the truth and Gabrielle was right, but not here. It was too dangerous here and even them talking here together was dangerous in itself.

Amphipolis 1439

Xayida and Xena stayed in their family's old estate on the outskirts of their hometown, Amphipolis for the last few months. Xena was growing tired of staying inside the house every day and Xayida forbade her to leave just in case something happened or if they were being followed by someone.

Xena sighed as she sat on the bed, looking at a map of the growing Ottoman Empire in Anatolia. Everything was coming to heads between the Church and the Ottomans and there was no way of stopping Caliph Mehmet. He had thousands of men, gunpowder and even canons, something Constantine did not have nor the Church. The Church had plenty of funds though they didn't spend much on warfare.

It had been raining for three days in a row and this night was no different. The rivers were probably overflowing which would cause the roads to flood eventually, it was only a matter of time. Xena waited for her sister to return from scouting the area with what little men they had with them, only a few hundred, but it would have to do.

The door opened and Xayida exhaled heavily, throwing her drenched cloak on the chair. She ran upstairs and smiled, seeing her sister on the bed, reading silently to herself. Xena lifted her eyes and Xayida's hair was soaked, though she was in a good mood. Xayida came to sit on the bed, opposite her sister.

"How are you feeling?" she asked and Xena frowned.

"I'm fine," she answered then went back to reading the map and circled a few key spots that Mehmet liked to attack the most.

Xayida nodded and tapped her knee anxiously. "No pains today then?" she asked eagerly and Xena rolled her eyes.

"Xayida, please," she held her hand up and her little sister smiled sheepishly. "Stop looking at me like that."

The little sister shrugged her shoulder, "I'm just worried about you!" she hopped off the bed and stripped out of her soaked clothes and changed into something more comfortable for the evening. Xena was still reading the map and Xayida shook her head.

She walked over to the bed and snatched the parchment off the bed and Xena gasped. "Xayida!" she groaned and reached to grab and Xayida smirked, rolling the map up and setting it on the table by the window. She jumped on the bed and cuddled close to her sister. Xena rolled her eyes and Xayida leaned her head against her shoulder.

"The baby will be here any day now and so I just want you to be comfortable," Xayida smiled goofily up at her elder sister and Xena glared down at her.

"I'm bored out of my mind," she sighed and laid down on her side, facing her sister. Both smiled at one another and Xayida brushed a few tendrils away from her sister's cheek. "Xayida..." she began softly and lowered her eyes, "thank you for staying with me."

Xayida grinned, "of course Xena. I love you and would do anything for you," she kissed her sister's forehead and Xena smiled weakly. "Hey!" she got off the bed and Xena sat up slowly, leaning against some pillows. "I have someone that wants to see you."

Xena frowned and then saw Borias walk through the door, drenched. "Xayida..." she warned and her sister winked at her then left the room. "Xayida!" she griped.

Borias smiled at her softly and came to sit on the bed beside her. She averted her eyes and folded her arms. He showed his bare hands, "I'm unarmed this time," he joked and she glared at him. He sighed, "I came here with very few of my men. I wanted to see you," he grabbed her hand and she snatched it away. "Xena."

"What?" she snapped back.

"You should have come to Transylvania with me. You would be safe there," he urged and she smirked.

"Is that so?" she teased and he bit his tongue, not entirely in the mood for this, though she wasn't either. "Is that why you decided to poison my grain?"

He groaned, "that was a mistake. It should have never happened. Xena, just listen to me. We can leave and go back to Wallachia together," she raised an eyebrow at him and he frowned, "and Xayida too..."

"What makes you so sure I would want to go back with you?" she asked and he rubbed his chin, thinking that over. She had a point of course, he thought.

The two sat on the bed together for awhile, saying nothing to one another. Xena winced, feeling a subtle pain in her lower abdomen and she adjusted her body uncomfortably. Borias sighed then turned to finally face her and saw pain written all over her face. His eyes widened and he scooted closer, touching her arm. "Something wrong?" he asked as his eyes scanned her body.

She cringed and pushed his hand away from her body, "go get Xayida," she asked and he just sat there, staring mindlessly. "Please?" she asked nicely and he smiled, nodding, then went to find Xayida.

Xena looked up at Borias and grabbed his hand. He raised an eyebrow, suddenly seeing her mood change instantly. "Follow me tomorrow once I get half way out of the city limits," she said and he grinned down at her. She stood against the wall and finally smiled.